This is the rewritten version of my original story "Unexpected", which was published in 2009. It's one my favorite stories I've ever written and recently I started rereading it. I stumble myself for realizing that I'm my own greatest critic. Although I love the story plotline, I was frightened by the vocabulary poverty, mistakes in grammar and phrases construction (English is my second language and I like to think it's continually in development), terrifying short chapters, historical flaws, but above all, it was the lack of psychological depth in the charactersthat scared me the most. So, rewrite, I did.

The story's plot, its essence,remains the same. All I did was, bring more quality to the writing, merge chapters so they are longer and more pleasant to read and give more psychological depth to the characters. I did change details in the story, added some new chapters, to justify better the plot of the storyline, but the essence remains the same. I also followed the advice and wise pinpointing of reviewers about some historical facts I lacked when I first wrote the story. Finally, I changed the title for obvious reasons (you'll figure out while reading it).

If you already read "Unexpected" and decided to read its newest version, I hope you will agree with its changes, which I believe are improvements.

If you are reading this for the first time, enjoy.

In both cases, please, review and let me know what you think. You can also PM me for language/grammar matters, historical inconstancies in the story, suggestions, whatever. As long as it is constructive criticism, aiming for the further improvement of this story.

South Park has, of course, hinted countless times the Second World War with Cartman's anti-Semitism and obsession for Hitler; and with Kyle being the Jew in the sitcom, the hate/obsession's object from our little fat friend. Any Kyman fan would be seduced in fantasizing these two characters during this historical period.

And that's how this story was born.

Kyle and Cartman are 17 years old in the beginning of this story.

Warning: AU –Second World War

M-Rated!Contains coarse language, violent imaginary related to the context of war and sex.

I do not own South Park. I do not own anything. I wish I was that f* genius!

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The day finally came.

The day they had feared for so long.

The Broflovskis were led down the stairs by screaming uniformed men, impatiently pushing them with weapons, ordering them to walk faster. They received less than five minutes to pack their belongings, and while they did it, it was under the constant pressure of shouting soldiers. Kyle had quickly grabbed his violin, the object he cherished the most, while his little brother desperately put some of his favorite toys in his trunk.

They exited the building, and for the first time in many years, breathed fresh air. While the family was guided by the aggressive soldiers, they were greeted by many unfamiliar faces watching them curiously. As they walked to the military truck, Kyle read all kind of looks on the faces of those who had agglomerated in the streets to watch another Jewish family be deported. Looks of fear, looks of anger and disgust, looks of pity and compassion, looks of triumph and arrogance. The young Jew was shocked by how the world and its people had changed so drastically in less than ten years.

His eyes finally found the Marsh family. They stood on their door step, holding each other close, hand in hand, looks of agony and impotence imprinted on their faces. All these years they had helped the Broflovskis. They kept their hiding place secret, brought food and clothes, and made it possible for the four people to live in the small cramped attic above an old shop.

It pained Kyle to watch his best friend's eyes water, while his remained dry. How he wished to call out for his friend, tell him he would be okay, and that everything would be all right. Even if he didn't believe it. But he knew he had to stay silent, and quickly broke eye contact with Stan. The consequences of such actions would be grave.

Kyle was pushed inside the truck. The doors were shut right in front of his face. All source of light disappeared, and the space became darker than night itself. They travelled for what felt like ages and finally arrived at a train station. They were ordered to step outside and join the large mass of people with the yellow Star of David on their coats. It was freezing outside, but the mix of fear and anticipation seemed to drive the cold away. The Broflovskis followed the orders of the angry officers that distributed the Jews throughout the different train wagons. While they walked, Kyle could hear his mother talk softly to Ike, pressing his little body against hers. He felt his father's hand on his shoulder and looked at him. Gerald's gaze was fixed on the screaming officer closest to them, expression one of alarm and concern, making him appear older. The man sensed his oldest son's stare, and met his eyes. His tense appearance softened a bit, while he looked at Kyle sadly, full of love and regret. It was the look of a parent who knows his child's future is condemned.

The mob of Jews was forcibly pushed into the train's compartment. The great sliding door was shut. There were no windows, so they were again covered in darkness. The train started moving and Kyle could not tell if the space was small, or simply packed up with too many people. Bodies were pressed against each other. The cold air was quickly replaced by an unbearably heavy, and sticky heat. The oxygen grew thinner. People were screaming. People were fainting. People were dying.

