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Percy's POV

Well after traveling by sea for the past 12 hours, we finally made it to Delos. The whole sail across the waters was uneventful in all honesty. Which was a relief to me, but at the same time, it was also just yet another little thing that scared me. True, Chrysaor and Antaeus both did confirm to us that they were the ones being hunted by agents sent by Kronos to kill them for failing him and that didn't quite necessarily mean Artemis, Clarisse, Zoe and I were to, that didn't change the fact that as long as we were on this quest, we were practically marking ourselves as targets for Kronos' agents to kill. The fact that we haven't encountered any yet means that Kronos' agents might just be as bad at hunting as Chrysaor and Antaeus had proclaimed, or maybe he's already expecting the four of us to come to him. I've been keeping all of this to myself, and I really wish I would stop, because I keep feeling like I'm gonna throw up. And for once, it's not the cancer speaking I'm referring to right now. I really hated keeping things like this to myself. It made me wish a lot more than ever that my mom was still alive and here with me. She was just simply one of those people that would listen to anything anyone would have to say and not judge you for it. Almost like a priest when you go to church, at least from what I've heard, I don't really know because mom and I have never gone to church, my mom was just the person who wanted to be around to hear you out and help relieve a burden off your shoulders. It's not that I didn't think Artemis, Clarisse, or Zoe would understand or would be able to understand, it's just that they've all had enough pressure and trouble from this quest as it is, and I just didn't want them to worry any more than what they already are.

Anyways, back to describing the sails. As I said, it was uneventful. It was basically just me sailing the ship and the girls getting some rest, checking out the books I bought to see if they pick up anything that might actually be useful, or just simply enjoying the sweet smell of the sea's breeze. And as for me, I've just been sailing the ship to our destination. All four of us were pretty amazed as to how well I was able to sail the ship with no trouble whatsoever and of how I seemed to know exactly where to go, especially with how I've never really done any of this before or traveled to Delos before. The only thing that I could figure was I was able to naturally learn and work at ease with it since we were traveling by sea and I was the son of Poseidon. Artemis, Clarisse, and Zoe all tried to help every once in a while, but with how it wasn't naturally coming to them like how it apparently was to me, they really didn't have any idea of what the hell they were doing. I sometimes thought they'd probably be able to get at it if I had them watch Pirates Of The Caribbean. I really liked those movies. Well, at least I liked the first three movies "Curse Of The Black Pearl", "Dead Man's Chest", and "At World's End". The fourth one "On Stranger's Tide", I didn't hate the movie, but I honestly thought it really didn't contribute to the franchise as well as or quite like how the other three movies did. I kinda thought that the fourth movie was kinda a desperate act to try and keep the franchise going. Right now, I'm just wondering when there's gonna be a fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie. (Remember, I'm trying to write this story as if it were still 2015.) The reason why I'm expecting a fifth movie is because after the credits of the fourth movie, it shows us Angelica (Penelope Cruz) still stuck on the island that Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) left her at, and the voodoo doll of Jack ends up washing up on the island she's stuck on. If that doesn't indicate the making of a fifth movie, I don't know what does. But on a positive note, it was nice to be able to see how the landscapes we traveled around looked in the distance. It was beautiful.

"Hey girls, we're here." I called out to them.

They all came up and saw the we had indeed finally arrived at Delos. They seemed really relieved to not have to put up with anymore sailing for a little while. Hey, at least it's hell of a lot better than having to travel in a car for hours. That's a real pain in the ass. And at least no one here gets sea sick at all.

"This is Delos?" Clarisse asked.

"Indeed it is." Artemis confirmed.

"It's a little different than what I was expecting." Zoe commented.

"It's an ancient city. There's not really much of anything to really expect here." Artemis threw in.

"It looks like there's no one around." I said as I was landed the ship on the shores of the island.

"Aside from my mother in secrecy, no one really ever lives here anymore. People that you do end up seeing here are just tourists looking to explore and study the ruins of the place." Artemis said.

"Well in that case, we should be able to know who Leto is the very moment we find her." I said as we left the ship and began our search.

"Hopefully." Artemis sighed.

"Something wrong Artemis?" I asked.

