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Tela Vasir: Hard Point


Tela's stomach churned as the Mantis gunship lurched into a steep dive thousands of meters above Bekenstien's capital city of Milgrom and for a second she missed Levra's effortless piloting. The young Asari had attempted to get Cpt. Tiber to allow her to fly, but he had insisted that one of his pilots take the helm. Instead he had allowed her to sit in the co-pilots seat and observe.

This had pissed off Levra but Tela had managed to placate her with a promise to allow her to fly at a later date. She guessed it had something to do with the new design of the craft, just released for full time production this year. Of course Levra couldn't shut up about it, flooding the comm's channel with boring talk about "duel vectored controlling thrust and thermal decay systems". Eventually she had had the Turian sitting behind her discretely disconnect the babbling woman's head-set.

In the blessed silence she mentally reviewed the plan they had drafted just hours ago back in the Furious Justice's conference room. She had contacted the local police force in route, spoke to a Chief Johnson who after a great deal of virtual handshaking had placed over three hundred armed Special Response Team members at her disposal.

As they made entry she had finally revealed their orders, setting them to cordoning off the Westablish facility. With perfect timing the headset in her helmet crackled with incoming traffic.

"SPECTRE Vasir this is Chief Johnson, (zzzz) SRT teams (zzzz) position." the police chiefs came in distorted and rife with static, "Do you (zzzzz) them to (zzzz)?"

"Chief Johnson, say again your last over?"

"(zzzz) teams in position, do (zzzz) move in?" she hit the key button on her omnitool frantically. Of course the blundering fools would ruin this operation even before it began.

"Negative! Negative, do not move from your security positions, do you copy?" After a brief period of loaded silence the radio crackled again.


'Idiot, almost sounded disappointed.' she seethed and busied herself with checking her recently acquired M-8 Avenger making it sure it was properly synced to her H.U.D.'s aim-point software, running the built in in targeting simulator. Satisfied that the digital zero was a good as it was going to get, she collapsed the weapon and repeated the process with her pistol.

"Five minutes until insertion." the pilot informed over the intercom. The turians who had been sitting silently now began checking their weapons and armor, preparing for the combat drop. Captain Tiber who was sitting next to her placed his hand on her shoulder. She seriously needed to stop his aspirations before they went to far. She had noticed the looks he had been giving her since they had first met. Well aware of her appealing physical appearance, at times it was more of a burden than anything else.

"Tela, we will be landing soon. I think..."

"I am not deaf, Captain Tiber." she waved his concern away as she reminded him of proper decorum. "Make sure your men are ready."

"Of course Milady." he sullenly replied and turned away from her. Ignoring his petulance she released the five point harness that had held her in place during the atmospheric entry. She needed to clear her head before they touched down. Her thoughts were a mess, jumbled and confused. She hadn't noticed it at first, but here in stressful anticipation it was becoming apparent that something was wrong.

'Damn that human!' it had been only after their ill-fated meld that this little problem had started. Her thoughts weren't her own and she couldn't keep him out of them. It was one of the reasons she had left him on board the ship, she had a hard time concentrating when he was around, like getting deja-vu. That and his face was still a pulped mess from that embarrassing debacle with the colossus of a turian.

Breathing in and out she managed to calm herself, this was no time to be thinking of anything else.

'Damn you John!'


John White leaned against the back wall of the turian frigate's CIC, observing the controlled chaos taking place on the operations deck below. Here and there, crew members, communication officers and technicians worked to keep the ship alive. Right in front of them the Presidium Guard's XO watched on the main holographic display as tactical icons representing the two Mantis gunships moved slowly towards the objective area.

Everybody had a part to play, well everyone except for him. That was bothering him a little bit.

'She just had to leave me here. I understand why, but it's still pissing me off! Even the idiot got to go!" He had to admit he was nervous about being left alone. Tela and Levra, as alien as they were, were still the most solid thing he could grasp on for the moment. With no one around that he knew, it was almost impossible to relax. No human's either and he felt like he was intruding more than ever.

Sure that Krian fellow had seemed alright, even congratulating him after the ill ending fight with a pat on the back; the rest of the turian's however would rather spit than look at him.

Similarly Tela sure had been pissed at him. More so after he had told her his new name and she got up off of him. She hadn't spoken a word to him after that, simply had boarded the transport when they had reached orbit around Bekenstien and left.

'Without even a goodbye!'

Not that he expected as much but at least let him know what he needed doing. He needed direction in his life; leaving him alone was possibly the worst thing that could happen at the moment.

