A redo of a previous sotry of mine called Avengers Assemble. Thanks to Aspiringactor for looking over this chapter for me.

"Five years today the Captain America memorial exhibit at the National History Museum opened up to the public..."

"Tony Stark billionaire playboy as well as founder and CEO of Circuits Maximus has been rescued. Mr Stark had spent the last two months in the custody of the terrorist organisation HYDRA..."

"Bridge architect Ben Parker tragically lost his life last night to a gunman after trying to help subdue the criminal, we at Daily Bugle Communications offer condolences to his widow May and nephew Peter..."

"There has been sightings of a green monster in New Mexico, eye witnesses has dubbed it 'a hulk'!"

"After the sighting of the red and yellow 'Iron Man' near his company building, Tony Stark has shocked the world when he uttered the words: 'I am Iron Man!'"

"Last night in a deadly storm a cargo ship was close to sinking and the workers could have tragically lost their lives, if not for the appearance of a long blonde haired flying man with a hammer who claims to be the Norse god Thor..."

"Today is the first anniversary of the costumed masked vigilante known as Spider-Man!"

"The monster Hulk was spotted in New Jersey, but instead of just causing damage he was actually found to be helping Iron Man fight against the ring wearing supervillain known only as the Mandarin..."

"Colonel Jackson Danvers tragically passed away when his ship crashed, no other casualties though Colonel Danvers' teenage daughter Carol was said to have been hit by a beam caused by a specimen that had been brought back from the shuttle flight..."

"Janet Stark unveils technology that could allow people to shrink and fly, could she be following in the footsteps of her famous superhero brother?"

Inside a large base were several men in full black body armour along with helmets; on the front of each of their uniforms was the logo of a dark green skull with limbs connected to it. On the stage was a throne and a podium, next to the podium was a large muscular man in the uniform except inside of the helmet he was wearing a black mask with a while skull on it and on the other side of the podium was an attractive woman who did not wear the helmet and had dark green hair. The man, Brock Rumlow codenamed 'Crossbones' went onto the podium while the woman, Ophelia Sarkissian codenamed 'Viper' stayed where she was. "Fellow soldiers of HYDRA, welcome to the coronation ceremony of our new Supreme HYDRA." Rumlow shouted to the cheering soldiers "as you all know after World War II, the SS officer Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker escaped from capture and joined up with many other remnants of the Third Reich and founded Hydra because he knew humanity could not be trusted with its own freedom! While Baron Strucker was unfortunately captured and executed, Hydra continued to live and grow for cut off one limb; two more shall take its place!"

He then stood off the podium and Sarkissian took his place and said "so to continue leading us with our mission, please welcome the new Supreme HYDRA: Gunnar Golmen!" The HYDRA members cheered as a man with long black hair, a white shirt, black trousers, a golden sceptre decorated with a dark blue gem, black tie and a long black coat walked onto the stage. Once they quieted down their new leader then made his speech.

"The so called bright lure of freedom diminishes humanity's joy in a mad scramble for power, under my command and leadership we shall teach humanity that they are better off without their so called freedom." Golmen shouted through the microphone to the cheering soldiers "There will be no one to stop us, join me and we shall lead humanity into a glorious thousand year reign: HAIL HYDRA!"

"HAIL HYDRA!" the soldiers were now chanting with their arms facing forward as Gunnar lifted his sceptre to the air, he then sat down onto the throne and was now enjoying the chanting of his followers. It was good to be the king, soon his emptier will be stretched to the whole planet and his reign will be unstoppable.


Inside a lab in a corporate building were several scientists in hazmat suit, they were watching from a safe distance a huge mouse maze with a glass window as a roof which was placed upon a huge table and they were taking notes on a clipboard. And on the wall was a logo that red in bold capital letters: 'STARK: INDUSTRIES'. One of the scientists had a stopwatch as well as a clipboard and he faced the other scientists and said "okay if she does not hurry she may not be able to beat the time." He then went and took a closer look on the subject: normally on these types of tests it would be a lab mouse but this subject was much smaller than a lab mouse, it was about the size of a wasp and was even flying like one. As the subject flew out of the maze's exit the scientist then pressed stop on his stopwatch and said "okay that is the end of that session, good work Ms Stark."

The subject once it was safely away from the maze and the other scientists was now glowing bright yellow for a minute, where the subject was once was now a woman in a yellow and black full body armor with wires, yellow gloves and boots, a yellow mechanical helmet and attached to the back of the armour were a pair of wasp like wings that seemed to be made out of pure yellow energy. She took off her helmet to reveal a beautiful face as well as brown shoulder length hair. Janet Stark the CEO of Stark: Industries, inventor as well as eldest child of the retired World War II scientist Howard Stark looked to the scientist with the stopwatch and asked "how was that?"

