Since I'm having such a horribly hard time concentrating on either Undying Gensokyo 2 or Magical Blast Sukima, I decided to write this (maybe) short story of an evil Satori, in the hopes that it will reignite my muse toward both mentioned fanfics.

It is a surprisingly stormy and dark that midday at the Ancient City in the underground world. All the youkai that live there have taken to hide inside their homes or under rocks as said storm passes, but it's been going for so long it's anyone's guess when said weather anomaly will end.

A frightened human with frizzy red hair and green eyes runs from door to door, calling for help and shelter from said storm, but no luck, and he finds himself running further into the city, unaware of the fact that he is, undoubtedly, getting himself into hell.

His lime-green shirt is soaked; as are his torn dark-blue jeans, but all he cares about is one odd detail that's bothering him ever since he entered the cave. "Bloody hell; how in blazes is it storming inside a bloody CAVE!?"

His accent seems strange for someone who appears to speak like a British, however, unknown to him, he is actually speaking in Japanese, and so the youkai hidden in the shadows chuckle at his odd speech, and also salivate. They know he's an outsider, and so he's good to eat, but they won't leave the safety or comfort of their covers just for a potential meal.

The boy continues to turn down this terrible storm, and now thunder and lightning; a terrible fear of his; strike without mercy, and in his fright he runs past several houses, including the one of a well known Yuugi Hoshiguma, a blonde oni with a single red horn on her forehead who dresses in a blue kimono with open cleavage.

She would have offered safe shelter to him, but since he didn't ask, she resumes her silent peaceful drinking next to a comfortable fire.

Thunder strikes loud and lightning blinds him again. This causes the boy to lose all his senses, and he runs with his eyes shut and covering his ears; a stupid mistake for anyone running under a storm in unknown territory.

He learns of his stupidity the moment his head bangs painfully hard against something made of wood, and really strong wood at that.

He bounces back from the point of impact and lands on his butt, bouncing twice before skidding to a stop.

After settling down, he complains of the pain on his butt and forehead and rubs both areas with his hands, and then he looks up while doing so. He has hit his head against a large dark-brown twin-door that leads into a spooky-looking white palace.

The impact has opened the door for him, but even as desperate to get out of the storm as he is, he feels it's inadequate and impolite to just enter without permission; and so, he stands up and walks over to the door, knocks, and then calls "excuse me, is anybody ho-AAACK!"

Thunder and lightning strike together so loudly and bright, the redhead boy runs inside the huge palace-like mansion without caring about politeness or the fact that he's been temporarily deafened.

As he runs he fails to notice many glowing eyes in the darkness of the huge mansion glaring at him from high above and down below. One of these pair of eyes zips forward with great speed, meowing loudly enough to make an echo, but the deafened and terrified boy fails to hear this.

He breathes hard and loud through his mouth as he makes his way forward, and then he stops as abruptly as he started his run.

Before him; on a large throne of red and gold; sits a pretty girl with short purple hair and eyes, dressed in a light blue shirt and light pink skirt, and a pair of red bed-side slippers and socks for good measure.

She has a black cat with two tails and red stripes on its belly rubbing itself against her curvy chest while purring contently, and glaring at the intruder with deceivingly sweet eyes.

As soon as he lays eyes on the girl he is intimidated out of his wits; what with her eyes glowing softly and piercing the bright flash of lightning that strikes before muffled thunder rumbles.

The girl smiles a most wicked smile as she says "well what do we have here? An intruder has come to my mansion; a human intruder at that. Now whatever shall we do with him, my dear Orin?"

The cat meows loud, making its voice echo through the room, then the boy, frightened to the point of tears, drops on his knees and prostates himself before the girl. "Please, pardon my intrusion. It's just that... I n-needed shelter from the storm! I tried to call, but then the bloody thunder..."

His voice trails off and he ends up muttering excuses while thinking at the same time. "This is so embarrassing! Like hell I'm going to say I was scared of the storm!"

"Like hell you're going to tell us that you're scared of the storm? My, what a little coward you are. That is kind of cute you know."

The boy's green eyes almost pop out of their sockets when she repeats what he had just thought of.

"Yes young human, I can read your thoughts." She holds a red eye that hovers over her chest and is tied by arteries that link to her body, and casually says "I am Satori Komeiji, a satori youkai. I guess you don't know what we are, but you assume right; I have the power to read minds. Not something I like much, but it's what I do."

The boy gulps and stands. He's planning on running away, but stops.

He can't move. He keeps looking into those beautiful purple eyes and loses the ability to move a single muscle. "What is this!? Why can't I move!? Huh? I can't speak either!"

Before he realizes it, Satori is an inch away from him and is holding his face. "Now, let's see here. You're an outsider; I could just go ahead and eat you if I wanted to, but... you know, I've always wanted a pet human. Tell me young man, would you like to stay here and live with me? If you do, I promise I will take good care of you. I have quite enough knowledge of human care you know."

