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"Lindir, where is my son?"

The musician and doorman had pulled his lord away from their guests, with just enough fear and strain in his face for Elrond to note it, and their guests not to. Elrond immediately followed his servant out. Neither spoke until they entered Elrond's study. Spells of silence lay upon its walls and door. So, delicate matters were more safely discussed within the room.

Elrond had long guessed what had to be discussed before they arrived. As soon as the door was shut behind them, the Lord of Imladris had turned and asked his question. Lindir now found the answer was sticking in his throat.

"My Lord Elrond . . , Estel is . . ." His mouth was still open, but nothing came out.

"Well," Elrond pressed in an ice tone. "I commanded you to take care of my brother's descendent and heir! Where is he?"

"I found a suitable elf to watch over him in my place, my Lord Elrond."

"And what suitable elf did you leave my son with?"
"Galasmaed, my lord, the gardener."

"And is he now safe with Galasmaed?"

"No, my lord, I did not find Estel with Galasmaed."

"Who has Estel?!"
"Well, the gardener discovered the manling was hungry, so he gave the manling into the care of the kitchen staff."

"Who were extremely busy with dinner preparations for our unexpectedly early guests," Elrond cut in.

"Correct, my lord, which is perhaps why they overfed him."

"They overfed him?"

"Yes . . . and he became somewhat . . . ill."

"How ill?" Lord Elrond was grating his teeth now.

"Healer Agargol said the manling was much better after he and his assistant, Cuilbron, bathed him, and gave him a tonic of stomach-settler. Afterwards, Estel became sleepy. So Agargol had Cuilbron take the manling to his own room and place him in his own bed to sleep. I went to check on Estel there and his room was . . . empty."

"So you are saying, you left my son in the care of one of the gardeners, Galasmaed, who left him in the care of the overworked kitchen staff, who allowed him to overeat until he was ill, and then gave him to healer Agargol, who gave him to his assistant Cuilbron, who left Estel asleep in his own bed, but you did not find him there, and have no idea where he is at this moment?!"

"Yes . . . , my lord . . . This is what I am saying."

Elrond glared in fury and disbelief. Lindir grit his teeth and waited. Suddenly, a knock sounded from the door. While a smart rap, it was rather weak, and came from only about three feet off the floor.

Elrond strode to the door and threw it open. There the exact, smiling face he wanted to see beamed up at him. Behind it two, not-smiling, bearded faces glared.

Estel latched onto Lord Elrond's right leg and squeezed. "Here's ada! I knew where he was!"

Elrond's heart struggled in a sea of relief chopped up by waves of embarrassment. Two of his guests were looking on at the display. Both were giving him glares that asked, "Why did we find your manling unsupervised?"

Out loud the dwarf on the left said, "Lord Elrond, our kin apparently thought we needed more rest after our journey, and left us asleep in our rooms while they spoke with you in counsel. While we were trying to find our way to your counsel chamber to join the negotiations we came across this manling. He said you are his ada, and offered to show us where to find you."

Elrond cleared his throat. "Thank you for escorting him here. I humbly ask you not mention him to anyone else. I fear attempts upon him meant to humble me. I will speak with you and the rest of your kin as soon as I have put him back in bed myself, and left him under careful guard. In the meantime, you may speak to my chief counselor and steward, who have the necessary documents ready for you to peruse. Lindir, please escort our guests to the Council Chamber."

Lindir straightened and strolled quickly out the door. "Follow me honored masters," the elf exclaimed with far more sincere warmth in his voice than he had ever felt toward dwarves before.

The guests seemed to turn reluctantly to follow the elf. Estel raised a bandaged hand and waved. Both dwarves smiled back, and nodded their heads. Elrond didn't notice his son's hand, but raised an eyebrow at the warm expressions the dwarves' gave his son.

The door closed behind Lindir and their guests. Elrond looked down at Estel. Estel smiled sweetly up at him, a little too sweetly. Elrond knelt down without disturbing his son's hold on his leg. When he could meet Estel's grey eyes with his dark ones, he spoke.

"Didn't I tell you to stay with Lindir, Estel?"

Estel met his father's gaze in surprise. "He didn't want to stay with me!"

Elrond smiled sadly and continued. "And where did you meet our good guests?"

Estel squirmed and then asked, "Ada did you know that Aule made dwarves instead of Iluvatar? But Iluvatar gave them voices and wills of their own. He adopted them, just like you adopted me. Now they're his children too!"

