Yeah! My first crossover. I've been thinking about doing a Disney/DreamWorks crossover for a while now. But I couldn't figure out what to write. A highschool!AU seemed like the most obvious thing to try for my first crossover, but I just couldn't picture Disney and DreamWork characters going to the same school.

That didn't compute with me, Disney and DreamWorks just have to much bad blood between them for to somehow co-exist in the same area, even in a fictional universe. If you don't know Disney and DreamWorks don't like each other (and that's a euphemism).

Then inspiration hit. Don't ignore the rivalry...use it!. Thus is born 'A Tale of Two High Schools." Enjoy!

There were few schools with a rivalry greater than Walt Disney High, and DreamWorks High. Since their establishment it's been a constant competition between each in everything from academics, to competitions (of any kind), to sports. Especially sports. More often than not these two would be battling between second and first places in almost everything. There were times when another school, like Illumination Preparatory, would give them a run for their money, but on the whole no other school could hold a candle to these two.

As a result of this the students had adopted an animosity towards each other. You went to Disney you were supposed to hate DreamWorks and vice versa. So whenever there was an event where the two schools were up against each other both student bodies came out in force to show their support. Like this day, on the DreamWorks football field, in the middle of a game, the winner of which would go to the play offs. Even though it was a home game for DreamWorks you wouldn't be able to tell, since Disney's supporters had taking over half the stands in a sea of black, white and red. Their red and black was a sharp contrast to the other side of the stadium with the mass of blue.

Disney was ahead by fourteen in the fourth quarter but DreamWorks' had the offensive. Right now DreamWork's quarterback, Shrek, aka the Ogre was tossing aside Disney's defence. He'd just sent Sully, Disney's linebacker to the bench and was knocking down the other plays like they were nothing. The Ogre knocked aside Kristoff and Aladdin and crossed into the end zone. The groan from Disney was drowned out by DreamWorks screams of joy. On the side lines Anna buried her face into her pompoms while Jasmine turned away. At the opposite end of the field DreamWorks's own cheerleaders launched into a cheer lead by Fiona and Eep.

The commentators, Tulio and Miguel were quickly discussing the last play.
"Things aren't looking good for the mouse house," Tulio said grinning widely.
"It looks like this could be our year," Miguel agreed.
"No way you moonys!" Someone from Disney's side yelled. Most people looked into the stands to where a freshman was leaning so far over the side her friends had to hold on to her hoodie to prevent her from tumbling over the side. "Ralph will stop you! Ain't that right Ralphy!" She yelled loudly.
From the field the largest boy wearing the Disney colours shot her a thumb up. This reenergised the Disney supporters, and then their cheers only grew when Kristoff and Aladdin both got to their feet.

The two teams lined up again getting ready for the next play. As the whistle blew the ball disappeared in the scrimmage then suddenly Guy broke out from the pack the ball under his arm. He was making a 'b-line' for the end zone. Flynn and Tarzan tried to go after him but they were blocked by Snotlout and Tuffnut respectively. Snotlout even tackled Flynn as Guy made it across the end zone. There was a defiant cry from the red and black side at this act.
"Ref! What the hell! Are ye' blind?" Merida yelled from the side lines marching towards the field. Mulan and Elsa both grabbed her from either side, holding her back. "Where's the flag?" the red head yelled still trying to escape.
"Mer, calm down," Elsa said.
"It won't do to have a cheerleader attack the referee," Mulan said, "Again,"
"Punzie, you saw that, didn't you?" Merida asked the blonde. "He grabbed Flynn,"
"There's nothing we can do," Rapunzel said even though she was glaring in the direction of Snotlout and Tuff who were bashing their helmets together in celebration.

"Well, it all comes down to last play," Miguel said.
"If we can make a touchdown here we'll take the lead, and the game," Tulio said.
"And head to playoffs!" Miguel and Tulio high fived.
"There's the whistle!" It seemed like everyone was on their feet as Shrek received the snap.
'Shrek is bolting towards the end field. He blows past Adam, oh! And sends Eric into the dirt!' Tulio said.
There was a groan from the Disney side of the stands. Ariel flinched, turning away when she saw Eric pushed aside like he was made of paper.
"Oh, but what's this?" Miguel said suddenly, "Ralph, comes out of nowhere tackling Shrek, but wait the Ogre manages to throw the ball but who will catch it. It looks like its heading straight for Hiccup, but he's being blocked by Kristoff, this could be the turnaround Disney needs. Oh my god! Did you see that! Frost moves like the wind catching the ball and making a mad dash for the end zone. DreamWorks' running-back is untouchable one can grab him. He ducks under Hercules, moves around Tarzan. He's going, he's going, he's going and he's gone. Touchdown!"

