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Chapter 17

When they arrived at the large structure of the luxury five star hotel complex, Tsukasa held Naruto securely to his body as he aided him through the tall double doors into the lobby. Immediately, he was stopped and bombarded with questions regarding the nature of Naruto's injuries. When Tsukasa had explained in few details what had happened, he's thankful the interference quickly came to an end as the hotel security dropped the subject, though continued to watch him with skepticism.

Tsukasa helped a limping Naruto to the elevators, getting inside and once reaching the designated floor, the elevator doors slid open and they exited. Thankfully, it's a short walk down the carpeted halls to the royal suite they resided in. Tsukasa slid the keycard through the slot and quickly typed a short code on the keypad. He pushed down the door handle when he's granted access, his right arm supporting Naruto against his body as he walked inside.

"Charlie!" Tsukasa kicked the door shut as his brown eyes searched the luxuriously appointed wide space for the burly man. "Charlie!"

Charlie casually strolled into the lounging area from the dining room where he had been previously eating, and his cheerful expression instantly fell when he caught sight of Tsukasa. "Shit, what the hell happened?" He rushed over just in time to catch Naruto who had collapsed. "What the hell Tsukasa, why isn't he at the hospital right now?"

Naruto swayed slightly in his attempt to remove himself from Charlie's hold. He failed miserably in his attempt, falling back down on his knees, and although he won't admit it, he's thankful for the strong arms that carefully hoisted him up.

"Put him on the couch." Tsukasa made sure Naruto was properly situated in Charlie's strong arms as they walked deeper into the wide space. He shrugged Naruto's backpack off his shoulders, discarding it into an empty chair before walking over to the opposite couch where Charlie carefully settled Naruto.

"Was it the same bastard that took Ana?"

Tsukasa frantically began pulling out this and that from the small plastic bag in his hand, settling the contents over a small table. "No, it wasn't him. Some kid from his school."

Charlie had a knowing look on his face as he turned to Tsukasa. "Hold on, is it that same kid from yesterday?" He doesn't receive a response, Tsukasa too busied with spreading out the contents of the first aid kit and some medicine he had purchased. Charlie looked down at Naruto who had moved to sit upright with his head down. "Holy shit kid, he did a number on you." Charlie got on his knees and raised Naruto's head up to fully inspect the damage. He removed his hand when Naruto pulled from his touch.

Tsukasa ran his fingers through his dark hair and stood up straight, eyeing the contents and making sure he got everything. There was little he could do, being that he wasn't a doctor, and with Naruto stubbornly refusing to get proper treatment. "Where's Sasuke?" He questioned urgently, turning his head to see Charlie stand up to his full intimidating stature.

"He accompanied his brother to the airport. He called not too long ago and said he was on his way back." Charlie scratched the side of his head as his eyes looked skeptically over the bandages, hot packs and ice packs spread on the table. "You think that's gonna be enough?"

Tsukasa crumpled the empty plastic bag in his hands and tossed it aside. "He won't go to the hospital, and from what I can see, he doesn't seem to have any deep open wounds." He turned his head to do a once over on Naruto. Again, he wasn't a doctor and that restricted him from knowing for sure if there weren't any internal damage but from what he could see, it didn't appear to be anything drastic. "Get me some warm water and a towel. I'll start cleaning him up."

"Yeah, sure." Charlie headed to the kitchen, a sullen expression over his face as he approached the duo sat by the dining table, engaged in casual conversation. "We got a problem." He drawled out as he turned on the faucet.

"What's going on?" Jackson licked over his lips, the tangy taste of the orange he was eating lingering on his taste buds. He waited anxiously for a response. He could practically feel the anxiousness oozing off his twin brother even as the man appeared calm.

Naruto scooted closer to Tsukasa, groaning when a sharp pain shot up the side of his body and his hand immediately moved to sooth the sore area. "Who was that guy?" He bit the corner of his lip to keep from wincing as he shut his eyes tightly. He doesn't wait for a response as he asked another question. "Ow- where's Sasuke?"

