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Alfred turned off the hot water and hopped out of the shower. He noticed the fog on the mirror, but didn't exactly care at this point. He wrapped a towel around his waist and placed his clothes in a bin. He opened the door and walked into his room, disappointed when he saw that Ivan was not in the room anymore.

"Okay." He said to himself. "Hm, wearing a hoodie would be cool." He grabbed a hoodie and the essential pajama bottoms and quickly got dressed seeing as it was dark outside. He was surprised about how big the hoodie was on him. "Hm, that's strange. It was big, but not that big. I thought I gained weight." He shrugged it off and looked at the time on his Captain America clock. "10:30. Huh, I thought it would be way earlier. I guess it's time for bed soon."

He stepped out of the room and met outside with the other two countries. "Hey guys, it's pretty late."

Matthew looked at the time, "Oh, I guess it is. We need to think about sleeping arrangements. You have one guest bedroom right Al?"

Alfred nodded, "Yeah, but only one. The couch doesn't pull out to a bed either. Ivan can always sleep with me. It's really weird to have guests sleep on the couch. Plus, it's not like we haven't done it before, it's not that weird. "

Matthew looked towards Ivan, "Is that okay with you?"

Ivan shrugged, "Da, sounds perfectly fine."

Alfred was so grateful at that moment, it would have been pretty embarrassing if Ivan would have said no. "Kay, well I'm gonna go ahead and hit the hay. Don't feel like ya need to go to bed too." Alfred waved and walked back to his room and turned off the lights and got inside the warm covers. He hoped Ivan would come in when he was still awake.

Luckily for Alfred, Ivan came in around fifteen minutes later.

Ivan was careful not to step on anything or make any loud noises, he would have to be like a mouse, not even the slightest creak. He was rather successful and eventually found his way to the covers where Alfred was. He pulled the blankets over him then put his arm around Alfred.

Alfred could have screamed for joy, but he wanted to see how far this would go so he pretended he was asleep, making himself do light and even breathing.

Ivan sighed contentedly and whispered something unrecognizable in Alfred's ear. Alfred assumed it was Russian or something of the sort and wished he knew what it meant. He swore he heard "lyublyu" and swore he heard that word before. He debated for awhile to see if he was able to figure it out, but unfortunately he wasn't.

Fairly content, the two both fell asleep with Alfred in Ivan's arms.

In the morning Matthew was the first to wake up, and even that wasn't unusual. The first thing he did was check his phone and he recently received a text he opened it and realized it was a text from Francis. "Dearest Matthieu, we will be there in about a half an hour." He read out loud. He sighed and grabbed his clothes for the evening and put them on. "Well, I should probably wake the duo up, considering Alfie's never up this early. "

He made the bed and left the guest room, shutting the door quietly behind him. He walked to Alfred's room and knocked on the door. "Hey lovebirds, Francis and Arthur will be here in a little less than an hour. Get dressed."

Alfred woke up and sat up and rolled over to find he was facing around two inches away from Ivan who was also awake. "Hi." He smiled.

Ivan scooted in and gave Alfred a quick peck on the lips, "Good morning Fredka."

"Good morning to ya too." He sat up and pandiculated. "Ugh, why do we have to do this again. Dealing with Francy-pants? And at..." He leaned over to look at the clock, "..Like eight in the morning. People need to sleep in!"

Ivan also sat up and chuckled, "You went to bed at ten, that's ten hours of sleep."

"Yeah, but that's not usually what I go to bed at. I go to bed way later than that, then wake up at like two, except when there are meetings."

"Oh, so that's why you never answer calls or emails."

"Exactly." Alfred yawned once again. "M'kay let's get up."

The two nations reluctantly gotup out of the warm bed and made it so it was semi-neat for Arthur and Francis.

The two came out of the room and met Matthew in the kitchen. "How did you two sleep?" He winked and Alfred blushed.

"What the fuck do you think we did?" Alfred asked, crossing his arms.

Matthew smirked, "Oh nothing Al."

After a moment of awkward silence, Ivan spoke up. "Should I leave for this visit? I have a feeling this is more of an intermediate family visit."

