Scrubbing at dirty plates-Sara's hobby. She gingerly rinsed the prettily decorated porcelain, and carefully placed it on the drying rack. She picked up another one. it didn't matter that some considered this a waste of time! Why didn't she use a dishwasher, they would ask. Because even small things are experiences, and I want to get as much of them in as I can, she would reply. They would nod and sigh, and then return to munching off the same plates that she would inevitably have to scrub! Sara dropped the plate on the floor, and it shattered to bits across the white tile. The room seemed to tilt and move, and she grabbed onto the counter to keep her balance; it was happening again. 'Find the couch, Sara,' she thought, and stumbled her way out of the kitchen and into the spacious living room. Her eyes, which she could barely control, glanced upon the red sofa, which seemed swinging to the ceiling along with the room. With her remaining strength and concentration, she lunged at it, and plummeted into its soft cushions. Then everything went away-no living room, no dishes, just silence and darkness. like swimming in the soft vastness of space. Was this.-heaven?

"Sara, be careful honey-you can fall off!" her mother warned her from below. Sara was standing on the edge of the waterslide. Her small chubby hands held on to the wet railing. 'I'm gonna go down' she thought. 'I'll show all those stupid big kids!' The golden afternoon sun shone on her blonde little ringlets. Sara was hesitating. "Honey, come back down-, you'll get a boo-boo!" "No, I'm going down the big slide!" Sara cried. She let go of the railing, and pushed herself onto the slippery winding slide. The water mist tickled Sara's face. This wasn't scary-and the big kids would play with her all the time!

A very inviting odour filled Sara's nostrils. She couldn't see anything- her eyes were still closed. Without opening them, she stretched up to a sitting position, her back comfortably supported by the red sofa. "Open your eyes," called a gentle voice. She did this slowly, then everything came into focus- the soft yellow walls, her favorite blue curtains- and what was this? - dinner laid out on the dining table. Nelson stood next to the sofa, smiling, his hand reaching out for hers. Sara smiled. This was definitely heaven.