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Annabeth POV:

Another guttural cry rings through the walls and into my room. I smile in pleasure before going back to sharpening my knife. The metal against metal sounds fill my ears, replacing the prisoners loud crying. Why did I have to be in the room next to him?

I finally finish sharpening the dagger and I use it like a toothpick. Starting from my molars all the way to my front teeth. I place the dagger on my bed and stare into it, it shows scene of the future, most make me laugh in joy. Flecks of old blood stain the hilt, I leave them there just as a trophy of my glorious work.

Another scream removes me from my thoughts. I groan in frustration and open my door, sticking my head out. "Will you keep it down!? I am trying to work!" The screams become muffled, "Thank You!" I poke my head back into my room and slam the door shut. Gosh, those Titans can really make a lot of noise out of one boy.

Thalia's POV:

This year's summer solstice is different from the rest. Instead of the Gods discussing about the new season, they are discussing how to find my cousins.

"Well, does anyone have new information on Percy?" Zeus asks. The king of the gods looks completely exhausted. Dark half circles are painted under his eyes. I feel pity for my father, ever since Gaea sent Percy and Annabeth somewhere unknown before she went back to sleep, he has been searching non-stop for three years for his nephew. The only reason we have kept searching for so long is because Uncle Hades has said that they haven't died. Hades has searched Elysium, Fields of Asphodel and even the Fields of Punishment for them. He has turned up empty handed everytime he looks.

My uncle, Poseidon, sits on his throne, looking utterly exhausted. He probably hasn't slept since Percy went missing either. Silent tears fall freely from his face. His eyes show his actual age, ancient and sad.

Athena sits on her throne, her grey eyes storming with pure fury. Her hands are curled around the arm rests, knuckles white from her tightness. She too has massive bags under her eyes, but she doesn't show her tiredness.

No one speaks up. I look around, angry as hell, hoping someone has something. My eyes lay on a sea Nymph, her name is Kai. She is a sea nymph from the Hawaiian waters. Her hand is slightly raised. Poseidon, being king of the seas, notices her and his eyes lighten, ever so slightly. "Yes, Kai?" Poseidon asks, his voice cracking from his emotions.

"So I have been going far and wide around the hawaiian islands to collect information and I have found some pretty gruesome news." She falters before continuing.

"Well, go on then." Zeus says in a gentle voice. Kai looks at them in true fear.

"I-I heard that P-Percy is being held captive in Oceanus's Lair." The room goes silent. Athena is the first to speak up.

"What about Annabeth?" She asks, urgently. Her stormy eyes have slightly lightened for her worry about Annabeth.

"Annabeth is there also, but she isn't being held captive. She's working with them." Kai speaks quickly. She bows her head and stays like that. She must feel horrible for saying that.

Athena sits back in her throne, shocked. "No, no, no" She keeps mumbling to herself. My heart has been shattered when I found out they were missing, now it feels like Annabeth has just spat on my heart fragments and kicked them. I have known Annabeth since she was 7 years old. She can't be that heartless.

"Working with who?" Poseidon asks. Fear is thick in the room, probably radiating off the gods.

"K-Kronos, H-H-Hyperion, a-and Oceanus." Kai stutters. The gods gasp and so do the campers.

"We need to act quickly, we need to attack now!" Poseidon screams, his trident appearing in his hand. Powers rolls off of it in huge waves.

Rest, Poseidon. A young male's voice says. I look around to find the speaker, but no one has opened their mouth. Poseidon drops his trident causing a large BOOM! to ring through the room. He stumbles to stand, holding his head with one of his hands. His knees finally give out and he collapses to the ground. Zeus starts to get up, but hesitates because of the voice's power.

You will not need to attack Oceanus's Lair, for I ,Chronos, have delivered Percy to you already. You should thank Percy when he wakes, for he has done a great deed towards me. That is why I saved him. Annabeth is beyond my help, she has always been too dark for me to save.The voice says, suddenly in the middle of the room, a flash of gold light strikes down, leaving a broken teenage boy with raven hair, laying on the ground, unconscious.

Zeus is the first one to him, he kneels on the ground his hands on Percy's throat, checking for a pulse. "APOLLO!" Zeus cries. Apollo is already off his throne running towards his father. "He has a weak pulse, save him." Zeus says, backing up so Apollo can have his space.

Father looks up and realizes that there are demigods and nature creatures watching this. "IF YOU ARE NOT A GOD, GET OUT! OR I SWEAR ON THE RIVER OF STYX I WILL PERSONALLY SHOOT YOU DOWN WITH A LIGHTNING BOLT!" Zeus cries, lighting booming in the distance, sealing off his promise.

The audience must have heard the lightning too, because they all left the room in less than a minute. I stay since I am Artemis's lieutenant. The room is silent as Apollo tries his best to save my best friend. Blood pools around Percy's limp body.

I am crying, praying that he lives. My knees buckle beneath me and I crash down onto the marble floor. I curl up into a ball and sob into my knees. Unable to withstand the pain of seeing Percy is such a horrible state.

Artemis has come to my side and is trying to comfort me, but I can tell that she is crying also. Her quicksilver tears come splashing down on me, but I don't care. Artemis and I watch as her brother tries to save the life of the Savior of Olympus.

"He's almost beyond my help. His pulse is still there, but he has too many injuries, he has instruments sticking out all over his body." Apollo murmurs. Sweat glistens on his forehead as he works quickly. He sweats golden droplets.

"Father I need a little bit of your power essence." Apollo says. He doesn't even look up, but he rolls a vial towards my father. He is startled by this, but does so anyway. He extracts some of his own power and places it in the vial. Mini lightning bolts crash down. He hands it to Apollo who gives a quiet thanks before dumping the essence into a syringe. He places a needle on it and plunges it into Percy. Percy starts convulsing uncontrollably.

"Apollo, you're killing him!" Artemis cries. But Percy's deep wounds knit themselves together, but leaves horrible scars behind. I wince to see the scars. Percy finally stops shaking and lays there limp, but some color has returned to him. Apollo checks all his vitals and gasps.

"Impossible." He steps back from Percy, shocked.

"What? What's wrong?" Artemis asks before anyone else can.

"He's alive. I-I wasn't sure if father's essence could save him, but it did." Apollo says, he comes back over to Percy, who is still unconscious. Apollo places his hand on Percy's head and transfers golden light onto the demigod. A glittery, golden orb surrounds Percy like a force field.

"He need to come to my palace with me so I can finish his cure. Do I have permission?" Apollo asks. He is usually the happy, cheery jokeful one, but now he is dead serious.

"Yes, now hurry." Zeus says. Apollo and Percy disappear in a cloud of golden mist.

Poseidon is now finally regaining consciousness, he's mumbling. "Percy, must save Percy. Promised Sally. Must save Percy." Athena is the first to him, shaking him awake, screaming his name. The sea god snaps his eyes open and is immediately up.

"We must leave immediately, Percy's life depends on it." Poseidon says, talking like he never passed out.

"Brother, Percy has been rescued, but is badly injured. He went with Apollo to Apollo's palace. You have my full permission to stay by your son's side until he awakens." Zeus says, resting his hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Yes, yes I will go now." He disappears, leaving the smell of the sea behind.

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