A/N: This is my second story but my first ME, so to you ME fans go easy on me, please. This story will be based on a Tycoon pov of Paragon Reinterpretations by MB18932 so credit to him for this version of ME verse. Since this is a Tycoon based story I will most likely need help in that part and in the writing department, grammar, punctuation, spelling and of course using the right words. The next chapter this will be starting during the Steam Age.

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Tell me if you've heard this tale before. A young species develops and grows, tentatively reaching into the empty space past its own atmosphere. Wonder and excitement follow the discovery as proof of a long dead race. The species, emboldened and enabled by the discovery and technology within. expands even further across the stars and the galaxy itself. It settles colonies, it explores, and for a generation it is in a golden age of discovery and peace.

And then it makes First Contact, and this golden age expands twenty fold.

If you identified this new species as Humanity, your are correct. And happily, you every expectation shall be exceeded: for first impressions are everything, and few species could have given a better first impression than the Asari, a people whose dreadnoughts, weapons of unparalleled destruction and horror, looked like works of art. Shanx was not the first battle against an extra terrestrial assault by the Turain Hierarchy seeking to enforce its laws or by slave lusting Batarians seeking to expand their power and influence, but the ground on when humans met those who would lift them into a new world of wonder, and in time would become their greatest friend and ally. and General Williams was not dragged in chains to a court martial by a victorious Alliance, but was praised and rewarded for possessing the clearness of mind to bring his terrified men to heel and not launching an unwarranted assault upon the newcomers.

The technological catch ups were, by all accounts, miraculous, for a species with barely 15 years into the studying of the Mass Effect suddenly encountered and adapted the machines and methods of another who had hundreds, if not thousands, of years to refine it. There was barely a thought of violent action against the other species the humans soon met. The long time dream of a multi-race community that had possessed the species in recent times had been proven long since true and the humans, now fully united under its System Alliance, joined it without hesitation or reserve, eager to share in this incredible new existence it found itself in.

It was the single brightest time in human history. This is the catalyst that change and defined the Human race as it emerged on the galactic stage. This is, ultimately, a happy story, a story of glory. It is, at heart, a Paragon's story, of one race rising up to prove its worth to its new home.

This is First Contact, and, for once, it was thoroughly pleasant, and did not result in the point of view of a family of tycoons.

A/N: This chapter was at least 99.98% from MB18932 first chapter of Paragon Reinterpretations, the last 0.02% was from me and that begins at, From-tycoons. This story will be based in the Paragon Reinterpretations AU and be a tycoon version and it will be a multi-person POV, so that's going to be hard. If you want to be my beta for this story or for any current and future stories please PM or if you have an idea who will beta this story or others please inform me by PM. This is the first chapter and the next chapter will most likely not be on here for maybe a month or two, currently writing the 2nd chapters to this before I go back to my first story.