Why was it so hot today? The sun was sending down scorching beams of pure warmth, and there was no breeze to help someone cool off. The birds were hiding in the trees from the sun, and the dogs wanted to stay inside instead of going for their daily walks. Though, the owners didn't complain much at that fact, since there was no way they wanted to go for a walk out in that heat either.

Those feelings were mutual with Kuroko. He was currently laying on the floor of his small one person apartment. The wind chime did nothing other than make a colorful patch of sun on the carpet, no wind to make it flutter and sing. With the window open, he had his only fan (a regrettably small fan he had gotten on sale) near and facing him, hoping that it would give him some relief of the stifling and dry heat. It didn't.

His pale skin was sweaty, making his shorts cling to his thighs. He wasn't even wearing a shirt, it would have just made things worse. His hair was still in its messy and gravity defying style that he got in the morning, the weather sapping his energy right off the bat. Not bothering to make himself presentable (he didn't plan on leaving the house anyway), he had just grabbed his fan, opened the window, and plopped onto the floor, which is exactly where he still was.

It was too warm to make anything for breakfast, never mind the fact that he only had ingredients for heated meals… or the fact that those ingredients were only there because of his boyfriend, since he himself couldn't cook worth crap.

Kuroko laid there for a few more minutes, before a small buzzing sound made him look to his side. His phone was vibrating on the carpeted floor, a light flashing blue. He just stared at it for a second, before finally picking it up.

"Hello?" he said in his even and monotone voice, his face looking up at the ceiling as he spoke into his cell phone.

"Is Kuro-chin at home?" a deep voice asked in a lazy drawl.

"Yes, I am. Do you need something, Murasakibara-kun?" Kuroko asked, not surprised at all to get a call from his boyfriend. Even though they didn't seem like that loving and gooey couple you saw in movies, they still called and texted each other everyday.

"I wanted to make sure Kuro-chin was home."

Before Kuroko could ask him what he meant, his front doors' handle started wiggling, the sound of a key unlocking the door reaching his ears. A moment later, Murasakibara walked into the small apartment. He was wearing a white tank top and purple themed floral swimming trunks, a small drawstring bag hanging from his shoulders. He brought the phone away from his ears and hung up, slipping the device into his pocket.

Kuroko stared at him blankly, not quite sure what to do about the fact that his boyfriend had just shown up at his apartment. "Murasakibara-kun, I don't recall us having anything planned for today." he said, his overheated brain finally catching up with him.

Murasakibara set his bag down so that it was leaning against a wall, before casually walking into Kuroko's room and rummaging around.

It took some convincing to make himself stand up to follow the giant into his room. "What are you doing, Murasakibara-kun?"

"I am looking for your swimming trunks." he said simply, throwing things messily onto the floor.

Kuroko watched for a second before deciding to put an end to the destruction of his once clean room. "I do not own any swim trunks, Murasakibara-kun."

Murasakibara stopped, before turning to look at Kuroko with a pout. "Then how am I supposed to take you to the new water park, Kuro-chin?"

"There is a new water park?"

"Yes." he said simply, before shrugging and throwing a shirt at Kuroko. "I will just have to buy Kuro-chin a pair on the way there." Murasakibara said, leaving the room as fast as he had entered it.

It took longer than Kuroko thought it would to pick out swim trunks, but Murasakibara insisted that he wore something that looked good on him. After going through different styles and different patterns, they finally settled on a pair half an hour later.

Soon, they were in a long line for the new water park that had only opened the beginning of that week. You could see tons of different water slides beyond the front gate and hear the loud crowd.

Kuroko was slightly nervous, considering he had never been to anything but a small public pool. So when they finally got inside the park and he could see up close how massive the water parks slides and attractions were. He then he saw all the different themed pools and how many people crowded them.

Before he had any time to look at anything else, Murasakibara was pulling him towards the lazy river that was surprisingly empty. Kuroko had to stop him before they got too far. "Murasakibara-kun, shouldn't we rent a locker first? We still have your bag and our phones on us." he said, pointed towards the rental lockers.

Murasakibara pouted before agreeing, not wanted to have to lug around all of their things since they would get wet. They rented a locker, and then were off once more.

It was interesting to figure out the two person tube for people that were so different in weight. The first method they tried didn't work out so well. Kuroko sat in the front part of the double person tube, and Murasakibara hopped into the back….resulting in Kuroko being flung into the air and splashing back down into the water.

"Oops...sorry Kuro-chin." he said as he watched his small boyfriend stand up. His blue hair was plastered to his forehead as he slowly pushed water out of his mouth, it coming out in a stream.

They then deciding to do something a lot more simple: Kuroko getting on after Murasakibara.

Kuroko leaned back against Murasakibara as they travelled down the lazy river, every now and then freaking out as they almost went under the artificial waterfalls. There was also the few times that Kuroko decided to tease Murasakibara, slipping easily through his hole of the tube. The sudden change of weight distribution would send Murasakibara falling backwards into the water. Kuroko wouldn't laugh at it, but he would have a mischievous smirk hidden under the water as he peered out.

Soon, they moved onto other sections of the water park...like the water slides.

Kuroko's eyes were wide with terror as they continued up the long set of stairs that went to the top of the slide. Murasakibara chose a water slide that was called 'The Couples Heart Skip'. And is was obvious why. It was a two person water slide with multiple steep drops and long curves, and the instructions told you to hold on tight to your lover.

"It is okay, Kuro-chin, I won't let go of you." he said as they stepped into the water section at the top of the slide. They sat down, Murasakibara holding Kuroko to his chest before they started down the slide.

Kuroko's stomach leapt into his throat as soon as they started down the slide, making him grip the arms that held him close. He also let out a surprisingly loud shout of fear as they went down.

Once they reached the bottom, Murasakibara helped Kuroko out of the landing pool. The small teen was shaking, and Murasakibara decided to go easy on his boyfriend. They decided to spend the rest of their time in a hot tub, since the water park was only going to be open for another hour. The hot tub was secluded, another special date section.

Kuroko was leaning into Murasakibara's side, finally relaxed after all of the chaos. Murasakibara played with Kuroko's hair as they unwound together.

"Did Kuro-chin have fun at the water park?" He asked, looking down at bright blue eyes.

Kuroko gave a small smile, trying to hide it. "Maybe."

"Kuro-chin is lying. I know he had fun." Murasakibara said, turning his boyfriend to face him. Without warning, he put his lips against Kuroko's, pushing lightly. Their lips folded together, separating here and there so they could tilt their heads in the other direction. Small smacking sounds resulting from it, and Murasakibara started to run his fingers through blue hair with a bit more strength and their bodies got closer. Soon, Kuroko was straddling his boyfriend as they continued to peck.

As things became more heated, Kuroko couldn't help but think that he liked this kind of heat.

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