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A Friend Is A Friend Indeed

Morning had arrived, and Wildfire had woken up to hunt for himself for a bit. The kits were still sleeping in a bunch, and it looked as if Iris had gotten used to sleeping around with the other kits, her breathing regular now. Wildfire yawned once, still feeling the sleepiness in his eyes and trying to paw at his face. Perhaps he would have to wait for a little bit for hunting so he could fully wake up. He looked over to the stream nearby and padded closer, it looked deep enough for a cat to stand on his or her hind legs underwater. If RiverClan cats could make this look easy, then he could too.

Wildfire now believed he was going to look foolish for this, but he wanted to relax. He had been taking care of the kits for a few days, and he believed he deserved a break from the usual duties. So he pawed at the water and flinched a bit at the coldness that followed, but he didn't want to stop now. The tabby tom inched closer and closer until his body was getting used to the cool water. Perhaps this was what RiverClan cats felt when they were in the water: relaxed as a fish.

He had just slipped into the water completely and sighed in relaxation when the voices of the kits reached his ears as they got closer. Wildfire sighed and climbed out, hoping to have some alone time before this happened.

"Wildfire!" Lionkit was calling as Brownkit followed him. "Wildfire, you're not gonna believe this! We don't have to hunt!"

"What?" Wildfire shook the water from his pelt and meowed, "I was just taking a little soak here. And what do you mean by you don't have to hunt?"

Brownkit shared an excited look with his brother. "Someone got food for us!"

Wildfire tried to scan their faces to see if they were playing a prank or not. When they still looked sincere, he meowed, "You're kidding, right?"

"No, someone really DID hunt for us!" Brownkit chirped. "I bet it was Snow!"

Lionkit shook his head. "No way! I bet she, Blue, and the others are far away by now!"

"Okay, we'll go back," Wildfire meowed, stopping the chatter. "If there isn't caught prey there, then you'll be in trouble for lying."


"Well...looks like I owe you two an apology."

They had come back to the nest they were sleeping in, which was decorated with different kinds of fresh-kill. The pieces of prey in the pile included a mouse, a vole, a squirrel, and a finch. But there was still one piece left for one more cat; where was the one who caught this at? But then he saw Iris wriggle her way out of the nest and take a look at the prey, dragging over a mouse.

"Morning, Iris," Wildfire greeted her. "Did you see who caught this prey?"

Iris shook her head. "No. I was sleeping."

Wildfire nodded slightly before looking back at the fresh-kill. "Well, we better find this cat and thank them for this."

"Ah, it's no problem. I've taught Chas and Terry well."

The voice came from the bushes not far from their sleeping spot, and Wildfire stepped out in front of the kits, ready to protect them. Then the voice spoke again, "Hey, I don't eat kits. They'd be too stringy for me."

"You ate a baby weasel once, Puck!" a younger female voice mewled.

Then two young cats stepped out of the bushes, still talking with the older voice who was speaking. They looked like they were around apprentice-age or perhaps a little bit more than that, and they did look as frisky as any Clan apprentice. One of them had long legs and a reddish tabby pelt with a white muzzle, chest, and paws while the other was smoky gray with a plumed tail like a fox's.

"Hey Puck!" the young red tabby mewed as he turned to the bushes, his green eyes wide. "You weren't kidding when you said this guy is big. But he's skinny!"

"I'm not that large," Wildfire insisted. "But we HAVE been getting hungry, so thanks again. How long were you spying on us, by the way?"

The gray she-cat mewed, "We're not spies. Back where we come from, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Right, Puck?"

The owner of the voice finally came out of the bushes, a mottled tom with patches of ginger and red along with a long tail and long legs. He looked around and purred, "Got that right, Terry. By the way, stranger," he meowed, looking at Wildfire, "I'm Puck. The red tabby is my little brother Chas, and the gray cat here is Terry, his best friend and partner in crime."

"Partner in crime?" Iris asked. "For what?"

"Mischief," Terry replied. "You know, jokes and all that stuff. Like...hey you, you with the white fur. You got a big ol' beetle crawling on your face."

Right away, Lionkit leapt away, yelping in shock and looking around to see if there really was a beetle crawling all over him. When he settled down, he fell back with a laugh, and everyone joined in. Wildfire liked these youngsters' sense of humor; as long as they weren't bullies, they were fine with him.

"I guess he needed a joke like that," Brownkit mewed once everyone settled down. "We haven't had a good one in moons."

"Why, what happened?" Puck asked, sitting down.