"Huh? Wait, what!? A pet? What does that even mean? Please, Miss, I don't want any trouble. I got lost on my way home and I don't know where in blazes I am. I just need a place to stay for the night! Please, I'm begging you, don't eat me!"

"HA!" The satori youkai seems very happy. She gives the human's frizzy hair a quick scratch, then says "alright then, I won't eat you, but if you are a bad pet, I am going to have to kill you; you understand what I am saying?"

"What?" He can move and speak again. He could try and run away, but he feels it would be an impolite mistake. "So... since I have no say in the matter, can you teach me how to be a good pet for you, Lady Satori?"

Her eyes glow and her grin stretches. "Just a little bit of intimidation and a dash of hypnosis and he's already mine. What a pathetic weak mind. And yet I have to admit, I like his eyes; and his hair looks so exotic. He will be a great pet."

She wraps an arm around the back of his neck and smiles sweetly as she says "Lady Satori, huh? How very polite of you. I like that. As for teaching you, don't worry about that too much. I'll make sure you are a proper pet in no time. Just you wait and see. Oh, no, I don't need to know your name. I shall give you one myself."

The storm outside worsens, and the thunder and lightning become louder and more frequent, but the nameless boy now feels secure in the hands of his now-mistress Satori Komeiji.

Two years have passed since that encounter, and the boy could not be happier.

He has survived the encounters with all of Satori's pets, has grown accustomed (after quite a lot of struggling) to Satori shaving him and washing his now long frizzy hair; and occasionally his now buff body; and he has reached a point in his life that he doesn't know how he can live without that mind-reader's care.

Just a thought and she's taking care of him like some loving mother. Of course, like always, there have been hard times, but they have all gone through them with flying colors.

Orin, the black cat who, when she turns human, looks like a cat girl with both human and cat ears and red hair she ties into braids and dressed in dark green, took a whole year to get used to him, but she's finally warmed up to his presence.

Okuu, a hell raven with large black wings and long dark brown hair who has a huge red eye on her ample chest and wears a white shirt and a green skirt, took a liking to him from the start, and they have become best friends quickly; something that has saved his neck concerning some other pets.

Oh, and about his new name; Satori has named him Humi-chan, because to her he is like a 'cute little human', and although he's still not fond of that name, he does respond to it, especially when Satori herself calls for him.

Koishi, Satori's little sister who has green eyes, wavy grey-green hair, and wears a yellow shirt, a green skirt, and a black hat, is a slightly different story.

She loves teasing him and treats him like an animal pet most of the time, and that means she makes him roll over, or tosses him on the dirt, or even pulls on his ears while trying to find his tail.

However, like everything, there is another side to all of that. She forces him to sleep on her lap on occasions (which he loves), pets behind his ears just right until he's a complete mass of happiness melted on the ground, or sneaks sweet treats for him... as long as he walks on his hands and knees.

All in all he is very happy where he lives, and has even forgotten about his old life; though that is mostly thanks to Satori's hypnotic powers.

And speaking of which, she is now at the Human Village above ground looking for treats for her pet human, who, to Orin's annoyance, has been the main subject of the mind reader's conversations for a few months.

The Human Village's Market streets; as busy as always with kiosks open at both sides of the long path, stores taking over the kiosks after a long walk, and people everywhere looking for food, goods and knickknacks to collect.

Once, the purple-haired mind-read felt uncomfortable and unwelcome because of all the hateful thoughts that would bomb her mind whenever she was in public, however these humans and youkai are far more accepting than those of the past, and so she's freely walking among them; though it's still a very rare sight to see her outside the confines of her mansion.

She's with Orin, who asks "Satori-sama, why are we here today? We've got more than enough supplies, and the harvests from our garden far surpass these tiny snacks these people call vegetables. What's the deal?"

The mind-reader's cheeks turn soft pink as she smiles and says "oh, nothing special; it's just that Humi-chan has been such a good pet lately that I decided to come and get him a special treat just for him."

The way her mistress giggles after saying that disgusts the kasha into making an ugly face and to sigh irritably while thinking "seriously? This again!? What in the name of Old Hell did he do to be so damned special!?"

"I know what you're thinking Kaenbyou" says the mind-reader to make her cat girl yelp with surprise before continuing "and if you must know my reasons for favoring him at times is because, believe it or not, I feel slightly guilty for turning his human life into a pet's life."

The kasha sighs as though defeated, and then says "I can't believe you're feeling guilty after only two whole years of having him as your pet. Oh well, whatever... I'll help you. I also do like him a bit." "Even if he seems to be your favorite lately..."

Satori sighs at that thought, and they continue their way through the market, talking casually about what they see, and gossiping between themselves about those thoughts of humans that reach the mind-reader.

The girls finally reach a sweets store called 'Mami's Sweets', a pretty big store that deals in sweets from the outside world at generous prices.

