*A/N* Hey, everyone! I decided to indulge myself in one of my personal favorite OTP's, Beast Boy x Raven, or as it's more commonly known, BBRae. Since there are so many great BBRae fics on this site, I decided that I might want to try adding to the library with a little one-shot. Tell me what you think, yeah? *A/N*

"Come on, Mandy."

"Jessie, I said no!"

A couple sat in an expensive looking convertible, parked in the middle of a nearly abandoned parking lot during the night. The clock on the radio read 11:30, and crickets could be heard in the background.

"Mandy, how long have we been dating, three months? Four? We've got to start somewhere, don't we?" A good looking boy in his late teens sat in the driver's seat, wearing a letterman jacket and a desperate expression. His girlfriend, an equally attractive brunette with a sizeable figure, remained adamant.

"Yes, but we can't just dive into a physical relationship. Haven't you read the health textbooks? You know how dangerous underage sex is nowadays!"

"The health textbooks say that about everything. And if you want, we don't have to start off so intimidate!"

"The word is 'intimate,' Jessie." Mandy replied with an exasperated sigh. "Isn't the fact that I love you enough to keep you happy?"

Jessie faltered a bit. "You know I love you, Mandy. But come on, I'm a dude in High School with a really hot girlfriend! Can't we at least touch each other wherever we want?"

"I'm sorry, Jessie, but the answer is no. Now, we can move past this and get on with our date, or you can just take me home until you can get over yourself."

Jessie, out of words to argue with, simply glared and started up his car. "If you want to be so uptight, fine!" he spat. With a screech of the tires, he made an extremely sharp U-turn and began driving towards the exit. Mandy made an offended noise and crossed her arms.

"God, you're so immature." She said.

"No, apparently I'm more mature than you, 'cause you're too scared to act like an adult!" Jessie shot back.

In the midst of their argument, the couple failed to notice a hooded pedestrian attempting to cross in front of the car, and reacted too late when they finally did. As Jessie mashed the brake, the person was flung onto the hood of the car, shattering the wind shield and laying limp. The two were in complete, open mouthed shock for a few moments.



"Is he dead?"

Jessie gulped heavily. "I dunno." He managed weakly.

"You've gotta see! If he's alive, we could still save him. Jessie, I don't wanna go to jail." Mandy demanded tearfully.

"Alright, ALRIGHT. I'll go look. Stay in the car."

Jessie opened the car door and shakily stepped outside onto the pavement. He approached the figure on the hood. Not entirely sure what to do, he leaned towards the person's head.

"Uh… hello? Are you dead?" he whispered stupidly.

No response. Jessie shuddered, and poked the figure. "Hello?" he whispered again.

The figure twitched slightly, and Jessie sighed with relief. "It's okay Mandy, he's not dead." He called out. Mandy had her cell phone out. "I'm calling the police." She said.

Unbeknownst to the two teenagers, the figure raised its head. A single red eye lay in the center of the cloak's hood. Jessie turned to check on their victim, and froze.

"What the fu-"

Instantaneously, a tentacle emerged from the figure's body and seized Jessie's neck. Mandy screamed in horror and dropped her phone. Jessie flailed about like beached flounder as he was hoisted into the air by the tentacle. It squeezed his throat tighter, and blood ran from Jessie's eyes and Mandy helplessly screamed. Finally, Jessie's head burst off of his body in a geyser of bright red blood, spattering the car and the now fully upright cloaked being.

"JESSIEEE!" Mandy shrieked, and the figure's head snapped to face her. Within its sleeve, a giant claw burst through the remnants of the windshield, grabbing Mandy's face. As she screamed piteously, the figure gouged out both of her eyes with its razor sharp nails, and the girl collapsed onto the dashboard, dead, blood seeping from her eye sockets.

A foggy title hovered in front of that image. In dribbling green letters it read, "Wicked Scary: The Second Spree."

The image on screen paused, and Beast Boy turned to his teammates, beaming with delight.

"Is that not the coolest thing you've ever seen in your entire freaking life?" he exclaimed.

Robin crossed his arms and grinned. "I'll admit, I'm intrigued." He said.

"Where did you find this, B? There ain't even a trailer out for Wicked Scary 2 yet." Cyborg added.

Beast Boy placed a hand on his hip and raised his brows smugly. "Oh, I just had to do a little digging. It also helps that being a super famous hero can persuade a few editors to give you a sneak peek at the workprint."

"I, for one, would love to see a second installment of this tale of horror and delights!" Starfire said brightly.

Robin's expression suddenly became serious. "Yeah, but we can't forget what happened the last time we watched one of these movies."

Cyborg shrugged. "Hey, now that Father Four-Eyes is out of the picture, we shouldn't have to worry about Raven too much."

He then paused and put a finger to his chin thoughtfully. "Hey, speaking of, have any of you seen Rae today?"

Beast Boy couldn't help but feel a little concerned as well. "Yeah, where is she? Did she even get breakfast this morning?"

"I saw her early this morning, she barely returned my hello." Robin said.

"Perhaps she has an illness." Starfire suggested.

"Or she's trying to hide something. You know how distant she gets when something's bugging her." Cyborg said.

Beast Boy frowned. "You think someone should check on her?" he said delicately.

Starfire beamed and raised her hand into the air. "I shall volunteer! I would delight in having the girl talk with Raven."