"Well, my mother and I haven't really seen each other in years, and I'm just worried as to how much things might've truly changed between her and I." Artemis said.

I have to admit, I personally thought it was kinda funny, a goddess afraid of where her relationship with her mother stands at. Probably because it seemed a very least likely thing that a goddess would ever worry about, at least compared to other things that a goddess would probably worry about. But I didn't show any signs of laughing or amusement on my face. I wasn't going to try to make the goddess I love seem like a joke.

"Don't worry, Clarisse, Zoe, and I are here." I said, taking her hand.

Artemis looked down at our entangled hands and then back up to me. She gave me a small smile. It seamed like was also a sad smile. It was mostly just silence from there on. And as we pressed on, I slowly started to see exactly what Artemis was talking about. This place might actually still be standing and on the earth, but it was indeed pretty old and looked kinda in ruins, definitely not much to really expect. But it was still a pretty impressive sight. I was amazed as to how this was all here. There were quite a number of columns and monuments. There were also a lot of statues of lions. They didn't look like they were statues of Nemean lions or anything, just statues of ordinary lions. I guess the lion was a sacred animal or symbol to this city back then. Another thing the place had was a platform floor that had the faces of the Olympian gods, which I thought was very impressive. The place also had statues of the Olympians and their symbols, though they were all pretty old and cracked up looking. They looked like they were all slowly falling apart.

"The architecture is relatively in good condition, considering all things like old age and the effects of time and everything." I commented.

"You should've been here to see it in the old days." Artemis said.

Just then, we all came to a halt at the sight on our side that there was a tanned woman with dark brown hair that went down to the small of her back, in a white silky dress, sitting on the ground, painting a picture. She had her back towards us, so we couldn't see who it was, even though I'm pretty sure it was obvious who it was. She was sitting on a picnic blanket on a plain of grass, painting what looked like the light of the sun shining down of the parts of the city that she was currently facing. We all slowly made our way towards her.

"Don't be so nervous Clarisse." Zoe suddenly said.

"I'm not nervous. I'm just a little tired from this whole quest." Clarisse countered.

We came up to her and made sure to keep some distance between her and us, just in case things ended up getting ugly somehow.

"Good morning." I offered her.

She didn't turn around to face us. She just stopped with her painting, held her paintbrush in place, and just let out what sounded like an irritated sigh before speaking.

"More tourists, great. Just what this place needs. Just whatever you do, don't touch anything. This place is falling apart enough as it is." The woman said in a lazy and bored voice as she went straight back at her painting.

Well, it wasn't really the kind of reaction I was expecting to get, but I guess it's better than anything else I could've gotten from her.

"Mother." Artemis suddenly said with determination, and a small ounce of nervousness in her voice, and stepped forward so she was a little closer to her.

The woman again suddenly stopped with her painting and this time, turned around to look at us. She had a dark shade of hazel eyes. She looked shocked at our direction.

"Artemis, is that you?" The woman who was now confirmed to be Leto, asked in shock and all of a sudden, excited and perked up.

"Yes mother, it's me." Artemis said.

"Awww, my beautiful little Arty has come home." Leto said as she got up brought Artemis in for a tight embrace.

"Mother, I've told you a million times not to call me that." Artemis complained.

"Oh Arty, you still haven't just accepted the fact that no matter how big you get, you're still gonna be mommy's little girl in my eyes." Leto said as she finally released Artemis from her tight embrace.

I gotta say, I'm not sure if Arty was really a good nickname for Artemis, regardless of it simply just being an easy way of saying her name. But I couldn't help but feel the inside of me laugh again at this. Clarisse and Zoe seemed to be on a somewhat similar page as me. It was after a few seconds that Leto finally seemed to notice that Artemis didn't come here alone.

"And I see you've brought some company with you. I recognize your lieutenant Zoe here, you've told me so much about her. But who are the other two companions of yours?" Leto asked.

"Um . . . This is Clarisse, daughter of Ares. And this is Percy, son of Poseidon." Artemis answered.

"A daughter of Ares and a son of Poseidon. Interesting travel companions you have for yourself." Leto commented.

