It has taken Yamame 3 whole days to complete Satori's request, and though she fears for her life; and because she couldn't find someone brave enough; she hurries to deliver the goods herself.

The first thing she is greeted with when reaching the mansion is a fork poking her neck and another poking her back, though thankfully, these are removed promptly from her person.

The animal youkai guardians, whom have nothing to smile about and nothing to be grateful for anymore, snarl at the guest as they force her through the halls of the now frightening black mansion.

The lights inside are dimmer than before and the atmosphere is unwelcoming; threatening. The dim light doesn't stop the guards from noticing the brown delivery bag around the spider youkai's shoulders, and so the dog guard sniffs it.

He picks up Satori's scent inside and growls, causing the ferret guard to glare at her guest with hatred, and yet they both know what would happen to them if their mistress finds out they destroyed her new clothes, and so they reluctantly continue to escort the blonde further in.

They reach the door to Satori's room, place Yamame in front of it, then step back a few feet, and then the ferret guard strictly says "knock!"

The blonde flinches, quickly knocks three times, and then, from within the room, that sweet, cold and soft voice happily says "well, you're finally here. Please, come on in~."

Yamame gulps and musters up her courage before grabbing that doorknob and opening the door.

Inside, Satori is in front of her mirror, looking quite happy as she presses her breasts together while making somewhat alluring, yet childish poses. Somehow, her hair has taken a frizzier look and appears to have a bit more volume, making her look quite gorgeous, but those dark rings around her eyes ruin that image almost immediately.

The mind-reader coos and says "please close the door", then, as soon as the door is closed, she giggles and tip-toes her way to Yamame, and then stops right in front of her with that vicious sneer she has adopted in the past days.

"I have been waiting, Yamame Kurodani. Three whole days of waiting. I don't! like! to be kept! waiting!"

The spider youkai whimpers softly, but even though she feels fear taking over her body, she manages to keep control and so she bows and says "m-m-my apologies Miss Satori! I worked as fast as I could. B-b-besides, I did tell you, with all respect, that the shoes would take me longer to make."

Before Satori's impatience escalates, the blonde spider swiftly opens her delivery bag and pulls a pair of purple boots and what looks like an odd black dress.

The mind-reader's smile widens, but then she frowns and asks "and... where is my ribbon?"

Yamame twitches, nervously looks around her feet, then meekly says "I-I-I... I'm so sorry L-Lady Satori; I tried really hard, but making that into a ribbon would have destroyed the fabric so I..."

The pulls a beautiful black bow with silky white frills on the tips and says "I had to make it into a bow instead. I-it should serve you well!"

The mind-reader's eyes glow with purple intensity as she glares at the spider youkai with murderous intent, however she suddenly smiles and sweetly says "well then, I guess I should try them on and see how it fares, hmm?"

She changes her clothes right in front of her guest, and before long, Satori is wearing a pair of thigh-high purple lycra boots, and a revealing black outfit also made of lycra and silk.

The cleavage is wide enough to tease wanting eyes into hoping her knobs will slip, the midriff has a heart-shaped cut that allows for more skin from her surprisingly endowed chest to pop below and to show off her cute navel, the hips are on full display, her black silk gloves make her hands look charmingly petite, the groin fits snugly enough to show a bit of the seam between her legs while still covering her perfectly, the back is completely open, the butt is showing a bit of cheek, and the semi-transparent silky back-skirt reaches down to her calves like a wide tail.

As for the bow that was made with the black apron's bottom half, she has securely tied it to the left side of her head, and now the beautiful and terrifying mind-reader looks cute and menacing; innocent and dangerous; sexy and deadly. A very alluring trap for anyone dumb enough to fall for her newfound charms; and she hopes there will be many.

She twirls around in front of her mirror and admires her beautiful pale skin and her frightening, yet attractive face, giggles darkly, then turns to face Yamame. "This... is... perfect!"

She is hugging the spider youkai; to said girl's surprise; in the blink of an eye while saying "you have outdone yourself this time! This was most definitely worth the wait! Now then..."

She pushes herself away from the blonde and gives her a seductive gaze as she speaks with a sultry soft tone "about payment for this beautiful work of art..."

The nervous spider raises her hands defensively and nervously says "no-no, no need! I-i-it was my pleasure to... uh..."

Satori's third eye floats in front of Yamame's face and its iris begins to swirl subtly while Satori continues speaking in a seductive tone. "Oh, I insist. Allow me to..." she giggles "pay you."

