I am all alone in these dark woods under a star filled sky dreaming that you're here.

The grass I lay on is cold and wet but I'm too weak to care.

I manage to glance up at the sky and see you there.

I lick my mouth and I still taste the fatal liquid and it tastes like your lips.

I cry out knowing you won't care because you'll never know what I've just done.

I know you've already forgotten me but my heart still bleeds for you.

One day you'll count the tears I left on my pillow and you'll wonder who they belonged to.

Soon you'll be kissing another girl and you'll love her because you never loved me.

Forgive me for any tears I cause and any pain I bring you but I made my choice.

I'm in love but I'm alone and you'll never know.

I can feel my heartbeat getting slower and my eyes growing tired but your beautiful face is all I can see.

As I slip further into the darkness I wonder if you're missing me.