"Charlie, where's the damn water?!" Tsukasa exhaled tiredly, lowering himself on one knee in front of Naruto. "You mind if I touch you?" He waited for Naruto to give him permission and when Naruto gave him a hesitant nod, he slowly reached out and turned Naruto's head to the side to inspect the damage.

Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded through the room. "What's going on?"

Naruto and Tsukasa both turned their head to the direction of the voice to find Analeina standing by the entrance of the lounging area with Charlie and Jackson stood behind her in a way that resembled a queen with her loyal guards by her side.

Naruto stared at her, taking in the little he could see of her appearance through his blurred vision. She was tall and thin, not much of her body being shown due to the silk robe she wore. Naruto lowered his gaze when she began walking towards him. He knew exactly who she was, and for some reason, it caused him to feel threatened.

"Here, is this enough?" Charlie placed the bowl of warm water down in front of where Tsukasa was kneeled. He pulled the soft white towel off his shoulder and handed it to Tsukasa who snatched it from him.

"Took you long enough." Tsukasa dipped the towel into the warm water and squeezed out the excess water. He bit the corner of his lip, taking on the role of a nursing mother, he inched his body closer as he lifted the damp towel up to Naruto's face. "Okay, this is going to sting a little. You ready?"


Tsukasa flinched caught offguard. He halted his movements as he peered up at Analeina who came to stand directly beside him, a small smile on her face. "What is it?"

"Do you mind if I take over?" She had a kind tone of voice, one that expressed her compassionate nature and good heart.

"Not at all." Tsukasa relieved himself of his position and handed the towel and the responsibility of cleaning Naruto up to Analeina. "Take it easy. You're still healing yourself."

Analeina molded her lips together, her shoulders rising and falling as she breathed in deeply. She kneeled down, startling Naruto who looked up at Tsukasa questionably. "Would it be okay if I was to help you instead? Trust me these boys don't know what the definition of gentle is." Her Japanese flowed out smoothly, speaking the language fluently as though she was a native. She grew nervous, her warm smile falling from her face when Naruto wouldn't even turn to look at her.

A minute went by and Naruto still refused to acknowledge her presence. She made no fuss about it, understanding completely that she was a stranger to him, and that he wouldn't warm up to her so easily, especially in his current state. "If you prefer Tsukasa, I completely understand. "

"No, it's okay." Naruto finally met her eyes and almost right away he was engulfed with their warmth. "Thanks." In their close proximity, he took the chance to fully take in her features. Her skin was flawless, a fair complexion free of blemishes and marks. She had big round eyes that resembled the American Barbie dolls he remembered seeing on TV when he was little. She was gorgeous, like the foreign models he would see on catalogs. "Your Japanese isn't bad."

Analeina smiled hearing the unexpected compliment. "Thank you." Her bright hazel eyes were focused as she carefully dabbed Naruto's cheek with the wet towel. She cooed when Naruto winced in discomfort. "I have an amazing teacher to thank for that." Her smile widened at the thought of her handsome lover. "I'm Analeina by the way. I know it's a long name, so you can just call me Ana."

"Or angel." Naruto merely blinked, a rush of satisfaction engulfing him when his blatant remark worked to catch Analeina off guard. It was the same remark he remembered using on Sasuke when Sasuke had first spoke about her. "Naruto." He simply said to introduce himself. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Oddly her mannerisms reminded him a lot of Sasuke's mother, especially in their tone of voice.

"Sasuke's told me a lot about you, Naruto." Analeina dipped the towel into the clear water that had turned slightly pink. "I'm glad I finally get to meet you. I only wish it was under more of a pleasant circumstance. Over a cup of tea or something."

Naruto watched her impassively, simply observing her, from the slight twitch in her eyebrow every time she would apply the towel to his face, to the way her eyes would seem to get slightly bigger when she would be focused on not adding too much pressure to his wounds.

"I can't help but feel jealous, Naruto. A boy isn't supposed to be prettier than a girl. How's that fair for me?"

The sudden comment struck Naruto odd and arching his eyebrow he tilted his head to side. "What do you mean by that?"

Analeina gave a soft chuckle as she shook her head and waved her hand dismissively. "Oh, no no. It's just you're so pretty, I find myself getting jealous."

