Ron trudged down the hallway of Hogwarts on his way to Potions class. He looked at his watch and saw he still had a few minutes to spare. As he walked along, he happened by a group of girls. He was going to stop and talk, but then he saw who they were talking to--- Harry. Just last week he had (for the 7th time) fought Voldemort and, as always, had been victorious. "Oh Harry! You're so brave!" they all cried. Harry was blushing, but Ron could tell he loved it.

It's not fair! Ron thought. Since the day he had first met Harry on the Hogwarts Express, Ron had always been Harry's sidekick. No one ever thought of them as "Ron and Harry". It was always "Oh look! Here comes Harry and Ron". Harry was still his best friend, but Ron couldn't help feeling jealous. All the girls loved Harry. Ron had even caught Hermione staring and Harry and sighing. Hermione was Ron's girlfriend and even she was swooning over Harry! He tried to ignore it though. Harry was his best friend.

He continued down the hall when he bumped into his least favorite person in the world--Malfoy. "Why hello, Weasley. Finally left your boyfriend's side? You and Harry make such a cute couple!" Ron bent his head and hurried past him. Draco made him so angry! He could hear Crabbe and Goyle laughing with him as they moved in the opposite direction.

When he finally reached potions class, Harry was already sitting. Ron took his usual place next to Harry and Hermione sat on Ron's other side. A few minutes into class, professor Snape asked," Who can tell me what two ingredients are needed to create a Wormwort solution?" As usual, Hermione knew the answer. " You would need 2 cups of Newtlegs and a half a cup of Nymphwings." Snape sighed. "Correct as usual, Miss Granger." Ron smiled. He was glad that everything and everyone had remained the same. Little did he know that things would soon change...