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Tony didn't answer right away, far too busy with enhancing one of his many Iron Man suits. JARVIS usually knew when not to bother him, so he finally looked up once his very smart AI called for him again.

"What's up?" He asked a little impatiently, still tinkering with his armour while keeping one ear open, "If it's not that important, then–"

"I am picking up life signals on the top of Stark Tower." JARVIS stated and Tony looked up again, not looking too impressed.

"So, it's a couple of birds," He immediately waved off, "What's the big deal?" He asked with a huff.

"Sir, my processor tells me that they are not birds," JARVIS answered and now Tony looked a little more interested, "It appears there are two cats on the roof of Stark Tower."

"Cats?" Tony repeated, wondering how the hell two felines could have gotten on the top of his very tall tower, especially since none of the 'residents' didn't own any pets, "Bring up a picture for me." He ordered, looking to the screen that was situated in his lab.

JARVIS quickly did as he asked and Tony blinked and blinked again, wondering if the lack of sleep was finally getting to him, "Are you joking with me?"

"I would if I physically could, Sir, but you did not program me that way," JARVIS said and Tony was sure he could hear a hint of sarcasm in there, "It is as it is, Sir."

"So I have two mutant cats on my roof?" Tony said in disbelief, moving closer to the screen so he could take a better look at the two cats huddled together on the top of his tower, "Both of those cats have two tails?"

"It would appear so, Sir.' JARVIS said and Tony immediately threw his tools down, much more interested in 'mutant' cats than his suit.

"Call the Cap and Bruce here, JARVIS," Tony quickly said smirking, "It looks like we have two cats to catch."



The panicked voice had the dog demon looking up from his paperwork and he wasn't surprised when a young teenage girl slammed the door to his office open.

"What is it, Miko?" He asked in his usual tone, though he was well aware of the tone Kagome had taken in her apparent panic. Her answer had him narrowing his eyes ever so slightly.

"I can't find Kirara or Kuroro!"