She grabs the blonde by the shoulders, tosses the immobilized girl to the bed, then crawls on top of her with a hungry crescent smile.

The animal guards outside can hear the many moans and lewd sounds coming from within the room and both feel disgust and pity, and yet they know they cannot move from that spot, so they will have to endure the noise.

An hour later, the guards are escorting Yamame back out of the mansion. Her eyes seem lost in shadow as she walks with a funny step while hugging her delivery bag against her chest.

Once outside the ferret places her hand on the blonde's shoulder and says "we are so sorry for treating you like an enemy... and we are so very sorry we couldn't-"

"No," interrupts Yamame. "It's alright; I understand. She's your mistress... and her power is..."

She never finishes her sentence. She merely walks out of arm's reach and continues on her own down the now rocky path back to the Ancient City, holding that bag tighter against her chest.

When she's far enough to not be heard, she starts to sob, and then rushes off running as fast as her weak and wobbly legs can take her.

Meanwhile, at the remaining white corners of the mansion, a segment that, for some reason, this new Satori will not even glance at, Humi-chan makes his way toward the back of the mansion's library.

He sees many of the books Satori herself has written, mostly on psychology and mental behavior (and a few odd comedies), and many which she has read down to the last page, and wonders why this new her won't even come here anymore.

Regardless of his thoughts he continues on his way further down the next set of white-walled corridors after the large library until he reaches a light-brown door hidden in a secluded turn in said corridor. He knocks twice and enters.

Inside the dimly lit room are Petal, who is feeding the young Komeiji, Okuu, who is hiding in a corner and looking anxious, Orin, who just stands in front of the bed, and on said bed in the middle of said room lies Koishi, who's half of her face is covered in bandages, her entire body is in a cast, and yet she smiles as if nothing has happened.

"Ah, finally you arrive. Welcome."

Regardless of Koishi's greeting, Orin hisses threateningly at the boy and roars "what the fucking hell are you doing here!? GET OUT!"

Before anyone asks, the kasha turns to face the girls and points at the human while saying "I've been watching him for some time! He's working directly for that faker!"

"But I-!" When he tries to speak, the furious cat girl rushes over to him and threatens to cut his neck in half with her claw. "Don't you lie to me, I've been watching you! That Satori treats you very special! It is painfully obvious you are in league with her!"

"That's enough!" darkly says Koishi, getting the attention of them all and gesturing the cat girl to remove her claw from his neck. She then sighs and says "close the door boy."

As soon as the door is shut she says "Orin, Okuu, there is a reason she treats him special, but I assure you he is not in league with her. He is as much a victim as everyone here, but unlike us, he can get closer to Satori than anyone else can."

"What is this all about? What are you all on to here? I came because I was summoned, then I am accused of something by this bloody wanker, and now you speak in riddles! Start making sense!"

The injured satori understands the boy's confusion and nods, though this makes her wince in pain. She recovers herself quickly though, and speaks up.

"There will be time to explain that later, now you all need to listen to me. You three are the only ones who aren't being constantly watched, or hypnotized by my sister, so in order to stop her I need you to find out a few things for me."

They all nod, though Orin does as reluctantly as possible, and makes sure the boy notices by making rude gestures while scoffing at him.

Koishi decides to ignore this and continues "first and foremost, I need you to find out more about that apron. It wasn't until I mentioned that thing that she went bat-shit psycho all over my face."

The boy timidly raises his hand, hesitates, and then speaks up "um... actually, about that... she's been wearing only half of it these days; however the guards say she... appears to have burned it."

Even the usually oblivious Okuu seems to find that turn of events a little strange.

The grey-green haired satori ponders for a moment, then sighs and says "I see. Perhaps I was wrong about it. I mean, don't you find it strange that she starts acting like a total psycho bitch the very same day she walks out of her room wearing that thing? But if she burned it, then perhaps-"

"Th-there's more," timidly adds the boy, getting the cat girl on edge who asks "what is it? Out with it!"

Humi flinches, then quickly says "th-the other animals say that she's now wearing a hair bow that smells just like that apron, a-and that she's guarding it like it's her treasure!"

Everyone in the room remains silent until Koishi speaks up. "Listen boy, I don't wish to put you in any danger, but seeing as you truly are the only one of us that can get close to her, I'm going to have to ask you to find out more about that. Try to convince her to take it off if you can!"

