In the throne room of a golden palace in a land far from the reaches of Earth called Asgard, there were several soldiers in gold armor with two-horned helmets and spears on either side of the throne who acted as the Guards of Asgard, sitting on a throne was a large person with long white hair, a long white beard, an eyepatch on his right eye, a two horned helmet like the guards only this one served as his crown, a spear and a long red cape. At one side was a brown haired woman in a toga who was his wife Frigga and on the other side was his son Thor. In front of them with his arms cuffed behind his back was Loki who had a large sneer of contempt on his face. "Loki Odinson..." Odin Allfather the King of Asgard said as he stood up and walked of his thrown, Loki glared at the mere implication that Odin was addressing him as his son "long have I ignored your mischief Loki, but this is no mere mischief or even trickery...this is just plain evil! I took you in, I saved you from a fate of being lost and left to die in Jotunheim by your biological father, I made you my son, I made you my son's brother, I have shown you affection from my own heart...AND THIS IS HOW MY KINDNESS HAS BEEN REPAYED? MAKING A DEAL TO DESTROY THE NINE REALMS WITH LONG ENEMIES OF ASGARD? ALLYING YOURSELF WITH SOME OF THE WORSE OF MIDGARD?"

"You deserve far worse for your supposed kindness father!" Loki said making sure to emphasize the contempt of the last word as much as he could "I honestly don't see what the fuss was about, I would have been a benevolent king of the Dark World, whoever survived the Convergence would have been blessed to have me as their king! Who knows, maybe I could have found an orphaned child amongst those who have survive Midgard being destroyed by the Convergence and take him in as my own, showing him the affection that you never shown me yet claimed to have! I would have made a better king than you or your oh so perfect favourite son could ever hope to be!" if looks could kill Odin's glare would have vaporised Loki on the spot, "If only I knew what I know now, I might have been able to better raise you and perhaps this would not have happened." Odin said with a shake of his head "I hereby sentence you to be locked away in the deepest darkest cell of the dungeons of Asgard and maybe we can at least make you realise what your actions have caused." As the guards dragged Loki away, Frigga, Thor and even Odin had tears in their eyes but regardless, Odin motioned Thor to stand before him and he did so.

"Thor Odinson, my son and heir to my throne: as we have unfortunately discovered in the hundreds of years since our last visit to Midgard a lot of things had changed. Midgard had now became a more dangerous place with the worse of their inhabitants running amok with powers caused by the technologies and resources that Midgard has created it for itself. I sent you to Midgard to be a defender, an ambassador of Asgard in order to protect Midgard from whatever threat is facing it." Odin said before the seriousness on his face was replaced by a big smile "and I cannot help but be proud of how well you are handling this mission and what you have accomplished, especially with you saving not only Midgard but indeed the whole of the nine Realms and the fact that thanks to you delivering it to us, the Aether has been safely been locked away in a safe in the Asgardian vault that would require the Odinforce to open..." Thor stopped his father and replied "I may not have been able to win at all if it wasn't for the help of Midgard's greatest heroes: I feel honoured to have fought alongside Captain America, the Man of Iron, the Warbird, the ogre known as the Hulk, the Wasp and the Man of Spiders who have proved themselves to be worthy protectors of Midgard!" Odin chuckled before he replied "well then, should these six fellow warriors of yours join us in Asgard, we shall have a feast and banquet in their honour!"

"I must go now though father, Lady Jane Foster will be most upset if I turn up late for our dinner." Thor said exiting the throne room. Odin then faced the captain of his guards and said "go and have Heimdall take a group of Guards to Svartalheim and find any trace of the Dark Elves technology and have them destroyed." Odin said now looking serious "I shall take no chance of anything like this happening again!" the captain bowed and then left along with the guards as Odin then faced his advisor to go over some royal duties.


"What started as a HYDRA attack quickly evolved into something more..."

"The day might have been lost if not for the heroics of seven superheroes..."

