You don't know

Who I am

Always watching

From afar

An Angel of Darkness

I am told one thing is true

But is it?

Is Light the destructor and Darkness the savior?

Or is it paradoxical?

I'm starting to doubt what is true

I was free

For but a second

Then he came, sealing himself

Into me

I was only his puppet

I was forced

To fight

My brother, my twin

I was his dark reflection

He was my light reflection

Now I am allied with my brother and his friends

They thought the opposite of me: Light is good and Darkness is evil

Now we all know the truth: neither doctrine is right

I feel as though I have a deep but dazzling darkness

Is that possible, or is it paradoxical?

You don't know

Who I am

I doubt even I do

But for now,

I am a deep but dazzling Darkness

Akino: The title is from a Henry Vaughan poem in Madeline L'Engle's A Ring of Endless Light. Please review. If you want another poem, I take requests for all seasons. Just don't ask for romance. I'm better at angst when it comes to poetry.