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When I opened the front door of Wayne Manor to the sight of Diana, her hair sopping wet and dripping all over the front porch and eyes red and puffy, I asked no questions. I didn't need to.

Instead, I stepped outside and placed a hand on her shoulder, shocked at how icy cold her skin was. She didn't react, and I could have mistaken her for a statue, if not for the silent breaths that she took every so often. It was unnerving to see a woman that I had come to acknowledge as one of the strongest beings I had ever laid eyes on, now reduced to shambles on my doorstep.

"Clark?" I asked softly.

A weak nod was all I received in reply.

I had found out the hard way that she and Clark had been dating. I hadn't wanted to believe it, but when I saw the news, and the photo that had been taken of them, bodies interlocked as they soared above the clouds...I had been angry.

Our Trinity, of sorts, ruined in one moment of passion. I had never been under the illusion that we would always be working together. I was merely a human, and they were beyond me. They fit the title of superhero much better than I did.

But for our collective relationship to end the way that it did, with me left out of the equation, it had made me angry. No, not angry, but hurt. Nothing had ever managed to wound the Batman quite like Clark and Diana's kiss had.

But even then, I couldn't find it within myself to put on my trademark frown and slam the door in her face, like I had imagined myself doing time and time again. Not to Diana. Not to the woman I had come to respect so much over the years. Not to the woman that had ignited my interest like no other member of the opposite gender had before.

Not to the woman who had broken my heart.

"Master Bruce, why are you out on the porch in the middle of a rain-" Alfred stopped his chiding as he saw the woman upon whom my hand rested.

"I will prepare a bedroom for our guest, and a fresh set of clothes." He said, immediately turning and moving about towards his new task, his pace not affected in the slightest by the turn of events. Although I did chance upon a small frown that crept onto his face as he gazed upon the woman who he knew had hurt me.

"Let's get out of the rain." I said, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, marveling at how frail she seemed in that instant. I could sense no trace of the Amazon Princess that had more fire and courage within her than even the Man of Steel. There was nothing but a shell of that woman, and as I stepped back into the foyer, not caring that my black t-shirt was now soaked through by her wet frame, I felt a shudder run through her figure.

"The shower is at the top of the stairs, to your right." I said, marking the directions with my free hand.

Slowly, Diana crept out of my grasp and up the stairs, moving as aimlessly as I had ever seen her move. She was like a ghost, barely flitting up the stairs, leaving a trail of moisture behind her as she moved.

For a long time, I stood at the foot of the stairs, just watching her as she made her way down the hall and out of sight. Even when I heard the faint sound of water running, I still stood there, glued to the spot, wondering if I was in the middle of a dream.

When Alfred tapped me on the shoulder, however, it finally sunk in that this was real.

"Master Bruce, what are we to do with Miss Prince?" He asked me in the same monotone voice he always spoke in, although by now, I had learned to read between the lines and to notice the subtle inflections that came with his words. And right now, he wasn't pleased with her presence in the Manor.

"I'll be fine. I just need a moment to take this in." I replied, running a hand through my coarse black hair, which I had taken to growing out recently. I now looked the part of the hermit that I knew I was.

"As you wish, Master Bruce. I will prepare some hot tea for the both of you." Alfred added before he walked off towards the kitchen, leaving me alone with my thoughts once again.

I suppose that I had reacted to the news rather immaturely. I had started by icing out Clark, something that came rather naturally enough to me. After all, I already had a lifetime of practice. But on a larger scale, I had slowly cut off my ties with the Justice League, little by little. I had already been a reserve member when I found out, but from then on, I only stepped foot on the Watchtower when it was absolutely necessary. Gotham had become my only priority, my escape.

Or, at least, it had been until Diana showed up at my door. Now? I wasn't so sure.

"Master Bruce." Alfred prodded as he walked back, two steaming mugs in his hands, his expression indicating his concern for me.

"Thank you, Alfred. I'll take these up." I said, accepting the tea, hoping that the warmth would allow me to feel something other than the numbness that had come over my limbs since Diana's appearance.

I moved up the stairs and turned to the right, stopping in front of the door of the guest room. I listened as the running water stopped, followed by light footsteps. I simply stood there for a long time, not finding myself able to open the half closed door and to face the woman on the other side of the door, feeling at once both guilty and angry, much as I did the day when I had stopped answering Diana's phone calls.

Even I had the decency to give Clark short replies to his inquiries as to how I was doing, and what I was up to in Gotham. But for Diana, there was nothing. I listened to the messages, and I could hear that she was concerned about me.

As a friend, of course. That part of the messages never changed. She always ended them the same way, with a "Bruce, I'm concerned about you. Aren't we friends?"

Friends indeed.

Finally, I sucked in a deep breath and gently nudged the door all the way open, seeing Diana adjusting a white dress that hugged her figure alluringly, although I quickly forced those thoughts outside of my mind, and instead, tried to focus my eyes on her face, taking in the natural beauty of a façade crafted by the Gods. Each curve, each soft contour and crease looked as if it had been carved out of marble, and for a brief instant, I was the same love struck man I had been years ago, afraid to speak up and create a rift in our perfect trio, and, I suppose, afraid of rejection.

"This fits me very well. Thank you." Diana said, running her hands down the fabric and smoothing out the article, drawing it maddeningly taut.

"It was my mother's." I replied, handing her one of the mugs.

Nodding softly, Diana took a small sip of the scalding hot liquid, without so much as a hint of pain. Another reminder that we were worlds apart, even if she herself didn't realize it.

We stood in silence, exchanging sips of our tea, the tension in the room thick enough that it suffocated me.

Breaking the silence, Diana cleared her throat, "Clark told me that it wasn't working…that he wanted some semblance of a normal life."

I didn't reply.

"I knew that just meant that he was getting involved with that Lois Lane at the Daily Planet." She continued.

Lois Lane. I had done a few interviews with her before, and I knew that she was indeed an attractive woman, although I felt that, in comparison to Diana, she had no chance. What Clark was thinking, I had no idea.

"We got in an argument, and I flew out of the apartment. I didn't know where else to go but here." She explained, clearly pained by the memory.

"Why here?" I asked.

"Because I knew that you wouldn't say a word to the others."

Well, she was right. There was no way that I would even think of contacting the other Leaguers for any normal business, much less this.

"Alfred will be happy to wash your uniform. You're free to stay the night here." I said tersely as I turned to leave, not able to bear looking at her face any more.

"Bruce…you know that I never meant to hurt you." Diana said, her words cutting through me like knives.

"I know." I replied softly, before I slammed the door closed.

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