"Well, Fate does tend to enjoy throwing quite a number of twists and turns here and there." I said.

"Anyways mother, there's a problem that we're facing with right now." Artemis began to explain.

"You got that right. You and your brother are hardly ever around to spend any time with your mother anymore." Leto said in a bit of a hurt voice.

"Um, no mother, I mean . . ." Artemis tried to say before she was interrupted.

"I mean, you and your brother have just been hanging around Olympus so much ever since you became Olympians that you rarely ever visit anymore. You two don't even ever come over for Mother's Day. I don't get any presents or cards. You don't ever come around to celebrate any holidays with me anymore." Leto began to lecture.

"Mother . . ." Artemis tried to start again, only to be interrupted by Leto again.

"And every time you actually ever do come over, it's just to ask for help. You can never even have the decency to say hi, give your mother a hug or kiss. It's just to ask for help from your mother one way or another. And Apollo never tries to bring any of his half-blood or immortal kids around for me to meet. I mean what kind of son does something as awful as deny his mother the privilege of meeting her grandchildren?" Leto continued to lecture.

"Mother . . ." Artemis repeated, trying to get this lecture to stop, only to be interrupted yet again by Leto.

"And for that matter, why can't you ever just bring the Hunt of yours over for just some family bonding time? I mean, is it really that hard to just simply introduce your hunters to your mother? I mean - " Leto went on until Artemis finally stopped her.

"Mother!" Artemis snapped, getting Leto to stop lecturing to her about how she doesn't appreciate Artemis forgetting about her a lot.

"Well, I see that you're just as reckless as you ever were when you were little." Leto commented while crossing her arms.

"Mother, we need your help." Artemis said.

"Of course you do. It's all you ever really need from me anymore." Leto commented.

Artemis looked like she wanted to retort back, but I placed a hand on her shoulder to try and clam her down, it only worked a little.

"Alright then Arty. What's going on now that's apparently so important that it brings you to the mother of yours who you forget so much?" Leto said with a roll of her eyes.

Again, Artemis looked like she was about to snap. I thought this was probably a good time for me to step in.

"Well Lady Leto, she's helping me with a quest I was sent to go on after Poseidon claimed me. As for Zoe and Clarisse, I chose them to be my companions. Anyways, we've just discovered that this quest is a lot more serious than we'd originally thought. We just found out that Father Time is returning and that he's gathering an army to take on and destroy Olympus and the Olympians. And we also figured out that he's planning to reclaim Atlantis when the city or the capital of the entire empire rises again so that he can regain what he lost years ago and use it to destroy the Olympians once and for all. And not only are we under a lot of pressure on trying to find a way to stop him, but we really have no idea where to go from here or where Atlantis is going to rise again at. We were hoping that since you're a titaness, you'd might be able to help us." I explained.

"Very cute, how you help my daughter like that. It's almost as if you two were together." Leto commented with a teasing smirk.

I just remained silent after that. Though I guess the same couldn't be said for Artemis.

"Arty, is that just a sunburn on your cheeks, or are you blushing?" Leto teased.

Artemis didn't say anything. I looked back at her and saw that she actually was indeed blushing. She was even trying to look at anything or anyone but her mother.

"OMC! (Oh my Chaos!) You two actually have a thing going on. This is wonderful! My daughter, the man hating goddess has finally started to get some love in her immortal life." Leto squealed.

"Mother!" Artemis complained.

"Back to the subject at hand. We need your help. We know that Father Time plans to regain complete control over Atlantis when it rises above land again on September 2nd, we just don't know how he plans to do that, especially with as far as we know, there aren't any Atlanteans left alive. And as of right now, he's also gathering many packs of monsters to fight for him to destroy Olympus. We need to find out how to stop this before it's too late." Clarisse decided to join in.

"Oh alright, fine. I'll help you guys. But not out here. You never know who might be listening or what kind of spies Uncle Kronos has in his service. Come with me." Leto said, picking up her paint stuff and began heading off.

We followed her until she led us into one of the entrances of the monuments built here. When we got in, I honestly wasn't expecting much. But instead, it seemed like a Delos edition of an art collection or painting exhibit. There were so many painting of different parts of during different times of the day in Delos.