Lionkit looked slightly subdued, and Wildfire wrapped his tail around his shoulders to assure him. Once the kits were settled, he began on how Thornstar rejected Lionkit due to his size and named him Punykit to spite him further. Puck and his youngsters shared a shocked look before he went in further on with the story, like how Thornstar plotted on leaving Lionkit alone so that foxes would kill him.

"I wish I were there!" Chas spoke up when Wildfire finished. "I would've kicked his tail from here to way over there! He can't treat kids like that!"

"But he could beat you up," Terry added. "Clan cats are tough."

Chas snorted. "Clan, schmlan! He's a bully!"

"And that's why we were exiled," Wildfire added. " they were exiled and I joined them. We've had a family join us yesterday, but they left on the same day."

Puck was looking over at Lionkit and Brownkit. "Poor kids," he mumbled. "You doing okay?"

"Yeah, thanks," Brownkit mewed. "I didn't really like Dad too much. Not after how he treated Lionkit."

"You should see Raven sometime. Why don't you come with us and meet her?" Puck meowed. "We met her only a few days ago, and she's really good with kits. And she even said she's been to the place the Clans used to live so many moons ago."


"Back where I come from...well, I don't come from anywhere because I lived with nomads, and we moved around a lot," Puck explained as they padded down the forest path. "Anyways, back where I come from, we don't allow ANY bullying in our group. Those who get caught would have to leave us for a week, and they would soon come back if they learned their lesson. If not, then they had to leave us forever. Don't your Clans do that?"

"They'll usually leave it up to us warriors to solve our own problems," Wildfire replied, watching Iris see the other younger cats play. "Maybe if things got severe, then others could intervene. But with Thornstar around...the bullying happens often."

Puck snorted. "Then why not choose a new leader? Surely he or she would've done something."

Wildfire recalled the day when Moleclaw suggested that Thornstar retired and Leafwillow become the new leader. So he meowed, "He retired, and we-no, ThunderClan got a new leader. Her name's Leafwillow."

"Well, I hope this new leader's better than that Thornstar cat," Puck remarked. "If there's anything I hate, it's a parent picking on their kits. But since she's the leader, then why don't you go back?"

That wasn't what Wildfire expected to hear. But he was spared from answering that by Chas and Terry climbing up fallen logs and looking down at the younger kits below, the latter being too small to climb yet. Chas was taunting them with friendly taunts while Terry was trying to tell him to knock it off, and Brownkit said something rather cheeky at them. With a pretend growl, the young reddish tabby tom leaped off of the log and right onto Brownkit, tussling around while Lionkit and Terry egged them on.

"Okay, that's enough, you kids," Puck called as he headed over to them. "You don't wanna look scruffy while talking to Raven, would you?"

"No way!" Terry mewed as Chas got off of Brownkit.

Puck chuckled a bit. "Whatever, you two. Let's get ourselves together and let the Clan cats meet her."

Wildfire still had no clue who this Raven cat was; in fact, these cats had kept mentioning the name. So he asked, "Who's Raven? You never told us about him or her."

"Ah, she's a loner who moved here to the Clans a moon ago," Puck replied. "She said she had moved from the old forest, where the forest Clans used to live. She even said she's the granddaughter of a former Clan cat."

"Wow...she might know a lot about being in a Clan," Wildfire reasoned. Beside him, Iris huddled closer to him, not uttering a word.

Puck shook his head. "No, I said she's the granddaughter of a former Clan cat. I met her only a few days ago."

Wildfire briefly nodded before looking away. He had assumed that a fellow Clan cat would be out this far since they were now beyond the farthest Clan borders. But he had not thought about non-Clan kits of Clan cats not knowing about the life of a warrior or even a medicine cat.

"Hey!" A pretty gray she-cat was calling to them on the opposite side of the stream, preparing to jump into the water. "Puck, there you are! Who are they, by the way? Should I get them something to eat?"

"Hey Raven!" Puck called back with a grin as she dove into the water. "This is Wildfire. I found him and some kits whose dad beat them."

Raven's blue eyes were wide with astonishment when she looked over at Wildfire before suddenly flailing around. She appeared to have gotten her focus back, for she started paddling harder until she reached the other side, pulling herself out of the water. Wildfire didn't want to say it out loud, but he had to admire that she looked very good in the parts of sunlight in the forest.

"Sorry about that," she murmured, shaking the water from her fur. "Anyways, you're from ThunderClan? So was my grandpa!"

Wildfire had wanted to now ever since he heard Puck talking about her being a warrior's granddaughter. "Who was your grandpa?"

Raven's friendly smile faded a bit. "His name was Ravenpaw, and he escaped from ThunderClan when he was around my age. I was born in the same barn as he and his old friend Barley since my mom was his daughter. Grandpa told me that I'd find the Clans out here. So where's ThunderClan?"

