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I have decided to post several short stories and one shots as one story instead of making multiple entries. Hope you enjoy :}


A storm

Part 1/2

With a little shiver her eyes fluttered open to the blinding light that filled her room for a split second just before the thunder struck, rocking the walls of her house. It seems the storm was going on forever, making it impossible for her to sleep with the ruckus it made outside.

Temari picked up her gown and went down the stairs to the kitchen; the sound of her bare feet tapping against the wood could not be heard over the frightening screams of the wind. The house creaked incessantly and she really hated being alone right now.

Upon turning on the kitchen lights, her cat emerged from the darkness and complained in hopes of being fed again. Temari took the fuzzy animal in her hands, feeling glad of not being completely alone after all.

She opened the cupboard and flinched once again from the sound of thunder she still could not get used to. Turning her head towards the door she listened closely for a second as she thought she heard something weird, but it was silent now, as silent as it could be with such a storm in its apogee. Her lips curled into a little smirk as she took out the cacao and sugar, about to make herself some hot chocolate – her new favorite drink for the last couple of months.

Yet she couldn't get rid of the suspicion about what, or who, was on the porch. She stopped and listened again, concentrating on what it felt like. And it felt like someone with awfully familiar chakra.

Could it be…?

"Shikamaru…?" She stared at the figure leaning against the wall in disbelief. "What are you doing here?"

He was drenched wet, his hair was almost lose from the usual ponytail, there was dirt and blood on his face and his clothes were ripped in many places. Yet he just stood there, leaning cooly, without even looking back at her dumbfounded expression.

"Thought you'd never open the door."

She didn't even need to see his face, the mockery was in his every word. Well hello to you too.

"You're a mess."

Her words were silenced by another thunderclap as she moved aside to let him in, and his eyes were on hers the exact moment she flinched from the sound that was much worse outside. His eyebrows cocked up just a little, but enough for her to realize what he thought. Great.

"Why are you here? What happened?"

"Tsunade sent me here to meet with Gaara and bring him some important scrolls." He wiped the blood from his eyes, looking around the huge family mansion. The wounds would not stop bleeding. "I was supposed to arrive yesterday but I got attacked by some rogue ninjas and delayed, ending up in this storm. And the hotel doesn't have a night reception. That's why I'm here."

"How many?"


"What happened to them?"


Their eyes crossed in a mutual understanding. Neither of them wanted to kill unless necessary, and the blood of five people on your hands at a time – there were no more questions to ask.

She glanced at his wounds, one above the eyebrow, one on the cheek, his vest ripped in the back and a gaping hole on his thigh. He was soaked with rain and fresh blood from the wounds still open. He stared at her, examining him, her hard expression softened by loose blond hair. It was the first time Shikamaru saw her hair down and in her thin nightgown. It was gaping open in the front but she paid no mind; all her dresses revealed no less.

"Gaara's not here now. He and Kankurou left to fix some matters with the neighbor village and they will only be back tomorrow evening." Turning away from him, she walked across the hall towards the closed door on the right. "Come."

Silently smirking at her commanding nature, he followed, leaving a trail of dirty footsteps on the floor and once again wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, entering a sterile clean white bathroom.

"Here's a towel, bathrobe, and there's a full set of medicine and bandages in the cabinet. You can put your clothes in the washing machine, it's in the room next door. Call me if you need anything. But this time try louder than that knock at the door, if you can manage." Mockery paid back.

He glanced at her smirk before she closed the bathroom door behind him and stepped in the bathtub to get rid of blood and dirt.

After Shikamaru got out of the bathroom, his body covered with bandages, the water droplets from his loose hair fell down on the freshly cleaned floor, his dirty trail was gone. Temari was sitting on a high chair with her back to him, facing the kitchen window that kept gleaming with lightning. Her elbow leaned against the table and on her lap there was a grey cat, purring loudly.

There was another chair across the table, a plate with hot sandwiches and a cup of what smelled like hot chocolate. He glanced in astonishment at the woman who silently sat there drinking her own drink, surprised of all these homelike actions he truly never expected of her.

He sat down at his implied place and took a bite when he caught the attention of the cat. She leaped up on the table and minced towards Shikamaru's plate, expecting some treat.

"Do not feed her." She glanced back over her shoulder to see her kitten already chewing something from his hand and Shikamaru froze, mentally getting himself ready for the trouble he was in, but she only rolled her eyes and turned away, but not before taking a good look at him. It was the first time she saw him with his hair down after all, and he looked… different.

"Sorry." He replied munching and tried to push the cat away, all in vain.

She slit off her chair and picked up empty dishes. Placing those in the sink and with her back to him, she asked:

"Did you fix your wounds?"


"Then are you having a period?"

Shikamaru's lungs demanded some air after hearing the question, but the timing was bad – he choked on the last gulp of the hot drink and started coughing; never mind all of his body aching from the strains and wounds, now he couldn't even breathe. Temari's giggle soon turned into a full laughter, seeing his reaction to rather sudden question. Uncomfortable subject, eh?


"You're bleeding all over my floor." She stared at him with a little smirk, but it slowly subsided and she furrowed her eyebrows. "Why are you still bleeding? Your forehead and your cheek too, all your bandages are wet."