"Wow." I said in awe as I looked around the paintings.

"Did you do all of these paintings, Lady Leto?" Zoe asked, speaking for the first time to Leto.

"Indeed I did. I love to compare Delos to how it looks now from how it did before. So I do paintings of the place every year to compare and contrast the changes and similarities of the years. It's pretty much the only thing I'm left to do with how the kids don't ever seem to truly need me anymore." Leto commented with the last part containing a hint of sadness in it.

Artemis just quietly sighed and rubbed her hand on her face.

"But I do love the art I make. It seems to kill time and help me take my mind off things." Leto added.

"Well, they're all really good." I offered.

"Thank you." Leto said.

We then headed to another room until we stumbled upon what seemed to be a dining area. It seemed to be a kitchen and a bit of a library to. Interesting set up the titaness has for herself.

"Help yourselves to some fruit and water, if you'd like." Leto offered, taking a seat at the dining table, which had a basket of fruit and a pouring glass of water.

"Mother, we really need your help." Artemis said.

"Yes Arty, I caught that already." Leto replied.

Just by the stern look she had, I could tell Artemis was getting sick of the nickname.

"Lady Leto, we need to ask a few questions." Zoe started.

"I'm all ears." Leto simply replied.

"Well, the first question is, do you know where exactly Atlantis will be rising again?" Zoe asked.

"I wouldn't necessarily say I do for sure. Though if I were to venture a guess and judging of how well I know Uncle Kronos, I'd say it'd be where the city originally began, in the North Atlantic Ocean, between and off the west coast of Portugal and Morocco." Leto answered.

"That's where the city first started?" Clarisse asked.

"Everything's gotta have a beginning somewhere." Leto simply commented.

"And just how exactly does Father Time intend to gain control over the city again? For him to do so, he needs an Atlantean. Which is impossible for him to find because the Atlanteans are all dead." Artemis threw in.

"Not quite entirely. As long as the city itself still exists, the legacy of the Atlanteans is never truly dead. And I'm afraid that Uncle Kronos is far more cunning than you might think." Leto replied.

"Mother, this doesn't make any sense." Artemis said.

"Arty, how do you think Uncle Kronos is able to gather an army of monsters to fight for him while he's still locked away? He may be locked away in Tartarus, but he's not locked away completely. He's also here on earth." Leto said.

"WH – WHAT!?" Artemis gasped.

"How can he be here on earth if he's still locked away in Tartarus? That doesn't make any sense. How can he be in two places at once?" Clarisse asked.

"Perhaps it's about time you learned some things about the destruction of Atlantis. Starting with how the war started and what exactly caused it in the first place." Leto said and then snapped her fingers, and a book from her book shelf floated towards the table and then opened while still floating in front of us all.

It was in ancient Greek, so that made it easy for us to read.

"To know more about possible outcomes of your future, you must first know the past." Leto started.

'Oh boy.' I thought to myself.

"In the beginning, the city of Atlantis was nothing more but a peaceful and just city. It started off as a city that was originally meant to be free of all violence and evil. All people, faiths, and cultures were welcomed into the city, including many species of animals. There were no warriors living amongst them or wars that raged on the lands at all, for the Atlanteans had no reasons to be a part of war." Leto started, and call me crazy, but I felt like I was having some sort of a TV marathon going in my head from reading this book and Leto sharing this story with us, like as if I was watching the whole thing happen right in front of me as if I was there.

"But that was before the evil of the titans began to descend upon them. The Atlanteans were also into mining and digging riches from beneath the earth to share and donate to the people and cities who lived away from them. For the Atlanteans thrived in trying to make the earth a better place for all. They were led by their king, Theocrat. He was a great leader among the Atlanteans, and he dedicated his life into spreading the goodwill of Atlantis to all. But he and his people had gotten too carried away and determined by this goal, that they had made a huge mistake. They had eventually delved too deep within the earth. They had accidentally created the first breach between the barriers between earth and Tartarus." Leto explained.

"Woah, wait a minute. The first breach? You mean all the gateways the lie between our world and the monsters? Those weren't always around? They were accidentally created by the Atlanteans?" Clarisse asked.