"Yes, Estel. I knew that. Where did you meet Bana son of Barad and Garurt son of Garbar?"

Estel blinked up at his ada. His expression bore a slight resemblance to the one Lindir had worn a few minutes before. Then his little voice quavered forth.

"Are you angry with me for meeting the dwarves, ada?"

Elrond rolled his eyes, and sighed. "No Estel, I am not angry with you." Then he met Estel's gaze again with a wry half smiled, and tried asking another question. "Did you overeat today, Estel?"


"Did you become sick after you ate a great deal more food than usual?"


"Why did you eat so much?"

"They kept giving me food!"

Elrond sighed more deeply, and drew Estel to his chest. He whispered into the dark-brown, tangled curls that covered his youngest child's head. "I am sorry, my son. You will not be left alone like that again."

Estel wrapped his arms around his ada's neck and squeezed. "It's okay ada."

Estel's father squeezed him back. Then Elrond drew away, and noticed his son's right hand. "Estel! Why is your hand bandaged?!"

"Uhhhhh . . ."

. . .

"And then Garurt caught me and put me down. I tried to run away, but Garurt caught me and told me to settle down. Then Bana bandaged my hand. I asked if they were children of Aule, and they explained about being children of Aule and Iluvatar. Then they asked me who my parents were. I told them I didn't have a nanneth anymore, but I had two brothers, an ada, a Glorfindel, and an Erestor. Then they asked me who was supposed to be watching me, and I told them first Lindir, then Galasmaed, then Glilenn, then Alphtithen, then Agargol, then Cuilbron, and then I was alone in my room. Then they asked me why I was here without anyone. So, I told them about waking up with no one in my room, and wanting to go to the Hall of Weapons, because I'd never been there before and always wanted to see it. Then they asked me who my Ada was. I told them he was you. Then they said they were looking for you, and wanted to find you more than ever. And I said I could take them to you, so I did. Are you mad?"

Elrond massaged his forehead while he listened to his youngest son tell him about his day. Estel was perched on his ada's lap, staring up at his face and waiting for an answer. Elrond finally mumbled out a reply.

"No, no, but you will have to be punished for fussing over taking a bath, jumping on your bed, going to the Hall of Weapons, climbing the ladder, and touching a sword."

"Awwww . . ."

A knock sounded at the door. Elrond let his hand fall to his side and called, "Come in!"

The door swung open. Two identical forms stepped into the doorway. Two, identical faces grinned. Estel grinned back.

"Elladan! Elrohir!"

The manling leapt from his ada's lap and zipped to the doorway. There he wrapped an arm around one leg from each of his brothers. They looked down at him and laughed. Elladan bent over and picked him up. Elrond watched with tired apathy.

"You are home early my sons, and yet not in time," The Lord of Imladris mumbled from behind his desk.

"Sorry about that father," Elrohir said with pitying eyes.

"We noticed the dwarves' pack animals in the stable," Elladan added, "But while we didn't intercept them, we did intercept someone else."

Both twins turned towards the hall outside the door. Another figure stepped into the light pouring through the study door. He was a slight elf, with long hair of the palest blond, and a tired, but wide smile.


Estel opened his arms and reached toward the royal silvan. The elf laughed and took the manling into his arms. Then Elrohir turned toward an only slightly surprised and too far gone for excitement, Elrond.

"I know this is still your night to do so, but can we and our new guest put our brother to bed tonight?"

Elrond nodded wearily. He had been putting Estel to bed since the boy's brothers left. Estel's own wide grin and pleading eyes showed he was as anxious for his brothers to put him to bed as they were to put him there. Not that the three of them would be sleeping anytime soon, but apparently Estel had already had a nap that day. The twins turned back toward their friend and brother. Estel looked up proudly into his best friend's face and said, "Legolas, I learned all about dwarves today!"

The last thing Elrond saw before the study door closed was the expression on the silvan's face. The half-elf did smile at that.

The next morning all three young elves stared blankly at the Lord of Imladris, who had just told them the story of Estel's day under new or no supervision. Elrohir broke the silence. "We must never speak of this again."

Both brothers and their father nodded. Legolas broke in. "Yet this will likely happen again. As the days of Arda darken, the demands upon your household will only grow, not lessen. How will you make sure Estel is always watched over with both care and love?"

Elrond poured himself a glass of wine as he replied. "I believe Estel needs a nurse."

Both twins blinked in surprise again, but after Legolas' eyes widened a grin broke over his face. "I know of one."

The End

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