Temari stepped closer, placing her hand on his back where she noticed blue material of the gown appear a little darker. She then stared at her bloody palm, discontent.

"My guess is their weapons were smeared with some poison. These wounds aren't that deep, they should have started healing by now." He replied, wiping the blood from his inner thigh that run all the way down his leg and dripped on the floor. What the ...?

"Okay, come on. I'll fix you." She flashed her rare smile and headed for the bathroom, and he had no other choice than to follow her, smirking again.

Grabbing bunch of stuff from the cabinet she soaked a cloth with water and asked in emotionless, matter-of-fact voice:

"Are you naked?"

And again, he was left dumbfounded, happy she wasn't looking at his baffled expression of a very unexpected question.


"Good. Lose that robe and sit down."

Shikamaru did as commanded, feeling a little uncomfortable, reminded of long gone childhood days when he was taken care by his mother. But Temari was not his mother, and yet her hands were as soft and gentle. She handed him a cloth and told to apply some pressure on his thigh while fixing the wound on his back.

She sat down beside him on the bathtub edge, slowly tearing up the lopsided plaster he somehow managed to paste just below his shoulder blade. She wiped the edges of the seemingly fresh cut. The blood kept seeping so she grabbed some ointment and applied a thick layer directly on the wound, then just stared at it, waiting. The bleeding eventually stopped and the corner of her mouth curved up, happy she was able to help after all.

She switched her position and sat down by his side on the left, placing his arm on her legs and repeating the procedure. Temari seemed oblivious to where his hand laid, or was simply pretending not to notice – the back of his palm lay on her bare thigh, feeling the softness of her skin. He closed his eyes, trying his best to fight the urge to brush a finger against her skin. The temptation was unbearable.

He concentrated on the deep cut, gaping in his arm, and looked her fingers, spreading the cream.

"What is this?"

"It has some epinephrine, constricts the vessels. Truthfully, I didn't think it would work that easily." She glanced at him with smiling eyes, looking as gentle as a kitten. That would last no more than 5 seconds.

As she stood up in front of him, Shikamaru lost himself for a moment in between her strong, tanned legs that presented itselves inches from his own. Softly her fingers lifted up his chin and their eyes met. For a long second she forgot the wounds on his face she was supposed to fix as the move she made felt… intimate. She could feel his several days old beard poking her fingertips and unintentionally her eyes wandered on his lips. Damn. Mentally she shook the feeling away, removing the plasters from his cheek and forehead. He stared at her face while she smeared the ointment, making the situation even more uncomfortable.

Finally, there was only the wound on his leg left. A wound high up on his inner thigh, inches away from his underwear. Temari gulped, realizing what she was in for. Silently inhaling her chest full of air and maintaining a poker face, she kneeled down in front of him and spread his legs, positioning herself between them. She dared not to lift her eyes up to his face, she had a good idea of how awkward they both would look. Gently she wiped the blood from his feet and up his calf, secretly raising an eyebrow at his distinct leg muscles, and continuing up his thigh. Undressing the cut she cracked a smile as he flinched in pain of losing some of his leg hair, and cleaned the wound. This one was a bit more challenging as right in front of her eyes there was his abs to stare at, and not only those. Her elbows leaned on his legs and she could very well feel how tensed he was.

Shikamaru wasn't that good at hiding his emotions and so he turned his head away, unable to look at her in this position. Down on her knees, between his spread legs. Damn. As if this wasn't enough, her robe loosened even more and with one glance down he could see her thin nightwear and a clear outline of her breasts. Shit, this is not going to end well. He closed his eyes, trying to think anything but what was happening. War, funeral, his parents, nothing was good enough to distract his mind away from the feelings her gentle hands on his inner thigh caused. He resisted to look down and check upon her, but it seemed she did what she did on purpose, slowly spreading the ointment against his open flesh, her other hand tightly holding his leg just above his knee. She wasn't applying the medicine anymore, she was caressing his skin; at least this is what it felt like. He knew he was getting hard despite the efforts of his mind not to, and he was sure she noticed. Temari was no shy and oblivious girl who would not understand or get embarrassed, and the slow teasing fashion she rolled bandages around his leg confirmed that. Her firm grip yet gentle touches couldn't be ignored however hard he wished for it. He was facing away, his eyes closed as if in pain and he dared not to look down; he was so embarrassed and confused he had no idea what to do or say.

Finishing her work, she placed her elbows on his knees again and glanced up, barely holding back the victorious grin. His hands were tightly grasping the edge of the bathtub; his chest was heaving quite visibly, head turned to the side, eyes closed, and a painful expression only partly hidden by his loose hair. Not to mention how his underwear bulged right in front of her, impossible not to notice. Poor guy. Yet she didn't move, waiting patiently for him to open his eyes.

After a while, gathering all his will, he hesitantly turned his head and met her eyes. He looked incredibly embarrassed and uncomfortable, but there was some cockiness in his look, as if saying, "it's your fault". Her shining eyes pierced him and her mouth curved into a self-satisfied smirk upon seeing his expression.

"I will take that as a compliment."

She's a fucking devil…

To be continued.