The moment the girls enter the store, Mamiko; the lavender-haired owner who ties her hair into long twin tails and wears a lilac shirt and light-green skirt under a cute white apron; walks over to them with a smile on her face, and in a bubbly tone she says "welcome to Mami's Sweets! How can I help you adorable ladies today?" "Oh wow, a cat girl! SQUEE~ how I'd love to pet her ears! Oh, and that girl with the eye is so CUTE!"

Satori giggles from that thought, then smiles casually as she says "thank you for your welcome. We are looking for something a male human would enjoy, without feeling embarrassed or teased about being too girly."

Mamiko softly claps her hands as she happily says "ah~ I see~! Want to sweeten a special someone's day, is it?"

The mind-reader can't help but chuckle, and then says "you think he's my boyfriend? No, no, he's my pet; although he is kind of special."

Unaffected by having her mind read, Mamiko swoons as she says "boyfriend, pet; what's the difference? Oh, how I wish I had someone so special."

She sighs, and before Orin has a chance to say something very rude, the storeowner drags both girls by their arms to the back of her store and happily says "here is a variety of sweets that will make any man feel manly while eating them; and they are all fairly priced too!" She giggles playfully after that claim.

Satori is quite impressed of the many pieces of cakes, cupcakes, and treats in dark colors or with lots of inked sugar. Some even have men and women in tights doing heroic poses designed into them with sweet-looking pastes.

After thinking long and hard, the mind-reader points at a rather large cupcake with chocolate frosting swirled on, and a cherry on top. "This one's perfect for him."

Mamiko puts on some gloves and carefully picks it up, then nudges Satori's shoulder while mischievously saying "nice choice. This should have him eating out of your hands... literally."

For some reason Orin cannot understand, her mistress is smiling widely and giggling happily as the storeowner places the selected cupcake in a small box and takes the payment. She is disgusted by the satori's behavior, but she shrugs it off.

"Orin" sweetly calls the mind-reader. "Be a sweetheart and carry that for me, will you?"

The kasha can't help but smile when her mother and mistress speaks to her that way, and so she takes the box and follows after said girl. She does take notice of the box feeling a bit too heavy for holding just a single, albeit large cupcake, but she discards this thought as quickly as they reach the door.

"Thank you for shopping at Mami's Sweets. Come back soon~!" They wave at Mamiko after that farewell, then make their way back to the underground with haste because of Satori's own eagerness.

That evening, after feeding all her pets, Satori singles Humi-chan out of the crowd and takes him somewhere secluded so that nobody bothers them.

"What is it, Lady Satori?" he asks while smiling and looking at her bright and happy face as she holds the box from the sweets shop.

She giggles softly before saying "here, I got you a little something for being such a good pet. You have earned this."

She opens the box and takes the cupcake out, then presents it to him with a sweet smile.

The boy gasps and chuckles happily as he accepts the delicious treat, and before eating it he gladly says "L-Lady Satori, you are so kind! Thank you so very much!"

She gently strokes his hair as he eats his treat with delight and says "you're welcome. And like I said, you earned this, so enjoy it to the fullest." She then squints her eyes a bit when she notices something inside the box; however she just closes it and continues petting her pet human.

Once he is done, she gives him a kiss on the head and says "good boy. Now be a good boy and go back to your cage, hm~? I have something to take care of."

He seems slightly disappointed; however he quickly smiles, nods, then says "alright. Good night Satori!" He quickly walks away and makes his way toward a rather large cage, where a large dog and a youkai parrot are already sleeping in.

The human has to watch out for the bird's perch, but he accommodates himself rather easily and quickly.

Satori, after making sure he's gone to sleep, hurries over to her room, locks the door behind herself, closes her two eyes so that her third one can literally scan around for any signs of anyone else in the area, then sighs as though in relief.

She then proceeds to place the box on her bed and open it. She giggles with delight as she reaches in and pulls a black apron while saying "oh my, would you look at that. That storeowner must have put this in here by mistake."

She giggles like an excited teenager while hugging it, then says to herself "I wonder if he would like this?"

She puts the apron on over her clothes, ties it up at the back, then starts making alluring poses in front of her mirror while chuckling. "Oh my, I look good in this. Hmm, but in order to make this work right, I need to..."

Her face turns red and she squeals softly, then removes the apron and proceeds to remove her shirt and skirt.

When she's in her pink underwear and displaying a surprisingly curvy and endowed body for her mirror, she turns bashful and her face flushes, and then she shyly says to herself "m-maybe I shouldn't go fully naked; heh-heh."

She puts the apron back on then poses in a more alluring manner in front of the mirror.

She giggles playfully as she keeps making up poses that show off the side of her breast or a bit of her panty, and says "my, oh my, I never realized I had such a sexy body. Mmm~."

As she keeps posing, her giggles slowly become haughty chuckles that eventually turn into sultry moans, and speaks in an intimidating manner. "Mmm~! Yes... Oh yes, I am quite gorgeous. Satori... Satori you are such and frightening beauty."

Her chuckles return, though this time they chill the bones. "Yes. Oh yes, that is right. I could do that. I like the way you think girl."

