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Chapter One

A cool constant breeze flowed throughout the area, parting high cumulus clouds that were hiding the natural light reflecting of the full moon hanging high in the sky. Subtle pinpricks of glimmering stars glittered the navy blue blanket covering the landscape.

The only sound in the sleeping world was the faint whispers of the light zephyrs. Actually, on a particular floating island, soft snores joined in with the nearly silent murmurs of the comforting winds.

A red echidna was resting arms crossed with his back against his charge, a large green emerald producing radiant light that covered the immediate area with its soft viridescent glow.

The sole Mobian on the flying mass was sleeping soundly, that is, until there was an unusual rustle made in a nearby bush, too loud to be caused by the gentle air currents. The guardian was up and alert at once, focusing on the sound with his dreadlock-hidden ears. Vivid violet eyes searched the area, seeing if anything was out-of-place. Glancing behind him, the echidna checked if the Master emerald was fine before stepping lightly toward the particular bush at the edge of the shrine.

At the shrubbery, the guardian scowled at the green, roughly separating the leaves to see what was hiding in the undergrowth. The scowl melted into a confused frown before the same movement sounded again further into the forest. After looking back at the secure emerald one more time, the echidna took off after the mystery guest.

Gritting his teeth, the red guardian raced after the unknown visitor, who is now a blackened blur moving from bush to bush. The echidna ducked under low branches and weaved around trees with ease; he had excellent eyesight. He should have been able to identify the intruder, but the thing was moving so fast that his eyes could only see a darkened blur. All of a sudden, the shadowed figure hopped behind a tree and didn't continue, it stayed there.

The pursuer slowed down in his steps until he wasn't making any sound with his usual heavy footfalls. Stalking up to the tree, the guardian paused for a second to take a deep breath before jumping around the tree and in front of the subject of the chase. The red echidna grinned victoriously, pointing an accusing gloved finger at the intruder. "Aha! I got you…now…?" He dropped his finger and stared at the seemingly harmless grey rabbit with bemused eyes. The echidna then chuckled at himself, holding his head in his hand. "You're just a rabbit." He sighed. "I really need to stop being paranoid." Laughing again, the last of the echidnas squatted down to pet the uncharacteristically bold animal. "You're a cute little bunny…" When he made first contact, the pursuer froze, feeling not warm fur, but cold metal. "A cute mechanical bunny…" Without any warning, the grey rabbit sprinted off into the night, leaving a shocked guardian behind.

Standing back up, the red Mobian gazed the way the bunny left, trying to put the pieces together. "Why would there be a robotic rabbit here of all places? Who would ever make one anyway?" He held his chin in his hand. "The only person crazy enough is…" His violet eyes widen knowingly before a low growl escaped his lips. "Dammit!" The echidna punched the tree in front of him in anger, shaking the leaves above. "I should've known!" Pulling his fist away, he turned around and bolted back the way he came.

Making his way back, the guardian picked up the distinct sound of propeller blades. With new-found incentive, he ran as fast as his leg muscles could handle. Eventually the echidna pushed apart the last bit of foliage before reaching the shrine only to find the Master emerald missing from its spot. "I'm too late!" Hearing the laughter of one specific scientist, he looked up and watched as a hovercraft flew off with the gem clutched in a giant metal claw underneath. The Mobian eyes narrowed at the craft getting smaller and smaller as the distance between it and the island grew.

With an irritated sigh, the red mammal turned around again, running toward the edge of the island. At the perimeter, the guardian glanced down at the land many feet below while the faster paced wind blew back his dreadlocks. He could go take back the gem himself, but, not that he would admit it to anyone else, he'll have an easier time getting it with help.

Without any hesitation, he jumped off the cliff and glided down to civilization.

Miles away from the floating Angel Island was a two-story house that sat by itself in the middle of a large clearing, having no neighbors that can be seen. However, it's not the home itself that's of interest, but its residents inside.

One the second floor of the silent home, there was a bedroom with sky blue walls with a matching ceiling. The floor was lined with soft cream-colored carpet that clearly had been walked on for a while, if its imbedded stains were anything to go by. Next to a wide window on the back wall was an occupied bed. Dark blue blankets covering a bulge under them were moving up and down with every breath the sleeper was taking.

Every once in a while, the inhabitant hummed and readjusted himself to get into a more comfortable position before falling back into a deep sleep. He needed to rest as much as he can, for a specific guardian was soon going to make a rude wake-up call.