Feeling worthless on the bridge he left the crowded room and started randomly walking around the ships halls. Soon the blue and gray walls began to look the same.

'Fuck.' he groaned realizing that he gotten lost. An almost impossible feat in such a small vessel but he succeeded at it anyways. Looking around for a sign of some kind he ducked into a side corridor, taking note of a armed and armored guard standing in front of a locked door at the end of the hallway. Seeing as there was nothing else he could do he started to approach the man but stopped when the turian leveled a shotgun at him.

"Keep moving human, this area is restricted." his voice was cold and metallic as it was projected from behind an opaque visor. John stopped short and held up his hands.

"Okay, okay, just I'm a little lost can you point me to the crew quarters?" the turian sighed and lowered his weapon.

"Go back the way you came and take a right, second door on the left."

"Thanks, what is this place exactly?"

"Brig, now get out of here before I sucker punch you." the turian spat then mumbled a curse under his breath. John threw him a last sardonic grin before he did an about face and headed towards the crew quarters. Perhaps his time was best spent sleeping, if he did then maybe Vasir and the others would be back by the time he woke up. He glanced back at the grumpy guard as he rounded the corner and laughed to himself.

'Making friends everywhere I go.'


"Blue light! Go! Go! Go!" someone screamed over the net and the rear of the Mantis gunship dropped with a hiss. Two carbon fiber rappelling robes were deployed out from the cabin ceiling and fell to the ground about fifty five meters below. The first pair of turians grabbed the ropes and dropped, traveling the distance in less than four seconds.

Tela waited for Captain Tiber and another turian to take the ropes before moving to the edge of the ramp. The ropes dangled loosely as the two of them hit the ground and moved out to fill the gaps in the crescent formation the other seven turians had deployed in. However this didn't concern Tela as with a simple step forward she toppled off the edge and into the whipping wind. Completing a full front flip like an expert tumbler, she landed in a crouch, her biotics flaring up as she decreased her body's mass to a fraction of what it normally would be.

From the crouch she sprinted to the nearest piece of cover, a low wall marking the beginning of the loading dock. Briefly she looked up and noticed second squads Mantis taking off from the roof, it's mission complete.

'Good, time to get moving.' "Captain, begin the operation."

"Acknowledged, Sgt. Hexari get your men to the door on the double."

"Yes, sir, Alpha team move to breach!" his first squad leader barked and a group of four Guards moved up to one side of the door. The third man in the stack prepped a entry charged and held it ready. However this wasn't necessary as the point man demonstrated one of the most important aspects to breaching, always check the door; which in this case opened without any sort of effort, the panels sliding apart to reveal a dimly lit warehouse beyond. As soon as the door opened the team rushed in, alternating going left and right as they cleared the room with expert precision.

Alarm bells went off in the back of Tela's head as they entered the building uncontested. Not that she had expected to be met with a tank at the door or something like that, but not even a security guard? That was unexpected. She would of told the men to be alert but they'd undoubtedly take it as an insult. Instead she opted to simply ignore out the obvious and go with the mission as planned.

"Captain, secure the beach head."

"Roger." he turned and sent bravo team in, before following. Tela traveled alongside him and took up position inside the protective perimeter the turians had erected inside. Individual soldiers were posted up on windows and doors, peering through but not in the openings. To the front and right was a pair of large doors, smaller than the one they had entered but still large nonetheless.

Now they just had to wait for second squad and SPECTRE Perrus to do their part.


Krian Levanicus stood on the roof of the Westablish building as he watched the salarian SPECTRE fiddle with the electronic lock on the door leading down into the building proper.

Hefting his Avenger he scanned off to the right of the roof, looking for targets that he doubted would appear.

"Fix terminal interlocking, run inter-looping countermeasure software." the salarian diligently worked on his omnitool, his fingers moving almost to quickly to be seen as he hacked the door. Soon enough the lock emitted a high-pitched beep and the reinforced door swung open on loose hinges. "Hack successful, Sgt, please initiate mission."

"Affirmative sir, Guron!" he called his massive team member forward, his gait still showing signs of his earlier tussle with the human. It had been a great fight and could of gone either way if it had been allowed to reach its climax. When the human had suckered Guron he had damn neared laughed his ass off. Sure it was a low blow but the big bastard needed to be knocked down a peg or two.

"Sure thing Sgt." the giants deep voice was calm but a little garbled, mandibles obviously swollen. He moved into position, switching on the tactical light attached to his Claymore shotgun. Usually a weapon on wielded by Krogans it was a perfect fit for the big man, its kick more than capable of dislocating a normal person's shoulder.

