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The Mystery Girl

Chapter 5


After another five minutes we reached Sasuke's house. Once we got out of the car and to the door I braced myself, uncle Mada was on the other side of that door along with Shisui, Fugaku and Mikoto.


Sakura's P.O.V

I fidgeted a little nervously as Sasuke reached for the door.

"Teme!" Pausing in mid air we turned to see that Sasuke and all of his friends had followed us. A few feet behind them were Itachi and his friends.

"What are you all doing here?" Sasuke asked, still looking a bit shaken up

"Are you kidding man, we're not gonna let you guys go through this all alone, plus I'm sure they'll want to hear our side of the story." Naruto said making me look at him funny.

"Your side of the story? It happened in the girls' bathroom, there is no your side of the story…"

"Not that part, I'm sure you and Konan can explain that much, but I mean our side of the story from school and how she acts and stuff. I'm sure the cops are going to be involved in this so they might want to hear about all of that."

"I suppose." I said while shrugging my shoulders while looking at Sasuke. "Ready?" he nodded.

Sasuke once again reached for the door and pushed it open with a loud creaking noise that made me cringe.

Once inside we saw no one. "Maybe they went out or in Fugaku's study" I suggested.

"I guess so." Sasuke said agreeing with me.

"Sakura? Sasuke? Are you guys home?" We all heard the cheerful voice of Mikoto as we heard her descend the stairs.

"Or she could, y'know, be waiting for you guys and then totally freak out when she sees Sakura." Naruto said.

"Way to dampen the mood Dobe."

"Shut up Teme."

"Is that Naruto I hear?"

"Shit." Cursed everyone.

"What is everyone doing he- Oh my goodness! Sakura!" Mikoto exclaimed as she sped towards me, gently taking my face into her hands to examine the damage.

Not long after Mikoto's scream did we all hear several more feet come running down the stairs.

"Brace your selves." Itachi said, absolutely serious.

"Huh? What for?" Naruto asked just as Fugaku, Shisui came down with uncle Madara leading them.

"My poor baby!" Uncle Mada screeched as he saw the state I was in. "Did you do this to her!?" He accused while pointing his finger at Sasuke before he ran up to him and proceeded to wrap his hands around his neck and shake him back and forth before coming to a complete stop. His head snapped to Itachi next. "Or maybe it was you! You did this out of jealousy!" He then did the same to Itachi, shaking him back and forth before letting him go as well.

Itachi and Sasuke both slumped to the floor looking absolutely spent.

"Uhm? Uncle Mada?..."

"And you! Why didn't you do anything to stop it from happening!" He yelled while pointing at Shisui.

"Wha- me?! I was with you!" Shisui tried to reason with Madara only for Madara to choke him as well.

So in other words, the amount of time it took for three extremely strong Uchiha's to fall to an overprotective Madara was twelve seconds.

"What the hell?!" Naruto yelled out as he looked at his best friend, his brother and his cousin all back to back slumped on the ground looking ready to pass out right about now.

"I think I see birds and stars dancing around their heads." Said Kisame, one of Itachi's friends.

"What happened!" Demanded Fugaku as Mikoto left to get the first aid kit, coming back a moment later with a small white box in hand.

"That's not enough!" Madara yelled as he ran upstairs for a second. Coming back down a moment later with what appeared to be a giant red first aid kit before handing said kit to Mikoto. "Hop to it woman!"

"Uncle Mada! That's no way to ask a lady for help!" I scolded him making him look like a kicked puppy.

"I'm sorry Pumpkin!"

"It's not me you should be apologizing to."

"I'm sorry Miko-chan."

"OK, this is creepy, I don't think I've ever seen Madara act this way before."

"It's because of Sakura." Sasuke said as he started to stand up, no longer feeling dizzy as Itachi and Shisui stood up too.

"Alright, now can someone tell us what happened?"

So I told my side of the story, Konan telling hers, and everyone else adding in their two cents every so often.

"Alright. Madara, you Mikoto and I will go to the police station to file a report about what happened. As for the rest of you, its getting pretty late, you should all head home." Madara tried to protest, saying how his 'Saku-chan' needed him there for comfort but was quickly shot down when I asked him to help get the people who had done this to me. That was all it took for him to literally drag Mikoto and Fugaku out of the house where everyone had heard the screeching of tires on pavements they drove off to the station.

Within minutes only Sasuke and I remained. Itachi and Shisui left with their friends, dragging Sasuke's friends with them, leving us alone.

I softly touched the bandage that was on my face from Mikotos' work.

"Does it hurt?" I looked over at Sasuke as he refused to meet my gaze, settling for staring at the empty space over my shoulder making my chest ache.

"No, what hurts is that you wont look me in the eyes." I told him truthfully. His eyes snapped to mine in surprise.

I smiled. "Now that's much better." I said as I cupped his cheek.

"You got hurt because of me." I scoffed.

"This didn't happen because of you, this happened because of some girl who got jealous because someone else got what she wanted. You can't blame yourself because of that." He sighed as he took my wrist from his face and kissed the palm of my hand.

"C'mon, its getting late, we should head to bed now." He suggested and I nodded as I let him lead me to his room.

