My To-Do List


By: Chibi-Suiko

Summary: In Misty's POV, a one-day-long list of important things to do. A kind of humorous AAML, but not exactly.

Type: AAML, general

Disclaimer: I'm not much for this but... What do you think?! Do I sound rich to you?!... I wish...


I sat at my desk yawning, as it was seven in the morning. I had been getting less and less sleep because I've been so unorganized lately. Now I've made the decision to create a to-do list.

The trick is to make it simple but discrete. I can't be running around all over the place because my friends Ash ( He may be a little more than a friend **blush**) and Brock. I think that they've been getting very agitated with me, so much that they might just kick me out of the group. I can't take that! I could never live without---

Whoa, hold it. I think I'll just stop right there. I am NOT the mushy, lovey, dovey type. I'll just calm down, let the bright red 'make-up' from the thought of his name wash off my face and get to business.

Now, let's get started:


Misty Waterflower's one day To-Do-List:

1. Wash my pokemon, feed them

2. Yell at Ash for getting us lost in the woods ( This is standard procedure).

3. Help create a slop of a mess for lunch ( or maybe just offer to grab firewood).

4. Hit Ash over the head for being so dense.

5. Allow my pokemon a rest.

6. Around sunset, help set up camp.

7. Literally push Ash into the woods to get some side dish berries.


By now, I am dozing off and my brain is doing all of the work of my early morning creation without me.

I take another look at my work and find '8' occupations for the day. What is number eight you ask? I blush brightly at the handiwork I unconsciously put on my paper.


*8. Kiss raven-headed, dense-as-a-hammer companion to lower blood pressure and mention how I worship him day by day and how much I've been hiding until he realizes that he feels the same so that we can clear up the overly-used 'Bike Excuse' and admit to everyone that they were right in thinking we should be together…


I stare, transfixed at my work. I'm about ready to either rip my paper to shreds *or* maybe I'll just follow through with it. I rub my temple because it's throbbing from the profound confusion.

This is too much. I pick up a black pen and cross out the last job with such a frustrated growl that I can hardly remember what was there myself.  My brow is furrowed in concentration as I make sure that no human, pokemon, or any other living organism can read it. I blush a bright red once more and think, I'll just save this one for tomorrow...

The next day, I remade the list, and I must say... It was the perfect sunset.


A/N: Well, that was cute. I spent quite a while thinking this one up. Please tell me what you think. REVIEW!!! ( I'm desperate)... [^_^]