Misunderstandings and marriage proposals- Chapter 7

The first week of her stay was hectic.

Sakura couldn't even remember half of it, having been running on fumes as she fought to erase all the bad habits the medical staff had developed. And needless to say, some weren't very happy to have a leaf nin march in and start ordering them about.

Sure, there were a few that were happy for the help (more than likely having been to a hospital outside of mist at some point or another.) but it had still been an uphill battle, one that she was proud to say she'd won (Or at least made considerable progress on).

She'd seen very little of Yagura during that week, and she was honestly thankful for that. Her feelings, or potential feelings, had needed time to settle in as to not overwhelm her.

They had, after a while, and she had warmed up to the idea of a relationship with him during that time.

She'd give him a chance, she deserved it just as much as he did.

Her second week?

Almost as busy as the first.

Her second week had been spent weeding out any unfit medical nin or doctors- either sending them back to study more, or just kicking them out with no second chance. You couldn't afford to have unfit medics, as they usually killed more than they saved.

During this week, she also began implementing new routines and practices. Slowly though, as to not overwhelm everyone. Also included in this week, was the first 'courting gift' she'd ever received.

A nice collection of medical herbs that grew only in and around Mist- with a neatly written note informing her that her 'intended' had thought she'd find them useful and to come to him if she was in need of any more.

It was a very thoughtful gift, one she found herself smiling idiotically about while working with the other medics.

Yagura was…he was something else alright.

Her third week in mist was…unnervingly calm.

The hospital was more or less in order, and all she had left to do was train the medics in more up to date ways of dealing with things.

Tsunade had agreed to this much at least, with the stipulation that Sakura was not allowed -or to be pushed to- teach the mist nin any jutsu they didn't already know.

Konoha needed some advantage in case things fell apart again after all, and these habits were hard to kick.

Her third week also included her first date with Yagura, the man having approached her about it rather hesitantly earlier on after finishing up on a progress meeting.

Step 6. Take her on a date- Now I know what you're more than likely thinking 'This'll be easy!' right? Well, it will be, if you've been paying attention to her likes and dislikes. If not, I'm sad to say that this step may not work out well for you. Remember earlier how we told you to get to know her? Well, use that information, and incorporate her likes into the event. Make sure not to go too overboard though, as it may make your love interest uncomfortable!

Dress smartly and make sure your personal hygiene is up to scratch, because no woman wants to go out with someone that stinks of sweat. (Yes, this is directed to all you ninja out there. Please try to avoid scheduling a date for right after you've finished training, I can't stress this enough.)

He'd decided to take her out for lunch to a small tea house he'd visited beforehand. She'd confessed her love of sweats to him before, and to his knowledge, this place had the best dango around.

"Yagura?" His intended asked him after finishing off her plate, a nervous edge to her voice that he disliked hearing directed at him.

He didn't want her to feel uncomfortable in his presence…

"Yes Sakura-chan?"

"Why…why did you pick me? Why me, of all the women who would have thrown themselves at you?"

And that was the question, wasn't it?

Why her?

"Because…" It was hard to put into words, but he wold try his best. "Because you're… You treated me like everyone else, and it was rather refreshing. You smiled at me, you greeted me, teased and tormented and joked with me. You didn't fall in my lap when I announced my intentions, and you didn't let me order you around. I think that if you'd just accepted everything from the start, I wouldn't have felt as strongly for you as I do now. So I chose you because you're…you're you, and I like you just the way you are- "

"Thank you."


"Thank you, Yagura." He didn't quite know why she'd gotten teary eyed at his admission, but he could understand that his words had touched upon something.

Something he wanted to address immediately.

"There's no need to thank me, I was just being honest. I don't want you to change who you are for me."

And he didn't, he truly didn't.

He loved her as she is, and he'd never force her to change, no matter what Mei or the council tried to insist.

She was perfect, and he wouldn't let them attempt to influence her.