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Harry has a brother, and when Voldemort attacks them and consequently is defeated everyone thinks Connor is the chosen one. Because of the large amount of dark magic lingering on Harry Lily and James who were at a ministry party when Voldemort attacked send Harry away to the Dursleys. But Harry is going to be fuckin badass and show them how wrong they were. Angsty, that is if I have the necessary writing skill.

And the story:

"AVADA KEDAVRA" The body of the baby sitter toppled to the ground with a "thump". Voldemort sneered at the lifeless body for a second before moving onto the nursery wondering why the prophecy would say two mere children would be able to defeat him. He snorted at the idea before moving to the door behind which the children of the Potter's would be.

He blew open the door with his wand, splinters flying everywhere and he laughed in joy as the two new additions to the Potter family burst into tears. Ah, how he relished their sobs. But soon he had enough and he turned his wand on them, assessing them.

He knew this would be a major stab in the Light's morale, two children murdered by him. He laughed at that line of thought, wondering what the reactions of the parents would be. He too wished the parents had been here, their vaults would be seized by gringotts when they and their children die, and the majority of the light's funding was provided by the Longbottom's, Black, and Potter's.

But enough thought on what could have happened he thought. They would all die eventually, and he would unite the entire world under his reign.

Avada Kedavra! he thought viciously. But his smirk was wiped off of his face when the green light hit a golden shield surrounding the black-haired emerald eyed boy- Harry he realised and reflected back at him.

He screamed as the connection's between his mind,body, and soul were ripped apart and he drifted through the air in the form of black mist.

Harry took his uncle's expensive leather wallet in his eleven-year-old-hands and opened it slowly and then quickly snatched the ten pounds that resided in it.

He then walked back to his room so that his aunt wouldn't catch him loitering in the living room. He shivered at the thought of that happening. She always hated him being around unless he was working.

He did pretty average at school although he knew that he would be able to do much better if he wanted to. If he did any better the teachers might begin to talk and if he did better than Dudders, well he didn't want to think about it. It did piss him off though since it was rather easy to do better than Dudley whose brain was the size of a pea.

Thankfully though not everyone hated him the teachers were alright, well some of them, mostly the older ones, the younger teachers soaked up the lies like a rag in oil just as easily as Harry's fellow ten year olds did.

So with that line of thought Harry dodged Dudley's leg and strode out the door. He had a few plans once he finished school, He would rent a place somewhere and get a job if the Dursley's kicked him out- which was very likely.

For a moment he though on the subject of the Dursley's- His Uncle, Vernon was as large as a small whale, weighed 200 pounds, and had the ability to turn purple. His cousin- Dudley was said to be a baby angel by his parents, but Harry thought he was a whiny little mini-Vernon. His aunt Petunia- horse faced and unpleasant was the only link he had to his parents.

His parents? Who were they? What would they be doing right now? Will I ever meet them?

"Go get the mail freak!" Vernon Dursley spat out, spittle flying into his food. Harry immediately stood up and moved away from his breakfast, which consisted of a small portion of an egg and a slice of stone cold toast, towards the door to retrieve the mail.

Bills, Marge, Boring and a letter for Harry? Harry slid the letter into his baggy trousers and walked back into the living room, where he passed the letters to Vernon, and proceeded to Wulf down his meagre breakfast and slink silently back into his cupboard- which was where he lived. Yes the cupboard under the stairs was his home.

He stared at the letter for about a minute. Reading the words over and over again to make sure they were real. Sure they explained how he could control ice and all the other strange occurences that happened around him. He was still abosolutely shell shocked though, a wizard!

He had already suspected wizards existing but he had completely passed off the idea of him being one. Suddenly he laughed, and laughed, and stopped laughing when Uncle Vernon hit the door and told him to be quiet, angrily.

A nine year old Harry was crouched stealthily behind a couch while Vernon and Petunia conversed.

"The freak's world sent a letter today Vernon."

"What was it about Pet?" The whale asked.

"They say he was going to go to that 'magical' school for witches and wizards."

"Bastards and Bitches you mean?" He asked venomously as he hated anything abnormal.

"Yes they practise all sorts of freakish shit at that freak castle, turning toads into mice, birds into goblets, and then them all back again, like why would you ever need those skills?"

"You wouldn't Pet, that's why they are stupid freaks." He said dragging her away to show her something from work leaving an open-mouthed Harry that was convinced they were crazy.

This was his ticket out of absolute hell and by the gods he would take it. He would prove himself to everyone that he was amazing. He would study everything about magic, he would make himself the best in his year and be popular for once. He paused for a moment, realising that was impossible, especially with his atrocious social skills.

Well that was if it wasn't a prank.

Harry had been making a sandwich for Uncle Vernon when the doorbell rang. He had dressed in his 'best' clothes today, although they were actually stolen from another kid at his school who had embarrassed him in front of his class earlier in the day. Oh how it wonderful it had been when the child burst into tears infront of the entire class.

Before opening the door he took several deep breaths to calm his racing heart. This is going to be alright. The professor is going to take you to get your school supplies and it will be fine.

He then opened the door slowly whilst taking deep breath. "yes?" He asked. In the doorway stood an imposing figure. He wore sweeping black robes and a permanent scowl on his face, accompanied by a hooked nose and imposing stance. "I take it you are mister Potter?" He asked with a drawl. Harry nodded.

Harry got the strange impression that the professor didn't like him- and briefly, very briefly wondered why.

His scowl deepened. "Obviously, you have received your letter, I am here to take you to Diagon Alley so that you can purchase your school supplies, which if I had my way you would be doing your self." He said sharply.

"Yes sir, thank you professor...?" "Snape" The newly named Professor Snape curtly replied before taking his hand in his own and then Harry felt as if he was being squeezed through a tube which was even more unpleasant because of the fact that he was laughing at the thought of the expression on Vernon's face when he found the half-made sandwich.