Hey guys, so just a disclaimer. This story is reconstructed for the fifth time probably; I lost count at this point. But, I am really proud of this new version. The characters are more relatable in their own ways and the story line is much clearer. Also, character developments are more constructed. So, please support this new version.

Another thing, if you're expecting a cheesy predictable story. This story is not it, chief. There's a lot of twist and turns so buckle up and get ready for a crazy ride.

Chapter 1

It's a beautiful spring morning in Kaijo, a small city in Japan. This morning, a young man of the age of 21 prepared himself for the day. It's a daily routine he has become very comfortable and accustomed to. A life one can easily presume to be perfect, judging from the large, expensively groomed apartment he lived in. Indeed, it is a life filled with no worries. However, even the prettiest of roses bear thorns.

"Jay, baby we have to go." He shuffled on his Doc Marten sneakers. "Jaron, come on!"

Stood by the door of his lavish apartment early that morning, Kyuubi Uzumaki looked past the adjacent living room and kitchen, both spacious areas visible from the apartment's door. The two rooms are designed in one large space, differentiated by the change of the grey carpeted floors of the living room and the warm tone of mahogany flooring at the start of the kitchen. Through the living room led to an entry way, which led to a short hall where the three bedrooms and one bathroom were situated.

From the short hall, a young boy dashed and quickly rounded the corner through the cozy living room to meet his mother by the door. The five year old looked up with bright brown eyes and a gleeful smile. "Ready!" He chimed excitedly.

Jaron Uzumaki looked handsome in his school uniform, a white buttoned up shirt with khakis pants and a maroon blazer that was left unbuttoned to showcase his matching maroon vest. His long black hair that reached the middle of his back fell over his shoulders with a white headband used to keep his long bangs from his face. For a boy, he resembled a girl, a trait he undoubtedly inherited from his mother. He had full pink lips like his mother with fair skin and high cheekbones, attributes earned from his father's genetics.

Kyuubi glanced over his son, making sure the boy looked good and had everything he needed for school. When he's satisfied, he grabbed his denim jacket from the coat rack stationed by the door. "Alright, let's go." He held the door open for his son who eagerly ran out with a soft giggle. Outside himself, Kyuubi's voice suddenly boomed with ferocity. "Naruto, get up! You're going to school today!" The warning was clear in his tone, enough to make the sleeping teenager within one of the bedrooms stir with annoyance.

The walk to the bus stop was short. Five minutes on a good stride. Kyuubi held his son's hand tightly and was silent as he gazed down the pavement. He politely greeted familiar neighbors he often encountered. Some were polite enough to greet him back. Others merely nodded while their eyes harshly conveyed their cruel judgments and discerning thoughts.

It has been decades since the shocking revelation that some men were able to bear children. Nature is always changing and evolving. In some countries, this new phenomena over the course of years have been accepted as the norm. In more traditional countries, many still struggled to understand and accept the change. Those people made that very clear. It also didn't help that these special individuals were easily recognized. For although boys, they bore soft features similar to that of women. However, the thing that many people looked past or rather, refused to accept is that, at the end of the day, they were still men, still humans deserving of respect.

While many born special have a hard time accepting their identity, coping with their prominent differences from that of other males, Kyuubi was loved and protected by his parents when they were still alive. He was lucky to have their support. He was never exposed to any form of mistreatment. It also helped that he was born into a life of riches. That is why it was always genuinely easy for him to look past the harsh glares. Now as an adult, he didn't have any reason to be bothered.

The only reason he lived happily in this life, the reason why he pushed on, was walking right beside him. The reason he smiled every day, the reason for his perseverance. His son was the light in his nonetheless unambitious life.

As if a mind reader, Jay gazed up suddenly and welcomed the gentle eyes of his mother. He instantly grinned widely. "Mommy, you're so pretty." Referring to his mother's lengthy naturally red colored hair that curtained down to his small waist, big gentle emerald green eyes and tan skin. His mother was indeed a beauty with natural curves and long legs.

