Fluttershy POV

Hello, My name is Fluttershy and this is my story… I live in a world where there are three dominate species. The humans, like my friends Pinkie and Apple-Jack. The Magic users, Like my friends Rarity and Twilight. And the winged, Like my friend Dashie. I too am a winged.

Alike most things in every category of us there is a subcategory. For example another friend of mine, Spike is also a magic user, however unlike Twilight and Rarity, he can only use fire related magic. Then in the winged, there re many different types of winged. My friend Dashie's wings are very similar to a hawks. They're fast and smooth, However mine are more like a swan's. They're fairly large and lovely, at least that's what Rarity tells me. But I never really use them.

Today is the first day of my new school. I used to live in Cloudsdale, it's a town made in the sky for the winged species. However since I always crack under pressure never did very well on any of my races (The races were equitant to an exam) in middle school. Everyone used to bully me chanting;

"Fluttershy, can hardly fly!"

Everyone but a single friend, Dashie. She agreed to come to school with me down on the ground here in Ponyville. However she still wanted to live in Cloudsdale, so she's living there, but attending school with me.

I had raised enough money to rent out a small cottage in Ponyville, It's small and quant, but its home. As soon as I arrived at my new home I expected to repaint, to fix some loose floorboards, or even buy furnature. But I didn't expect someone already living in there! He was a short white haired human boy. He wore a gray hoodie and baggie jeans sitting on my couch. Once I had started to approach him he looked up at me. He had large blue eyes, If I had to guess an age I'd say about a year younger than myself.

"Excuse me…" I whispered

He just returned his gaze to the unlit fireplace.

"This is my house…" I whispered a little louder.

He looked at me again, then swung is gaze back to the fireplace.

"I'm sorry but…."

He stood up and moved towards me, turns out he wasn't as short as I thought. He stood eye to eye with me. He looked deep into my eyes, as I blushed. Then he quickly looked over at the fire place again.

"If you really don't mind… could you please…."

He stomped his foot on the ground and pointed at the fireplace.

"That's okay, I'll just go put my things upstairs…"

This time the man walked up to me, and placed his hands on my shoulders. I must have been red as a tomato. Then he shock me violently, letting me go and pointing at the fireplace.

"Do you want me to light the fire?" I asked still a little dizzy.

He gave me a smile that warmed my heart. I approached the fireplace and lit it. The reds, oranges, yellows, and flickers of blue danced upon the burning log. The boy was mesmerized by the flame.

"I'm going to go unpack, you make yourself at home… I guess…"