Kyle closed his eyes. His ears ached from all the screaming. He tried to focus in his mother's soft voice singing a lullaby in his brother's ear. He tried to focus in on the firm grasp of his father's hands round his chest, making him feel safe and protected. In the midst of his fear, Kyle's thoughts ran back to the Marshes. He wondered how they were; he wondered how Stan was feeling. He wondered if they would ever see each other again. It was so hot. The air was heavy, and a nauseating stench filled the compartment. The screams were fading, people were starting to silence. He felt tired, his muscles were weary and aching from standing in the same position for many hours. The exhaustion slowly took over his mind and body. Unwillingly, he fell into a light doze. Kyle completely lost track of time. They traveled toward an unknown destination. Not knowing what awaited them there. Only knowing they were heading to doom.

Kyle suddenly opened his eyes.

The train stopped moving. The disgusting scent of sweat, vomit and urine invaded his nostrils. At the beginning of the journey people had been screaming in fear, but now it was the dread of anticipation that kept them quiet. Unbearable silence rang through the train's compartment. It was the calm before the storm. Kyle could just barely discern men's voices, but couldn't figure out what they were saying. Someone in the compartment murmured, "What's going on." Soft cries were heard in the distance. The silence grew between the passengers as the tension increased.

Suddenly the sliding door was opened. The mass of Jews peered blinkingly into the harsh light of day. Soldiers started grabbing the startled people by the arms, forcing them to exit the compartment quickly, making many fall down onto the dirty ground. Kyle felt the bitter cold hit his body like a wall of ice, and thought he was going to faint. But his indisposition faded quickly as adrenaline pumped into his veins. His eyes searched for his family, but instead, they met a big blur of chaos.

People were being violently dragged out of the train. Soldiers were yelling hysterically, hitting and pushing people out of the way. Jews were screaming in agony and panic as their suitcases were ripped from their hands. A soldier came out from nowhere, and pushed Kyle hard to the side, making him lose his balance and fall on the ground. Kyle watched in horror as the same soldier took his trunk and violin away, and threw them on a pile of suitcases. Kyle got up quickly to retrieve his violin, but another soldier intercepted him. He was grabbed by his arm and violently dragged towards a mass of men. Feeling completely disoriented, Kyle quickly looked around and felt panic grow in his chest. He had lost his family. Suddenly, in the midst of the confusion, he recognized his mother's screaming above all other voices. He followed her desperate yells, ignoring the shoves and collisions with other Jews. Kyle suppressed his own scream when he saw a soldier forcibly attempt to separate his mother from of his father and Ike. He did his best to reach her, pushing people away from his path, wanting to rescue his mother from the horrible soldier. But before he had the chance, a second soldier arrived and the two men succeeded in dragging her away in the opposite direction. Kyle saw tears cascade down his mother's face, while she struggled in vain to free herself, yelling her sons' names desperately. His own vision was blurred by tears, and he was going to run after her, when a strong hand pulled him back. He turned around furious and hurt, expecting to see a Nazi, but was surprised to see his father.

"Kyle, there's nothing we can do!" His father said, pale and devastated. "We have to stick together!" But Kyle could not accept his words, this unfair fate, and tried to free himself from his father to save his mother. Gerald Broflovski pulled his son back a second time and Kyle turned to him, revolted.

"They took mom!" He screamed horrorstruck.

"Listen to me, Kyle!" His father pled while he rested his hands on his son's shoulders. "I think they want to separate women from men."

Kyle looked around, and what he saw bitterly confirmed his father's words. The soldiers were taking all the women away in a different direction. He saw other mothers being separated from their children, lovers divided by soldiers, young and old, with no exceptions.

"Where's Ike?" Kyle shouted in despair.

"He's right here." Gerald Broflovski gestured his hand, and Kyle saw his little brother was staring at him with big eyes from behind their father.

Soon, the group of males was amassed and guided by the commands of German soldiers. While they followed the Nazis, Kyle noticed a strange sickening smell infesting the air. The group was lined up, and one by one had to stand in front of a man in a white lab coat. They had to undress completely, and were quickly examined by the doctor who checked mainly their eyes, mouth and hair. He would say something to the soldier standing next to him and the fate of the Jew would be decided. If he were sent to the left, he was requested to walk to a door, still naked and carrying his own clothes. If he were sent to the right, he received a blue and white stripped uniform.

