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Warning: Slash.

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Black Lace.

He had caught a glimpse of the hobbit's closet when the Company was encased in Bag End and had assumed there was a female deeply involved in the smaller male's life.

On the road he changed his conclusion and decided that the hobbit may have simply kept his mother's old clothes as he showed no signs of a heart ache.

Then he heard Master Baggins and the wizard discussing the hobbit's mother and found himself shaking his head in disgust at being so stupid to assume a hobbit who went adventuring and wore weapons to market would own such delicate clothing.

Rivendell was an eye opener and Nori found himself eyeing the quiet and fussy male in awe as the two of them somehow got roped into aiding the Lord's daughter to arrange her wardrobe. The giggles of elf and hobbit had made his eye twitch and he had sighed in relief to return to his brother's strident scolding.

They were invited to a dinner at the Last Homely Home and Nori found himself sitting opposite the gently smiling hobbit. The elven lady was dressed in many layers of gold and white lace and Nori wondered just how she was able to stay so modestly covered with such delicate material. It wasn't until the tall ebony-haired lady drew Master Baggins up to dance that he noticed the Company's hobbit wore two layers of tunics. Rubbing his eyes Nori decided he had imagined the flash of pale skin threw black lace and tucked in to his meal happily.

Finding out the meal had been a bribe to get them to respond nicely to the need to stay with the elves for another week had made his blood pump in anger and Nori had stormed into a room, slamming the door behind him. His eyes flew wide as he beheld the hobbit before him. Master Baggins' curls were stuck to the back of his neck and he was standing in nothing more than a pair of thin linen trousers and a black lace tunic. Bilbo grinned and Nori found himself lost in a swirl of feelings that drove him higher and higher. His fingers grabbed desperately at the delicate looking tunic Bilbo wore as the material stuck between their bodies until Nori lost himself to the sensations of lace against his bare skin.

Nobody saw Nori hastily stuff a scrap of black fabric into his pack as they readied themselves to leave. No body understood the steamy looks the thief of the Company shot at the burglar.

Erebor was reclaimed, rebuilt and the coronation of Thorin Oakenshield was over seen by Gandalf the Grey. Yet to the surprise of twelve dwarves they managed to lose both their resident thief and their burglar for many day. If they had dared to venture into the rooms gifted to one Bilbo Baggins of the Shire they would have found the hobbit reclining on a silk covered bed dressed in nothing but a thigh length black lace tunic and a dazed, but blissed out looking Nori curled against him.