She rubs her torso as she slides her arms up, and squeezes her own breasts under her apron and makes a very arousing moan as she plays with herself, then all of a sudden she lets herself go and begins to chuckle softly.

Her eyes open wide as a dark ring begins to form around them at a very slow pace, her iris slowly glows a faint red, and those chuckles soon become mad cackles, and finally she's laughing darkly with herself as she walks over to her mirror and holds it tight while grinning darkly at herself, making herself look terrifying, yet beautifully alluring.

The next morning, all the pets gather around the usual spot to greet Satori; and there she is, wearing that black apron and her underwear and looking more beautiful than ever, but none of them care for that. All the care is the fact that Satori is awake.

As usual, the dogs and cats are the first to run over to her, followed by the silly pet human.

She turns her face to them and leers at them; particularly the human; with that that glowing darkened right eye, and they all stop in the tracks with a frightened expression on their faces. Even the human, who doesn't sense things as easily as the animals, can feel there is something wrong.

"L-L...Lady Satori?" His stammering annoys her, but she smiles; a gorgeous smile tainted by the malicious look her darkened eyes now posses; and in a deceivingly sweet tone of voice she says "my, good morning my darlings. I trust your filthy animal cages are clean, am I correct?"

She takes a deep, deep breath, making her body look a lot more alluring than it already is, then slowly expels her held air and says "yes... yes you have, my sweet and gullible little pets."

A few of the birds and dogs react happily to that praise, but the cats and the human don't; particularly Orin, who seems to be getting very upset.

Said kasha takes her human appearance and hesitantly approaches her mistress and asks "Satori-sama, are you alright?"

Satori coos sickeningly sweetly as she bends her knees and pats her bare lap, and says in an equally sickening sweet tone of voice "why yes I am little Orin. In fact, I have never been better. Why do you ask, dear?"

The cat girl hesitates for a moment, but then points out what she sees. "Well, it's your eyes; they look so dark. And that glowing, Satori-sama you look sick. A-are you sure you're alright?"

The mind-read lets a soft scoff slip her lips while maintaining that plastic smile on her face, and she stands up straight again and says "yes Orin, I am just fine. I already said I feel better than ever, didn't I?"

"B-but your clothes, your hair... everything!" insists Orin. "Satori-sama please, if there's anything wrong you can tell us! We'll take care of you!"

All the pets flinch and Orin takes a jump away. Satori's essence takes a turn for the worst and her smile becomes a grin that accompanies a frightening, yet alluring glare.

Her eyes turn lavender and her face turns slightly darker, but it all stops very suddenly, and the mind-reader is smiling again. "My dear pets, I assure you I have never been better in all my life. I feel so strong now. Clothes; who needs them right? I have a most beautiful body, so why should I be ashamed of showing it!? It gives me strength!"

After saying this she keeps her eyes on Orin, giving her an unspoken warning the kasha and the human can easily understand.

"SHATORI-SHAMA-LOVE!" And in comes Petal, a child-like youkai hell raven with sparkling navy-blue eyes and short black hair that has a white stripe in the middle, long black wings, a green triangular rock on her chest, and wears a blue plaid overall dress over a pink shirt.

She does what she usually does every morning and jumps on the mind-reader's arms to give her a hug, but when she does so this time, she quickly questions herself and looks up at her mistress.

"Good morning... little Petal." That cold greeting is enough to make the little youkai girl release her and drop to the ground.

The confused little girl keeps staring up at this strange woman, then her face twists with sadness with a hic, then she runs away while crying "Momkuu! Not Shatori-shama! NOT SHATORI-SHAMAAAA!"

The satori youkai watches her leave with a cold expression, then just shrugs it all off and smiles again before saying "I think I better go have some breakfast now. My darlings please keep taking such good care of your cages..."

She then makes a very dark glare as she darkly adds "or I will make sure to make you pay the consequences, you hear me? Just one whiff of scat or piss, and I'll punish you all severely."

The pets watch her with great fright as she leaves, neither one understanding what exactly is going on.

Orin is not satisfied with being left guessing, and so she turns back into a cat and zips her way out of the room without anyone's notice.

Later that morning, Satori finishes her breakfast with Koishi, who seems to be very suspicious of her sister.

It takes her a while to think up the right words to speak, and then Satori says "I seem strange to you because of my outfit and my eyes? Why, you're the second one to say that to me today... my dear... sweet... sister."

She speaks those last words in such a dark and sweet manner, Koishi shivers with undeniable fear, and says "y-yes, you seem strange! Ever since I started opening my heart again I have been able to read some of your thoughts, but today it's like you're a black wall. I can't even sense you."

The purple-haired girl gives her sister a beautiful, dark and menacing leer as she sweetly says "and... is that a problem, Koishi?"

The young Komeiji bangs the table with her hands and shouts "dammit Satori, that's not funny! What's going on with you!? Satori, you would never even step out of your room without clothes on, and today you're in your underwear in that ridiculous apron! What's the-?"