There was knocking at the front door, very loud knocking.

A blue furred ear twitched before a tired moan came from the bulge under the cover. "Just go away…" A voice laced with sleep called weakly, but of course, the knocking continued, getting more persistent with each passing second. Agitated by the unnecessary noise, the blue Mobian tried to sink deeper into his bed and covers, wanting to block out the rapping. It didn't work.

Giving up on sleep at this moment, he angrily pulled back his covers and sat up, rubbing his eyes. The knocking had reached an unreasonable level and the Mobian had to keep himself from folding his ears against his head. With a yawn, he reached beside him and picked up a digital clock on the dark wood nightstand by the bed. He held it up to his face and blinked to clear his vision. "What?" He cried out, shocked. "Who comes to visit at one o'clock in the morning?" Placing the clock back down, he threw his slim legs over the side of the bed and stretched. After doing so, he slipped on his shoes and gloves, just in case it was like a robber or something.

The blue Mobian shuffled his way to his bedroom door and opened it to find his two-tailed little brother walking out of his own room across the hall with a baseball bat in his hands, fur sticking up everywhere from just getting up. The kit's eyes were wide and slightly scared. "Sonic…" His voice slightly trembled. "Do you hear that?"

"How can I not, Tails?" Sonic asked, smoothing out his quills. "Whoever it is interrupted my dream about chili dogs!"

Tails just looked at the hedgehog like he had lost his mind. "We have a possible mass murderer at our door and you're upset that he stopped your dream?"

Sonic blinked, wondering why that was so surprising. "Well…yeah."

The fox sighed and gripped the bat harder. "So, what are we gonna do about whoever's outside?"

The blue hedgehog shrugged before walking down the hall and to the ground floor. "Open the door, of course!" They could at least see who is was before making any rash decisions.

Tails stayed close behind the one he liked to call his big bro. "But what if it's a robber! You would be making their job a whole lot easier!"

The wooden stairs creaked as the two Mobians carefully walked down them. Despite Sonic being nonchalant about the situation, if the person outside was trying to rob them, he wanted their presence to be a surprise. At the bottom, they are now in a lively living room with couches placed in front of a flat screen TV. The place was cream all over, but to spice it up, there were colored pillows thrown about on the furniture along with some tools Tails had left out overnight.

The knocking was incredibly loud down on the first floor and it looked like the door was going to fly off its hinges anytime now. Eyeing the splintering wood, Sonic put a finger on his lip, telling Tails to be quiet and he gestured the fox to stay where he was. After some hesitation, the kit nodded. When Sonic took a step away, he felt a tap on his arm. Glancing back, Tails was holding up the bat for him to take. The speedster shook his head in amusement. His body was good enough of a weapon.

Creeping up to the door, Sonic wrapped his hand around and was about to twist the doorknob until a loud and gruff voice yelled, "I KNOW YOU TWO ARE IN THERE! OPEN THE DOOR!" All the tension left Sonic's body and he could hear Tails sighing in relief. Light flooded the house when Tails flipped the switch. At least they don't have to worry about Knuckles robbing them out of house and home.

Sonic planted a grin on his face and unlocked the door before it flew open forcefully, making the blue hero stumble backwards. Tails had to catch him after throwing the wooden bat on the floor with a thud. Regaining his balance with his bro's help, he focused on the frowning echidna standing in their doorway, arms crossed.

Sonic placed his hand on his hip and pointed at Knuckles. "Okay. You have no right to be mad for any reason! You almost threw me across the room!"

Knuckles scoffed. "It's your fault. What took you so long anyway?"

The hedgehog rolled his eyes. Knuckles was the one to barge in here; why was he the one asking questions? "Well, I apologize for not getting the door right away when I'm asleep at one in the morning. My bad."

The red echidna blinked. Wow…Sonic was actually being sincere? Since he said sorry maybe he should-wait a minute. Knuckles narrowed his eyes. "Are you being sarcastic with me?"

The hero smirked. "Noo. Why would I ever do that?" The guardian was so fun to rile up.

Knuckles clenched his fists before shoving a finger in Sonic's face. Emeralds went cross-eyed looking at the gloved digit. "I am sick your attitude!"