Naruto looked down at the bowl of water beside her feet. He doesn't allow Analeina's comment to filter any ill thoughts for her. He could genuinely hear that she meant to compliment him and what she said wasn't meant to be taken as an insult. He licked over his lips as his eyes trailed over her figure, and he arched his brows when his eyes fell over her bandaged wrist. "What happened to your hand?"

Analeina's body grew stiff, her grip on the wet towel tightening. She breathed in deeply, startled by the inquiry but doing her best to not show her discomfort as she brought the towel down on the corner of Naruto's lip. She was still yet to fully recover from the frightening experience and she was doing all she can to put on a brave face, for her sake as well as Sasuke's.

"You might think I'm exaggerating, but I am the biggest klutz in the world." She chuckled nonchalantly. "I accidentally cut myself while cooking. Can you believe that?"

Naruto noticed she had the kind of voice that made you wonder if a person like her ever got angry. Her voice was similar to Hinata's but different in the way where Hinata chose not to raise her voice due to her timid nature, but Naruto could hear the confidence in Analeina's voice and it seemed she just had a natural gentle tone.

"I don't think I've ever heard of anyone cutting their wrist while cooking?" Naruto decided to play along, even though he saw right through Analeina's lie. He winced when the warm towel touched a sensitive spot around his swollen eye.

Analeina murmured a quick apology as she continued to gently dab the area clean. "See, I told you. I'm absolutely the worst, but I don't want to bore you with the details. Once I start, you can't get me to shut up." She softly cleared her throat as she placed the towel into the bowl.

Naruto could tell that it wasn't in her nature to lie, and out of respect for her, he decided not to intrude further into the sensitive subject. She didn't owe him an explanation. Especially to a stranger she had only just met.

"Okay, I think I got most of the blood off." Analeina moved in closer to examine Naruto's face. She smiled, a soft laugh escaping her when Naruto became startled by her sudden closeness and reactively pulled away. "Sorry, didn't mean to get all up in your grill."

Naruto looked at her oddly, not understanding the phrase spoken in English. The language barrier caused him to grow nervous as he wondered if she had intentionally switched languages on purpose to keep him ignorant. The amused chuckles sounding from the twins casually sat on the opposite couch didn't help to sway his skepticism.

Analeina noticed the change in Naruto's demeanor and she immediately felt horrible, not realizing in that moment how what she did could've came off as offensive. "It's a saying from America that basically means getting in someone's face without permission." She rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. "You see, I'm not really sure how to say it in Japanese."

Naruto didn't feel the need to entertain the issue and simply chose not to respond. Instead, he ventured his eyes back over to the large, burly men behind Analeina. Their muscles were bursting through the tight matching V neck shirts they wore, one in black and the other in white. "Do they speak Japanese?"

Analeina turned to the side and pulled out the small tube of ointment. Without even having to gauge Naruto's expression, she could hear the intimidation clear in his voice. "Don't let them scare you. They may appear all big and scary, but they wouldn't hurt a fly."

Naruto groaned lowly when Analeina's finger applied the medicine to some of his more open cuts. "You have a habit of dodging questions." Naruto teased, bringing attention to the fact that his previous question wasn't answered.

Analeina covered her mouth with the back of her hand as she laughed. "If you speak it slow enough, they'll understand but, they have trouble speaking the language itself." Analeina looked over her shoulders to the twins who gave her an amused look. "Mind your manners and introduce yourself boys."

"Ah… why?" Jackson sighed, scratching the back of his head. "You know my Japanese sucks." He shoved his hand back inside his pocket as he looked accusingly towards Analeina. 'You're just trying to embarrass me, aren't you?"

"Introduce yourselves, idiots." Tsukasa gave them a stern look, almost like a big brother disciplining his misbehaving younger siblings.

The twins proceeded to do as their told though with much hesitation. Jackson was the first and Naruto was able to understand the short introduction he gave, though his pronunciation needed a lot of work. Charlie on the other hand had close to perfect pronunciation but had issues forming his words in the proper sequence, which caused his introduction harder to understand.

