The next day, The Daily Prophet, was definitely one of the fastest selling copies since the one announcing the victory of The Battle of Hogwarts. Many people read the large, bold print, and thought this was yet another joke, but when they saw the picture accompanied the words, they knew there was no way this was a joke. The-Greatest-Wizard-Since-Merlin had indeed, returned.

With the nearly no information from the Daily Prophet, besides the fact that Harry was back, the ministry resolved into contacting his old friends. When calling Arthur to his office, Kingsley was almost relieved to see that the man didn't look worried.

"Is it true?" Kingsley asked as Arthur took a seat.

"Indeed, he came by the house last night," Arthur answered, smiling. "I'm sure he'll be in touch with you soon. He was talking about having some business to do. He didn't offer much on that note, but he is going to be at Gringott's at some point today."

Kingsley nodded in approval at the information, and made a note on a spare piece of parchment. Whatever Harry Potter had up his sleeve, Kingsley wanted to know. "And where has he been?"

"He... I'm not at liberty to say. If he wants you to know, I'm sure he'll bring you in on the loop," Arthur replied. "Now if that's all?"

"Of course, go on and get back to your family. Thank you, Arthur," Kingsley said, standing up and seeing his friend out. When he had been appointed Minister, he had never thought it'd become a full time job. He was only suppose to be in until the dust settled, and three years later, the dust had been cleared, and he was still in charge. He wasn't upset with the way things worked out, but he wouldn't mind being back in his old division.

Over in Diagon Alley, the few small groups of people, all stopped their shopping to stare at the man that had walked past them. Harry Potter in the flesh. When he caught their stares, he'd smile briefly at them, before continuing his way down towards the large bank. When he finally disappeared through the doors, chatter broke out amongst them; All talks were towards Harry Potter, and his mysterious return.

Inside the bank, Harry walked up to the bank manager, Warscar, and waited for the old goblin to acknowledge him.

"The agreed upon fees have been taken from your account Mr. Potter, the documents have been taken out and examined. Jagkin will escort you to the director," Warscar said, not looking up from whatever forms he was overlooking.

Harry nodded briefly and watched as another goblin quickly made his way over to him. When he was gestured to start walking, he gave a quick look around, and noticed one family had started ignoring their bank teller, in exchange of staring. He gave them a small smile, and a pointed look, before turning and focusing on where exactly he was going.

Coming up on the extravagant looking office, he almost laughed when the doors opened to reveal it was just a normal office, with none of the outside flare.

Once again, he stood waiting to be acknowledged. It was almost a full five minutes before the director gestured for him to take a seat, and another before he spoke.

"These documents have been passed down by every director over the last thousand years. We're told not to open them, but the one with the lightning bolt scar, would someday come for them. Tell me Mr. Potter, how is it that these documents existed for you, before you were even thought of?"

"I could tell you," Harry said, not showing any emotion on his face, "but there'd be a fee."

The goblin stared at the young man for a full minute, before he started laughing. "You are bold, Mr. Potter. Now there are five separate scrolls, do you know what they detail?"

Harry let a flicker of a smile touch his face, before he locked his emotions down again. He shrugged, "I have an idea, but should they be wrong, I'll keep the idea to myself. Could I see them now?"

"Certainly, why don't you start with the first scroll, it's the largest of the bunch," the director said, handing over the parchment that had been so preserved it looked as if it hadn't aged more than a decade.

Taking the scroll, Harry ran his hand over it, and upon detecting no magic, he let it unravel.

"Harry, as we often talked of, magics have been added to the castle for your benefit. The plans you've made shall go over as you hope, with the correct steps. Scroll five is the contract, the Ministry has to accept it as it is. If they fight it, the contract also states a piece of power we have granted you. The other three scrolls, have been written by each of our three friends. Be cautious with Godric's. As always, stay true. We miss you dearly. -R.R."

Once he finished reading the scroll, Harry brought his hand up to his face to hide the tears in his eyes. For him, they had only said goodbye the other day. For the Founders, they had said goodbye, and continued to ensure that his tentative plans, would work. They had passed on before they would ever know. Clearing his throat, he looked up at the director, who had kindly averted his gaze during the short display of emotion.

"The fifth scroll please, I'll take the others with me," Harry said, offering no room for argument.

He didn't bother checking this scroll for signs of magic, Helga wouldn't have allowed it. The words easily smoothed over the frayed nerves he was feeling. He could start his plans as soon as he left the bank. But he would wait a week, settle back down, and then he would start.

"Can we talk about my properties, or do I have to solely discuss it with my account manager?" Harry asked, putting the extra three scrolls in the bag he was carrying. As they were the only thing in the bag, he knew they'd be safe.

"We can discuss them," the director remarked, opening a drawer in the massive desk he was sat behind. "Are you looking for one suitable for living, or one that's off the map?"

"Suitable to live, I have no need to hide," Harry said. Last night he had returned to Grimmauld Place, and he had barely gotten any sleep. Death Eater's hadn't found it after the incident when he was on the run, but it hadn't cleaned itself. He had spent most the night making the room he slept in suitable, and then when he finally went to bed, he didn't sleep more than a few hours.

"You have multiple properties that you could live in, obviously you want one that has had the maintence kept up, and there are three that you might like. A small cottage in Hogsmeade, a large home on the beach, and a castle with coordinates," the director listed.

