Emmett was bored. Who knew Master builder meetings could be so boring, at least it was till Abraham Lincoln brought up an interesting topic.

"I have learned that the Dark builders have returned." Abe said grimly. There was a bunch of gasps and murmurs. "Who are the Dark Builders?" Emmett asked. Everyone went quiet and stared at him. "What?" Emmett asked. "Has no one told him about the Dark Builders?" Super man asked. "Green Lantern was supposed to do it!" Wonder Woman said. Everyone shifted their look to Green Lantern. "I forgot!" He said. "Would someone tell me what the heck is a Dark Builder?!" Emmett yelled. "Dark Builders where once all normal master builders until they got corrupted and turned against us. A war broke out and they nearly won but mysterious master builder showed up and banished them to the shadows. When someone asked the mysterious builder who they were they said 'Just refer to me as SB' and they vanished." Wonder Woman said. "But how did they return?" Benny asked. "I believe that a gate to the shadow dimension was opened and they are escaping." Abe said. There was a ton of gasps. "We need to find 'SB' ASAP!"