Once there Sasuke's phone buzzed. He opened it to read the message someone had sent him. He furrowed his eyebrows as he read it over once, twice, then blushed a furious shade of red.

With my curiosity piqued I asked him what it had said, only for him to rush to the bathroom, telling me it was nothing.

Shrugging my shoulders I figured it was none of my business no matter how much I wanted to know. So instead I kicked off my heels and my jewelry, neatly placing them where they should go.

I awkwardly reached behind my back to unzip my dress but I couldn't really get a good grip on it from my angle, no matter how hard I tried. While my hands were still tied behind my back I heard Sasuke come back into the room.

Sasuke's P.O.V

After I had suggested that we go to bed my phone had gone off, buzzing in my pocked once we had reached my room. I reached to grab it and read it over once, twice, a third time, just to make sure I was reading it correctly, and once I fully comprehended what the message had said I couldn't suppress the blush that formed on my face.

"What does it say?" Sakura asked making me panic so instead of answering her I ran to the bathroom like a frightened little boy. Psh, some Uchiha I am.

As I heard Sakura moving about in my room I read the message that my brother had sent me again.

Little brother, I understand you and Sakura just had an emotional experience so your both... emotional. So just in case, there's a box of condoms in the first drawer of my dresser, use them wisely. After all, you two will be alone for quite a few hours, what a better way to spend your time.

Your brother; Itachi.

I could just imagine his cheeky smile... That bastard.

After I had calmed myself down I walked back in to my room only to see Sakura struggling with her dress.

Wordlessly I walked up behind her and slowly unzipped it. After it was completely unzipped I ran my fingers across her bare back. I smirked a little when she shivered and got goose bumps. Hesitantly, I slowly walked away from her before I set my phone on my bed before walking to my dresser for a change of clothes.

I heard Sakura walk near my bed, thinking she was getting under the covers, what I didn't hear was my phone going off again or Sakura walking over to read the message.

What I did hear however was her sharp intake of breath. Turning over as fast as I could I saw her with my phone in hand.

Now, in other situations you would think that I'd be pissed that she's on my phone. But no, I wasn't, and why wasn't I? Simple.

Before Sakura and I had started dating we were best friends, and as best friends we would always do stupid things together, one thing we often did saw stalk people, weird, I know, but it was hilarious.

The people we followed would get paranoid after a while like they knew it was happening.

And needless to say, we actually learned quite a lot. One time we had stalked a married couple into a restaurant, the husband would look at every other women that walked his way and would somehow manage to get up and leave to get their phone numbers and the wife would always be checking her phone and smiling down at her phone at whatever the message had said. But every time the other saw they would get mad and demand to see the others phone. Of course they both refused and got into a big argument. When the husband had looked like he was about to throw something we both ran.

So when they had started dating they both remembered that incident and agreed to have no secrets between them and have each others passwords to everything, even their cell phones.

Which is why, I, Uchiha Sasuke, can't get mad at my girlfriend for looking at my phone.

"Uhm, Sasuke, please tell me that your older brother really didn't suggest we have sex."

All of a sudden I felt a surge of confidence surge through me.

"Well," I began, "It's not a bad suggestion."

*No smut guys, sorry. Trying to keep this PG. 13*

The Next Day

Sakura's P.O.V.

I started to wake up as I felt the suns rays on my face. Slowly, the events of last night came back to mind and I grinned as I felt a pair of arms wrap around me from behind and pull me into a naked well defined chest as I snuggled more into the warmth that it provided.

"Good morning." I heard Sasuke say in his scratchy morning voice that sent chills down my spine.

"Morning." I say quietly as I turned around so I was chest to chest with him. I felt him kiss my forehead just as I smelled the most delicious thing ever.

"I think breakfast is ready." I hear Sasuke say as he too sniffed the air.

I tried to get up off the bed only to groan in pain. "I'm too sore." I tell him, and with out even seeing him, I can just feel his ego boost and his self satisfied smirk.

"I'll go get the food so we can eat it up here." He said as he removed himself from the bed and put on a black wife beater and a pair of dark blue pajama pants and grabbed the now empty box of condoms that Itachi oh so happily provided for us to throw away.

I listened as Sasuke went down stairs and heard the clinking of plates and silverware as he got our food.

"Good morning little brother. How was you night?" I heard Itachi say followed my some laughter.

'When did Itachi and his friends get here? And do they know... about... oh my gosh.'

Talk about completely mortifying!

"Pretty damn good Itachi,pretty damn good." I heard Sasuke say much to my embarrassment even though I wans't even there too see anyone's reactions.

I distinctively heard Sasuke throw the empty box at Itachi causeing me face palm.

"Sorry we used them all, we got caught up in the moment." I hear him say followed by laughter from Itachi's friends.

"Shit Itachi, your little brother gets more action in one night than you do in three months!"

I hear similar comments from Itachi's friends as I heard footsteps coming back up only secondsbefore the door opened to reveal Sasuke standing there with two trays in hand with an assortment of breakfast foods making my tummy grumble.

"Y'know Sasuke, I really don't mind it if you tease Itachi like that, just make sure Madara isn't there, who knows what he'll do to us."

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