Before her question takes form she finds herself on the floor being gripped dangerously tight by her neck by her very own elder sister.

Satori has knocked over the table with all the food and drinks just to jump on Koishi and keep her pinned to the ground.

She stares dangerously darkly toward the struggling girl and furiously asks "is there a problem with my apron? Does the apron bother you in any way, huh!? Do you have a fucking problem with me and my new apron, huh? I can make the problem go away you know! I can!"

After saying this she jumps and sinks her knees on Koishi's stomach and tightens her grip around her neck, threatening to rip the girl's head off.

The little sister has no choice but to smash a heart bullet straight on to her sister's head with a point-blank shot from her swung arm.

Free from death's cold grip, Koishi holds her neck as she turns over and coughs hard and recovers her breath. She cries "what-what are you... doing? A-are you mad!?"

Satori stands right behind her with a vicious crescent smile on her face, and kicks her own sister on the ribcage, cracking some bones as she sends the defenseless girl to smash against a wall after knocking several chairs over.

She chuckles softly and darkly, and says "come now Koishi, put up a fight. I need to test the limits of my own strength. I am going to conquer the oni after all."

The green-haired Komeiji struggles to stand, spits out a bit of blood, then raises a spell card. When she does she notices great fear in Satori's eyes, and so, not wasting any time, she loudly declares "Thorn Sign, Conf-Ugu!"

Her vision blurs and her strength fails her. She drops her spell card as she gazes into Satori's maddening lavender eyes right before hers, and then feels sharp pain coming from her groin. Her own sister has just kneed her in her tender area, and drops her to the floor so she can ball up in pain.

The elder Komeiji giggles sweetly and playfully, and in a soothingly dark tone of voice she says "my, what's the matter my dear Koishi? Does it hurt somewhere?"

She walks around the pained girl and continues "aww, that hurt didn't it? I'm sorry. Well I'm right here; I'm defenseless. Stand up and come beat me up and take your revenge on me." She then sweetly coos "come on, you can do it."

Koishi manages to turn on her belly, and slowly struggles to get on her knees, then struggles some more to stand. What a terrible mistake it was to trust that sweet tone of voice.

Before long she finds herself grunting and screaming, and gagging on her own blood as her trusted older sister beats her up with surprisingly strong punches.

As she works on humiliating her own little sister with a beating, the purple-haired monster speaks sweetly between impacts. "So... you think that... just because... you almost... killed me once... that you can... challenge me... again? DON'T... MAKE... ME... LAUGH!"

The last 4 punches make Koishi scream in pain as her bones (on the face, arm, ribs and hips) crack out loud, and now she lies on the ground, sobbing in pain and softly whimpering "S-Satori... stop. Pl-please stop...!" She struggles to move; to push herself away with her legs, but budging inches weakens her with the newfound pain she's feeling.

Satori won't listen. She kicks her sister unfairly hard on the groin and savors her cried scream of pain, then stomps her stomach to shut her up, drops on it, then punches away at her face, laughing madly as she does, and doesn't stop until she's completely satisfied; and that's long after the young sister has been knocked out.

The victorious girl stands. She looks around the kitchen and sees the terrible mess of broken glass and food on the floor, blood splattered all over, and furniture turned over. She snarls and moves fast.

Orin enters the kitchen moments later and finds Satori sitting on the clean table of the surprisingly sparkling kitchen, sipping on some tea while looking flatly at the wall.

The mind-reader looks at the kasha, smiles sweetly, and asks "may I talk with you for a moment?"

Satori has led Orin to the room where her throne-like chair is, and now sits with her right leg crossed over the other in such a manner that her panty is just visible at the right angle, though remains covered at the same time.

The kasha would have found this very alluring before, especially with how beautiful her terrifying mistress looks, but as things are at the moment, she's too anxious to even notice. In her mind she's questioning what is it that her mistress wants to talk about, and where Koishi could be.

She knows and is well aware that the mind-reader can and is reading her thoughts, but she's just so nervous she can't control anything other than where to look, and that's when she notice some blood on the pink bra under the apron.

Satori licks her lips in such an alluring manner, Orin is momentarily snapped out of her anxiousness and becomes slightly aroused, and this is when the mind reader decides to speak up. "My dear sweet Orin, the time has come to fulfill my wish of expanding our terrain a bit further."

Unsure of what to say or ask, the kasha hesitates before speaking. "Um, Satori-sama, what do you mean?"

A frightening toothy grin curses the face of the mind reader as she looks down at her pet. Her already darkened eyes turn even darker, her iris takes that terrifying lavender look, and yet she speaks as though she's a sweet fairy princess from a magical land.

"My, what a curious girl you are. Well it is quite simple my dear; I have decided that we are to take over the underground. Isn't that wonderful?"

While Orin is in shock, Satori's voice darkens as she chuckles, and then continues "and you and all my pets are going to help me do this. It IS about time we did this, don't you think? Now gather everyone here for me, and don't delay!"