After the short examination, the three male Broflovskis received a tattoo on their left arm, close to the wrist. Kyle hissed when the needle pricked his skin, and afterwards he read 24551 on it. They also received their own uniform. It was made of very thin material and Kyle felt very cold in it. They walked through an open field. There, they saw hundreds of men in the same uniforms doing hard labor. Kyle looked shocked and swallowed dryly at the sight of what the future had in store for his family. These men were unusually thin, looked weary and defeated as if all of life's luster had been stolen away from them.

They finally reached an area full of long wooden barracks. The soldiers ordered them to enter one of them, while they unnecessarily pushed the males inside. The room was quickly filled up and a tall blond man entered, followed by the two soldiers. Based on the man's distinguishable uniform, and the respectful salutes from the other two soldiers, it was clear that he was a man of power. The blond officer gave the Jews a look of pure hatred and then started reading off instructions with a hard voice:

"Willkommen* in Dachau camp! This will be your home! Barrack D34 is now your residence! It's your responsibility to keep it clean and in order! You will wake up every day at 6.00 a.m., wash yourselves and eat breakfast! At 7.00 a.m you will stand outside for the calling. Then you will receive further instructions for your daily tasks in the camp! You will work till noon and lunch! Then you'll continue working where you left off! You'll work until 07.00 p.m. and then retire to your barrack! You are forbidden to speak while working, you are forbidden to walk around the camp after 09.00 p.m. and you are never to have any belongings! Do I make myself clear?"

The Jews answered in a broken, uniform, "Yes," and the blond officer left the barrack. The soldiers followed him outside and guarded the entrance. There was a moment of silence and anxiety; everyone sharing looks of uncertainty and fear. After a while, Kyle, his father, and his little brother explored the barrack. They found a large room filled with wooden tables and chairs. No doubt it was the common dining room. The following division had several lines of wooden triple bunks. Kyle noticed they were too small for the average man. The mattresses were made of a strange material he was unfamiliar with. The toilets and bathroom were also communal, the compartments way too small for the amount of people living in it.

Kyle laid on one of the beds and his brother went to join him, lying close to his body. Their father sat next to them, and proceeded to stroke his children's hair. They remained like this for what felt like a small eternity, in silence, ignoring the sounds of anguished mourning or exasperated anger that surrounded them. Kyle closed his eyes. He wanted to forget where he was. He just wanted to feel the warmth coming from his little brother's body, and sense the comforting touch of this father's fingers in his hair. He wondered where his mother was, how she was, if he would ever see her again, and if any of them would get out of this place alive. Hot tears escaped his eyes as he stumbled upon the realization that this was Hell.


*Willkommen = (German) Welkom

I visited camp Vught in Hollandin 2009. It's the only camp I've ever visited. It was a labor/transit camp. Dutch Jews were brought to Vughtfor a temporary stay and then they would be transferred to another camp in Germany or Poland. Compared to other camps, Vucht was a rather "nice" camp, but life was already horrible enough…

Camps were an essential part of the Nazi's systematic oppression and mass murder of: Jews, political adversaries, and others considered socially and racially undesirable (members of the resistance, mental/physical disable citizens, Gipsy, homosexuals).

There were several types of camps: concentration camps, forced labor camps, extermination or death camps, transit camps, and prisoner-of-war camps (soldiers from the Allies troops, rebels, and members of the resistance). The living conditions of all camps were the camp all these groups were referred as "prisoners."

Dachau camp really existed. It was one of the first Nazi concentration camps, opened in March 1933, and at first interned only known political opponents of the Nazis: Communists, Social Democrats, and others who had been condemned in a court of law. Gradually, a more diverse group was imprisoned, including Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies, dissenting clergy, homosexuals, as well as others who were denounced for making critical remarks about the Nazis.

This camp served as a model for all later concentration camps and as a "school of violence" for the SS-Officers. In the twelve years of its existence over 200.000 people from all over Europe (over 30 countries) were imprisoned here. More than 43.000 died of disease, malnutrition and suicide. Itwas only shut down with the American and British liberation in 1945.