Cody The Pikachu: Hey there, everyone, and welcome to my new story: Journey Of A New Clan! I'd like to say how I started this.

I've been reading some stories of Warrior Cats when the Clan cats somehow get really mean towards a kit and single him/her out for torture while he/she only gets a handful of friends. So I decided to make one where a warrior take action against the bullying. Also, I read this one story where some Clan cats split off from their own Clans to make one of their own and moved a bit away from the lake. I figured I could try this and make it a "Create A New Clan", I'm using a character from my Wildfire: Acceptance story. Finally, this takes place after the cats in the modern cats have all died off. They'll still remember certain parts of today's Clan history and the such. Anyways, here's the disclaimer!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Warrior Cats series; it belongs to Erin Hunter. Remember that. I also don't intend on making any money from this.

Summary: A young kit gets bullied by most of his Clan, and a concerned warrior starts sticking up for him. After a cruel prank by the kits almost gets the kit killed, the warrior leaves in self-exile and takes the kit with him, off to find a new land. They have to find a new home quickly and find other cats willing to help him build a new Clan...but will ThunderClan try taking it away from them?

Publishing Date: June 17, 2014





Leader: Thornstar = dark brown tom with a stumpy tail and amber eyes

Deputy: Leafwillow = orange tabby she-cat with white paws

Medicine Cat: Moleclaw = black tom
Apprentice: Silverpaw


Badgerclaw = large black tom with gray stripes and a gray muzzle

Thistleheart = pale tabby she-cat
Apprentice: Plumpaw

Duskpelt = dark gray tom
Apprentice: Lizardpaw

Bluefoot = white she-cat with gray paws

Sparrowwing = brown she-cat
Apprentice: Breezepaw

Yellowstripe = pale orange tom with amber eyes

Longfur = longhaired gray tabby she-cat

Pounceheart = gray-and-white tom
Apprentice: Whitepaw

Birchbranch = light brown tabby tom

Swiftflight = black-and-white she-cat

Earthtalon = large brown tom with black tabby legs

Nightflower = black she-cat with amber eyes

Deerspring = long-legged light gray she-cat

Wildfire = dark brown tabby tom with hazel eyes


Silverpaw = silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws

Plumpaw = gray tabby she-cat

Lizardpaw = ginger tom

Breezepaw = dark gray tabby tom

Whitepaw = white she-cat


Sandflower = cream-furred she-cat with blue eyes; mate of Badgerclaw and the oldest queen

Riverstep = light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes; mother of Thornstar's kits (Brownkit = gray tomkit; Punykit = small white tomkit and the runt of his litter)

Dawnheart = gray she-cat with blue eyes; mother of Yellowstripe's kits (Applekit = gray tortoiseshell she-kit; Vinekit = dark golden she-kit; Finchkit = golden-and-white tomkit with blue eyes)


Shrewfrost = dark brown tabby tom

Pearseed = gray she-cat with a missing eye and ear

Clifftalon = sandy-brown tom with amber eyes and a missing paw

Crookedpelt = brown-and-white she-cat with spiky fur

Galewind = lean white tom


"Deerpaw, from this day forward, you will be known as Deerspring. StarClan honors your modesty and swift hunting, and we welcome you as a warrior of ThunderClan." The dark brown tom then turned to the younger dark tabby beside the newly-made warrior. "And Wildpaw, you will be known as Wildfire. StarClan honors your cunning and good heart, and we welcome you too as a ThunderClan warrior."

Thank you, Thornstar. Wildfire couldn't help but quiver in excitement. He was a warrior at long last.

With that, he watched Deerfoot pad up to the ThunderClan leader and lick his shoulder just as he touched her forehead with his nose. Wildfire waited for Thornstar to rest his muzzle on his forehead before doing the same, stepping back quickly and looking back at his Clanmates. Their now-former mentors (Bluefoot for Deerspring and Longfur for Wildfire) were watching with pride, eyes shining as they joined their mother in the crowd of cats.

"Deerfoot! Wildfire!" the Clan started chanting, their voices echoing around the stone hollow. "Deerspring! Wildfire!"

"Tonight, you will sit vigil for the Clan and not speak until one of our warriors says your vigil is done," Thornstar meowed. "But for the time being, enjoy the rest of the day as warriors."

Once that was done, the Clan split off to do whatever they were doing. Wildfire turned around to face Deerspring, happy to see the joy on her face, and he felt the same way she did.

"I can't believe it! We're warriors at last!" she purred. "And you worked twice as hard!"

"Yep," Wildfire mewed, keeping his voice light. "But you worked really hard too."