She seems to get lost in thought as she adds "it's funny. How can a mere apron cause so much..." She then looks at the human and says "please leave now, and try to do what I asked. Also, do everything in your power to not think of what we talked here."

Humi-chan bows and makes his way out without questioning the semi-mind-reader. After the door is shut again, Koishi looks to Orin and asks "what was that you were thinking just now?"

"N-no, it's nothing! Just-!" Seeing the kasha get so nervous raises her suspicions, so she insists. "Orin, please, if there is anything you know about this... anything at all, please share it!"

The redhead cat girl hesitates a lot, then suddenly takes off and says "I need some air! I'll-!"

"One more thing before you go," interrupts Koishi, stopping the kasha from leaving, and getting Okuu's attention by looking straight into her eyes. "Satori panicked a lot when I tried to use a spell card against her. She almost killed me for that. Okuu, Orin, and even you Petal, try and force her into a Spell Card duel if she ever threatens you. It might save your lives."

Orin stares at the younger Komeiji with determination. She nods, exits the room, and as soon as she's halfway through the library she takes her cat form and rushes straight out a window.

Meanwhile, Satori walks around the city with a smug, yet alluring smile on her face.

As she walks, she sways her gorgeous exposed hips around to make her back-skirt move, and steps solidly; yet appears to be doing so lightly; so that her breasts and butt cheeks jiggle with her every move.

When she notices men or women staring at her, she steps up her moves by smiling more sweetly, crossing her leg with every step and giving her groin a light thrust once in a while so that they can admire that subtle seam between her legs.

Once she has their full attention, she gives them a painful jolt to the head with a newfound hypnotic attack, or just hypnotizes them so that they become her loyal slaves for life.

"Fear will keep all these idiots in line while I make them all my loyal subjects. Once every single one of them is under my control, I'll go and take over the lands out there. I'll get everything I deserve. How joyous that everything is going perfect for me ever since my new acquirement."

Yuugi the oni, and Parsee; a blonde girl with green eyes who wears a stylish outfit of a black dress under a brown jacket and a indigo skirt, and has forearm warmers on her; both glare at the snotty bitch with contempt.

The blonde oni is furious; still sore for that dirty defeat she suffered; while the green-eyed cutie is merely jealous of Satori's newfound beauty and confidence, and would love nothing more than to bring her down a notch or two, but she refrains from doing so.

Yuugi lies on a bloodied futon with the injury the evil mind-reader left her with, and is unable to stand up at the moment, and she feels both annoyed and grateful for that because she would immediately go and challenge that satori once again.

She's the one that holds Parsee back while whispering "no, don't. Wait until I can back you-ARGH!"

Both girls suddenly hold their heads in pain and scream, then watch with horror as Satori stares at them with a sweet smile and glowing purple eyes from the street while sweetly saying "you will try to bring me down, but you will die before you can even reach me. Hoshiguma..."

Her voice becomes eerie and dark as she adds in soft and frightening whispers "be thankful I let you live because of all the years of peace we shared. Don't throw my merciful act away with brash actions."

After saying what she wants, she moves away and slowly removes the painful psychic shocks from their heads.

She reaches a seemingly abandoned area of the city where the waterfall that comes from the surface can be seen, and the bridge that Parsee guards is just steps away.

The mind-reader looks around while snarling softly to herself. There are quite a few skulls littered there on the ground, making her city look ugly and smell unpleasant. She doesn't like this one bit; evident on the way her beautiful face twists with anger and the way she snarls with every taken breath.

She composes herself and puts on that lovely, sweet and bright face that remains tarnished by those darkened eyes of hers.

She takes a deep breath, makes a sigh that sounds as though she's in heat, and in a very sweet and alluring tone she says "Kisume, dear darling, come down here sweetie."

She waits. Her call seems to bare no fruits and so she shuffles her skirt a bit as she prepares to take flight, but instead of flying she rolls left, then sends a wave of hearts that strike a yelping bucket that just tried to knock her out.

Said bucket gets its rope cut off by one of the hearts and falls to the side, and from inside it a little girl yelps, oomphs and screams until it finally stops.

Kisume, a pale girl with green hair made into pigtails who wears a simple white robe, grunts as she pulls herself away from her attacker while trying to keep her bucket with her.

Satori stands right in front of her with a sadistic grin that frightens the little warmth out of the tsurube-otoshi.