For the cat girl, this is crossing the line, and without thinking of what she's doing, she stomps furiously to get her misress' attention, then loudly demands "what are you talking about!? Satori-sama, this is insane! Please, come back to your senses! Don't you know you sound like a madwoman right now!?"

She shakes her head and holds her human ears "I don't like this! Ever since this morning you have been acting so strange, and now you're talking as though you want to conquer everything! And aren't you worried about Koishi!? We haven't seen her all morning, and-! Wh-what?"

Satori's beautiful dark glare frightens the kasha out of her breath. Her purple eyes glow as she gazes down at the redhead cat with hatred and yet her fair skin looks more beautiful as power crackles around her body.

Her pale skin takes a darkened tone that makes the highlighted spots look like they're shining and her short hair dances around magnificently along with the magical wind blowing in the room.

For Orin, everything turns dark very quickly. She holds her head as though in pain, drops on her knees, and soon she finds herself reliving the traumas of her past against her own desires.

Young children tearing her head with rocks, adult humans taking her food and attempting to starve her to death, all because she was a black cat, a kasha without a purpose.

As she relives those agonizing moments in her life, Satori speaks coldly. "That is the third time you speak up against me today. Tell me, is it just impossible for you to follow instructions or just go with the flow of things?"

The poor cat girl screams, sobs and cries for mercy while her mistress continues "have you forgotten that it was me who saved you form the cold grasp of death when the humans shunned you and attempted to kill you? Did you forget who gave you your name, Rin Kaenbyou; who fed and took care of you for so many years? My darling Rin; my Rin-Rin-chan, if you are incapable of following my orders now that I need you, please, just say so, and I guarantee you, you'll never... ever have to hear another command from anyone ever again."

"IM SORRY!" cries the kasha, then drops on the ground on her head to try and shut herself down, and then cries "I'll call them, just please stop!"

And just like that the terrible memories vanish and the pain is gone with them, right back to the darkest regions of her mind.

Satori glares down with those horrifyingly beautiful eyes that turn lavender on their own at the sobbing cat girl, and in a cold and dark tone of voice she asks "so; are you going, or do I have to persuade you again?"

Orin, heavy of body and spirit, covers her crying eyes with her forearms and cries "I'm on it!" then forces herself on to her feet and makes her way to the other pets.

The mind-reader smiles when, in just a matter of minutes, the ample room is filled to capacity with all her pets, and as soon as the sobbing kasha enters and softly cries "that's everyone", Satori grins toothily, making her beautiful face twist with madness.

She looks around and then says "my dear sweet pets, the time has come! We will expand my glorious terrain beyond my mere mansion! My darlings let us take over the underground world! Let's turn it all into our endless playground!"

Silence; that is all she gets after her short and to-the-point speech.

She impatiently switches her legs, giving a damned good display of her nether regions to all of her pets and getting quite a few of them excited, then asks "well; what the fuck are you fools waiting for? GO!"

A young-looking youkai dog girl with purple hair who wears a pastel-yellow dress with a black and white skirt over it shyly approaches the front of the pack and asks "p-pardon me Satori-sama, but... why? Did they make you angry? Did they insult you?"

A beautiful, yet terrifying smile covers Satori's face, and all of a sudden the cute dog girl is holding her head and screaming tears.

She's begging her mistress to stop, but she suddenly grabs her own head, then snaps it violently, temporarily ending her youkai life.

Satori looks down at the body of the dog youkai and says "I'll make this simpler to you morons." She stands up and walks down to the body of the girl and says "you do what I tell you without questioning me, and I won't have to torture your minds and then kill you while you recover; deal?"

Right after she says that she raises her foot and thrusts it through the back of the downed youkai, but she doesn't stop there. She starts to laugh manically after pulling her foot out of the bloody mess and starts shooting hot bullets at the body until there is nothing left other than some ash that blows away.

Her shocked pets are all staring at her; stunned at the fact that their sweet mistress has just coldly murdered one of them without showing a bit of remorse, and so Satori furiously roars "GOOOOOOO~!" and sends a powerful shockwave that hypnotizes some of her pets to do as commanded, tortures others with old traumatic memories, and forces others to move against their will out toward the door and to the Ancient City.

All her pets eventually rush toward the targeted city whether by fright or hypnosis, and as they do the mind-reader looks on with a sultry look on her face as she licks her lips in a terrifying and seductive way, then, after all of her pets are out, she grabs Okuu from the ground by the hair and pulls her up.

"Pretending to be asleep won't help you, besides, your friends need you. How are we supposed to deal with the oni without you, hmm?"

Okuu stammers as she is pulled, then frightfully says "bu-bu-but Satori-sama, I don't want to! I have friends there! ...Satori-sama, please!"

She eventually gives in since her mistress simply continues to drag her against her will.

In less than an hour the entire city is plunged into chaos. Okuu has made short work of the toughest resistance while the other youkai pets handle smaller targets, although for Yuugi, only one of them has dared to challenge her.