Sonic just sighed. Being friends as long as he had been with Knuckles, he knew not to go too far. You know, unless he wanted a nasty bruise somewhere on his body. Raising his own finger, Sonic pushed Knuckles' out of his face. "Pal, think about this, you almost tore down my door."

The guardian breathed out of his nose and crossed his arms again. "You're right. I shouldn't have been so forceful." Knuckles was kinda glad that he didn't break the door. Money didn't grow on trees and he knew that he would have to owe them.

Tails, who just watched the argument in the background, stepped up with a smile. "Great to hear that. Arguing this early in the morning isn't good for anyone." The kit then furrowed his brow. "So, Knuckles, why are you here anyway?"

Knuckles huffed out a breath of air and raked his hand through his fur. "The Master Emerald's gone."

"What?!" Both Sonic and Tails yelled at the same time.

"Let me guess, Eggman?" Sonic suggested, shivering some from the cool breeze brought in from the still open front door.

Seeing this, Tails went over and shut the door, effectively cutting off anymore coldness. "We all know it had to be. Rouge had stopped wanting to steal it a long time ago." He turned to Knuckles, tails swishing behind him. "How did he get it?"

It wasn't noticeable, but Knuckles blushed embarrassingly and muttered under his breath. No matter how hard the fox and hedgehog focused, they couldn't catch what he said. "Can ya repeat that, Knucklehead?"

The echidna slumped his shoulders. "Eggman…led me away from the emerald with a rabbit." The other two currently in the house glanced at each other, making sure that they had heard that correctly. Knuckles held his hands up. "Let me explain myself!"

Sonic brought his hand up to his mouth to stifle a chuckle. "Please do before I judge and start laughing."

Knuckles glared at him. "At first, I didn't know what it was. What happened was that I heard a noise and followed it. I didn't know it was a rabbit until I caught up with it!"

Okay, he's spared this time. Tails thought. "How did you know that the bunny was Eggman's?"

"It was mechanical." He deadpanned.

"Right…" The kit drawled out, tapping his chin. "That's a telltale sign right there."

"Sure is bud." Sonic spun around and started to walk toward their garage. When he didn't hear any footsteps following him, he looked back. "What are you guys doing? Let's go to the Tornado!"

Frowning, Tails twirled his namesakes to catch up with Sonic quickly who had resumed walking. "But Sonic, don't you think we are going to need more sleep for this? It is in the middle of the night."

Knuckles shook his head, catching up with the other two. "We can't waste any more time than we already have. Eggman could be doing anything with the Master Emerald right now!"

Tails still seemed unpersuaded so Sonic ruffled the fur on his head a bit. "Don't worry bro! We've fought Egghead in worse conditions! Remember that one time it was hailing?"

The fox snickered, remembering that fight, and Knuckles growled lowly, knowing why Tails was laughing. The three of them had confronted Eggman after the fat scientist stole one of the Chaos emeralds. It was the three heroes versus a giant robot that looked like a wolf. It was thunder storming and what Sonic said, hailing. Right before the two sides would clash, Knuckles got knocked out by a sizable piece of hail. He was unconscious for only about five minutes, but it was apparently hilarious to the other two, even Eggman.

"Yeah, I remember Sonic." Tails gushed, previous unease gone. Eggman hasn't been a real threat before, what's the chances that he'll become one today?

"See? Got nothin' to worry about." Sonic confidently strode to the door to the garage, after passing through the clean kitchen, and pushed it open, motion sensitive lights blinking on, courtesy of the handiwork performed by Miles Prower.

The garage was as big as the living room, if not bigger. There were gadgets and gizmos scattered all over the cement floor and thin wooden tables. Hanging on the walls were tools ranging from used to brand spanking new. In the middle of the room was the Tornado, standing proud, without a scratch on it.

Brushing past Sonic, Knuckles went over to the plane, sliding his glove over it as he walks to the front. With a pat, he turned to Tails. "It's got fuel?"

The kitsune spun his furry appendages to take flight. He flew over to the cockpit and started up the plane with a satisfying rumble. Tails grinned at Knuckles, eyes glinting. "Always!" He then focused on the radar he had built into the dock just yesterday before going to bed as his friends gathered around him, curious to what he's doing.

Sonic whistled in appreciation. "Whoa, this looks new. This was what you were doing after dinner?" He tapped the screen for it to spring to life. "No wonder I couldn't drag you out of here!"