Cyborg chuckled. "No one's arguing with you there, Star."

Starfire rose into the air. "So it shall be done!" she proclaimed proudly before hovering away towards Raven's quarters.

"Hey, tell her she can only watch if she promises not to bring the monsters to life again!" Beast Boy called out jokingly.

Starfire reached Raven's room, and suddenly felt a wave of apprehension wash over her. Raven was a bit difficult to talk to about personal problems, no matter how commonplace they may be. Getting her to open up was a complex and rigid process, exactly the right questions had to be asked for her to come out of her shell even slightly. But Starfire quickly got over herself and knocked on the door.

"Raven, are you well?" she inquired through the door. When no response came, she surmised that she must have asked the wrong question. Clearing her throat, she tried again.

"Raven, we have something we would like for you to watch with us." Again, silence.

"We haven't heard even a whisper from you all day, my friend. Could you at least enlighten me as to why?"

Starfire had barely finished her request before the door flew open with alarming force. There Raven stood, hood pulled over her head, her expression grim.

"In." she said tersely, pointing to the dimly lit chamber behind her. Starfire was astonished. Raven barely let anyone see inside her room, let alone come inside. When she hesitated, Raven took her by the wrist and bodily tugged her inside. With a squeak, she complied.

Raven shut the door behind her, and turned slowly to Starfire.

"What I'm about to tell you doesn't leave this room under any circumstances unless I say otherwise. Understood?"

Starfire nodded. "Of course, dear friend."

"And you have to promise me that you won't overreact when I tell you." Raven added.

Starfire again nodded. "But what is this secret that troubles you so?"

Raven removed her hood, revealing her rapidly coloring cheeks. "Okay. One of my favorite film makers is Dario Argento…"

"This is what bothers you?"

"No. Let me finish, please." Raven said, keeping her voice as calm as she could manage.

"There's a movie place I like that shows a lot of art films. And the owner and I are friends. So, he had it arranged to show a marathon of Argento's movies, and he gave me two tickets to the premiere."

Starfire tilted her head slightly to the side. "I'm afraid I don't understand." She said after a long pause. "You worry about who to take?"

"Yes. Well, no. I… okay. It's not about the decision of who to take, it's who I'm taking and why I'm taking them."

"I can do little to help until you tell me who this person is. And I assure you, I will not be angry if it is someone other than myself."

Raven took a deep breath. "This… is very hard for me to admit."

"I have all the world's time." Starfire said understandingly.

Raven took a few more seconds, and then made a barely audible murmur, making no eye contact with Star.

"I want to take Beast Boy."

Starfire, a touch underwhelmed by the news, took her friends hand comfortingly. "I see no problem in that proposal."

"No… you don't understand. I don't want to take him as a friend…"

Starfire's eyes briefly narrowed in thought, then grew as wide as she could allow them to as she placed a hand over her mouth and let out a soft gasp.

"Oh my goodness… Raven, you have the crushing on Friend Beast Boy?"

Raven dipped her head in shame.

"How long have you possessed such feelings?" Starfire inquired, her voice quiet and excited.

"A few weeks after we defeated Dad… Trigon, I felt this weird heat in my chest whenever I touched him, or whenever he smiled at me… it didn't take long for me to figure out what was going on." Raven muttered.

Starfire gave a delighted giggle under her breath and took her friend's face in her palms. "Friend, this is no dilemma, this is a most joyous thing! Love is wonderful!"

Raven brushed her hands away and frowned. "This isn't love, okay? I just… want to spend more time with him."

"But you should still be happy, Raven!"

Raven sighed. "I know… but I can't just suddenly tell him. We've been friends for ages; do you know how much damage this could do to our team if he doesn't feel the same way?"

Starfire nodded understandingly. "I see your dilemma. I, too, have felt the pain love can cause."

"This isn't love!" Raven repeated insistently.

"But, where is the harm in taking Friend Beast Boy on a single date? You do not have to tell him of your feelings yet."

"I think if I ask him to go with me, it'll be pretty apparent. And like I said, what'll happen to the two of us if he says no?"

Starfire raised a brow. "Raven, I think you misjudge how strong the bond between you and Friend Beast Boy is already. Have you forgotten how much he has done for you in the past? He cares for you far too much to allow something so radical to happen."

Raven glanced about her room. She saw the giant chicken doll Beast Boy had one for her that night at the carnival. She saw the drawer where she kept the lucky penny he had given her. She saw the mirror to her mind where he had been brave enough to venture to restore her well-being.

"…You're right." She said. "But… I'm still kind of scared."

"As you should be. It is very frightening to ask someone to be your beloved, but there is nothing wrong with such tension."

There was a period of silence before Starfire spoke up. "When is the Festival for this Argento?"

"Tonight." Raven said, and Starfire gasped.

"Tonight?! Raven, there is no time to be lost! We- forgive me, you must make your maneuver!"

"It's going on all Week, it's just the premiere tonight." Raven added dismissively, but Starfire remained adamant.

"You have two passes of entry for tonight only, correct?" Raven dipped her shoulders. She had her beat there.

"Fine. I'll do it… but not in front of everyone. And you can't tell anybody."

Starfire opened the door. "I shall send him. Best of luck to you."

Starfire closed her door, and joyfully back flipped into the air as her heart soared. She could hardly contain her laughter as she took off down the hall.