Filing in behind his immense point-man Krian moved down the stairs. The rest of his team followed him and he could see Bravo team moving up in the rear.

"Drone out!" the SPECTRE suddenly announced and little holographic ball of light shot past Guron and disappeared down into the dimly lit hallway. "Eyes and ears, will scout ahead, turn off interface of course."

"Of course." Krian muttered as they reached the bottom of the stairs and entered the main building. The first thing they did was encounter a two way intersection, one way going left and the other going right. "Hey Sren, fringe or tails for who goes which way." he jokingly asked the team leader of Bravo on a private channel.

"I'll take whatever way the SPECTRE doesn't go!" his friend laughed and he was inclined to agree. Soon enough they got there answer and his friend got his choice.

"Sgt Krian accompany me left, the drone detects abnormalities ahead."

"Roger." he turned his freq back to his private channel. "Shit!"

"What was that Sgt?" he silently cursed, apparently the SPECTRE had superhuman hearing.

'Must of set the presets wrong' "Oh nothing sir, just cursing this place!"

"Acknowledge, odd. Let's move Sgt."

With that they parted ways with Bravo and began to move into deeper into the complex. Before long they were completely lost in the byzantine passageways of this place.

The longer they pressed on the greater the feeling of uneasiness grew in the pit of his stomach. This was unlike any sort of research facility or business he had ever seen. For one there was nobody here! Sure it was a big facility but it was the middle of the day, on a weekday to boot! But so far their hadn't been a single soul in sight. No lab techs not security guards and no business suit clad execs greeted them as they moved down the empty corridors.

The second thing was the floor plans. Now he had a copy of the buildings blueprints that had been provided for the squads during their patrol briefings. While he was no architect he could tell that what he was seeing now and what he had been briefed did not match in the slightest. Too many blind turns, intersections and even dead ends, the place was built like a warren. There was no large rooms, no work spaces, laboratories or even cubicles. Not a scrap of furnishing was present either which led to the third oddity.

Whoever the Westablish folks had hired for an interior decorator must have been more used to working with dungeons than designing a sterile, ergonomic workplace. The lighting was terrible for one, nothing but dim florescent bulbs set in every fifteen meters leaving long gaps of shadowed areas. The walls, ceilings and floors were all uniformly gray cold cement.

Finally there was the air around him, his armor informing him that it was a chilly four degrees Celsius and with a whopping humidity of nearly ninety percent. Who the hell in their right mind would want that?

Guron held up a hand, freezing the procession in their tracks.

"Sgt, there was a contact on the tracker." the big man was referencing the motion tracker that was a standard addition to most armor hardware suites.


"Hard to say, it's gone dark, just a ghost." the big man whispered, clearly the spooky atmosphere was getting to him too.

"Drone shows nothing, please continue Sgt." Veelan ordered, "Maintain spacing."

The formation continued again, slower this time, until they reached another one of those damn intersections.

"Which way sir?"

"Continue left." the order came but he barely heard it, instead his amplified microphone picked up what sounded to be a faint clicking, like two ceramic platters rubbing against together on a waiters dolly.

"Guron, do you hear anything?" he whispered as he brought his men to a halt again.

"What are you talking about, the only thing I hear is you yammering on about...shit, shit! We got movement!"

"Where? How many?" Krian asked, scanning to the right and to the left with his weapon up to his cheek ready to fire.

"Shit they're everywhere, I'm counting four, five, no eight contacts coming this way!" He checked his own motion tracker and verified Guron's information.

"All right men, get ready for contact! Mulark, Surez, take the right, I want disciplined volley and stay off those damn walls! Guron you're with me on the left. If your shields drop fall back to the middle to recharge." the men around him snapped to action and he looked on in pride.

"Sgt equipment must be faulty, the drone doesn't see anything." Veelan suggested, strangely enough the SPECTRE wasn't wearing a helmet thus his lack of H.U.D.

"Sir the contact are coming! Twenty meters out!" he scanned the hallway, his light revealing nothing but blank floors and walls. Switching his light off he changed his visor to night-vision mode.

'What the hell is that?' something like a shadow skittered across the ceiling. 'What the...' he switched to thermals and almost dropped his weapon in fear.

"Ceiling now!" three pairs of lights snapped upwards and revealed a horde of Rachni crawling towards them on the ceiling, their chitinous plates making the scraping sound he had heard before. For a second the blinding light disoriented the creatures, but they reacted quickly losing all pretense of stealth and rushing forward in a maddening rush.

