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Author's note: Well this story has been really really drawn out over a long time because I really suck at updating. But it's sad to say that City of Love and Scars is coming to an end. I've only wrote two fanfictions and this one, I can fairly say, has been the most successful. I've really had fun writing this for you guys. I've loved loved loved how much you guys comment and review, it's honestly the only reason why I decided to keep writing the story. You guy's good feed back is what I strive for. So here's the final chapter, please enjoy.

Clary's POV

*5 months later, April*

It's been five whole months since the incident with Jordan. Five whole months since Jace Lightwood said he loved me. Five whole months of complete happiness. It's odd, constantly being mellow, not worrying or being depressed but it's something I've gladly excepted.

Jace and I, and our friends sit on large blanket in the middle of the park enjoying sandwiches and sodas. A deliciously warm breeze blows and mine and Isabelle's hair sway in the wind. I feel a strong but gentle hand reach to my face a tuck a strand of rebellious hair behind my ear. I glance over at my Jace and throw him a tender smile, taking all his gorgeous features. The way his hair gleams and glows under the sun, the way his honey colored eyes are hidden under his lashes from squinting. It makes me want to laugh because I told him to bring sunglasses but he didn't.

He reaches over and places a hand on my knee, rubbing it with his thumb gingerly. It's a good life I think to myself and observe my friends, how carefree they are. Magnus and Alec sit side by side, attached by the hip. They've been almost inseparable since Magnus planted a kiss on Alec as the ball dropped on New Year's Eve; not that I had witnessed because I was focused on my own lip locking. They're an odd couple but they fit together like those two pieces of the puzzle you wouldn't believe are supposed to go together.

Isabelle sits confidently in jean shorts despite that summer isn't quite here yet. Black Ray Bans cover her eyes and bright red lipstick is pulled tight across her smiling mouth. She laughs and laughs as she throws grapes at Simon, who has mastered catching them in his mouth. Ever since Simon and I rekindled our friendship, their feelings grew for each other until they couldn't deny it anymore. Like Magnus and Alec, they too are an unlikely pairing. The nerdy boy and the stunning girl. But Isabelle brings out the best in Simon and he keeps her down to Earth.

Simon and I reconnected about a month after the whole Jordan ordeal. He called me one day, kindly asking to schedule that Java Jones plan that got blew off. I, in need of settlement, agreed. The meeting was awkward at first, both of us quietly sipping our coffee, but we quickly pulled through and ended up spending the whole evening at the coffee shop telling stories and sharing memories of times when we were apart. We didn't even mention what happened so long along that drew us apart, there wasn't any need to. We retied bonds and rebuilt burned bridges without even looking back. I'm glad to have him back in my life, he makes it feel complete in a way I can't explain.

It took me a while to get over what had happened in that school basement, once I was actually out of the hospital realization hit me like a brick and I became withdrawn and cold like the winter months. Jace was there every step of the way. Bringing me things he knew would make me happy, rushing over to hold me when I woke up with nightmares, simply just sitting with me under a pile of blankets. He made me smile when I felt dull. His sweet, loving touches and his caring smile could always brighten me up. My golden boy was and continues to always be there for me when I need him. I can say he loves me without any hesitation because he has proved it to me in every way possible.

I look back over at him, now laid back on the blanket, arms behind his head as a pillow. I reach back and rub small circles on his forearm and he jumps from how it tickles. He hauls his body up and leans back on his palms, facing me, looking at me through squinted eyes. I can't help but smile at him and it's returned with a toothy smile of his own.

"it's a good life, Goldilocks," I say to him.

"indeed it is, Carrot," he replies. And as I look from him to our friends, even though they didn't hear me, I can tell they agree as well.

Author's note: well it's over. I might actually cry. Like i said in the author's note at the top, it has been really fun writing this story and publishing it for you all to read. I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

Also, I've been contemplating writing a spin-off from this with Isabelle and Simon being the main characters. What do you guys think? please let me know so I can start brainstorming ideas for it.