Chapter 8: parfait

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Clyde stretched sleepily and pried his eyes open, he'd come to enjoy the breakfast smells that filled the house in the morning but today… it didn't smell good at all. He stood up and rubbed his eyes, Butters wasn't in bed… and he wasn't in the kitchen making goodies… he wasn't home. Clyde noticed the clock said it was just past noon, he'd slept in and Butters was already at work.

"Cake!" He moaned like a zombie as he walked toward the fridge. When he opened the white beast to get his desert he paused with his hand hovering over the chocolate art. In the center rack there was a small plate with a glass sitting on it, in the glass were perfect layers of fruit, yogurt and granola stacked on top of one another and a little note was propped against the glass. The note said Clyde in that loopy cursive Butters had used on him with the frosting. He blushed at the thought and grabbed the treat his boyfriend had left him.

Clyde's phone chimed while he was digging into his breakfast… er brunch… that Butters had left him. He didn't like being interrupted while eating but he glanced at the screen regardless while shoving anther cold bite into his mouth. It was a text from Butters, maybe he was on break?

Butters: I left a present for you in the fridge!

Clyde: Got it. Yum

Butters: I miss you.

Clyde typed out 'I love you' but quickly deleted it and wrote, 'I miss u2'

Butters was having difficulty focusing on work, the thought of Clyde was making him giddy. Their relationship may not have been 'love at first sight', in fact Butters hadn't thought it was going to last at all, but it was starting to grow inside him like a weed left untended.

He rushed through his work sloppily and was relieved when it was time to go home, Clyde might be waiting there for him and he just wanted to see his face, hear his voice and hug him so tight his organs might squeeze out like toothpaste. He could imagine Clyde finishing his parfait and moving onto the cake they had made the previous day and it made him laugh.

"Clyde?" Was the first word from Butters' mouth as he walked through the front door. His boyfriend emerged from the hallway wearing only sweatpants and with a smudge of chocolate on the corner of his mouth.

"Hey, Butters. How was work?"

"Did ya have some cake?" Butters chuckled.

"Noooo?" Clyde said trying to sound suspicious teasingly.

Butters approached Clyde and wiped the frosting from the corner of his mouth with his thumb and stuck the thumb in his own mouth. "No? If it's not cake you sure taste good."

"One hundred percent organic." Clyde winked.

"So…" Butters started, the look on his face made Clyde's smile fade away. "My college called today and I got offered a real good job in California, it'd be really hard to say no!"

"Oh…" Clyde frowned, looking down at the ground. "Are you… gonna go?"

"Well… yeah." Butters shrugged.

"Oh." Clyde's eyes were tearing up, he was glad he hadn't sent that text…

"Well, I was wondering if…" Butters hummed nervously, "If maybe you'd want to go with me? It's okay if you don't want to… but I'd really like that."

Clyde's smile returned to his face in an instant, "I'll miss Craig." Clyde glanced at the empty hall; Craig was at work.

"Well, he can visit us and he won't have to walk in on us cuddling or anything!" Butters laughed.

"Yeah, when are you moving?" Clyde grabbed the other boy into a bone crushing hug.

"we're moving in a month." Butters strained through the pressure on his ribcage.

The worst part of California for Clyde was definitely the heat, it was intense. Colorado had been a pleasant sixty five degrees and this Hollywood hell was a staggering ninety eight! Clyde climbed out of the cab panting like he was gasping for air, "Water! I need water!"

"Stop being so dramatic." Butters chuckled, he was sweating too but being the smaller of the two it wasn't bothering him too much. "We can go to the beach this weekend!" He added excitedly.

Clyde visibly perked up, "I've never been…"

"It's beautiful!" Butters skipped up to the door of their new apartment. It was an old building and the stoves and heating were all gas, but they were switching on the air conditioning which Clyde had never even had his whole life, they'd never needed it in South Park.

The apartment was already filled with their boxes and furniture, the new job had paid for relocation including professional movers which really helped. "We'll have to get a TV." Clyde mumbled, they'd been previously using Craig's in the living room and Clyde's little portable TV looked stupid in the living room.

"Yeah, just take the small one to the room; we'll probably watch more TV in there anyways…" Butters grabbed a box with bedroom written across it and followed Clyde into their new bedroom.

They both set down what they'd been carrying and Clyde wiped his forehead and said, "Guess we should start unpacking?"

"Or… we could christen the apartment." Butters stepped closer to the other and planted a kiss across his sweaty lips.

"I don't feel very sexy right now." Clyde wafted his partially wet shirt for emphasis.

"We could christen the shower." Butters added suggestively, Clyde's expression perked up.

They both pulled off their clothes quickly and although Butters had some difficulty with the shower controls he got it working and at a tolerable temperature before dragging Clyde in. Clyde was a little taller than Butters so his groin stopped at Butters' belly button, he made a witty joke about fucking Butters in the belly button making the blonde laugh.

"I think I'd prefer you put it elsewhere…" He grabbed Clyde's cock with one small wet hand and played with him teasingly.

Clyde scratched his head in thought, glancing around. Butters was charmed when Clyde looked confused like that, it was cute. "How…"

Butters slipped his free arm around Clyde's neck, "Lift me up."

Clyde hooked both hands under Butters' knees and lifted, he wasn't sure if Butters was really light or he was really strong, but this was easy. Butters had brought some lotion with them into the shower, he'd insisted that in here they didn't need anything else, so he clumsily prepared him with that, trying not to drop him.

When he pressed into his lover it was easier because of the water, but he had to concentrate hard on not dropping the other boy who felt heavier with every thrust. Butters was nipping at his ear affactinately betweek his cute little moans. "I love you, Clyde." Butters gasped into Clyde's ear just before he was spent, and Clyde returned the sentiment, as he had wanted to say it before, but didn't have the courage. The best part of the shower sex was when they finished there wasn't anything to clean up, or rather they could clean up easily.

"I could get used to this." Clyde smiled.

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