When they were done, Naruto gave them a nod in acknowledgement and simply gave them his name as his introduction, which he was aware they already knew. The twins merely stared at Naruto in response and said nothing. The loud ringtone of Charlie's cellphone sharply sounded through the room, and he quietly excused himself to answer the call.

Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat, the color draining from his face as he wondered if the caller was Sasuke, if Sasuke had arrived.

"See, they aren't all that bad." Analeina smacked her hands on her lap as she breathed out. "Okay, I hope you feel a little better now. This is all I can do for you." She discreetly examined Naruto's face, the damage not too bad from what she had initially thought. Now that the blood was gone, the most damage was the nasty black eye, the swelling on his cheeks and the small wound over his bottom lip.

Naruto bowed his head and offered his gratitude in a short thank you to Analeina, genuinely appreciative for her help. His lips tugged into an unwilling smile when she tilted her head cutely at him with a grin.

"Wipe that smile off your face. We still need to discuss what happened at school." Tsukasa interjected sharply, ceasing everyone's attention on him. He kept his hard eyes on Naruto who quickly turned from his stern gaze. "Now that you're cleaned, tell me who did this to you."

Naruto took in a sharp intake of breath when another jolt of unbearable pain shot through his side. "Do you mind if I take a shower?" He directed the question to Analeina, intentionally ignoring the burning gaze from Tsukasa.

"Of course." Analeina stood up and offered her hand to the hurt blonde, assuring a hesitant Naruto with a warm smile. She carefully pulled him up once Naruto accepted her hand, her other arm wounding around his waist. "Jackson, see if you can find something for him to change into from Sasuke's clothes."

"Ah…. alright alright."

Analeina settled the folded casual tee and jeans Jackson had brought her over the marble counter within the tiled bathroom. She bent down, grabbing some fluffy white towels into her arms, before striding a few steps in the large bathroom to the wide white, acrylic bathtub. She hung the towel over the rail just beside the head of the tub, next to the soap and clean washrag.

"Alright, I think that should be it. If you need anything don't hesitate to let me know."

Naruto's taken aback by how nice and welcoming she was. She exuded a natural sensation of nurture, and tenderness, a feeling Naruto hasn't experienced since the lost of his mother. For some reason, as much as he wanted to dislike her for reasons he was still yet to fully realize, he couldn't bring himself to do so.

"Alright, I'll give you some privacy then."

Naruto nodded. "Thank you… for everything."

"You don't have to thank me." She smiled sweetly. "I'll be just outside if you need anything." She stepped out as she softly closed the large door behind her.

Finally alone, Naruto took the chance to release the breath he had been holding, and in that moment, he gave himself full permission to fall apart as he crumbled to the floor, all his bottled up emotions spilling out as his body convulsed and shook with quiet sobs. He felt as if he was on fire, his entire body aching horribly. He could barely take in a breath without a sharp pain jolting throughout his whole body.

Hunched over on his hands and knees, his right arm came up and clutched the side of his torso that ached terribly, his tears falling down on the tiled floor like silent raindrops.

He moaned quietly, his face scrunching up in pain as he slowly pulled himself up to his feet. His hands shakily unbuttoned his shirt as images from his violent attack from Kiba replayed in his head. It's not the shock and disappointment, the anger and betrayal of what Kiba had done to him that made him tremble and cry harder, but instead, the agonizing pain in Kiba's voice as he begged over and over for him to stay by his side.

Naruto slowly shrugged the oversized shirt from his body, revealing the reddened, badly bruised skin on the entire left side of his stomach. Each movement he made caused his breathing to stutter, and his eyes to shut tightly from the harsh pain. The material of the shirt lingered loosely around his waist as he took a moment to try and breathe.

The door to the bathroom burst open, angrily slamming against the wall and alarming the teen inside. Naruto's eyes sprung open, and his eyes instantly grew wide with fear.

Sasuke stood by the door, his hand up on the doorframe and his face impassive as he stared emotionlessly at Naruto's bruised and battered body. He doesn't say a word, doesn't make a single move and simply stood there in absolute chilling silence.

Naruto took a step forward. "Sasuke-"

"I'll kill him."