A small, long necked, long tailed dinosaur-like creature with a turn-color mane stands on its four legs in front of the oni. She cries as she looks into those red eyes, though not out of fear, but sadness.

"Why are you doing this?" asks the single-horned oni in a tone of voice that suggest something other than anger. "Stop this at once Mei!"

The creature called Mei sobs once, then shakes her head and cries "I'm sorry, but I can't. If I don't do this, Satori will punish me... and possibly kill me."

Yuugi's expression changes from disappointment to confused rage and she asks "what are you talking about!? Satori would never harm any of you! That's why I took you straight to her, remember?"

The youkai's mane droops as tears start rolling down her tiny cheeks, and says "things have changed Yuugi-san. They have changed so suddenly. We are all very confused, but we are more scared than that! Please, stand down. I don't want to fight with you!"

The oni sighs, punches herself on the hand, and then threateningly says "I'm sorry my old friend, but I am going to defend my home..." She takes a fighting stance and continues "any way I can."

The creature starts to cry as she says "then you... you leave me no choice. Please don't hate me for this."

Mei moves fast, but Yuugi easily matches her speed, and the oni blocks a tail to the neck with her forearm before the dinosaur disappears again.

The blonde oni throws a kick and misses the pet's neck (her weakest spot) by a mere inch, and so Mei takes the chance to headbutt the stomach of her opponent with enough force to make her cough.

Yuugi holds her belly and smiles while saying "you've... heh, become stronger. This is going to be fun."

Meanwhile, at the entrance segment of the city, Satori walks down the road with her beautiful body on display as her apron flutters around with the gusts created by the fights all around her and her underwear seemingly disappears from sight occasionally.

She smiles with accomplishment as she looks round with narrowed eyes, and then she notices her human pet panting hard while leaning against a wall.

There is a bloodied youkai at his feet, but he also looks quite damaged himself; what with the long bruises on his arm and legs, the cut under his left eye and his swollen lips.

He looks at Satori and feels cold fear going down his spine, and though out of breath he manages to say "I... I'm so sorry Lady Satori. I can't... d-. I'm just a weak human."

She gently grabs hold of his chin and pulls his face up so that he can gaze at those pretty and cold eyes that have turned lavender yet again. He feels like his time has come; that he is about to be killed by the one that promised to take care of him.

She sneers as she pulls him closer to her face, then kisses his swollen lips, and then pats his head twice, leaving him in a state of confusion.

She smiles like her old usual self as she says "I understand. You may go back home and rest."

He expresses his confusion, however she shushes him, her eyes become intense as she starts rubbing his head, and then she says "you will go back to the mansion and wait for my return to the left side of my throne, you understand? If you disobey me I will punish you... Now go Humi-chan; go and rest and we'll take care of this mess."

The redhead boy isn't sure of what exactly is going on, but he's too afraid of her to question her orders, and so he stumbles his way back to the mansion, looking back occasionally and getting a good view of Satori's underwear, which seem to be a little too tight for her now.

Orin watches this development from a nearby roof, however, as disgusted as she is, she doesn't dare to confront Satori again, and so she turns a blind eye and moves back into the battle.

Back with Yuugi and Mei, the little speedy dinosaur is tired, and the oni herself seems to be starting to feel some fatigue.

They eye each other, then the blonde says "it's over Mei, I've won."

The little dinosaur breathes in through her mouth, then says "n-no! I must not lose, or Satori will kill me!"

"Don't do it." pleads the oni as she looks at her friend with sorrow, but eventually sheds a tear when Mei goes for the attack. "So be it."

Yuugi easily swipes the youkai on the neck, snapping a section of the bones out of place and instantly knocking the poor creature to the floor on a heap.

It is visibly clear she did not want this outcome, but she had to defend herself; but now she kneels besides the youkai and tries to help her into a more comfortable position.

"Mei; what is happening back there? Why is Satori making you do this!?"

"Because she doesn't have the choice!"

Yuugi stands and turns toward the sound of the soft and sweet voice of the youkai mind-reader with her fists clenched tight next to her hips. "Tell me one good reason as to why I shouldn't pummel you into a pile of blood and bones!?"

Satori stops her advance and mocks being surprised and scared, and in a sweet yet mocking tone she says "oh dear me, whatever shall I do? The big bad oni is coming to take me away~..."

She giggles playfully, stretches her body out as she rubs herself over the front of her new apron, and sounding as though she's drowning in pleasure, she says "please be gentle with me. I break easily; mmm~."

Yuugi has had enough. She raises her fist and roars as she rushes toward the evil mind-reader.

She is in range to launch a successful attack, but she stops, drops on her knees, and holds her head and screams in agony as she feels as though thousands upon thousands of needles are pricking her brain from the inside out.

She begins to cry when the image of a very young human girl appears in front of her mind, and she cries "NOOOOO! Please, not that! PLEASE NOT THAT! ARGH! F-FORGIVE ME LITTLE ONE-AAAAAAARGH!"