Despite what his sister said, he felt like he had not done a lot...getting distracted by butterflies was not what one would call training. When he was a kit, Leafwillow had observed him staring off into space or not interact much with the other kits, stuff kits would normally do. They did not know the name of this syndrome, but the leader before Thornstar allowed him to train with older warriors to help him get used to being around cats his own age. But during times of taking time off training, he would amuse himself by staring around camp and delving into his imagination.

Feeling a bit hungry now, he started to go over towards the fresh-kill pile, ready to pick something out to eat until his vigil. But he had just gotten there and ready to take a sparrow when he heard wailing from the nursery beneath the bramble bush.

"Get Moleclaw!" a cream-furred she-cat called from the nursery entrance. "Riverstep's having her kits!"

"I'm on it, Sandflower!" Silverpaw called. The silver tabby apprentice raced across the clearing until she was at the medicine den.

Wildfire didn't really want to see what seeing a queen giving birth was like, and he remembered running off when Silverpaw described it to him. So, his appetite failing a bit, he decided to start his vigil early and sat there right at the foot of the Highledge, curling up into a ball and ready for a brief catnap. The cats were all looking at him in a weird way, but he didn't mind. Better to get it over with than wait along with the birth, he reckoned.

Hours later, Deerspring had joined him at the bottom of the Highledge and waited beside him, keeping vigil for the Clan and watching for anything suspicious going on. It was when he felt the slight breeze of the nightly newleaf air when he heard a rustle of leaves from the nursery.

The black tom called, "Hey Thornstar, get in here! Your mate's wanting to see you!"

Immediately, Thornstar headed over towards the nursery, asking, "How many?"

Moleclaw rolled his green eyes playfully. "Always wanting to get to the good stuff, huh, Thornstar? Well, to let you know, you have two healthy sons. How about you go see them and Riverstep right away?"

So the ThunderClan leader pushed past him and into the nursery. At first, there was silence, and there and then was the gentle sounds of a tongue rasping over fur. He must have seen Riverstep and her kits and was happy to see them at long last.

"What should we name them?" he heard Riverstep mew.

"Why don't you?" Thornstar replied in a husky tone. "You're bound to be the best mother in the world anyway."

Wildfire could have sworn an owl would hear Riverstep's purr from where it was at. "Maybe Brownkit after your father...but what about our other son?"

There was silence. Then...Wildfire heard Thornstar growl, "Don't name him. He's no son of mine."

"What?!" Shock filled Riverstep's meow as whispers rippled through the Clan. "How can you say that? He's your son no matter if he's smaller than his brother-"

"That's the thing," Thornstar snapped, sharply interrupting him. "He's a runt! Runts usually don't make good warriors! Tomorrow, we'll take him and-"

However, Moleclaw spat at his leader, "That's enough! You're making her even more upset than before!"

From the sound of small gasps, Wildfire could tell that Riverstep was getting pretty upset. He didn't mean to hear the entire conversation, but from a short distance, he could easily hear arguing or joking as easily as a nearby cat. But he was now uncomfortable about what Thornstar was saying. Was he ready to leave his own kit to die just because there was something wrong with him?

"...fine. I'll name him," Thornstar growled. "And whatever name I choose, he shall have for the rest of his life. His name will be...Punykit."

"That's even worse," Moleclaw retorted. "If I were this kit, I'd prefer no name to that one. As your medicine cat, I ask of you to change it."

Thornstar snarled, "And as the leader of this Clan and your leader, I say that the name stays. If I hear that Riverstep or anyone else renames that kit, then I shall force them to retire to the elders early. Now I'm off to bed. Good-night!"

And without even giving comforting words to his mate, he stalked out of the nursery. Wildfire watched him while he was on his way, and he saw Thornstar glare irritably at him before he climbed up the wall to his den.

Wildfire shared a look with Deerspring before looking away again. He had a bad hunch that Thornstar hated cats who were different from their Clanmates; even when he was the deputy of the Clan, he would give him (Wildfire) a harder time than most apprentices. So he would know what it was like to be different. This could be his reaction to Punykit when he would grow older.

StarClan, help Punykit. Thornstar shouldn't be mean to his kits...especially that one. Please let him be a good asset to the Clan.

To be continued...


Cody The Pikachu: Here you go, guys. I hope you all like this story so far because it's gonna get better...and kinda harsh. I've been wondering where a new Clan might come up...sorry about the spoiler. Plus, this isn't gonna be one of those prophecy stories; this'll be about a story about helping those who are in so much need of it. Especially those who are victims of bullying.

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