"No, Sasuke. Please!" Naruto heart suddenly raced, his hand hastily tugging the shirt over his body as he tried his damnedest to run after Sasuke and finding himself restricted due to his injured leg.

"Charlie, you're with me." Sasuke swiped the car keys and his phone off the table, a terrifying look in his eyes as he searched around the area.

"Yes, sir. It will be my pleasure." Charlie, who had been present when Tsukasa explained to Sasuke what had happened to Naruto upon Sasuke's arrival, wanted nothing more than to be there and witness Sasuke put that rude prick in his place. It wasn't often that Sasuke took it upon himself to handle these sort of situations. Usually, he'd just send one of his guards to do the work.

When Sasuke personally got involved, well it was a sight to behold and Charlie sure as hell wasn't going to miss out on it.

"Make sure you take pictures." Jackson joked from his comfortable seat on the couch, he too inching with excitement.

"Sasuke!" Naruto was breathless when he finally reached the living room, his body screaming in pain from the stress he was putting on his wounds. He watched from beside the couch helplessly as Sasuke moved around gathering objects he couldn't make out. "Sasuke, please, I won't see him again. Just stop already!" Naruto deflated seeing his words and shouts being ignored, and when Sasuke had reappeared into the living room, tugging on black leather gloves, his heart sank to the pit of his stomach. "No Sasuke! Please, Ana do something!"

Analeina looked to Sasuke, unsure what to do. She's only seen Sasuke like this a couple of times, and during those times, nothing she said or did could stop him. She was aware what Sasuke was capable of doing and although at times she tried her hardest to prevent Sasuke from going to the extremes, at the moment, she didn't feel the need to try and stop him.

With Naruto's shirt open, she saw the extent of how badly beaten he was and she couldn't fathom why Naruto would want to protect someone who was capable of hurting him this badly.

Naruto was in complete hysteria as he tried to run over to Sasuke. Maybe if he hugged Sasuke, held him, then he would calm down and listen to him. Kiba's life would be spared.


The man upon hearing his name and the strong message beneath the simple call, rushed over to restrain Naruto from interfering with Sasuke. He held him tight in his arms, though not tight enough to press on his wounds. He found the task difficult as Naruto thrashed in his hold to get free. "Naruto, you need to calm down."

"Sasuke, please… don't do this!" Naruto let out a soft sound of pain when Tsukasa wrapped his leg around his foot, and gently maneuvered them both to the ground. Naruto cried out to Sasuke, begging, his tears rushing down his face and his heart breaking as Sasuke wrenched the door open and disappeared from his sight. "No, Sasuke don't hurt him... please don't..."

Analeina watched dishearteningly as Naruto cried out desperately with tears streaming down his face. "Naruto, please, Sasuke's just trying to protect you." Inside, Analeina felt a strange feeling she can't explain. Her mind rushed with unsettling thoughts, wondering whether Sasuke had reacted the same way during her kidnap. Whether Sasuke had been that enraged for her.

"Let go of me!" Naruto fought off Tsukasa, ignoring the pain coursing through him. With Tsukasa allowing him to get free, Naruto limped over to the couch on the opposite side of the room where Tsukasa had discarded his backpack. He hurriedly scrambled through his bag and pulled out his cellphone, quickly scrolling through the contacts on the screen.

"Naruto, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Tsukasa approached Naruto quickly with intention on stopping whatever it was he was planning.

As the impending danger of the cellphone being ripped out of his hand grew near, Naruto's heartbeat raced. He sniffled, his fingers drumming impatiently against his thighs. He sighed in relief when the familiar voice sounded through the phone.

"Yugi? I need your help."

The piercing screech of the whistle cut through the wide open field, and instantly the players stopped and looked over to the coach, some players hunched over with their hands on their knees as they tried to catch their breaths.

"What the hell is going on?!" The coach shouted with a deep scowl on his face. He began making his way from the sidelines to the two players sprawled on the field.

Kiba who was once again targeted and purposely tripped scrambled up to his feet, his jaw locked as he balefully stepped into the other player's face. "What's your problem?" He balled his injured hands into fists, ignoring his bruised knuckles that ached horribly.