"We got thrown out," Brownkit piped up. "Our dad was being too mean to Lionkit. So he kicked us out, and Wildfire came with us."

"Why would he do that?" Raven asked, looking sympathetic. "What gives him the right to pick on you two?"

That was when Wildfire put in, "He was the leader of the Clan. His reign as leader was nothing like in the days of Firestar and Bramblestar."

"And he gave me the name Punykit," Lionkit added.

Puck, Chas, and Terry sat close by, listening and waiting as Wildfire explained his story yet again to Raven. It felt exhausting talking about the entire history of the banishment, but it could raise questions on where they came from and why they were moving away. Plus, he felt rather calm when around Raven, feeling some odd sense of trusting her when he talked with her.

Finally, Raven meowed, "Wow...that's a lot to take in. But I'm glad you're away from Thornstar...yet it doesn't sound like the Clan my grandpa grew up in anymore."

"So...can you journey with us?" Iris shyly mewed from between Wildfire's legs.

Raven frowned a bit as if not really considering joining. Then she smiled and purred, "Sure. I've always wondered what it was like being in a Clan. But first, you gotta try and face me in combat...nothing serious."

"You never said anything about a fight," Wildfire meowed. "But if that's what you want, then let's do it. Do you know any specific fighting moves, by the way?"

"Yeah, my mom taught me some moves before I moved out," Raven replied. "They were ThunderClan moves, the kind my grandpa used to learn. So where should this spar take place? Rocks or trees will do?"

Wildfire looked around, trying to find a good spot for where to spar. He didn't want to fight in the treetops or else someone could fall, and he didn't want to fight on the rocks either, for they were used for sunbathing, not fighting...unlike the Sunningrocks back in the old forest. He had always felt more comfortable fighting with all four paws on even ground; anything else in the way could tip an opponent over.

Thus, he meowed, "Why not just fight here on the ground? Sounds normal to me."

Raven shrugged. "Okay then. If that's the way you want it." She padded off from beside him and faced him, going on, "Just remember: if you win, I'll go with you on this journey. But if I win, I don't travel with you. Sounds good?"

"Well..." Wildfire wanted to agree, but for some reason, he really wanted the gray she-cat to travel with them. So all he meowed was, "Er...okay."

At the side, Puck, Chas, Terry, and the kits sat to the side, waiting for the match to begin. The last battle Wildfire had been was with WindClan over a piece of woodland that was already in WindClan's territory; he even had a couple of scars on his paws where apprentices had lashed out at him. He didn't want to hurt Raven, but if she wanted to come along by dueling him, then it was fine with him. Besides, it was about time he had a scuffle, practice or real.

But before they could pounce at each other, a yowl rang out through the forest, causing birds to fly up from the trees. The yowl sounded more triumphant than in danger, but Wildfire thought that any yowl would sound the same to him.

"What the heck was that?" Puck meowed, he and the five younger cats looking around. "Sounds like someone caught something tasty."

"You know what?" Raven meowed. "Forget about the spar. I'll join you on your trip...after we see what that noise came from!"

Wildfire nodded. "We'll go right away. Chas and Terry, can you keep an eye on Lionkit, Brownkit, and Iris for us?"

Terry nodded. "Sure. We've always wanted new playmates."

She and Chas looked like they were around the apprentice age, and if they were Clan cats, they could be in the middle of their training. But if there was another Clan out there, then he could see them become apprentices. But what would their names be? Terrypaw and Chaspaw didn't sound like good Clan names to him. And as for Puck and Raven...Raven could get a warrior name easier than Puck. Anyways, he, Raven, and Puck hid the kits in the bushes before rushing down the forest past.

The young warrior and the two loners hadn't even gone far when they smelled the scent of a freshly-caught starling along with the scent of a loner or rogue. Wildfire thought that it was familiar, but he couldn't be sure. Surely enough, as they slid into the bushes, they heard voices speak.

"Here you go, old man," a familiar voice meowed. "Let me chew it for you first before-"

"No need to," an old cat's voice growled. "I can still chew just fine, youngster. I've eaten toughter rabbits than you have all the prey you've ever had."

The first voice sighed. "Come on, it won't take long. We gotta meet those Clan cats where the streams meet, and we'll get there sooner once you chew on it."

Now Wildfire knew who it was: Sparrow, the cat travelling with the old cat named Old Bones. They had decided to split up for now to meet each other at the area where the two streams met.

"Sparrow," he meowed, stepping out of the bushes. "It's me, Wildfire."

To be continued...


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