"This does not diminish the facts, that spider is still a dangerous vigilante..."

"I saw Captain America throwing his shield, for a guy who has been alive longer than my father has been he still looks better than any A-list movie star!"

"Superheroes in New York? Gimmie a break!"

"They were incredible, they were terrific..."

"You know Spider-Man and that blonde girl the government called Warbird? I totally bet they are a couple..."

"What now?"

Peter Parker wearing jeans and a Stargate SG1 t-shirt was on the couch in his aunt's house, channel surfing with a smile on his face. He was mainly flicking through the news channels and he failed to pass through one that was not talking about the big battle that had happened the previous day and what a life changing experience it was! Sure he had teamed up with the Hulk and the Punisher before, but he never had a team-up like this before! It did not help that his lovely girlfriend was now a superhero with an awesome outfit of her own. He paused when he heard his Aunt May opening the front door and say "oh hello Carol, yes Peter is just in the living room!" he gulped when he saw Carol walking into the room wearing jeans, a jacket and a t-shirt of Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back. She took him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him upstairs to his room and let go and shut his door so they could talk without Peter's aunt listening. If he was not terrified by how angry Carol was at the moment, he might have been pleased to see how strong his girlfriend is now.

"I have waited long enough for my explanation, so I want it now!" Carol told him as she was getting close to screaming "why didn't you be honest with me about this, why didn't you ever tell me about you being Spider-Man?" once Peter got his courage back he realised something, "Carol listen to me! I wanted to tell you but I could never find out how...wait a minute..." Peter said getting up at full height, even though he was still shorter than him by a small amount "why are you angry at me when you didn't tell me that you were this Warbird?" Carol was taken back as she knew Peter had a point. "As Warbird I was a government employee, I was told not to risk anyone finding out just in case the information spread...which is probably why you didn't tell me..."

Peter laughed as he gave Carol one of his big goofy grins that he knew Carol liked some much, "Are we cool then..." Peter asked for a second before he was pulled into kiss by Carol, "Yes we are." Once she let leaving Peter gasping for air and a little bit disappointed that it didn't continue "now you know about me being a SHIELD operative, me and Jessica booked a beach that SHIELD owns and uses for their agents to relax for us to use next week, you can look forward to the swimsuit I had picked out for the trip." Peter drooled at the thought before realising something, "Wait a minute your friend Jessica..." Peter asked hesitantly "did you tell her?" Carol was a bit hurt that Peter would think of her as one of those shallow girls who would instantly text her friends when finding out a secret about her boyfriend, like that Sally Avril the Midtown cheerleading captain whose insults towards Peter only stopped when Carol threatened to punch her if she didn't stop. "Hey, now that you can fly I bet this means you will never be late for our dates..." Peter said and it was thanks to his Spider-Sense he avoided the hit that Carol gave his shoulders.


In the Stark Mansion, Steve was up in the room Tony had set up for him, he was looking at his wedding picture to Natasha while Tony and Bruce were busy talking to the paparazzi who were swarming the front of the house. "Sir, Janet Stark is outside of the door asking to come in." JARVIS told him Steve turned away from his picture and told JARVIS to let Janet in who was wearing a grey business jacket and business skirt. "Hell Steve, thought you might want some company." Janet said before looking at Steve's picture, "She looks beautiful, much better looking than half of the girls I have seen with my brother." Janet told him and Steve could not help but let out a laugh. "Natasha, she was your wife, wasn't she?" Janet asked and after Steve gave a slight nod she replied "I can't imagine how it must feel, being unfrozen and finding out no one knows what happened to your wife."

"With help I am able to attempt to move on, I miss Natasha but if she knew I was sulking over her she would tell me to move on or make else she would make me do fifty push ups!" Steve smiled and Janet could not help but blush at the fact he was looking at him and yet her bratty sibling had enough confidence to make a move on any pretty looking girl that he came across. Janet walked up to Steve some more and gave im a quick slight kiss on the cheek, Steve looked surprised for a second before he just returned to his smile. "I can master particles that can allow someone to change their size and yet I have no idea how to approach a guy I like without feeling embarrassed..." Janet thought in her head before she looked down on her window and saw her little brother flirting with a female reporter, why was a gifted genius brain wasted on someone as cocky and insufferable as her brother?


