Birth By Sleep:

Elizabeth's story

-I don't own Bioshock or Kingdom Hearts, Bioshock is rightfully Irrational Games and Kingdom Hearts is Square Enix-

Prologue: The beginning….

"My light to my darkness… my last of my sanity… my last of my happiness… my true love… torn away from me… It fills my heart with such rage for the one responsible and it fills my heart with such sorrow for my love taken from me… I want to give the jealous and cruel one the worst despair he'll ever experienced and I want you back… Never forget… Never forgive… I rather die than to replace you… I miss you so much…you are the good part of me, Ventus"


Elizabeth is falling into the darkness while gripping on the white and black checkered scarf and suddenly she opens her eyes and was in the tower saw Ventus and she smile and runs to him. And they dances and look out the window; longing for freedom. Next scene Booker help them escape from the tower while being chased by the songbird. The scene flashes next with Elizabeth and Ventus dancing innocently with the floating rose petals. Suddenly Booker vanishes in that lake where he had refuse his baptism, leaving Elizabeth and Ventus alone. They then saw the surrounding darkness and escaped with tears. Unknowing to them, Master Xehonart had his golden eyes on Elizabeth.

Next scene, Elizabeth and Ventus were running from the darkness and suddenly the darkness touches Elizabeth's dress and her dress changes and her hair got cut. Ventus pulls her hand and lead her to the light. Suddenly, Ventus was pull away by Master Xehonart's hands and Elizabeth tries to save him but ended up with just his scarf and goes after him leaving the door to light.

Next scene, she sees Ventus and tears of joy come out and runs to him. Ventus turns and turns into a younger version of himself with the clothes he wore in Birth By Sleep and he turns into Vanitas who attempts to grabbed her. Elizabeth because shock and runs from him. Suddenly Master Xehonart appears in front of her and forcefully grabs her face for her to face him. He smirks at her and pushes her into the darkness and her clothes changes into a mixture of her past clothes and she became as a young teenager like Ven. She grip on the scarf before it vanishes.

Next scene, Elizabeth was in her Siren armor form (she looks like Lady Comstock as a Siren). Elizabeth was in the battle field with Aqua, Terra, and Ventus who are in their armor. And was trying to attack Xehonart with Terra but when she witness Master Xehonart holding a stuggling Ventus by the head. When Ventus falls, Liz jumps from the cliff after him.

Next scene, Elizabeth was running in the unknown places where scenes of her life were showing on her sides with Ven's scarf on her neck. And Most were showing her following Ventus.

Elizabeth's veil is torn showing her face. She was with Aqua and Ven and she was about to kiss him. Xehonart uses his dark powers and summoned Kingdom Hearts and Liz and Aqua look up at it. Elizabeth eyes' were suddenly glowing red as Tears surround her.

Elizabeth was falling in the darkness again and was going after Ven. She saw his Station of Awakening before it breaks. And tears were coming down her eyes and she was about to get Ven's hand when he glows and disappears.

-I hope you guys like it, you see no one has done a Bioshock Infinite and Kingdom Hearts Crossover before So I guest I'm the first 1! YAAAY!