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Chapter 2: The reports of capture…

Inside an office…

{Hey Boss, we finally recaptured most of the escapees.} A guy with Brown hair stated.

"Any casualties?" Harry asked in a deadpan.

{Ummm… Hey Arange, what's the damages?} The guy shouts off to the side.

{We managed to only injure people this time, though three of the escapees will need body bags. I thought they learned the last time we fought them that magic doesn't work on us.} A female replied.

"At least it wasn't like last time… You five are just as bad as Nanoha is on damages, but sometimes you go out of your way just to kill." Harry stated. "But it gets wrote off as you guys lose yourselves to that virus."

{No shit really?} the guy replied.

{Veyron, we were told that by the people that got us out of that place. How they found out about it is something that they never told us.} Arange muttered. {And for our report we didn't have to React at all to capture these idiots.}

"So who is still missing?" Harry asked.

{The Old Fart, a Toad, and a cyborg.} Veyron replied before sighing. {Are we getting pulled back?}

"Yes, even though you guys are working for the TSAB, they rather have you monitored. I tend to disagree with that, and that's why you get more time off than the rest." Harry told them. "You guys are the best at what I ask you to do, be thankful I got you five."

{Why's that?} Veyron asked.

"The same thing that they wanted to use Caro for… to some of the Brass, you guys are expendable." Harry replied before sighing. "I don't see that, you guys just have a condition that forces you to have fights more often, heck most of my division is catered to mass destruction."

{See you back at HQ, Boss.} Veyron stated as the link closed.

"Those five, Hayate never actually told me why she wanted to see them redeemed." Harry muttered as he leaned back. "Where is those three, and who is the person that broke out all these people."

"Good question." Reinforce asked as she looked over to her master. "Otto sent in a request."

"Otto… why is she sending a request for?" Harry asked.

"It seems that Suna had an attack perpetrated by a rouge ninja, that she was told by an old man from Konoha are all powerful to take on one of the kages." Reinforce replied reading the report. "She would like to have a team that could take the fight to them."

"Send in two teams of reserves to her… I know that isn't what she would expect, but there is something about this escape attempt that bothers me." Harry stated as he looked at his desk. "I've been getting requests by the other brass to let them have the Eclipse team, for a drop operation and refuse to give me more than that." He muttered as he swiped at a screen. "This is an odd report…"

"What's odd about it?" Reinforce asked.

"Several bases of the TSAB on Earth have been wiped out. But the odd thing is this photograph." Harry stated as he brought up a picture. "I found one of the escapees… but how is he so young."

"The person that broke him out?" Reinforce asked getting a curious look.

"If so… we might be in more trouble than we thought." Harry muttered as he looked at a picture of a young Albus.

Later that day inside a large meeting room…

"Stars Team, I'm assigning you to head to Earth to capture Albus Dumbledore, this is a recent picture of him." Harry stated as he showed the picture. "The reason that it is Albus, a survivor stated that is what he called himself."

"Great, just what we needed, a nut job that got a youth job." Vita muttered. "Wait, I thought Stars wasn't going to be sent into any high combat situations."

"Things change, Lighting team has got this report." Harry stated as he brought up a picture of an ugly toad like creature. "I have a sad feeling that this used to be Umbridge." He stated as he looked at Fate and her team. "Do be careful."

"Understood." Fate stated as she sighed.

"And Sun… you are going after this report." Harry stated as he brought up the last file he got. "This is Quatro… her attack on the outskirts of the Church makes me question her motives."

"She is after Vivio." A new voice stated as a wheelchair was brought in. "It should be quite obvious as the School she goes to is attached to the church."

"Why are you helping us?" Fate asked.

"Funny, I have nothing else to lose." Jail replied with a sad smile. "I was right not to join with that guy, and the spell I sent at him did nothing."

"What?" Harry asked shocked.

"Yes, Chrono had the same reaction." Jail muttered. "The thing is to beat this guy would take something we do not have… so to make him leave would be the next best thing."

"And how do we do that?" Harry asked.

"By getting rid of his smokescreen." Jail replied. "These three have been set up to be a distraction for his real motive… what that is I'm not sure."

"How sure are you on that?" Harry asked as he looked at the three pictures.

"Highly sure that they are distractions, I should know a distraction move as I did one myself." Jail replied as he sighed. "The Attack I did was nothing more than a means to get the Three Brains into trouble."

"Oh." Harry replied as he looked at the screens. "Teams you have the order, take them down."

"We will." The teams stated as one.

Later that night…

"I hope I did the right thing." Harry stated as he watch the Cradle leave and another ship take off. "Reinforce, where does this fit in the ideal plans we made?"

"It doesn't." Reinforce replied as she watched her master. "Don't dwell on it."

"I'm not… Just got a bad feeling that is all." Harry muttered as he looked at the moons.

Elsewhere on the planet…

"Why is Quatro attacking here?" Carim rhetorically asked the person next to her.

"How should I know how she thinks, I might be related to her… but I've never gotten along with her." Sein replied as she got ready for a fight.

"That was a question that didn't need to be answered." Carim muttered as she frowned. "Hold the line." Carim ordered as she walked into her office and picked up a packet of notes. "Which one did… The one with the color of the setting sun will not return the same as she left… forever changed… that doesn't bode well."

A/N: Does what Carim say bother anyone... who does it mean and what does it infer... Why is Albus on Earth again... why does Umbridge now look like a toad, more than normal... Why is Jail helping... who is Veyron and Arange... Will the added help to Otto deal with the issues she has to deal with... And what is Quatro after at the church... Will the teams ever be the same...