Kankuro, a senior on the soccer team, who was popular in school for being friendly with everyone, and known for throwing the wildest parties, dusted the dirt off his shirt as he stood eye level with Kiba. "You, obviously." He turned his nose up in disgust, purposely bumping his shoulder into Kiba's own as he walked past him.

Kiba swiveled on his feet and gave a hard shove to Kankuro's back. "You got something you wanna say, just say it."

Kankuro breathed in deeply as he again got in Kiba's face, not backing down and trying his hardest to not lash out. Acting like this was out of character for him being that he wasn't the confrontational type. He usually laughed off aggravating situations, and was an overall pretty chill guy.

He didn't take it upon himself to get into other people business, and yet he couldn't seem to ignore the image of how horribly beaten Naruto was. When word got around to him that it was Kiba who had done it, he couldn't bring himself to just ignore the matter.

"If you go anywhere near that kid again, you're gonna be picking your teeth off the ground. Pussy." Kankuro bumped his forehead into Kiba's, giving him a warning to back off.

"You wanna protect that bitch, do something then." Kiba taunted, shoving Kankuro harder than before. He grinned, waiting for Kankuro to make a move but to his surprise, Kankuro simply turned away.

Suddenly, a fire was set ablaze in Kiba as he ran and tackled the player to the ground, quickly getting up and getting on top of him as he began to viciously throw punches at his face, ignoring the throbbing pain in his hand.

"Knock it off, guys!" Lee and the other players rushed over to separate the two players with Lee and Neji struggling to pull Kiba up while the others attended to Kankuro. "You need to relax man." Lee urged, using all his strength to hold back Kiba from going after Kankuro while Neji stood in front of Kiba to try and get his attention on him.

"Get the fuck off me Lee or your next." Kiba wrenched himself from Lee's arms and shoved past Neji, attempting to run after Kankuro when Neji's strong arms circled around his body and threw him to the side of the field.

"You need to calm the fuck down, Kiba." Neji readied himself in a stance, preparing again to physically stop Kiba who had scrambled up again, his eyes refusing to leave Kankuro. He was like a wild wolf fixed on having his kill of the day.

"Kankuro hit the showers." The coach instructed as he walked past the other players to help restrain Kiba who was giving Lee and Neji a fight for their money, still persistent on going after Kankuro. "Now Kankuro! Don't make me repeat myself."

"Look at him, he's a fucking lunatic." Kankuro laughed, encouraging Kiba to come after him. Being a big guy himself, standing tall with muscles on his lean body, he was confident he could take on Kiba. Someone had to give the asshole a taste of his own medicine, and he was more than willing to be the one to put Kiba in his place. "A cheap shot, really? That's all you got, you pussy."

Neji cursed loudly when Kiba's elbow caught his jaw in his wild movements. He couldn't hold on anymore and just decided to let him go. He watched sadly as Kiba tried to run after Kankuro but was caught by the coach and maneuvered to the ground on his stomach, his arm pulled back and his head pressed against the soft grass.

"Calm down, Kiba. Don't make me have to kick my star player off the team. You're already in enough deep shit as it is. Do you want to make it worse for yourself? I thought you wanted to make your father proud at the championships." The coach kept his knee on Kiba's back to keep him in place.

What the hell did Kankuro say to set him off like this? Having had personally witnessed Kiba and Kankuro talk and laugh here and there with each other, appearing to be good friends with one another, he can't fathom why Kiba was acting out all of a sudden. Why Kiba wanted so badly to hurt someone he considered a friend.

Granted Kiba wasn't exactly a role model, he usually kept his behavior in check during practice. This side of Kiba was new for the coach.

"Coach, what should we do?" Neji approached the coach with a stern expression on his face. Being the appointed captain, when it came to matters of the team, he was a complete different person, serious and composed.

"What's all the commotion about, Guy?"

Both Neji and the coach looked up to see the principal approaching the field with two police officers walking either side of him. When they neared, Neji tensed as his grey eyes trailed over their polished uniforms, down to the gun discreetly tucked away in the belt situated around their waist.