There was a boom and one of the insectivore creatures was messily bisected by Guron's shotgun followed by the other team members opening up on the other side. Krian fired and tore the antenna from one of the Rachni the stumps spewing out a foul looking black ichor.

"Switch to incinerator rounds!" he barked the order and waited for Guron to comply before switching over himself. Soon the hallway was filled with red and orange streaks, looking for the all the world that they were firing laser beams at their exotic aggressors.

The rounds were effective though, burning through muscle and sinew with ease, even immolating some of the luckier ones.

Suddenly a horrible scream came over the net as Mulark dropped his weapon, his armored hands sizzling and popping as the glob of acid that had coated them ate at his flesh like a hungry varren.

"Mulark!" Surez yelled and tried to pull his friend back away from the encroaching horde. However he couldn't drag him fast enough and the screaming turian was ripped away into the thick of the Rachni as they tore into him like wild animals.

"Fall back! Peel back the way we came, Veelan go go go!" The SPECTRE needed no further encouraging, firing his sub machine gun one more time and then moving back down the hallway.

Krian prepped a grenade, set the timer and rushed to the other side, next to Surez. "Go Surez, I've got this side."

"Roger." the other man said placidly as he broke away. Looking to see he was clear, Krian tossed the grenade, an incendiary, where it exploded, thankfully ending Mulark's life and his tortured screaming. "Guron! Go!"

"Moving!" the big man fired two more rounds and sprinted down the hallway, Krian waited until he was clear before following suit. He hugged the left side of the wall, allowing his fellows to fire around him and suppress the enemies attempting to follow.

Using the canalized nature of the intersection they gained a critical advantage, cutting down the ugly buggers as soon as they showed their heads. Soon enough the flow became a trickle. Eventually they stopped coming and the motion tracker went silent. The only movement coming from the end of the room was the flickering flames that still licked at the edges of some of the Rachni corpses.

"Sir, we need to notify Bravo and SPECTRE Vasir before they walk into the same trap we did!" he panted, checking on his two remaining men for injuries and functioning equipment.

"Of course, notify them please Sgt. I need to take samples." Perrus, seemingly not out of breath in any way, moved back down the corridor and bent down next to one of the more intact specimens. Examining it he lifted the things head and rotated the limp flesh from side to side. "Interesting, different genus perhaps, coloration abnormal, charcoal color blends with current environment."

While the SPECTRE was busy doing whatever it was he was doing, Krian keyed his helmet mike. "Sgt Bilus this is Alpha over." However after a few minutes of static he tried again. "Bravo, any Bravo element this is Alpha over!" again nothing but a burst of static. "Sir, I can't reach Bravo team or the first squad leader!"

"Troubling, try command net." the salarian replied, not looking up from his grisly investigation.

"Roger." Krian flipped the frequency toggle over to the command net. "Guard Leader this is one alpha, alpha has engaged enemy organisms code named "Plague" over!" again nothing, "Any guard element this is one alpha please respond!" This was starting to get serious, there was no reason why their radios shouldn't be working, not unless...

"SPECTRE, someones jamming us!" it was the only logical conclusion. Veelan turned from his site exploitation, a blood filled syringe held between steady fingers and dropped the container in a pouch on his armor.

"My conclusion as well, a trap, though purpose? Unknown, testing facility maybe, explains lack of guards." he stood and typed a few lines on his omnitool.

"A testing facility? What the hell are they testing then with guard dogs like these around!" Guron growled and kicked on of the dead rachni.



"Negative communications with second squad sir!" one of the turian soldiers informed Cpt. Tiber and Tela shook her head in displeasure. This was not going as planned and already the whole situation just felt wrong.

"Well keep trying! It must be interference of some kind from the facility!" the guard captain yelled, furious with the loss of command over his men. "Milady it seems..."

"Yes I monitored," this reeked of a trap, of if not a trap then a preset planned response to an armed incursion. At this point there should have been some resistance, a terrorist organization trafficking in such illegal and dangerous goods would inevitably have some preventive measures in place to prevent such a trespassing. It was obvious their communications were being jammed, able to communicate with people in the nearby vicinity but unable to raise the other squad or even the Mantis gunships outside. She needed a decision, they were already committed and she didn't want to embarrass herself in front of Veelan if they turned out to be a false alarm. However as she had said before, arrogance was the downfall of many a persons, perhaps prudence was the best option here. "Captain have the squad fall back, we will reattempt contact once we're outside."