Yuugi eventually drops with a mighty thud on the ground, and then Satori walks over with mocking concern on her face, and speaks with mocking worry. Her face looks very cute even when she's faking it, but those dark rings around her eyes ruin the image for the oni.

"Aww, what's the matter Yuugi-chan? Did the little human girl die because of you? Tsk, tsk, what a shame. You should have made her your pet, like I did with my own human. He's quite happy you know."

The oni grunts and tries to breathe while grounded and holding her head, and manages to say "you bitch! Ugu! F-fight me... fairly!"

"Fairly you say?" asks the mind-reader, once more faking worry, and then she kicks Yuugi on the stomach, but nothing happens. "See, if I were to fight you fairly, mighty oni, I wouldn't stand a chance... but..."

Her face changes and she once again looks terrifyingly beautiful as she glares down at the fallen oni with unspeakable hatred.

She stomps down on the oni's groin with all her might and makes her scream in agonizing pain, and continues "fighting you like this, kicking your weak spots while you are down..."

She repeatedly stomps on Yuugi's tender spots with all her youkai might and smiles viciously while saying "is! the only! way! to! bring! you! DOWN!"

That very last blow caused real damage. Yuugi tries to scream but the pain itself paralyzes her entire body, and Satori, noticing this, cackles as she viciously twists her foot inside the hole she just made on the oni's lower abdomen.

After the agony knocks the mighty Yuugi out, the mind-reader slowly takes her bloodied foot out, raises her arms and takes flight, allowing everyone to see her gorgeous legs as the lower portion of her apron flutters furiously, then cheers triumphantly.

She then stops her victory cry, looks around after all the fighting stops, and then, using her third eye to hypnotize all those nearby, she speaks as though using a loudspeaker.

"Listen to me everyone; I, Satori Komeiji, am now your one and true master! Your homes are now MINE, your streets, stores, territories are now MINE, your LIVES are now all mine!"

She lowers her tone to sound sweet and soft. "I promise you, you will all love me very much; oh yes, I promise you that you will love me for all eternity. Ask my dear sweet pets. I am a sweet and caring mistress..." Her voice darkens again as she darkly says "as long as you obey me."

And so, with a mad cackle and forced cheers from the hypnotized beings, the subterranean world becomes Satori's playground.

Three days later, Yamame Kurodani, a blonde girl with brown eyes, with her hair in a bun and dressed in a brown dress, is forcefully dragged over to Satori's palace by one buff-looking dog youkai.

She whimpers with fright as she is pushed all the way to the throne room, where the mind-reader sits with a bored expression on her face, and is pushed to her knees when brought close to the dark youkai.

That bored expression quickly changes to elation when she notices the spider youkai, and in her deceivingly kind tone she says "ah, Yamame, just the girl I wanted to see. Quickly now, people say you are great at making clothes, am I right? ...Speak up!"

Yamame hesitates for a moment, but when she sees those purple brows twitch, she yelps and says "y-yes ma'am, I excel at fabricating clothing!"

Satori hops off her chair and walks over to her captive with a bright smile that clashes with her darkened eyes, and says "wonderful, that is just wonderful! You see, I am bored of having this apron on all the time and just have underwear to make myself look sexy. I want you to make me an outfit that will mold to my perfect body and that will show off my perfect skin! And also..."

She suddenly rips of the lower portion of her apron, not caring that her pets or her now-subject are there to see her lilac striped panties, and says "I want you to make this into a suitable ribbon that will look great on my head. Can you do this for me!?"

Yamame looks around, wondering what those people are doing there, but she must think of herself now and so turn her attention back to the mind-reader. "Y-yes, I can do that no problem. I'll uhh... just need to take your measurements before I begin... if th-that is ok... with you?"

Satori starts humming while looking at her. She's reading the spider's mind and the blonde doesn't like it, but she has no choice in the matter and so sighs as she gives up on commenting on her discomfort.

The mind-reader giggles, holds the blonde's chin, gives her a sweet kiss on the nose, then says "consider this a warning. If you fail me, take too long, or try to betray me, I will have you hunted down, I will break your mind and heart until they are GOOP inside your bones, and I will destroy your body in the most delectably painful way possible afterwards. Understood?"

"Yes!" yelps the frightened spider.

"Good" casually says the mind-reader. "Come then, I don't have all day. Take my measurements and hurry over to your shop. I want that ribbon and my new outfit ready as soon as you can!"

"Yes... of course." frightfully says the blonde before standing up and taking a measuring tape from one of her pockets, and so begins to measure Satori to prepare her new dress.

The mansion that once was a beautiful paradise for the pet human is slowly turning into a dark castle meant to take all hope and destroy it.

As he looks out a window with his own hope leaving him, he fails to notice Orin glaring at him from one of the higher windows behind him.

To be continued...

Characters, Spell Cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Humi-chan, Mei (derived from Pokemon franchise) and Petal; plus extra characters were created by Willie G.R.

JUN 18 2014

Written by

Willie G.R.