so this is a 3 in the morning brainfart baby crack fic ummmm yeah

Arthur Dent was having was having a very rotten day. Here he was trying to figure out the ultimate question when a strange blue box appeared out of nowhere.

Arthur sighed. he had gotten very used to strange things happening around him. "Hello," he said to the box, "I don't suppose you know the ultimate question of the universe?"

"Well," a strange man in a bow tie poked his head out of the box. "She does, but unfortunately, she can't speak. I'm the doctor."

"Doctor who?"

"Oh so you know the question as well."

"Your name is doctor 42?"

"Shhhhhhhh, not so loud. If anyone else found out, there could be unseeable consequences."

Arthur just stared at Dr. 42 while he pointed a strange contraption in his face.

"You will never remember this meeting." Dr 42 said, and then proceeded to push a button on the metal wand.

The light flashed green and Arthur forgot.