Chapter 1



A purple speck here and there

Gravity no longer held the man to any type of ground as he floated through this expanse of nothingness.

After the ghosts had attacked him, they had left him a bit bruised and battered, his tailored suit a bit ragged now.

A flush of anger crossed his face as he remembered the events that got him floating in this ghostly realm. That stupid child ruined everything. He had the love of his life with him for eighteen wonderful years.

Though without that young Daniel, he would've had no clue as to how far his wife had been trying to keep secret her love for the paranormal. It didn't surprise him that Maddie still wanted to invent and study. They had met because of ghosts after all.

But eighteen years she had been experimenting behind his back. Eighteen years of cover-ups and excuses. What else did she lie about?

Purple doors almost hit the man floating through the green expanse, but with no way to propel himself anywhere, the best he could do was try and duck.

Jack Fenton. How could she still love, no, how could she even love him? He was a bumbling idiot! Even before the accident. Add the accident and he became an idiot with ghost powers. Was she in love with him this whole time? In love with a hybrid of something that shouldn't even exist.

Oh great, another ghost. Though this one didn't come close to the human as the others had. She floated away, eyeing the man but keeping her distance.

And Daniel. He was one just like Jack, wasn't he? Had to be. Maddie pieced it together while the human had been eavesdropping.

The human remembered seeing Jack fly through his house, no doubt following the child. He knew the ghost was going towards Maddie's not so secret lab. Who knows what the woman was thinking when she thought she could build that in secret. The human had grown up half his life in the mansion. A curse of his parents at first to be already named the Wisconsin Dairy Prince since his uncle had been the King prior to him. But with living in the mansion for so long he knew every nook, every secret way through the walls, and every add on after that.

Daniel had to be stupid as well. He had claimed to be Jack's son after all. Anyone one would have to be crazy to say that they were related in any way to that buffoon.

Of course that was assuming Daniel's story to be true. How did he survive jumping universes. He couldn't exist. Jack never married, though yes, the human knew that didn't rule out any children but who would be stupid or blind enough not to notice he was half ghost, and Maddie never had had kids. Not with him nor any other man.

How did things go so sour so quickly? The human smiled as he remembered yesterday morning. He and Maddie were attending Wisconsin's annual cheese contest, judges of course. They had had the most wonderful time with only one cheese not tasting up to par. The two had dressed down for the occasion, knowing it was just a fair and not anything really big. Actually the fair was still going on. Who would take his place as Dairy King? He assumed Maddie would now that he was no longer able to get back. She was still the Dairy Queen, even though she had to go by a longer title due to copyright issues.

If only he could go back to yesterday afternoon. He would have made sure Daniel didn't stay. He knew he would hate himself for denying Maddie her want to be hospitable but he could live with himself for that. That would have just been a petty fight and he knew his Maddie would love him by the next morning.

But no, he had to let the boy stay the night cause of his love for his wife. And the bumbling oaf had followed him.

At least his Maddie couldn't go to Jack. He accomplished that at least.

"Argh!" the human exclaimed, surprised at the pull of gravity. He closed his eyes as he felt the cold of cement present itself to the side of his face.


The human groaned, thinking he was sure he had killed the man the voice belonged to. He found himself being picked up off the ground and helped to his feet. He looked up to see the owner of the voice to his left and his wife on his right. "Jack. Maddie. Help."

Vlad will admit, he was acting a bit dramatic, but he couldn't form a story to tell them without knowing enough about the universe he now was in. He loosened any remainder strength he had and closed his eyes, pretending to have lost consciousness.