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Chapter 0: Disjointed Plans…

Four thousand years ago…

"Diabound!" A blue haired teenaged girl shouted as she sat in a throne near misshapen creatures. "Where are the reports of Atlantis?"

"They have reported that they want to live in less than the livelihood that is insured here." A younger Diabound replied knelling to her.

"Fine… Will they allow me to store that damaged mana converter there?" The teen asked.

"They will, but why?" Diabound asked dodging a blue sphere, which made all the other creatures vanish.

"It got injured as well as lost its partner… I'm going to allow it time to recover from that. And maybe one day find it a new master." The teen replied as she looked at the older male. "Now see to it."

"Yes, my lady." Diabound stated as he vanished.

"You can take back control, Sarah." The teen stated as her hair changed to a pale blonde. "I hope dad understands why I work here." The teen muttered as she got out of the chair and sighed. "Sharing my body isn't very…" The teen started to say as her hair flashed blue. "Useful." She stated as it changed back. "I hate it when you do that."

On another planet…

"Lord Diabound." Another person stated surprised. "I thought we told you that we didn't want her technology."

"I'm not here to try that again. Would a storage facility for repairing a device, no where near any towns, be acceptable?" Diabound asked as he sat on a rock.

"Depends on if she plans on using it as a base to attack Sylfeid's forces?" the other person being revealed as an old man.

"They haven't fought each other in a while, why would Divine break that?" Diabound asked getting a sigh in reply. "Yes she is the Demon King of Darkness, but she hasn't done anything that makes her less than an honest person."

"I understand that, so how big of a place?" the old man asked.

"Not a big one, just big enough for one. This device got her attention on the battle field and she wants to see it repaired, and in time given a new master." Diabound replied with a sigh. "I did like it when there was battles every where, but times like this is boring."

"We'll have it built for her, with the supplies for the more advanced towns." The old man replied before walking away.

"If your people need anything." Diabound stated as he started to float. "You know how to get in touch."

In another location…

"Lady Sylfeid… that isn't proper." A young black haired dragon scolded another teen dragon.

"Shush Linith." Sylfeid ordered as she leaned on a door. "I want to know what my other generals are planning."

"They wouldn't dare break your orders… would they?" Linith quietly stated as she watched the teen listening to a door.

"Stop!" Sylfeid shouted as she slammed the door open. "I rather not start another lengthy war with her forces, more so with our morale as low as it is, because you three stubbornly lost five battles in a row in that last one."

"The tentative peace we have with her forces will not last." One general stated before being slammed into a wall.

"I'll make that decision. Not you." Sylfeid growled as she let him drop. "Look, in five days I'm going to be meeting with Chaotic Blue. Only that we are allowed only one follower."

"So which one of us…" A second one started to ask before his head met the table.

"None of you since you all tried to plan behind my back." Sylfeid muttered. "I'll be taking Linith with me instead… maybe Lock."

"I'll go." Linith stated quickly.

"Her… she can barely fight." The third member of the room stated before being kicked in the face by Linith.

"Try as hard as I can to get her to act like a princess that you all want… doesn't mean I can't fight." Linith stated in a cold voice. "She figured out what I was trying to do from the get go, but I never told her who ordered it."

"You three…" Sylfeid started to say as they started to vanish. "Are going back to eggs." She stated as she started to hold the table for her weight as her form started to change. "Crap…"

"Now princess..." Linith stated as she gained a more human appearance. "Please watch your tongue."

"Lin… where am I?" A now human teen asked as she looked about. "She took over while I was asleep again didn't she?"

"Why are you surprised?" Linith asked getting a chuckle. "You must be tired though."

"I am…" the teen replied as she leaned into Linith as they vanished from the room.

Days later on a desert like planet…

"Lisa Dragonroot." Sarah stated cordially as she sat next to Diabound. "You are ten minutes late."

"Sarah Takamachi, you uncouth commoner, you do not refer a princess without their title." Lisa stated, as she was dressed for a fight.

"That's Valkyrie Takamachi, Princess." Sarah replied as she stood up, also wearing clothes that looked ready for a fight.

"You got promoted?" Lisa asked surprised.

"Yeah… and I had to do it without Divine's help too." Sarah stated as her hair went blue. "And I would have refused to give it anyway."

"So what will the prize is this time?" Sylfeid asked, as Lisa now looked draconic.

"Well, we are pretty much even, so it can't be territory." Divine replied as she stretched. "And I'm getting tired of the wars."

"Figured as much." Sylfeid replied before frowning. "So why are we fighting?"

"Mother." Divine muttered. "Good vs. Evil… Light vs. Dark… Take your pick."

"Good point." Sylfeid replied. "If only we can stop the wars and still have our fights…"

"Maybe we can." Divine stated with a smirk. "Diabound leave… If I'm not back three days, look here first."

"I see. Linith the same." Sylfeid stated as she donned a smile. "That would work."

Two days later in a glass covered terrain…

"I won…" Divine stated, barely wearing what she started with as she sat on Sylfeid, whom also was wearing less than what she started with.

"You cheated… I never knew my tail was that sensitive." Sylfeid muttered as Divine still held the tip of the tail.

"Really?" Divine asked as she rubbed it getting spasms from the dragon. "Want to hear my plan?"

"Who gets to be on top?" Sylfeid replied as she had a somewhat blissful face. "Though will are hosts agree to it?"

"Good point… didn't think about that." Divine stated as she got off Sylfeid and helped her up. "We can burn one more day you know."

"Sylfeid, these were brand new." Lisa shouted as she looked at the outfit. "I heard that."

"Well?" Divine asked as she closed her eyes. "Okay."

"Lisa wants to go first…" Sylfeid stated sighing. "Something about her first."

"Same." Divine replied. "You do know this sharing a body thing was yours."

"I know." Sylfeid replied.

Three thousand six hundred years later…

"Diabound… Sylfeid and I want to rest…" Divine stated as she struggled to keep her host awake. "Even now this host is done for. I would like to sleep for six hundred years unhindered."

"Yes, my lady." Diabound replied as his eyes narrowed.

"And We are not to be disturbed for anything less than a pillar crash." Divine stated as her host died.

"Fine." Diabound replied before sighing.

"Did yours… I guess she did." Linith stated as she glared at the lord. "Did she say not to wake her up?"

"Correct, I'm allowed to think yours did as well?" Diabound asked with a cocky smirk.

"Yeah… For now a truce?" Linith stated as she held her hand out. "We both locate them and hide them."

"Yeah… but we would need help." Diabound replied.

"Lock and Terra… maybe Hel." Linith replied before leaving.

"I guess she hasn't forgiven me about dropping Sylfeid in her host's bed that one time." Diabound muttered as he vanished as well.

A/N: This is just a little back information... How old is Diabound and Linith... Why are they looking for their leaders when tasked not to... And what Connection does Nanoha have with Sarah... Will these events in the past have repercussions in the present... What will happen later...