The mistress of the underground suddenly smiles, and then asks "dear oh my, what was that? My dear diluted little girl, were you trying to take my head off just now?"

Kisume thinks hard for a convincing lie to tell, and after several hesitant stammers she says "n-no, of course not! I was just, um... trying to, uh... s-surprise you! F-for fun!" "Yeah, I was aiming for your head, you stupid bitch! It's so beautiful! I must HAVE IT!"

Satori chuckles. Her eyes become filled with innocence and charm as she looks down at the green-haired liar, then she skips once and kicks the bucket as far away as her newfound strength allows her, revealing the weak-looking legs of that youkai girl on the ground.

She does an innocent "whoops" and then stomps on Kisume's back while sweetly speaking between stomps. "You think... I'm stupid? You think... I'm a... BITCH!?You fowl... loathsome... disgusting... smelly... little... COCKROACH!"

After doing some damage, the evil mind-reader laughs as she savors the pain she's caused the little youkai girl. She then walks around the girl until she's behind her, winds up her leg, and throws such an insanely strong kick at the girl's nethers that makes Kisume screech as her entire body flips twice in the air, and drops face-up on the unforgiving rocky ground.

The beautiful and dark mistress walks around her victim with a kind smile on her face as she says "so not only do you defile my city's limits with your smelly, frightening skulls, you actually have the ovaries to think that you can take my perfectly beautiful head for your collection?"

She laughs half-heartedly as she bends her knees, and says "you retarded little worm; you think that just because your brain is so simple and feeble, that I cannot read it, but I know what you are thinking, little wretch." She chuckles playfully and with a friendly smile on she says "I'm going to have to punish you."

She removes her gloves and slips them under the bands over her breasts, then stretches her arms and fingers and reveals her dangerously sharp claws, and begins to tear her victim's clothes and skin with quick swipes.

Kisume recovers enough breath to scream for help that never comes, and then her voice fails her when Satori claws her chest open and splashes the tsurube-otoshi's face with her very own blood.

Once that's done and the mind-reader stops, the little girl cries in whimpers "I'm sorry!" She gags and hicks and then cries again "I'll... be good!"

"Yes... you... will." The evil Komeiji speaks these words with such malice and darkness, the usually gory green-haired youkai fears for what will happen to her while thinking "I just wanted your head! You didn't have to go this far!"

Satori grips her cheeks with those claws, pulls her on to her feet, then grabs her neck and sinks her claws in it as she pulls up on her chin while laughing manically as she does.

The irony and humiliation the little head-collector feels as her neck splits from her head, mixed with the immense pain she feels, sends tears up her eyes just as the torturous deed is done.

Her head rolls several feet away, full of bruises and with blood spilling out of her mouth, eyes, the holes on her cheeks, the chin and her ripped neck, and then one last sob escapes her now bluish lips as tears join the blood staining the ground.

Satori laughs triumphantly, kicks the body to the ground, then glares back and says "you; behind the building. I want this place cleaned up by tomorrow."

The two young youkai siblings behind said building yelp, as the dark mistress continues "I better not find a single skull or a drop of blood here, or I will hunt you down and personally see to it that you never forget your past traumas. Now get to it!"

The little blonde girl and the platinum-haired boy yelp and salute the dark mind-reader, then hurry over to pick up the skulls.

Satori's face becomes sweet and happy once again as she places her gloves back on her hands and shifts her breasts back where they should be, and then she starts skipping happily back to her mansion, making sure to make her breasts bounce around to make herself irresistibly desirable.

Even though this fails her, and all she gets are hateful glares and scared yelps, she continues on her way with that happy smile on her face.

When she is long gone, the siblings put the body and head of Kisume together so that she can begin her healing process; although the way her head keeps sobbing might make this a longer process than it needs to be.

That afternoon, at the familiar Mami's Sweets store at the Human Village, Mamiko Funai is closing the door to her store when Orin appears behind her and pushes her back inside by force.

The human turns around by throwing a kick the kasha easily intercepts, and when the human girl gets a good look at her would-be attacker she lowers her defenses and anxiously says "oh, it's the cute cat girl. Miss, what's the matter with you? I thought you were a burglar, or a rapist, or worst, Lucia!"

"There's no time," hurriedly says the kasha while looking over her shoulders anxiously.

She then looks at the human in the eyes and asks "quickly human, do you, or do you not own a black apron!?"