Kyuubi chuckled at the compliment. "Thank you." He didn't mind the slight jab at his masculinity.



"How come you're pretty like a girl?" Yesterday, the five year old asked the same question.

Kyuubi opened his mouth to speak his rehearsed response. That's just how I look. He decided otherwise and instead explained in a calming voice. "There are girls and then there are boys. But there are some boys like myself, who have features similar to girls and can have children like girls can. But, that doesn't make them any less of boy. We are just different… unique."

Jaron nodded his head in full comprehension. For a boy his age, he was quite intelligent, a trait his mother noted he had inherited from his father. He often got one of the best if not the best results on his class assignments which often came with encouraging praises from his teachers. Great accomplishments that came natural to the boy with little to no effort.

Jay was silent for a while until he asked suddenly. "Is that why you're both my mommy and daddy?"

Kyuubi tilted his head, confused by the question. "What do you mean?"

"All the kids in my class have both a mommy and a daddy but I only have one."

The question gripped Kyuubi by the heart and threatened to shatter it. He opened and closed his mouth like a fish out of water, rendered speechless. He had rehearsed a response for the day he would be asked the dreadful question. He knew their unusual circumstance would peak his son's curiosity sooner or later. Now that sooner had finally arrived, he stood at a loss for words. Just as he was about to formulate a bizarre answer he hoped a five year old would accept easily, the long white city bus screeched to a halt before them. He exhaled in relief.

They boarded the bus and the morning rush was as prominent as ever. Today, they were unlucky and not a single seat was available. Kyuubi stood by the front, his right hand held on tightly to the rail above him while his left hand held his son securely to his body. The bus pulled off and Jay stumbled shortly, a cute woah emitting from his mouth from nearly falling. Thankfully, his mother kept him steady.

A few minutes into the ride and the young social butterfly had already engaged in multiple conversations with the passengers sat in front him. He eagerly learned the names of the passengers, who were mainly elderlies, after he had cheerfully introduced himself. Jaron then went on to recite his entire ABC's forward and backwards multiple times, a new trick he had recently perfected and just felt the need to show off.

After he finished reciting for the third time, he grew bored and instead challenged his new friends to ask him to spell any word they could think of, claiming himself to be the best speller in his entire kindergarten class. The people were generous enough to ask easy words they knew the boy could spell, inflating his little ego even more. Kyuubi had apologized on his son's behalf but the strangers had already fallen in love with Jaron's cheerful personality and lively energy.

The season of spring was a blessing this year. The season had just only begun and already, many various flower buds had sprouted and the cherry blossom trees were nearly full bloom. The weather was soothingly warm and the bright rays of the sun were accompanied by a gentle cool breeze. The showers of spring had yet to roll in and the people of Japan hoped it wouldn't. They had endured enough rain and snow in the peak of winter.

Naruto Uzumaki sat by the window in the back of his class. The seat practically had his name written all over it with invisible ink that only those in the junior class could read. No one dared sit in his seat or you would be given the most deadly glare in your life from those icy blue eyes of his.

As the teacher lectured on about the algebraic equation on the board, the blonde teenager allowed his imagination to run free, his eyes focused on the bird that had prompted itself on one of the large branches of the cherry blossom tree planted by the school building. He eyed the small animal with envy, wishing he could somehow trade bodies with the animal, sprout his wings and flee to anywhere beside this hell hole.

The loud SMACK of a ruler against his desk forced a loud gasp from Naruto as he gazed up shockingly with wide eyes. He leaned back in his seat and relaxed. The fairly young teacher stood and watched his student with annoyance.

A silent second passed.

"If it's not too much trouble for you Mr. Uzumaki, can you give me the answer to the question written on the board?" The teacher's tone was gentle, contradicting his irritated expression.

Naruto looked passed the teacher to the board. He didn't even know which question they were on. He looked sympathetically towards the teacher. "I'm sorry Sir, I wasn't paying attention." He admitted. On that note, he should really try to remember his name. He can't continue to refer to him as "sir" for the remainder of the year.