DreamWorks erupted into a deafening scream as their band began to play and everyone in the stands and on the sidelines jumped for joy. North and Aster (aka Bunnymund), were the first players to reach Jack, lifting him onto their shoulders. He ripped off his helmet and tossed it into the air, a brilliant smile lighting up his features.

On the other hand the Disney said was defeated, literally and metaphorically. The team slumped on to the beaches taking off their helmets with sighs and fore long looks. Most of Diseny's cheerleaders went in a futile attempt to cheer them up. Merida and Elsa walked towards the back of the group, looking towards the celebrating team.
"Damn Frost, just got lucky" Merida said narrowing her eyes.
"You know him?" Elsa asked. Merida snorted.
"Like if. I try to keep any interaction with the moonys to a minimum,"
"You know Hiccup,"
"Barely," Merida replied, "Only because we live close together and Hiccup isn't as 'anti mouse house', not like the rest of them," She said 'mouse house' using air quotes.
"Said by the queen of the moony hating league,"
"They should have gotten flagged, everyone knows it."
"Alright calm down,"

"Hey, mice!" A voice called, making the group look out to the field. Shrek was grinning at them, Fiona smirking on his arm, "Better luck next time, yeah. Sorry if I stepped on any of your tails during the game, try an' get some ice on it."
Flynn leapt to his feet but Rapunzel grabbed him. "Eugene, it's not worth it," She said.
"Oh, just give me one punch, it'd be worth it." He said.
"Save it Flynn," Kristoff said, "We'll get 'em back,"
Flynn huffed, giving Shrek one more dirty look before letting Rapunzel pull him away.

"Guess we should head out." Anna said.
"And cancel the celebration parties," Merida said with a sigh. The team walked off the field, heading into the locker room to change and collect their things before going out to the parking lot where their buses stood waiting. Most of the students climbed on board, while those who'd come with their own vehicles had to wait for the road to clear. Elsa and Merida stood by the former's silver Lexus waiting for the buses to clear out of the way and for Anna and Rapunzel to say goodbye to the boys.
"What a game huh?" Merida said with a sigh, leaning against the car.
"And we've got that swim meet coming. DreamWorks is going to be there. It's going to even worse now"
"Like our rivalry could get any worse,"
"All I know is the swim team is going to have their work cut out for them. Probably want revenge for today,"
"As long we have the Little Mermaid and Flounder, there's no way we can lose," Merida said with a smile.
"I swear Ariel and Florence were born in the water or something," Elsa said, "And I hear there's a freshman, Nemo, I think. They say he's a sure bet in his age group."

Elsa saw Anna and Rapunzel coming and went to open her door. That's when she realised she didn't have her bag.
"Damn it," She said.
" What is it?"
"I forgot my bag,"
"It must be back by the sidelines,"
"Yeah," Elsa said already jogging back towards the stadium.
"You want me to come with you?" Merida called after her. Elsa shook her head.
"I'll only be minute,"

She followed the hallways under the stadium until she came out onto the field. She let out a sigh when she saw her canvas bag sitting right where she'd left it. Grabbing it she made her back into the hallway. She opened the bag, making sure everything was still there. She wasn't paying attention to where she going and as she rounded a corner…bam!

She fell backwards, items scattering out of her bag.
"Oh shit, I'm sorry," A voice said above her.
"No it's my fault, I wasn't watching where I was going," She said, looking up. A boy with white-grey hair was kneeling in front of her, gathering the fallen items from her bag.
"You're Jack Frost,"
"That I am," He said with a smile, "So you've heard of me,"
"After that last play everyone in both schools knows your name. I'm sure everyone in Disney wants your blood right now,"

"So I should I give you this pen back, or are you going to stab me with it?" He said.
"I'm not so dramatic," She said taking the pen and gathering up the last of her fallen items. Jack stood and held his hand out to help her up.

