Captain Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy stood there, staring at the twenty one people standing there, and Scotty, their leader.

"I thought yah said yah got rid of them!" Scotty snapped, talking to Mariik and Tyyrin.

"I thought we did; McCoy was on the ground balling in pain!" Mariik cried.

"Looks like your plans have failed, Romulan scum!" Captain Kirk beckoned.

"Don't yah talk to my crew like that; I'll blast that pretty boy face right off of yah!" Scotty snarled.

Captain Kirk decided to take this a different approach; he gave a bold smile on his face.

"Why, thank you, Scotty," Captain Kirk beamed.

Dr. McCoy gaped at Captain Kirk.

"That wasn't a complement, yah bumbling little boy!" Scotty shouted.

Captain Kirk and Spock began fighting the twenty one men and the two Romulans that made up the twenty one men. Spock gave the Vulcan nerve pinch to several of the men, while Captain Kirk knocked out several more by his powerful punches to the face. The two Romulans were left, besides Scotty; Captain Kirk and Spock decided to phase them. They went unconscious and crumpled to the ground.

Scotty stared at them, baffled.

As he were about to run off, Dr. McCoy, doing what he knew was the best thing for Scotty, fired his phaser at Scotty. Scotty was stunned and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Captain Kirk and Spock ran to Scotty, and Dr. McCoy followed slowly behind, stepping over the unconscious bodies on the ground.

Spock helped Dr. McCoy get to the ground, then Dr. McCoy examined Scotty.

"Will he be alright, Bones," Captain Kirk questioned, worried.

Dr. McCoy turned around with a small smile.

"He'll be fine, Jim," Dr. McCoy answered, softly.

Captain Kirk nodded.

Dr. McCoy turned back to face Scotty, and grabbed a vaccine out from his tricorder's compartment. He flicked the needle a few times, then injected Scotty with the anecdote to treat his current mental status.

After a few minutes of waiting for something to happen, Scotty fluttered his eyes open and turned to look at Dr. McCoy.

"Dr. McCoy…what are yah doing outta Sickbay?" Scotty questioned, concerned; he knew very well that Dr. McCoy's baby could come at any given day, now.

"Oh, just checking up on you, is all." Dr. McCoy answered, with a kind, southern smile.

Scotty looked up and gaped, when he saw Captain Kirk and Spock standing over him.

"Captain…Mr. Spock…what are yah two doing here?" Scotty questioned, worried.

"Oh, just dropping by and saying hi." Captain Kirk answered.

Scotty sat up, and Dr. McCoy gently rubbed his back. Scotty rose then gladly helped Dr. McCoy up from the ground back to his feet.

"What happened, Captain," Scotty cried.

"What do you think happened, Scotty?" Captain Kirk questioned.

"I don't know, sir; I remember having the weirdest dream that I…I wanted to take over this here's galaxy and dominate every planet in this here's solar system." Scotty gasped.

"Your dream, Mr. Scott, would appear to be more realistic than it may seem to you." Spock answered.

Scotty looked at the three men confused.

Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy smiled, then the four of them walked off to the cafeteria to get something to eat.