Alfred shook his head, "No, it's totally fine. They'll be happy to see you."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah sure! You were with me this whole time and so on, so you should be here!"

Sure enough there was a loud knocking at the door, seeming to almost ring throughout the apartment.

Alfred walked to the door and opened it, immediately greeted into a hug from Francis.

"Oh mon cher, bonjour. You look so much healthier than last time we saw you!"

"Oh let go you frog, you're going to crush him." Arthur rolled his eyes and walked passed them.

Alfred soon pushed Francis off and led them both into the living room, "Hey guys, so um… thanks for coming." He said awkwardly.

Francis smiled, "Oh it is no problem mon cher! Arthur was dying to see you, it was adorable!"

Alfred laughed and looked over to Arthur. "Is that so?"

Arthur mumbled a few curses to Francis, "Yeah, whatever damned gits."

Francis then looked over and noticed Matthew and Ivan. "Matthieu!" He pulled him into a crushing hug. "Comment allez-vous?"

Matthew let himself be hugged, "I'm fine papa,but please let me go, you're crushing me."

Francis smiled and let go of Matthew, "I'm sorry, I'm just excited to see you boys! Bonjour Ivan!"

Arthur looked towards Ivan as well, "I didn't know you would be here."

Ivan felt very awkward in this meeting, "Uh, yes I have been staying with Alfred for the tenure that he's been home." He said awkwardly.

Arthur shrugged it off but Francis winked, causing Alfred to facepalm.

"Could we please just go to breakfast? This is super awkward." Alfred cut in.

Arthur crossed his arms, "I don't understand why this is so awkward."

Francis smiled, "Why not, let's go where do you want to go?"

"The restaurant isn't too far away from here. It's called Pop's Family Diner."

The four nations all left the apartment. Unfortunately everyone, this walk was equally as uncomfortable especially for Alfred looking at Francis' knowing eyes. 'I swear Francis is like a psychic for feelings.' Alfred thought.

The group soon arrived at the restaurant and was seated. It wasn't necessarily fancy, but it was a family restaurant.. An infectiously friendly atmosphere was in the air, almost making the mood of the group lighter, which made Alfred praise himself for his wise choice.

"At least you didn't take us to your bloody McDonald's." Arthur noted as he looked around the restaurant.

Alfred stuck his tongue out at Arthur playfully, "C'mon Pop's Family Diner is awesome."

Francis looked at the menu, "What do they usually serve here?"

"I mean they have breakfast all day, but it's still technically time for brunch. So I mean it's usually custom to order breakfast still. You can order whatever you want. Their eggs are good and that's what I was going to order."

Arthur looked at Alfred suspiciously, 'He's almost there, usually he would eat a stack of pancakes, but he doesn't really seem completely reluctant to have breakfast with us.' He thought and he felt a little at ease knowing Alfred was making a full recovery.

The waiter soon came and took their order and left just as quickly. The air was much lighter than what it was at the apartment, and everyone seemed content at the very least.

Francis smiled, "I should tell you what Angleterre did on the plane on the way here!"

Arthur scowled, "Not here you damn frog."

The table laughed, making people around them stare, though they didn't exactly care. Alfred felt genuinely happy, not only for the present, but for the future as well. He was excited to have more moments like this with his family and felt very grateful .

The waiter soon brought their food and there was laughter and food throughout the table. The awkward gloom that was once held over them was gone and it was replaced with happiness. It was almost a perfect moment to be in.

"Hey Iggy, how long are you staying?" Alfred asked.

Arthur inwardly cringed at the familiar nickname, "Well, unfortunately not very long. Our countries are very busy as of late. We wish that we could stay longer."

Alfred smiled, "Hey, but anytime you want to come over, feel free. We'll do this again sometime!"

Arthur smiled, "Even though it sounds like it could potentially land in disaster, why not?"

The group finished their meal and paid, stilling about pleasant subjects and headed back to Alfred's apartment. The walk was pleasant and the weather was perfect.

The group stopped just outside the apartment, cut off by Arthur's voice. "Ivan." Arthur called. "You were quiet today. Do you mind if we talk outside?"

Ivan looked to Alfred who shrugged, he had a feeling this would happen.

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