"But Tela, we must maintain the initiative!"

"Follow my orders Captain, get the men moving!" she didn't have time for his bullshit, something was going on here that was outside the norm and she needed to nip this in the bud before it turned into the full blown disaster her gut was suggesting.

"Yes. First squad fall back to the courtyard!" a chorus of acknowledgment came over the net and the soldiers began to retreat. However as soon as the first group reached the door they had entered they encountered a problem.

"Sir! The door it's locked!" one of them called back, the glowing holographic display reading red as he attempted to open it.

"What? It was open!" Tiber shouted angrily, "It doesn't matter! Get the breach team up here, I want that breach team up there on the double!" Instead of a breach team what he got was a sudden flash of light and a holographic display which was projected from the ceiling.

As the image took shape it resolved itself to be a white triangle circled by interlocking squares, the Westablish Industries logo if her memory served. Simultaneously a dry nasally voice was projected from a single speaker in the corner of one of the walls.

Tap, tap, tap, "Is this thing on?" muffled voices in the background, sounding like somebody arguing then switching a toggle. "Ah, yes, much better. Well SPECTRE welcome to our humble facility here on Bekenstien. We've been expecting you." Tela's H.U.D. identified the speech as the human language of English.

"This is a council sanctioned operation, you are obstructing my investigation. I demand that you disable all security measures and surrender for interrogation." she announced over her helmets external speaker.

"I'm afraid I'm unable to comply SPECTRE, you see that facility is completely automated." the unknown man chuckled and a red warning light began to flash on the bottom of her visor. "I would get a move on alien, that is unless you want die without ever getting a taste of what is to come!" with that the voice and the projection disappeared.

Tela expanded the environmental hazard icon on her H.U.D and analyzed the contents. Aluminum and nano-fuel particles were showing up in the local atmosphere in steadily increasing amounts, as if they were being pumped in. That didn't make any sense, the mixture wasn't deadly and even if it was they were all had air-scrubbers in their helmets.

'What could possibly be the reason for that. Unless, oh no!' she quickly sprinted towards one of the doors on the far end that had opened, shouting as she went. "Captain! Get your men out of there now!"

For once the turian didn't ask questions, possibly hearing the deadly seriousness and hint of panic in her voice. The nine turians dropped what they were doing as he barked the order and the began to move towards the exits.

They weren't fast enough, in fact as soon as Tela crossed through the doorway a blast door began to descended slowly from overheard but gaining speed as it made the trip downwards. The first turian made it through, crouching as the door reached shoulder height. Gaining more and more speed the door dropped to her knees.

Just in the nick of time the next turian made it, literally sliding under the gap on his rear. Tela was slightly relieved to see the symbol for captain on the guards breastplate, at least the chain of command would be intact.

A muffled banging came from the other side of thick door and through a porthole she could see a turian trapped on the other side. Panicked from being separated from his fellow the soldier, perhaps not thinking clearly, stepped back from the vessel and appeared to fire his weapon to no effect.

Tela could imagine the confusion on the man's face, right before what she had feared came to pass.

With a flash of blinding light the doors window was whited out, the very air igniting as the chemical mixture reached the proper levels. Instantly everything in the room was incinerated as the thermobaric explosion reached its climax. What wasn't turned to ash would be killed by the immense pressure wave; even through the hardened door Tela's head rung from the concussive blast.

With what would have been a eardrum rupturing whoomp if not for their helmets noise canceling feature, the fire burned itself out, running through all the oxygen in the room.

She shook her head, trying to clear the sudden headache that had appeared. When she raised her head, she was treated to the sight of Cpt. Tiber ineffectively try and beat the door down.

"We have to get inside! They're still in there! We have to get inside!" his fists scuffed the paint, but did little in the way of any real damage. Tela was starting to doubt the so called elite nature of the troops provided to her by the Council, well at least their leadership.

"Captain, they are gone, I need you to compose yourself!" she ordered, helping the other Turian to his feet. "The mission will still proceed."

"My men! They need me!" he cried and she rolled her eyes in exasperation, something she had been doing a lot more often lately. She pointed her aiming reticule at Tiber, the IFF identifying him as friend. She opened up her tools on her omnitool and opened up a private two way communication channel.

"Captain, I need you to calm down right now. If you don't, I will be sure to mention this in my after action report to the council!"

The man froze and slowly turned to her. "You wouldn't dare!"