"Indeed. You see, when Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had overthrown their father during the titan war, they had made sure to banish him and the rest of the titans and all the monsters they deemed that deserved to be banished just like the titans. Only the monsters that proved that they could be trusted to let be free were allowed to remain on earth. They had also made sure to make sure that the only way in and out of Tartarus was through their will. But once the Atlanteans had accidentally created the first breach, their will to control people getting in and getting out of Tartarus was destroyed. In doing so, once this breach was found, monsters had used it to their advantage and escaped. Though the first breach was only big enough for the lesser monsters. The stronger and greater ones weren't able to escape just yet. So once the lesser ones got out, they started to make even more breaches and called forth even more monsters onto the earth. The more breaches they made and the weaker the barrier between earth and Tartarus got, the more even greater and more powerful monsters began to escape. And that was when the Atlanteans were forced to become a part of war and live to fight evil." Leto explained.

"I can only imagine how rough that was for them." Zoe commented.

"Out of all the Atlanteans, the one who proved to be the best fighter of them all, was a man named Arkantos. It was this strong man who took it upon himself to lead his people into whatever battle the Atlanteans were needed to fight at. As the years went by and as the Atlanteans worked so hard to make sure they made up for their mistake, it seemed that the fighting would never end. For every battle the Atlanteans won, the monsters would eventually come back again. Each time, proving to be much stronger than the last time. Eventually with their increase in strength and power, also came an increase in intelligence and wisdom. The monsters had begun to spread the battles and wars further out of the city and into other lands. This proved to be a major flaw for the Atlanteans, for they were playing into the monster's hands. King Theocrat had even sent Arkantos and many of his other best champions to counter their assaults on other lands, which ended up making the city itself sacrifice most of its defenses. Eventually the wars outside the city were won by the Atlanteans, but they unfortunately weren't fast enough. For they were already too late, for they had lost their king." Leto explained.

"What happened to him?" I asked.

"He and his remaining people in the city were ambushed by monsters. All of his people there were either taken as prisoners or killed. As for King Theocrat, the monsters that captured him had other plans for him. Or rather, the titan that had been commanding all of the monsters from Tartarus had plans for him." Leto explained.

"Father Time." Artemis said.

"Yes. Uncle Kronos intended to use King Theocrat for another purpose. He was going to use King Theocrat as a host body so that he could command his forces in a physical form." Leto explained.

"How was he going to do that?' I asked.

"You are all familiar with the story of how Uncle Kronos devoured his first five children and was going to do the same for the last one, and how Aunt Rhea and Grandma Gaia were able to save him before it was too late, right?" Leto asked.

"Yeah." Artemis, Clarisse, Zoe, and I answered.

"Well, what you probably don't know is that a rock sculpture of the infant Zeus wasn't enough. Uncle Kronos was too cunning for that. Aunt Rhea and Grandma Gaia needed to make sure that they had something of power to go along with the rock sculpture to make Uncle Kronos believe it was the infant he devoured. Immortals can sense other life forces, or in the cases of some beings, energy signals. The rock sculpture needed a source of life or energy to it if Uncle Kronos was to not suspect anything. And luckily for Aunt Rhea, Grandma Gaia had provided for her the answer in just the right nick of time. Grandma Gaia had given Aunt Rhea an Omphalos Stone." Leto explained.

"An Omphalos Stone? Gaia actually granted Rhea one of those?" Clarisse asked shocked, sharing the shock that the rest of the three of us had.

"Yes, she did. And that was what Uncle Kronos had devoured instead of his last child. With how he had never sensed the presence of Zeus before at the time, there wasn't any reason for Uncle Kronos to think it was something or someone other than his final child. And when Uncle Kronos had been tricked by Zeus to vomit out all of his other children, the Omphalos Stone was also vomited out. But with how Uncle Kronos had devoured it, the stone had become a part of him in a way. With how long it lied within him for the long time it stayed inside of him, it had eventually binded itself into a part of his existence. Uncle Kronos knew this, which is why he kept the Omphalos Stone with him. Which ended up being the best decision for him, especially with how he knew he was gonna be overthrown by his own children. Because even though his body was destroyed by his sons when he was banished into Tartarus, the Omphalos Stone he devoured still lived on and it stilled carried the essence of Uncle Kronos within it. And that was what the monsters did to King Theocrat. They sliced his body open, deep enough to get inside of his body but made sure not deep enough for him to terribly bleed out and die, and forced the Omphalos Stone inside his body. And in doing so, the king of Atlantis was no more, and the essence of Uncle Kronos had finally found himself a host outside of Tartarus." Leto explained.