"Yeah…" Tails answered distractedly as he concentrated on the complex buttons beneath the touchscreen. There was a few more pushes before a red dot appears on the black and green screen. "There we go! It's set to show us the location of the Master Emerald. Looks like it's right up north."

Knuckles nodded. "Seems legit. That was the direction I saw Eggman floating off to."

"Alright!" Sonic yelled out, jumping up onto the left-wing, crouching low. He'd learned his lesson when he had earlier bumped his head as the plane rolled through the garage door. Man, there was a bruise on his forehead for a week. "Let's head out!"

Knuckles chuckled as he hopped into the back seat. "Aren't you too excited about going to fight this early in the morning?"

Sonic smirked, scratching his nose. "Hey, any time's robot smashing time! Get 'er moving, Tails! We've got an emerald to steal!"

Tails gave a thumbs up before pushing a button that controls the garage door. The metal screeched when it cleared the way. Pulling a lever, the plane began to move forward. Eyeing the door frame cautiously, Sonic crouched down even lower until the Tornado was free and he could stand up without any problems.

It wasn't long before the plane was in the air and Sonic's shouts of excitement echoed around the area. His quills were swept back from the whipping winds the speed they're going had created. Tails in the front seat sniggered at his brother's antics as he navigated his plane without any difficulty, the moonlight providing plenty of light so the world around them was visible. Knuckles leaned his elbow on the edge of his seat and watched the landscape go by in a blur.

"Eggman!" A navy blue robot with yellow eyes, two pointed ears on the side of his head, white gloves, red shoes, a jet pack, and a belt going around his waist with a yellow 'M' in the middle called out.

"What is it, Bokkun?" The doctor was messing around with a new invention that's powered with the green Chaos emerald he was holding in his hand, smirking at his genius brain for coming up with this idea.

The childlike machine yawned before pointing at a large screen showing Tails landing the Tornado a few yards away from the entrance of the lab they were in, hovering in the air with his jet pack. "Sonic and his friends are here."

Eggman darkly chuckled, sneaking a shifted glance to the container imprisoning the Master Emerald. "Perfect. Disable the patrolling robots. Let them come." He grinned victoriously when he placed the Chaos emerald inside its holder to activate the newly built laser.

Bokkun rubbed his eyes making his way over to the control center. He couldn't fathom why the doctor wanted to do whatever he's planning right now instead of waiting until the sun rose, meaning daytime. "Why are you letting them pass so easily?" He asked, typing in the password then pressing enter, successfully shutting down all of the robots. Finished, the messenger robot plopped down into a swivel chair much too big for him. "Wait, let me guess. It has something to do with that thing, right?" He pointed to the machine. "What does it do, anyway?"

As the laser whirled to life, Eggman stepped back to admire his work, stroking his mustache. "'What does it do?' You say?" The doctor barked out a laugh. "Why, this will complete my first step of building Eggmanland!"

Bokkun yawned again and hung his body over the plastic arm of the chair, about to pass out. "Again…what does it…do?"

"Ah, you mean its function." The robot rolled his eyes. What else could he have meant? "This laser…" Eggman circled the invention. "…shoots a mind controlling beam that makes the victim follow my every command."

That caught the messenger's attention.

Perking up, Bokkun activated his jet pack and flew over to the doctor. "Seriously? It can do that?" Eggman hummed an affirmative. The robot smirked for a second before it melted away. "…Have you tried it out yet?"

Eggman blinked, surprised. "Well, no…" That was the answer he was expecting.

Face palming, Bokkun sighed. "Then how do you know it's gonna work?"

"Ho Ho Ho!" The doctor boomed. "It's going to work, I'm sure of it! After all, I'm the one who made this useful machine." All of the other failed experiments were pushed into the back of Eggman's brain, not to be thought about. He held up a finger. "Plus, I have my reasons for not testing it."

"Oh yeah? And what would those be?" Bokkun asked dryly, floating back to his chair, sleepiness setting back in.

"One is that I can't try it out on any of you robots because you all have no brains. Another reason is that I can't try it out on myself unless I wanted to become a mindless vegetable."

Now that…would be entertaining to see. The messenger robot thought, watching different screens as the heroic trio came across sleeping robots, only to stare at them bemusedly before moving on. They weren't that far away from here. "I guess those are good reasons." He sat Indian style, placing his elbow on his knee and leaning on his hand, barely keeping his yellow eyes open. "I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that you're aiming for Sonic?"

