In the land of Ooo, Havoc is running the place as new creatures with yellow orbs on the top of their skulls infest the land of Ooo. bubblegum, the smart and beautiful Supreme Leader of Ooo calls for an urgent meeting with the princesses.

" I called to this meeting to find a solution to this problem, these pests!" said the Supreme Leader Bubblegum.

" We need to learn more about these creatures" Said Turtle Princess

Of course there was a huge fuss, the fuss was interrupted by a young lad in his 20's wearing a blue T-shirt, blue shorts and a white bear-like mask, open from the center to view his facial appearance. He was standing beside the leader, as if he were her right hand.

" Please, silence please. These pests, or I prefer Orb-Skulls, are hostile, come in many shapes and sizes, and are identified by their greyish green skin, and the yellow orbs on their heads. They feed on anything,and they attack on sight! Suggest serious caution."

" Thank you Finn" Said Bubblegum

" No prob, PB!" Replied Finn

" Anything else would you like to know about the... Orb-Skulls Turtle Princess?"

" Yes, like where did they come from? and why are they here?"

" I'm sure these questions will be answered in time. Muscle Princess report!"

" Our soldiers are falling fast, whenever we beat them more come from nowhere"

" That seems bad..."

" Excuse me E.L Bubblegum,there is something I must report"

" You can go ahead Wildberry Princess"

" I found nests near my farms, they looked like mosquito nests but they were bigger and they were...yellow and each nest holds hundreds of eggs!

" You tried to destroy the nests?"

" Yes,but I fear my workers aren't trained for this and they may not finish in time."

" Finn, go at once to these nests and destroy them all!"

" On it!" Finn leaves the meeting room and is heard saying " Yo,Jake! You know what time is it, ADVENTURE-TIME!"

" This is really bad, the more we defeat, the more comes,and more they lay eggs!They must be stopped at all coast!The fate of the land rests in our hands"Said Bubblegum.

Soon the meeting was over and everyone left to do her part of the war. Bubblegum went to her study desk and looked at the papers " Oh i bet no one in Ooo can defeat these Orb-Skulls. I'm trying my best but to no avail. Where did they come from, and why? Oh glob,if anyone is out there, please help."