"And this eventually lead to some of the Atlanteans and even dad going bad, I assume?" I asked, almost dreading the possible answer I was about to get.

I also found it weird of how she was addressing Kronos as her uncle, Rhea her aunt, and Gaia her grandmother. I mean, I knew that who those three were to her, family wise, but still. I guess Leto was just strongly into family.

"Uncle Kronos is a master of many thing that are evil. Including things like temptation, deception, lies, and corruption. No one can truly ever resist his temptations, not even the strongest of us. Needless to say, Arkantos was shocked to when he learned of this news and ushered all the remaining Atlanteans to return back to Atlantis to end this madness before it got any worse. Uncle Kronos had achieved a great victory by using the king of Atlantis as his host, but his victory wouldn't be truly complete until the remaining Atlanteans, the ones who remained pure of heart, were dealt with, and until his true physical form was released from Tartarus. Once that would be done, he would no longer have any need for the body of King Theocrat, and Uncle Kronos would truly escape Tartarus and return to our world to extract his revenge. Arkantos knew this from the warnings he was getting from the other Olympians. And that he had to stop Uncle Kronos before he succeeded in his plots. When he returned home, his forces distracted the corrupted Atlanteans while he channeled all the power he could to try and stop Uncle Kronos. But the corrupted Atlanteans had become so strong that he and his warriors hardly stood a chance anymore. And the monsters they had to fight with to didn't really make it any easier. So when all hope seemed lost, Arkantos saw only one chance was left if Uncle Kronos was to never return. The city and the entire island had to be destroyed. He prayed to Zeus to help him. And Zeus granted Arkantos a weapon of great and ultimate power. So using the last of his will and strength, along with the weapon that was given to him by Zeus, he destroyed the entire island, including everyone and everything on it. Or so it had seemed at first." Leto explained.

"Father Time survived, didn't he?" Clarisse stated.

"Yes. Though Uncle Kronos had lost his host and his chances of truly escaping Tartarus at the time, it wasn't a complete lose for him. For he had already gathered enough of King Theocrat's life energy to be able to keep his essence on earth. Atlantis may have been destroyed, but Uncle Kronos and all of the breaches that were made by the Atlanteans and monsters still lived on. And through his will, Uncle Kronos used the breaches to call forth many monsters and even some Atlanteans he had kept as prisoners. He corrupted them all and turned them into his slaves and that was when the reign and beginning of the Atlantean empire began. As I'm sure you all know, eventually Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades came in and stopped them. But with how powerful their enemies had all become and with how ruthless they were through how they were able to discover many great and terrible powers of both gods and titans alike, the Atlanteans proved to be a new force of terrible evil." Leto explained.

"And yet even though they did destroy all of the Atlanteans, they failed to make sure they destroyed Kronos." Clarisse commented.

"With how Uncle Kronos had nothing more but the essence of his existence to challenge his sons with at the time, he had no choice but to dwell within the shadows. Ever since then, he's been biding his strength and time for the day that he has been secretly preparing for, for so many years." Leto explained.

"You mean you knew about this and never told anyone, not even my father?" Artemis asked shocked.

"I would've, but your father, my cousin Zeus doesn't really trust titanesses as much as he used to, so the chances that he'd ever believe me weren't really too great unfortunately." Leto answered.

"So wait a minute. Through the fact that the king of Atlantis was forced to be Kronos' host, doesn't that technically mean that he's already the king of Atlantis and he already possesses the power of that city?" I asked, hoping I wouldn't get the answer I was very afraid of.