The young teacher sighed. "Don't daydream in my class Mr. Uzumaki."

"Yes, I'm sorry Sir."

The teacher shook his head and returned back to the front of the class. Naruto sighed and maneuvered his fingers feverishly through his hair. He looked down at his desk and noticed his notebook was yet to be opened. He gazed up and was immediately met by the stern gaze of his teacher. He rolled his eyes and proceeded to open his notebook.

The bell signaled the end of class. The students hastily gathered their supplies and exited. Naruto made his way out of the class and was greeted by Kiba, a tall muscular junior with dark brown curls and an impressive built. He was the stereotypical bad boy, with a charming smile, good looks completed with an asshole persona. Oh right, and he also had the typical squad of goons. Definitely can't forget the goons, it was a packaged deal.

With a roll of his eyes, Naruto turned to leave when his arm was grabbed tightly and he was pulled back aggressively. "Just fuck off already." Naruto drawled out tiredly, wrenching his arm free.

Kiba threw his arms up defensively and innocently backed away. "Getting tired of me already, Uzumaki?" He stood a few inches taller, his broad shoulders and large muscles intimidating.

Naruto turned to leave and was once again stopped by Kiba's body moving to block his path. He watched him unamused.

"I just want to ask you a question. One question, thats all." The amusement was clear in his tone.

"Move." Naruto's demeanor suddenly changed. Irritated, his cold stare was almost enough to have Kiba second guessing his next choice of words.

Of course, he was dumb enough to forge on. "Since you freaks can have babies and shit. What hole exactly do they come from? Do you like fucking piss them out?"

Kiba and his goons laughed hysterically, exaggerating the joke to be funnier than it actually was. As they do so, more students begin to crowd around in curiosity.

Naruto mocked their laugh, returning his gaze to Kiba's amused own when his laughing died down. "Wow, that was so funny. I've never heard that before. But since you're so interested in my penis, how about I tell your buddies here…" He gestured to the snickering duo beside Kiba. "…something more interesting?"

It was as if a switch had been flicked as Kiba's amused gaze suddenly hardened, his strong features becoming almost frightening as his teeth bared and his jaw tightened. "You better watch that mouth of yours if you know what's good for you, Uzumaki."

"Oh I'm sorry, you mean my mouth that you didnt seem to mind last night being wrapped around your dick." Naruto grinned. "Or was I dreaming?" He stepped closer to the panicked teen. "No, I don't think so. It seemed pretty real to me."

In a quick motion, Naruto found himself on the ground from a powerful punch to his jaw. He was quick to retaliate, lunging for Kiba when arms were suddenly all over his body and pulling him down. He was attacked with harsh kicks and punches thrown all over his body. He brought his arms up to shield his head when a powerful kick was delivered to the side of his head, causing him to black out momentarily. He heard muffled screams and suddenly the attacks seized. He gazed up with a blurred vision, his breathing labored. His bottom lip was busted and he could taste the blood leaking from it.

Naruto slowly stood up and saw the young math teacher scolding his three attackers. He turned to leave, his hand laced in his thick blonde hair as he ignored the calls from his teacher to stay and seek medical attention. He stopped by the door of the classroom he had just exited and yanked up his backpack from the ground. He gripped the material tightly in his hand as his eyes roamed the many pitiful stares of his school mates. His anger flourished and he gritted his teeth as he threw his backpack angrily, the object colliding heavily against the lockers on the walls and echoing loudly through the silent halls.

"Fuck!" He shouted angrily, his raspy voice deeply echoing his frustration to the ears of those in the hallway. He breathed deeply in his heavy stride down the crowded hall, his hard eyes instantly clearing away his path as students quickly moved away to not fall victim to his anger.

To the students, it was another unforgettable event with theirs truly, Naruto Uzumaki, the freak of the school. Not the only one, but the only one who insisted on fighting back.