The next day in the Triskellion waiting outside the director's office was Steve, Tony, Janet, Bruce, Thor, Peter and Carol. Tony, Janet, Bruce and Steve were in business suits, Thor was in his normal attire and Carol and Peter were in their costumes. "Can anyone explain why the seven of us are all here, I got an email asking me, my science brother and Capsicle to come here for an appointment where i found out my sis got the same email." Tony asked but no one knew what to say. "I am just following orders by coming here." Carol responded with a shrug, "I was told to come here by the incredibly hot blonde SHIELD agent here who I have never met before...OW!" Peter said before getting a smack on the head by Carol who was now glaring at him.

"An agent I have met before called the Son of Coul found me when I was having a drink with friends of mine at the bar about a mile away from this strange palace so naye, I have no idea either." Thor said as Agent Daisy Johnson came out the door and said "Director Fury is ready to see you now!" Steve's eyes widened when he remembered the surname of the General he served under during the war. They entered the room and Janet had to drag her brother in before he tried to flirt with Agent Johnson. At the director's desk was a black man with a bald head, an eyepatch over his right eye, a black beard and moustache and a blue battle suit with a white star on it. "Thank you all for coming; I am Director Fury of SHIELD." The man said before getting off his desk and lifting up his framed photo. He let Steve look at it and his eyes widened when he saw it was with him, General Fury and the Howling Commandos. "My father, my name is Nick Fury Jr and let me tell you something: my old man held you in high regard!" he laughed as he placed the photograph back on his desk.

"Let me get to the point, good work with what happened saving the world from that invasion turned attempt to destroy the universe. I have a feeling we won't be hearing from HYDRA from a long time, it will take some time for them to try and rebuild itself since we have most of their inner circle now in SHIELD custody." Fury said before his face and tone became more serious "and congrats you just stopped the big bad threat. But let me ask you something, what about the next big threat or the next big threat? There might be more battles that may need more than one hero in order to be won." Fury told them and the seven heroes realised he had a point; the battle was only won when they worked together so what if something else happened. "So here is my proposal. You seven stay together as a sort of team if you will; I can supply one of my agents as a liaison to help you if we have something that we need your help with." Fury explained hoping they would think about his idea "become a force to protect the world and fight the foe that no single hero can fight alone!"

They were now deep in thought, it seemed like a good idea: they could be ready next time if a threat comes along that would need a team to take down and being a superhero would easier know you had someone on your back. "Even though my Wasp technology was intended to help science and not help fight crime, I think I am for it, we can avenge the wrongs caused by all the villains and madmen like Loki, we can be Avengers!." Janet said being the first one to speak up; it would not be like her technology would just merely be a weapon for war anyway. "I am not letting my big sis hog the spotlight; you can count me in Fury." Tony said with a laugh, "I have been a member of a team fighting for a better tomorrow before, you can count this old soldier in as well!" Steve said making his support known as well.

"I am a SHIELD agent anyway so I am in; we could even see if there are other heroes willing to join us." Carol told her superior officer using her best serious voice.

"As long as the blonde bombshell babe is in then you can count me in as well." Peter said ignoring the look on Carol's face that promised him he would pay for his comment later.

"I will be honoured to join in the band of Midgard's greatest defenders!" Thor shouted with glee.

"Count me in as well and I will prove to Ross I am not the monster he claimed me to me." Bruce said putting his support in. With the seven heroes now joined in on Director Fury's proposal: that was the moment when the Avengers had been assembled for the first time.

There is part one and now that the origin is done, the story will be continued in a sequel automatically taking place after this one since the Day unlike Any Other has now ended.