Guy stood up, sensing the seriousness of the situation; he bent down and helped a now calm Kiba to his feet. "What can I help you officers with?"

"Are you Kiba Inuzuka?" Yugito looked accusingly at Neji, her fingers gripping tighter around the silver cuffs in her hand.

Neji gave her a look of contempt as he took a step back. "No, the fuck do you want with him?"

"Neji, watch your mouth." The coach warned strictly. He then directed his attention to Kiba who watched the officers with an empty gaze. "This is Kiba, but I don't understand-"

"That's all we need to know." Yugito stepped forward to Kiba and in a quick action, maneuvered him around and brought his hands behind his back, placing the cuffs around his wrists. "Kiba Inuzuka, you are under arrest on charges of assault and battery." Yugito nudged Kiba's body, alerting him to start walking. She's relieved he doesn't put up a fight.

"What the hell man, he didn't do anything." Neji moved to go after Kiba. He narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists when the male officer stepped in and blocked him.

"Don't do anything stupid, kid. Unless you want to join your friend in a cell."

Neji hesitantly calmed down, breathing in and relaxing his tensed shoulders. He watched helplessly as the two officers took his best friend away.

"Lee, Mr. Hyuuga, to my office." The principal called out, not waiting for a response as he began walking off the field.

"What the hell, man." Lee exhaled loudly as he sank to his knees. He raked his hand through his dark hair. He could care less about possibly being suspended again from school. He was far more concerned for his friend. Lee wanted nothing more than to run after the officers and plead Kiba's case, beg if he had to, for Kiba's release.

Out of everything that had happened, the absolute worst part was him not being able to do nothing for his friend who had done so much for him. All he could do was to just stand idly by and allow Kiba's parents to figure everything out, and it absolutely broke his heart feeling helpless.

As the matte black Bentley screeched to a stop, Sasuke watched through the windshield at the officers walking out of the large school building with his target in their custody. He continued to watch, not muttering a single word as the teen was placed in the backseat of the police car and driven away.

"He sure is going out of his way to protect him from you." Charlie casually said from the passenger seat, an amused smirk on his face as he shook his head in disbelief. "So, what do we do now, Sasuke? Should we make him an official target?" He turned his head and looked over to an emotionless Sasuke.

Sasuke's tight grip on the steering wheel did not loosen as he revved the car back to life, and aggressively swerved the car around in a U turn and began speeding down the streets. Granted that it was a school zone and he could be in deep trouble with the law if caught driving so recklessly, he couldn't bring himself to care. At the moment, he couldn't think logically, his judgment clouded from the overwhelming sensation of the pure anger flowing through him.

In the passenger seat, Charlie cautiously tugged on his seat belt, slightly frightened by the dangerous speed in which Sasuke drove the car. He discreetly looked over to Sasuke, unsure of what to say to help relieve his anger.

On the outside, Sasuke appeared calm and composed, with his chin leaning on the back of his hand. On the inside, Charlie knew he was fuming.

Just as Charlie opened his mouth to say something, he's interrupted by the sharp sound of Sasuke's ringtone. He looked over to the cellphone, then up to Sasuke who made no movement to answer the phone, his eyes fixed on the road ahead.

"Answer it."

Charlie reached out his finger and pressed a button, instantly shutting off the ringtone as Tsukasa's soft voice filled the car.

"Sasuke, Naruto's been summoned to a police precinct for questioning. What do you want me to do?"

Sasuke blinked and shifted his hand from underneath his chin and into his soft hair. "Take him."


"Take him to the hospital when it's done." Concern was laced in Sasuke's once empty tone. "Drag him there if you have to."

Charlie noticed how Sasuke's demeanor softened. He watched Sasuke diligently as he suddenly became aware of something he hadn't realized before. The necklace around Sasuke's neck was a carbon copy to the one he had seen on Naruto.

What made the situation even more interesting was the fact that the only other times Sasuke had reacted this irrational and violent, now seemed to be connected in one way or another to Naruto.

The corners of Charlie's lips turned up into a smirk as he leaned against the leather seat with his arms behind his head.

"Who would've thought there was someone in this world you loved more than Ana."

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