Late in the afternoon, the temperature grew hotter as the sun had reached its peak in the clear blue sky. Yet, the cool breeze was still present and offered a nice relief for the people in the city. Kyuubi wore his son's anime themed backpack over his shoulder, a wide smile on his face as he listened to his son carry on about the activities he completed in school and how much fun they were.

Kyuubi would occasionally ask questions or make comments to let his son know how much he enjoyed hearing about his busy kindergarten day. He loved the big smile his son would showcase when speaking about a particularly fun activity that he really enjoyed. That smile meant more to Kyuubi than any riches in the world. This carefree, hyperactive angel was the best thing that could've ever happened to him.

He unlocked the door to his apartment and allowed his son in before he entered. The boy immediately ran into the living room and leaped onto the couch where his young uncle lounged lazily with a remote in his hand. Jay's smile immediately faltered upon the appearance of his uncle. It frightened him.

"Naru, what happened to your face?" The boy asked with a soft voice. "Why are you hurt again?"

Naruto sat up and wrapped his arms around his nephew and brought the boy down on the couch with him, allowing his nephew to lie over his chest. He kissed his forehead and smiled. "Because mean guys hate me." He drawled out.


Naruto gazed into his nephew's innocent wavering eyes. "Aww… don't cry. I promise I'm okay. Can I get a kiss?"

Jay pecked his uncle's lips shortly.

Naruto smiled. "I feel better already. Thank you, doctor."

Jay shook his head with a soft laugh. "A kiss can't make you feel better. You need medicine for that."

Kyuubi finished settling down and approached the duo on the couch.

"Jay…" Kyuubi waited until his son looked up at him. "Go change out of your uniform, baby."

The boy pouted at his mother. "Can I change later?"

"No, do it now."

Kyuubi watched as his son hesitantly got off the couch and walked out of the living room to his bedroom. He returned his gaze to his brother who now laid on his side with his head resting comfortably on the armrest with his eyes closed.

"What the hell happened today, Naruto?" Kyuubi's soft features grew stern to mimic his firm tone.

Naruto didn't move and merely clicked his tongue. "Just get on with the lecture. I want to sleep."

Kyuubi moved and nudged his younger brother's leg with his hand. "Sit up when I'm talking to you."

"What the fuck?!" Naruto sat up abruptly. "Leave me alone."

"How long are you going to keep up this rebellious attitude?" Kyuubi inhaled to maintain his composure. "Can I go a week without receiving a fucking call from your school about some stupid shit you wound up in? I'm not paying all that fucking money for you to constantly miss days and get into fights. I have one child to raise. I can't be bothered to raise another."

Naruto eagerly stood up, getting in his brother's face. "Then stop acting like you're my fucking parent." He chuckled. "You are in no position to be lecturing me. You were worse than me in school so don't act like you're some fucking role model now."

Kyuubi furrowed his eyebrows. "And I thought you'd be smart enough to learn from my mistakes."

"I am." Naruto countered strongly. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm not knocked up."

Kyuubi sighed. "Why did you get in a fight today?" His aggressive tone had softened. The silence from his brother answered his suspicion. "You know, it's okay to be different."

"Shut up." Naruto said monotonously, not sparing his brother a glance as he headed to his bedroom.

Kyuubi threw his head back tiredly. It's been two years and he still can't seem to reach Naruto. Even after the sacrifices he's made to get them in a good place. Everything Naruto was going through, everything he was experiencing, the bullying at school, the rebellious behavior, and the desperation to be accepted by society. The cause of it all and the blame was somehow pushed onto Kyuubi. For the last two years, Kyuubi was willing to fully accept and endure it all.

Unlike Kyuubi growing up and having his parents to help him understand their uniqueness, Naruto didn't have the comfort of their parents. And Kyuubi knew he wasn't exactly brother of the year, having have had his own fair share of hardships. He wasn't able to be there for his little brother when he needed him the most. With each passing day, Naruto's resentment towards him only seemed to grow. And, it seemed there was nothing he could do to change it.

Who else can relate with Naruto? I know I can. Feeling different and trapped, damn that sucks. Let me know what you guys think. Hugs and kisses XOXO