"So, princess you know my name, but I don't know yours,"
"What?" Elsa's head snapped up.
"I was asking your name," He said.
"Why'd you call me princess?"
"Because that's what you are, a Disney princess" He said with a shrug, Elsa raised an eyebrow, prompting him to continue, "You're a Disney cheerleader. Everyone calls the Disney cheerleaders, Disney's princesses," Elsa blinked, a bit surprised. She'd knew that the cheer team was often referred to as 'Dinsey's Princesses', but she had no idea that the nickname was used over at DreamWorks.
"I'm no princess, I can assure,"
"You sure? Cause you sound like one, and you look like one,"
"Have much experience with princesses do you?"
"Nope, you're my first," He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.
Elsa smirked, "You wish I was your first,"

Jack laughed, "A princess with sass, who'd have thought?"
"Don't call me princess,"
"Why not? I think it suits you. It's easy to see why people refer to your cheerleaders as princesses,"
"Oh, so does DreamWorks call their cheerleaders 'princesses,'"
"God, no. They'd probably go after anyone who did," Jack said, "Especially Tooth and Astrid," He gave shudder.
"Well, Jack Frost it's been charming, but my friends are waiting on me. I'm their ride home,"
"I'll walk you out,"
"I'm already going in that direction anyway," He said with a shrug. He walked with her to the edge of the parking lot. Most of the crowds had cleared by now. Elsa could see Anna, Rapunzel and Merida waiting for her.
"Well, princess, it was nice talking,"
"I'm not sure if that could really qualify as a conversation,"
"Then maybe we'll have to make time to have a proper one,"
"That's not very likely." Elsa said a mild smirk.
"Never say never. You know, you haven't told me your name,"
"No, I haven't, have I?" Elsa's smirk widened. She walked way, leaving him standing there. She heard his laugh.
"Alright, if that's how you want to play, princess," He called after her.

When Elsa reached her car and looked back he was gone.
"Were you just talking with Jack Frost?" Rapunzel asked. She nodded opening the car for them.
"Why?" Anna asked, getting into the passenger's seat. Merida and Rapunzel got into the back while Elsa slipped in behind the wheel.
"I ran into him, literally." She said starting the car. "We didn't really talk, per say. Just a couple words really,"
"Oh," Anna said, glancing back over her shoulder sharing a look with Rapunzel and Merida.
"What?" Elsa asked.
"What, what?"
"What was that look?"
"There was no look," Anna said defensively.
"There was a look."
"Well…you sort of just brushed aside the question,"
"No I didn't,"
"You didn't really answer,"
"There isn't anything to say."
"Okay, okay," Anna held her hands up in defeat. The car grew quiet for a couple minutes. Then…

"Did you know DreamWorks calls us princesses?" She asked the other three.
"What?" Elsa's sister and cousin asked the same time. "Where'd you hear that?" Rapunzel asked.
"Jack called me princess,"
"I thought you said you didn't talk with him," Anna asked with a smirk.
"I said we didn't talk much," Elsa replied brushing off her sister's coy look, "But seriously, you've never heard of DreamWorks calling the cheer team princesses too,"
"I'm heard it mentioned," Merida said. "Why'd you want to know?"
Elsa shrugged, "I don't know."
"Maybe you want to know why he called you that," Rapunzel suggested.
"He told me flat out he called me princess because I was a cheerleader,"
"For a guy you didn't talk much with, you two sure had a lot to say," Anna said. Elsa glared at her, but Anna only smirked in return.
"We didn't talk much," Elsa repeated, "Beside, I'm pretty sure the main reason he called me princess was because he didn't know my name,"
"Did he ask?" Merida asked.
"And you didn't tell him?" Rapunzel said. Elsa shook her head.
"Why?" The three asked at the same time.
"It's not I'm ever going to talk to him again."

Boy, was she wrong about that one.

Okay, here's the point where I ask for your feedback. What do you think so far? Like it? This is more of Disney/DreamWorks crossover than a 'Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Dragons', Big 6, Super 6 story (what ever want to call it). I will keep the focus on those characters, however keep your eyes peeled to a lot of camoes. I'm already losing track of all the characters I have in this chapter.

Oh and obviously I've both aged up and aged down several characters. It made my head hurt trying to keep track of all that, so I'll allow you guys to infer from your own judgment.

And finally I must apologize to you football fans. I know nothing about american football, actually I know less than nothing, so you'd have to forgive me if I completely messed up the game at the beginning of the chapter.

Nardragon~ until the next page.