"Ha Ha! Exactly!" Eggman smirked as he turned around, walking toward the screens showing what the cameras around the base were seeing. Linking his hands behind his back, he focused on his target who had his back against a bare wall, peeking around an unexplored corner into an empty hallway before gesturing to his friends that the coast was clear. "With him, no one would be able to beat me! Not that echidna, not that freak fox, not anybody!"

Bokkun scoffed, slowly drifting off. "What about that other hedgehog, Shadow? He can put up a decent fight against Sonic, might even win."

Eggman froze, forgetting all about his grandfather's project. He frowned. "Shut up. Don't ruin a perfect moment." His robot's snores filled the air and the doctor sighed, slightly amused by the childlike helper.

"Hey guys, I think this is the door!" Focusing back onto the screen, the doctor saw the fox pointing to the exact door to this room.

"I agree with ya, bud." Sonic was examining the door. He then turned to the echidna, gesturing to said metal. "Knucklehead, if you please." The hedgehog smirked.

A tick appeared on the Master Emerald guardian's head. "I'm just going to pretend that I didn't hear that. Move out of the way." The red Mobian raised his fists and Eggman grinned.

"It's time."

"Move out of the way." Knuckles ordered, getting ready to bash their final door open. Tails and Sonic sidestepped immediately, knowing not to get in the way of their red friend's fists. Pulling one of his namesakes back, Knuckles charged the door and punched it, the metal giving away without resistance.

"Good job Knux!" Sonic praised and Tails gave a thumbs up. Heh, no door can stand up to him!

When the debris cleared, the trio rushed into the lab and the first thing they saw was the caged Master Emerald. Before Knuckles could make a move to smash the holder, they heard a laugh that was extremely identifiable. Three pairs of eyes focused on the obese man standing in the middle of the room, behind some kind of laser containing a green Chaos emerald.

Sonic smirked. "You have a Chaos emerald too, Egghead?" He tsked. "Guess we have to take them both away from ya!"

"Not so fast, Sonic." Eggman then quickly pressed a red button on the machine and a white beam of light swiftly crossed the room, hitting the blue hero too shocked to move in the middle of his forehead. At first, no one moved. Tails and Knuckles were gaping beside the hedgehog while Eggman was grinning like he had won the lottery. Sonic, however, was confused. Nothing was happening.

Then the pain hit.

"Aaaaahh!" Sonic held his head, sinking to the floor on his knees and closing his eyes. He barely heard Tails' and Knuckles' worried calls and Eggman's bark of laughter. His head was pounding. It was like someone was hammering a nail and screwing into his brain at the same time. The blue hedgehog let out another pained yell when the pain intensified, making his head throb even harder.

And then, it was gone.

What? Sonic incredulously thought. It's over, just like that? Not that I'm complaining…Blinking his emerald eyes open, he took his gloved hands away from his head slowly. Thinking that the horrible onslaught was over, the blue hero carefully got to his feet, slightly dizzy. A strong grip held his arm, helping him stay balanced.

"Sonic? Are you alright?" Knuckles asked, concern etching into his features.

The hedgehog waved him off and steadied himself. He gave his friend a grin. "Just dandy."

Tails frowned, not liking that answer. "Seriously Sonic!"

"Calm down, bro, I'm fine. I promise." Sonic reassured Tails, prying Knuckles fingers off of his arm, but it wasn't working. "Uh, Knux? Yeah, you're kinda cutting off my circulation."

The guardian glanced down and released his grip. "Right, sorry."

Seeing that everything was okay, they all focused back onto the doctor only to be taken aback at his smug grin. Shaking off the uncertainty, Sonic gave him the same grin. "Looks like your toy's broken, Eggy!"

Eggman stepped out from behind the ray gun and stepped confidently in front of Sonic. Disturbed by his behavior, the heroes tensed their muscles, getting ready for anything. "I don't think so. I think it worked just fine. Sonic!" The doctor pointed to the other two Mobians. "Kill your friends!"

Raising an eyebrow, Sonic looked back at his two comrades for them to shrug. The hedgehog turned back around to face Eggman, thinking that this guy had gone crazy. "How 'bout no?"

The scientist took a step back, stupefied. "Wha-what? My mind controlling beam didn't work?!"