"I certainly would. Now get ready to move." she un-holstered her assault rifle and reopened the open comms. "Private, lead the way." she spoke to the other unnamed turian and the three of them marched off into the belly of the beast.


Levra looked down on the nondescript building below them as they hovered in the air above. It had been over thirty minutes since they had last heard from the ground party and she was starting to worry.

If anything happened to her new found boss she didn't know what she'd do. 'I guess I could go back to Thessia and fly the private circuit again. Back to mother.' she shuddered at the thought, 'On second thought maybe better to take up piracy in the Terminus.'

It was certainly poor prospects either way and if it was within her power she would make sure that wouldn't happen. 'She's probably fine anyways! Just doing some super-secret spy stuff, building up the tension!'

Still she couldn't shake the feeling that something was horribly wrong.


John was bored out of his skull. Well not really, his skull was fine, it was what was outside it that was so goddamn boring.

All of a sudden a strange feeling bubbled up from the bottom of his stomach, a feeling of such impending doom that he had to clutch his guts in pure agony! His eyes bulged with pressure and his insides twisted with sudden uncomfortableness.

The sound of extreme gastric distress broke the tense silence and he jumped to his feet with a sense of extreme urgency. There was a mission to be accomplished, no matter what the cost he needed to succeed.

'Now where the hell are the bathrooms!?'


Deep in the bowels of a research facility hidden from human eyes a hundred meters under the ground a short man in a white lab coat fiddled with some controls on a panel full of blinking lights.

In front of him a monitor showed the scorched remains of the Bekenstien's facility's loading bay, still smoldering piles of empty armor littering the room like discarded shells of devoured crustaceans.

"How are things progressing Dr. Kao?" a medium sized man in elegant formal wear asked from behind the scientist, causing the little man to jump in surprise.

"Oh, Mr. Rodriguez you nearly gave me coronary!" Kao nervously laughed, taking off his glasses and fogging them with his breath. "As you can see, the test subjects have entered the facility. There is also a second group that entered from the rooftop, they have already been in contact with Type-3 specimens."


"Oh um, the engagement proceeded mostly along the predicted path. I must suggest increasing adrenal gland production in the future generations, their reflexes were a bit slow, well below the optimum threshold."

"Enemy casualties?"

"Let's see. First engagement, resulted in one test subject fatality and eight specimen premature termination." he flipped a page in an old style notebook that he had picked up, "Second engagement, ah! Four specimen terminations and five xenological fatalities!" he sounded especially proud of this achievement.

"That is quite a variation Dr, we must achieve optimum lethality if we are to reach our goals in time for celebration."

"Of course sir, keep in mind though that this test is merely testing individual combat capability, field implementation will be conducted in much higher quantities of specimens. Not to mention the first group had a SPECTRE with them!"

"I understand Dr. However," the man approached the diminutive scientist and placed his hand on his shoulder, digging his fingers painfully into his collar bone, "we will not accept failure. This has to go perfectly."

"I, I understand sir!" he squeaked "If only you let me use a larger test group I could..."

"Out of the question! We've already lost the element of surprise with that Moonside Glory debacle, we can't risk public exposure." he released his grip and stepped past Kao to watch the monitor beyond, now showing a group of three moving down one of the many hallways. An Asari and two turians. The asari was tagged as Tela Vasir, recently promoted and if their information was correct also responsible for the boarding action conducted on their transport a few days ago. "The council will aid us, no doubt keeping a tight lid on this."

"Yes sir. The alien curs are almost laughable in their predictability."

"Indeed doctor," he turned away from the monitor and stepped away, "When you have what you need, burn out the facility. There is no reason for us to leave anything behind."

"Of course, will be going to Fehl Prime?"

"No, we have reason to believe that site had been compromised. As we speak the facility is being relocated to the beta site. My associate," he gestured behind him as something enormous moved in the shadows, "will escort you off planet and to the new facility after your done."

Out from the blackness a titan of a man moved forward, his pitch black armor helping him blend seamlessly with his surroundings. Standing at what had to be well over two meters tall the silent colossus stood with his arms crossed and Dr. Kao gulped at the sight of the Bloodletter pattern pistol strapped to his hip.

"Well, I see everything here is proceeding as planned, I bid you adieu gentlemen. Dominatur in omni terra." he intoned.

"Anima nostra sit ei!" the other two men replied, bowing their heads in veneration, after which the finely adorned man made his exit, leaving the man of science and the silent giant alone, deep beneath the ignorant bustling streets of Bekenstien's capital city.