The storeowner pokes her lower lip while thinking, then smiles and says "well of course I do! I own 6 of them! Um, well, actually 5. I seem to have misplaced one of them a few days ago."

Despair reaches Orin and she yells anxiously while gripping the girl's shirt. "Do these aprons possess some sort of hidden trait; something that makes others evil when they wear them or simply drives them mad? PLEASE TELL ME!"

The human girl ponders for a moment, pushes the kasha away, then says "look, first you need to understand this. Whenever I wear a black apron is because I am in a very foul mood, and when I am wearing one of those I do whatever the hell I want without remorse. Lady Yukari said that the fabrics on them have, in fact, absorbed all those bad vibrations from me."

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes before continuing. "She said that... that particular apron I lost had absorbed a lot of negative energy from me, and that it was enough to possess even myself if I wasn't careful. Heh, then again, she said the others have that possibility as well."

Orin whimpers softly as she mouths a few unintelligible words, then chokes as her skin turns pale, then says "so that's it..."

"That's it? What's it!?" asks the girl, however she is no fool and catches on quickly. "Oh no; please don't tell me someone you know put it on."

The kasha looks into her eyes and gives the human her answer without words, however she quickly asks the obvious question "lady, listen to my question carefully and answer as best as you can. If the apron were to be removed from its current owner, would that turn said person back to normal?"

Mamiko wastes no time and says "I do not know. This is the first time I hear of something like this! I do know I always feel a whole lot better after I both take the apron off and then take a warm bath."

Something snaps inside of the kasha all of a sudden and fire rises around her, threatening to burn the store to the ground.

She strikes the human's face with the back of her hand and furiously roars "don't leave those fucking things where others can take them you stupid HUMAN IDIOT!"

The furious kasha takes off and, to the storeowner's delight, takes her fire with her, and now she's left thinking for a moment.

She stands up, removes her white apron, balls it up and throws it on the floor, puts on her black apron before walking out the store, then furiously screams "then return the fucking shit you find that's obviously a MISPLACED ITEM! Fucking cat bitch!"

She looks around and sees some people staring at her, and angrily snaps "and what the fucking hell are you looking at!? Get back to your lives, creeps!"

All the humans around the area hurry away from the furious girl while commenting on her rudeness in either fright or anger.

Mamiko then grumbles to herself "I'm now glad I didn't tell that bitch the apron won't actually possess but make the wearer aggressively assertive. Heh. Bitch."

Later, at evening, Humi-chan is making his way to Satori after being suddenly summoned to her.

The chinchilla that delivered the perfumed message is nowhere in sight, and so he assumes he's going to find his mistress at the usual throne room.

As he makes his way to her he notices how the once impeccable floors now have dust, dirt, mud, and even some feces and blood all over it; how the stained-glass windows remain unattended and glow a sad light as dust keeps gathering on them, and how some have been broken from the inside out.

These corridors were never really that lively to begin with, but now they seem dark and sad, and he can no longer hear the random chatter or noises from his animal friends.

As he opens the door leading to the throne room he wonders about those animals he shared bedding with, but his thoughts are quickly cast away when he enters the large room.

"Ah, there you are~!" Satori's voice sounds sweet and sickeningly pleased. "I was worried that stupid rat had run off with my message for you."

Humi-chan remains standing in front of the door with an intimidated look on him. The mind-reader smiles at this and gestures him to get closer, smiling at him in a dark, yet welcoming manner that he knows he has to respond to before she gets impatient.

As he gets closer to her, her eyes change for a moment and she looks slightly less dangerous.

She stands up and spreads her arms so that he can get a good look at her, and asks "Humi dear, what do you think of this? Does it suit me well?"

The boy looks up at her and can't hide the lust he feels when looking upon her beautiful semi-exposed body, however it's not just the outfit, but seeing her as she looked before; like a sweet and mild-mannered girl with a slightly mischievous nature; that really gets to him.

Her smile when she notices his reaction becomes very natural, and the black rings around her eyes slowly become less and less visible.

He stops when he's at least four feet from her, bows down to his knees as she now demands, and speaks elegantly. "My Lady Satori, you look more beautiful than ever. That outfit suits you well and accents your charms in ways pleasant to the eyes."

She giggles just like she used to, and for a moment the boy thinks Satori has returned, but his hopes are shattered when her eyes take a dark purple tone as she stares hungrily at him and gestures him to get closer while saying "come. Sit with me."

