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So my readers don't think that my idea of young Estel (Aragorn) had a completely depressing childhood, I am introducing my first OC. I hope you will all love her as much as I do. Please enjoy this fluff piece! :)

"I think he's hiding, Ada."

"Hiding?" Elrond asked, glaring at the twins he had sent to fetch their younger brother. Elrond glanced at the elleth beside him. His dark eyes were sharp with shame beneath their bushy, furrowed brows. The elleth was smiling back at him with twinkling green eyes. Elrond turned back to his sons.

"You know he wasn't happy about getting a nurse," Elladan added from his brother's side.

"Well, go find him!" Elrond commanded.

"There is no need, Lord Elrond." The elleth broke in softly.

The Lord of the house and his sons stared at her. She chuckled as she continued. "I can sense a child's presence from three miles away. I will go and find him."

"I have yet to introduce you two." Elrond stated.

"I can introduce myself." The elleth replied.

The twins stifled a chuckle. How flippant these silvin servants were and this one was staying in their house for years.

Elrond sighed and reminded himself this servant, "nurse," would be good for his son. He continued in a weary voice. "I have certain instructions I want to re-give Estel when he meets you."

"If you do," the elleth replied, "it will confirm all the fears he has of me."

Elrond's brows flew upwards and this time a chuckle really did escape from each of his twins. "How do you know this?" The Lord of Imladris asked.

"I know children, I can sense him from here, and I have met you." The servant explained.

"Finding him myself should be fun and the perfect way for us to meet, I think. Do you trust my judgment?"

Elrond sighed and asked, "Is he well and safe where you sense him?"

The silvin nodded in full confidence. "He is quite healthy, but he is afraid. I don't sense any, but good and safe things surrounding him. If any of that changes I will find him more promptly and remove him most quickly."

Elrond sighed again and nodded. "You have my permission to go find Estel, on your own."

"Thank you, Lord Elrond," the elleth replied with laughing eyes. She turned and strode away through the halls with a bright grin upon her face. Elrond turned and gave one of his twin son's a look. Elladan gave a grin almost as bright as the elleth's and nodded. A few moments later, he was following the elleth at a discreet distance.

. . .

"Hello there."

Estel's head spun around. He was sitting on top of a small boulder in some tall grass of a field used to grow hay for the horses of the household to eat during the winter months. The tall walls of fragrant green grass taller than him made him feel safe and a little lonely. Staying here was far better than being where he knew he was supposed to be.

He hadn't thought any would find him here. Now he was facing the smiling face of an elleth he had never seen. That didn't surprise him much.

After spending a whole year in Rivendell, he knew how quiet elves were, even when walking through tall grass. He had also seen many elves he had never met before come and go from the Last Homely House, some from other places in the valley and some from Mirkwood and Loth Lorien. It didn't occur to him that no one but him should have been occupying the lonely field. The elleth looked nice enough, but she was still a stranger.

"Hi . . ." the manling responded nervously, wondering if she would tell his Ada where he was.

The elleth sank down beside him and whispered quietly in his ear. "What are we doing?"

"Hiding," Estel answered. He studied the elleth, surprised that she seemed so interested in him. No strangers were ever interested in him. Though he imagined the one he was hiding from would be very interested in him.

"Who are we hiding from?" The elleth whispered back.

"My Ada and the new nurse," Estel answered.

"Are they very terrible?" The elleth asked with wide, green eyes.

Estel's brown face scrunched up in though. "Ada can be," he murmured.

"What about the new nurse?" The elleth asked.

Estel nodded with confidence. "She's a servant."

The elleth's eyebrows rose and the corner of her mouth that was hidden from the manling quirked up a bit.

"Are servants terrible?"

"Servants don't like me," Estel replied. "And they're boring."

"They are?"

"When they watch me, they never play with me, they just watch me play by myself."

"Well that's no fun."

"This one will watch me all the time! And ada says I must do whatever she says and always be polite and never go out of her sight, ever!"


"I don't want a nurse. Why do I have to have a nurse? Why can't Ada, Rohir, Eldan, Glorfdel, and Erstor watch me? They play with me. They don't give me candy and ask me to leave!"

Instead of smiling at the childish pronunciation of the names of the most important elves in Imladris, the elleth half scowled-half and half-pouted at Estel's last statement.

"Well, that is rude." She huffed. "I never give candy to children and ask them to leave."

Estel turned to look at the elleth. "You don't?"

"No. I give them candy and ask them to stay!"

Estel's eyes brightened. "Do you have candy now?"

The elleth's cross look left her as she smiled again. "Yes, would you like to have a piece with me?"

"Yes please!" The manling exclaimed politely.

The elleth smiled, sat up, and dug two golden pieces of candy from her dress pocket. She handed one to Estel and popped the other into her own mouth.

Estel put his into his mouth. Around the golden lump he said, "I like you."

"I like you too," the elleth replied.

As Estel rolled his piece of candy around in his mouth, his eyes grew round. "This tastes like the candy Legolas gives me!"

"Does it?"

He nodded. "I like Legolas' candy."

"You seem to like a great many things," the elleth commented. "What else do you like?"

So the manling and elleth talked about all the things they liked. They discovered they had many of these things in common. Estel eventually left his hiding place and took her on a tour of his home. He pointed out all the things he had mentioned in his list of things he liked. They picked a few strawberries together. They also visited the kitchens. There they got a few things to eat from the kitchen staff who looked with slight interest at the silvin elleth, guessing who she was and not knowing Estel had not.

Eventually, Estel spotted his father walking toward them, some distance away. He darted behind the elleth. He stayed there even as he sensed his Ada drawing closer and his doom with him.

"Did you ever find your new charge, Mellolaes?" Estel heard his father's deep, serious voice ask.

"Yes, I did." She brightly replied. "I met your youngest son and he has been showing me all around his beautiful home. I like him very much."

"Good," Elrond replied and then asked, "Is this true Estel?"

Estel came out from behind his new friend and faced the elf lord. "Ada . . ?"

"Yes, Estel?"

"Can Mel-lo-laes," Estel pronounced the name he had just heard carefully with his small mouth. "Can Mellolaes be my nurse?"

Elrond's gaze softened and he crouched down across from his youngest son, folding his body up tightly and bending his back double to meet the grey eyes in the small, brown face. "Would you like that, ion nin?"

Estel nodded so fast he created a breeze. "Oh yes! She never asks me to leave, and she likes all sorts of things I do, and she's lots of fun, and she likes me! Please Ada! Please, please, please!"

Elrond smiled at his son and raised his eyes to the elleth. She was grinning down triumphantly at him.

"Would you agree to watch over and play with my treasured son, Mellolaes Merilvaidian?"

"Yes, Estel and I have become great friends. I would be honored to be his nurse."

Estel gazed up at the elleth with an open mouth. "You're my friend?"

"Yes, Estel. I consider you a very good friend of mine now. "Am I your friend?"

"Yes, oh yes! Can my friend Melloloaes be my nurse Ada?! Please?!"

Elrond smiled widely and rose to his full height. "Yes, yes she may, my son."

"Yay! Come on Laes, I want to show you my room!"

As Estel began to pull his new friend along behind him, he paused and turned back to his Ada. "Will you tell the other nurse "sorry" for me Ada? Rohir and Eldan said she came from awful far away to be my nurse."

"I think she will understand, Estel," Elrond called back.

Satisfied, Estel began to pull Mellolaes along behind him again. As he did, she shot Elrond a bright grin over her shoulder. He smiled bemusedly back. Yes, his new nurse would be very good for Estel indeed.

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