Mind controlling beam? Tails glanced at Sonic. We are so lucky it didn't affect him.

Sonic let out a laugh that was slightly strained. Everyone could tell that he was worried for a second. "Looks like it didn't work on me Eggman! Now hand over those emeralds!"

The doctor scowls. "Never! I worked hard to get them!"

"No you didn't!" Knuckles countered. "Not with the Master Emerald!"

Eggman grinned cruelly. "Because I didn't have to." Knuckles looked like he was about to explode. "But enough of that! Bokkun! Turn the robots back on!" He regarded to his helper robot.


"Bokkun?" Glancing back, Eggman saw the childlike machine still sleeping in that chair. How could he have slept through all of this? He clenched his fists. "Gah! I'll do it myself!"

"Oh no you don't!" Knuckles pushed Eggman out of the way before roughly shoving the occupied chair over, waking the resting Bokkun. With a war cry, the red echidna pounded at the controls to Eggman's horror. When he's done, there were sparks flying everywhere. A small explosion then sent Knuckles backwards with a yell, landing on his rear.

"No!" Eggman shouted out in anguish. "My plan!"

Sonic chuckled. "Tough luck, Eggy." He then curled in on himself, performing a spin dash on the laser. The machine was sliced in half and the emerald popped out of its broken holder. The blue hero snatched it out of the air when he landed. Sonic then zipped back over to where Tails was. "I'll be taking this now!"

Eggman growled. "You rotten little…!" He took a deep breath. "No matter. I still have the-"

"Master Emerald?" Knuckles appeared in his line of vision beside Sonic with the large green emerald. The echidna smirked. "Not anymore." He turned to Sonic and Tails. "We got our stuff, ready to go?"

Tails was the first out of the broken down door, his namesakes spinning behind him. "Last one to the plane is a rotten egg!"

"You're on, little bro!" Sonic dashed out, trailing the kit.

"Hey!" Knuckles grunted and positioned the emerald to make it easier to run. "Guys, wait up!" He then took off after his friends. His voice is still audible even though he's halfway down the hallway. "I don't wanna be the egg!"

Eggman stood depressingly in the middle of the floor, staring glumly as his only chance of starting Eggmanland escaped. At least, for right now. His pride had been definitely taken down a few notches, having his ray not do what he wanted it to do. Yes, it caused Sonic pain and yes, he enjoyed it, but besides that, it was just a fancy laser pointer. Speaking about the ray gun, it was on the ground in mainly two pieces, with some nuts and bolts scattered around it. The doctor grumbled under his breath. Now he had to clean this mess up!

Bokkun then floated his way over to Eggman's side, face blank. "The ray didn't work, did it?"

The scientist scowled. "Didn't I tell you to shut up?"

When the brother duo got back home after dropping off Knuckles and the Master Emerald at Angel Island, the first thing they did was to hide the green Chaos emerald in a hidden compartment in the Tornado. "Just in case Eggman gets any funny ideas." Tails said, shutting the secret cavity before covering his mouth when he yawned.

Due to its unexplained contagious properties, Sonic was soon covering his own. "Come on, bud. Let's get back to bed. It's really late." The blue blur stopped to think. "…Or really early…"

Tails chuckled as he hopped out of the plane. His bro's brain is too fried to even think straight. They really need some sleep. "Don't try too hard."

Sonic playfully glared at him before jumping down from the wing of the Tornado. He staggered a bit and Tails was by his side at once, trying to steady the hero. "Sonic…are you sure you're alright? That beam looked like it really hurt you."

The blue Mobian smiled. "I'm fine, Tails, really!" He stood up tall and walked to the door that connected the garage with the kitchen; he wasn't wobbling. "See? You have nothing to worry about!"

Tails stared for a moment before returning the smile. "Yeah, you're right." Sonic laughed briefly shuffling into the house. The kit followed him through the kitchen and up the stairs, sleepiness catching up with him.

At the junction of their rooms, Tails tiredly waved a single hand. "Goodnight, Sonic."

The blue hedgehog returned the gesture. "Goodnight, Tails." He watched as his little bro disappeared into his room after shutting the door. Letting out a sigh, Sonic opened his own door, enters the bedroom, and closed it behind him. Kicking off his shoes and slipping off his gloves, the tired hero crawled back into the bed and tucked himself in. Now he could get some sleep.

Only if his headache would go away.