"Which homes belong to who?" Harry questioned, carding a hand through his hair.

"The cottage has been in the Potter family for decades, the home on the beach belonged to the last descendants of Gyrffindor, that have since died out. The castle belonged to, last owner ship was Slytherin himself," the director looked up at the man with a discernable look on his face.

Quickly thinking it over, Harry decided it'd be best if he were to stay in the cottage. "I'll take a list of properties, once I'm settled I'd like to go and see them."

"Of course, Mr. Potter," the director said.

As soon as he had the copy, Harry bid the goblin a good day, and left. When he exited the bank fully, it was with flashes going off in his face. When his eye sight finally came back to him, he recognized that the mass of reporters had been waiting for him. "The only information you'll get is that I've been away, I won't be telling you where. Yes I'm back, thank you so much for the warm welcome. Now if you'll excuse me, there are places I'd like to be."

Reporters still called out questions, walking briskly along side him. When they reached the apparation point one reporter was brave enough to try and grab hold of the man. Before pictures could even be snapped, the reporter was blasted twenty feet away, and the glare that Harry sent, chilled them to the bone.

Quickly apparating to the Burrow, Harry tried with all his might to calm the anger inside him. He tried all the techniques he learned and cursed himself when none of them seemed to be working.

Unbeknownst to the people inside that had heard the cracking sound of dissaparition, and gone to check it out, Harry was ready for a fight. Ron was the first to walk out, followed by Hermione. If they were ever going to hex him as promised, this was the opportune time. So, without saying a word, they sent two tickling hexes at their old friend.

Feeling the two hexes come his way, and still on edge about what happened in the alley, Harry quickly turned around. Dodging the hexes, he quickly sent his own counter curses back, two ugly red hexes, that his friends were lucky to dodge. He wouldn't allow himself to think of what would happen if they hadn't. Harry quickly apologized, and asked why they had tried to hex him.

"Why'd we try to hex you? Mate, you left after dropping a huge piece of news!" Ron exclaimed.

"Technically, it was Hermione," Harry said. "Shall we go inside?"

"Of course," Hermione replied, smiling kindly at Harry. She wasn't going to say it out loud, but she could see that the time with the Founders had done him good. "How was your business today? I woke up and couldn't help but wonder if that was all a dream, but Ron assured me it wasn't, and then the Daily Prophet just cemented it."

"It went well. I think I'm going to take a week to settle down, maybe meet my godson, and then go from there," Harry said, smiling brightly when he noticed Mrs. Weasley was already in the kitchen fixing cups of tea. "But enough about me, what has happened in the last three years? Did you get your parents back?"

Hermione nodded excitably, "It took a couple of months before it was finally approved, but we managed to find them just fine, and restored their memories. They of course weren't too happy I did that, but after we explained everything they understood that it was for the best."

"That's good," Harry replied. "I'm glad."

"They asked about you, actually," Hermione told him. "They wanted to thank you for keeping me safe."

Harry put his hand through his hair, and nodded, unsure of what to say. Hermione was actually the one that kept them safe, Harry was the one that got them into all the trouble in the first place. "And Ron, what about you?"

"I joined the Auror department!" he boasted. "Of course I did have to go back to school and take my NEWTS, but Hermione helped me study hard, and I got a lot more O's that I thought I would."

"That's great! So you guys went back? How is Hogwarts anyway, I'd guess the rebuild wasn't easy," Harry commented, looking between his two friends. He was really quite proud of them. Especially Ron, who he knew could be extraordinarily lazy when it came to class work.

"We did. Some of the classes we had to take in different parts of the castle that hadn't been used in years, but everything went back to normal a couple Springs ago," Hermione explained. "Neville is apprenticing under Professor Sprout!"

"Good for him," Harry smiled. "I'll have to pay him a visit when I visit. Who's the Headmaster, anyway?"

"Your going to Hogwarts?" Ron asked.

At the same time Hermione answered. "McGonagall took charge the first year, during most of the rebuilding, but she stepped down and handed things over to Professor Vector, she's been the Headmistress ever since."

Harry nodded at the information before answering Ron. "As part of the business I have. There also is a secret room that the Founder's created for me, that I want to see about."

"You keep going on about this mysterious business," Hermione whined. "Why won't you just tell us? We are your best friends after all, right?"

Harry smiled and thought it over for a minute. When he finally seemed to come to a conclusion, he took a sip of his tea.

"Don't start that Harry," Hermione scolded. If she had had a book, she'd have hit him with it.

"One thing Godric taught me was how to have fun, or perhaps I'm thinking of what Salazar told me," Harry tapped his chin with his fingers, while pretending to be deep in thought. The twinkle displayed in his eyes was reminiscent of Dumbledore.

"Harry!" Ron cried, making his friend laugh. "Just tell us already."

With a pursed smile, Harry took another minute to look at his two friends, before nodding. "Why don't we start with you guys telling me just how much laws have changed in the last thousand years, then I'll tell you my plans."

Hermione and Ron both groaned, shook their heads, and started asking him what he already knew. To say that any of the laws he knew were up to date, would be laughable, as many of them had been overturned and others had probably had a few layers of dust settled over them. One thing they were both sure of, was that they wouldn't have enough time to hear what Harry had up his sleeve, and Harry had banked on that. He truly had turned into a snake in sheeps clothing.

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