"Not quite fully. Through the fact that Uncle Kronos made King Theocrat his host does grant him some authority. But the catch is that King Theocrat was never truly or fully killed by Uncle Kronos, only forced to be Uncle Kronos' host. Uncle Kronos couldn't risk letting King Theocrat die until his true physical form had finally escaped from Tartarus, otherwise, he'd lose his only chance to regain his true power and also truly gain the power of Atlantis. With how old and powerful Uncle Kronos' true form is, getting such a thing out of Tartarus is no easy task. He required the sacrifice of a life and energy of a very powerful warrior, mortal or immortal. And King Theocrat was the only chance he had at the time. Aside from the Olympians, which would've been near impossible for Uncle Kronos to use for this task on the account that he didn't have a servant strong enough to get him an Olympian, no one, not even Arkantos, was strong enough to meet Uncle Kronos' requirements. And that chance Arkantos took from him when he destroy the entire island, because despite how his essence survived, King Theocrat was killed in the process before Uncle Kronos' true form could return. So because of that, Uncle Kronos never fully did and still doesn't fully have the title as king of Atlantis yet." Leto answered.

"So before he can fully control Atlantis, he needs to return completely? Is that what he's planning?" Zoe asked.

"I don't know how he'll be able to do it or if he even can altogether really. But if he truly is after the city's complete control again, then that means there's something to his plan we're still missing, which is a very grim fact. No matter what, it's important that he doesn't succeed." Leto answered as she snapped her fingers and had the book placed back to where it floated from.

"Um . . . Lady Leto, is there a chance that there might be a god that's helping Father Time out to?" I asked nervously.

"That I cannot answer either. Only time will be able to reveal that to us." Leto answered.

Not really the answer I was hoping for, but it wasn't the answer I was hoping to not hear to. So I guess it was alright to have something instead of nothing.

"We should probably get going then. We need to find a way to stop him before it's too late." Artemis said getting up.

"Why rush Arty? You still have five days until Atlantis rises again." Leto said.

"Mother, he needs to be stopped. The sooner, the better." Artemis argued.

"I agree, but you all look tired and I think that you could all use a break from all that sailing. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to try and come up with a plan or two for your adventure. Stay here and get some rest. You can start your journey again when you've rested." Leto offered.

"Mother." Artemis groaned.

"Maybe a little rest wouldn't hurt. We'll most likely be looking at another 44 to 48-hour sails to North Atlantic from here. We can rest here today and head off tomorrow morning. We'll still have at least two days before September 2nd." I offered.

"You see, the son of Poseidon knows exactly what he's talking about. Come on Arty. Stay home for once and spend some time with your mother. This could end up being your only chance." Leto added.

Artemis really didn't want to. I could tell easily that she wanted to just continue the quest and get it over with. I couldn't blame her. But as I said, we'd still have some time left. And we already know that Kronos most likely won't be launching any armies against Olympus until Atlantis is completely his and his alone.

"I guess." Artemis sighed, finally yet reluctantly giving in.

"Glad to hear it. We have a lot of catching up on to do young lady, especially with how I'm having another grandchild." Leto said.

"Wh – What?" Artemis stuttered.

"Oh come on Arty, you can't hide it for me. I'm the titan goddess of motherhood, in case you've forgotten. I know you're with a child. I know a pregnant woman when I see one. Plus, I am your mother after all. It's not really that hard for me to figure out." Leto commented.

"Oh boy." Artemis muttered to herself.

"Now I finally have a reason to bring out all of your baby stuff Arty, so you have stuff to give to your child. And we'll apparently need to make sure we're prepared for other muffins you get in your oven." Leto said smirking.

"MOTHER!" Artemis exclaimed, which caused Leto to laugh at her daughter's expression.

Poor Artemis, being stuck with a typical mother, that's all that needs to be said this moment.

I hope you all liked. I had to think a little extra on the story behind all of this to make it made as much sense as it could. I was also trying to go for a little comedy between Artemis and Leto here. I thought it'd be kinda funny if Leto was a woman who was disappointed in their children for not seeing her much anymore. Hope it was a great chapter to you all, and I'll update again whenever I can. And be sure to give a big thank you to my new beta writer Vartron.