"You just barely beat your record Ms Stark." The scientist and Janet nodded as she went to a changing room to get changed out of her armour; she walked out of her lab and to her office in a grey business suit. She went to her desk and noticed she got a fax, she curiously looked at it and after finished putting it down she looked angry. It was from the United States Military asking once again that she allows them to weaponise her Wasp armour technology. It was invented to help with rescuing people in dangerous scenarios and she never intended it to be used as a weapon for war! She knew there was one man who was an expert in dealing with military bureaucrats that could help her with advice and like it or not she would have to ask him for help...


Inside another room that was in a mansion were two men playing chess at a table, the room was filled with electronical technological devices and right on the wall was a logo of a red circle with the words "CIRCUITS MAXIMUS: OUR FUTURE TODAY!"Emboldened inside the circle in red and with a yellow background. Sitting right back relaxed on his chair was a main with black hair, a black goatee, a white shirt with the same logo that was on the wall, grey trousers and where his heart would be under his shirt you could see a silver circular device with a glowing blue triangle inside of it. "Hello earth to Bruce, I don't mean to rush you." The man said to his opponent with a chuckle "but it's your move, it's been your move for almost twenty minutes!"

"Sorry Tony..." the man said to Tony Stark the founder and CEO of Circuits Maximus, he had brown hair, glasses, purple buttoned up shirt, black pants and from the way he sat and moved you could almost get the impression he was constantly nervous as if expecting something bad would happen that very instant, the man Bruce Banner faced Tony and said "it's just I think you have done too much for me with getting the military and S.H.I.E.L.D. off my back and allowing me to live in your mansion..."

"Sorry to disturb your game sir." A robotic voice said "But a Ms Janet Stark wishes to speak with you on the phone, I can put her on speakerphone if you wish..." Tony chuckled as Bruce finally moved his bishop. Tony then made his next move and a couple of short moves later he remembered what the robotic voice had said. Tony said gave a signal that said that he would just have to put their game on hold for a minute and Bruce nodded with a shrug.

"Please do JARVIS." Tony said to the robotic voice that belong to his robotic artificial intelligence known as JARVIS. After a couple of static sounds there was then a chime that said that the person on the other line was on speakerphone. "Hey big sis, how is Stark Industries and how is pop?" Tony asked facing a technological speaker that was part of the computer system that operated his mansion "Is he still in his hospital bed and is there any reason you decided to call me, do you need help with that suit you are working on?" on the other end Harry could tell that Janet had let out a sigh that had been picked up in the signal.

"Tony listen, I can't believe I would ever have to say this but...I need your advice." Janet said which caught Tony's interest "As you know under my leadership Stark Industries has been experimenting on technology that uses a type of energy to shrink themselves – a type of energy I have called Stark Particles. I was hoping that the armour using Stark Particles could be used to help mankind but the military has been in contact with me and pressuring me into handing the technology to them so they can use it as a weapon! I know you have dealt with the military wanting the technology behind the suit you use to play 'superhero', so I want to know: how do you deal with bureaucrats wanting to use my technology?"

"Just tell them to shut up and stop bothering you Janet, simple as that." Tony said with a shrug which earned a chuckle from Bruce "I mean haven't you tried to tell them to leave them alone? Just use common sense, of course attitudes like that is how the company I built is beating the company that dad built and..." before Tony could continue he heard a sound coming from a Circuits Maximus company ipad that he had around. "I will have to call you back sis, I just got a message from people in my company." Tony said as he then told JARVIS to cut the signal as he got off his chair to get the ipad off another table.

He then answered the message and he saw that it was from a Circuits Maximus research team in the frozen parts of the world that had found something in the ice, he had authorised and funded the research and expeditions because experts in his company said that they believe valuable artifacts from World War II could still be in that area. He was looking at the pictures attached to the message that was taken of what they discovered, after a glance he gasped out in shock he shouted "NO WAY! Hey Bruce, I want you to be one of the few people that knows of this new discovery so come over here!" Bruce curiously walked over to where Tony was standing and Tony lowered his arms so Bruce could get a good look at the screen. Bruce could now see what the shock was about as his jaw dropped and Tony muttered "this guy...dad used to tell me and Janet fairy tales of this guy before we went to bed! I am going to tell them to make sure they get this discovery to one of my labs to see if we can thaw him out..."

The first picture was of a shield that was frozen in ice, a shield that was circular in size, had several red circles and a white star in the centre...

the idea of Wasp and Iron Man being siblings came from one of aspiringactor's stories about a reimagining of the Marvel universe and he allowed me to use the idea.