He's hesitant. Due to her new outfit he wants to get closer to her, but knowing what she has become has him feeling anxiousness as he reluctantly gets closer to her.

She grabs his hand with surprisingly gentle strength and eagerly says "come; sit!"

She forces him to sit on that throne; making him feel very uneasy; and then jumps on his laps and wraps her arms around his neck like she's his loving girlfriend.

Satori kicks the air and coos playfully darkly and says "Humi-chan; you have no idea how I longed to see you. All the others, they have disappeared, and those that haven't are too scared to approach me, I can't pet them like I used to. I can't trust anyone of them anymore."

The boy appears to want to speak up, but she continues "Okuu and Petal have run off somewhere, Orin keeps avoiding me and ignoring my calls, my own sister has abandoned me; oh Humi-chan, you are the only one I can trust to make me feel wanted!"

She does a sultry moan and suddenly says "kiss me!"

The green-eyed boy manages to place his hands in front of his lips to stop the desired kiss, then looks at her in the eyes and says "L-Lady Satori, please forgive my boldness, but perhaps... i-if you were to remove your bow...?"

He notices how her eyes darken and how her lips are slowly turning into a frown, and quickly adds "i-it's just that it sort of clashes with your beautiful new appearance... My Lady."

Her lips stay flat as her gaze becomes full of anger and pierces him. She removes herself from his lap and points to the ground to her left and says "get up! UP! ...HERE! Stand here!"

Humi quickly jumps off the comfortable yet disturbing seat and quickly moves to where Satori ordered. He trembles a bit and is now struggling with his own thoughts.

The evil mistress' eyes turn back to begin beautifully dark and her skin pales once more. She paces around him and stares straight at his head and his eyes.

At the same time, the redhead boy continues to think "what is it, mistress Satori? Is there something on my head?" in order to avoid thinking about his meeting with Koishi and her request to him.

The mind-reader hums, then asks "are you trying to hide something from me... my dear pet?"

"Wh-what?" he hesitantly questions. "M-my mistress; of course not. I j-just think it would be more appealing to see you without that bow."

Satori raises an eyebrow, so the redhead starts thinking how she would look to him without the bow. He imagines her removing the bow and shining brightly as her body takes a more seductive shape, but then, against his very will, her imaginary self returns the bow to her head.

Instead of looking radiant, she looks downright seductive as she bats her eyelashes at him as she slowly starts removing her clothes instead.

As she fills him with desire, she whispers "see? I look just as good with it on me. In fact..." She giggles darkly as she brushes her silk-gloved hands all over his face and says "I could show you just how much you'll love seeing me with it on all the time~. What with all the memories we're about to make."

She get her face as close as she can to his and is brushing their lips together. The boy doesn't know where he gets the strength to do it, but he pulls his head back and imagines her without the ribbon; seeing her the way she was before she donned that apron.

"Mistress Satori, I find you incredibly alluring as you are now, but I really loved the way you were before. You looked so radiant all the time, and so happy too. Now you look angry and sad all the time; and believe me I would do anything to make you happy once again, but I fear I will fail because of your attitude. Please..."

He remember that day she took him in and spared his life after he had broken into her home. He clearly remembers how she rubbed his head until he calmed down and said to him "I will protect you. I'll keep you safe and take good care of you, just like with all my pets... my sweet Humi-chan."

Satori has stopped her advances. She looking into the boy's green eyes for the longest time, and then she sighs and closes her own eyes. "Fine, have it your way."

She rubs his head playfully and chuckles as she removes her gloves, then says "I spoil you too much."

Orin kicks the door open and yells "Satori-samaaaaa! I need to talk to you!"

She then sees Humi-chan with her and clicks her tongue while sarcastically thinking "oh great, he is with her. What a surprise."

The boy smiles at the kasha, thinking everything is going to be just fine, and says "Miss Orin, where have you been. We have mi-"

Satori cuts him off by stepping in front of him and raisin her arm. It is clear her mood has made a sudden turn for the worst as her eyes have adopted that lavender color and her skin, yet again, pales a great deal, making her look almost macabre.

In a deep and dark tone the mind-reader says "Orin that was quite rude. I hope, for your sake, that you have a damned good reason to interrupt us in such an abrupt manner."

The kasha smiles happily and swings her whole body as she is unable to contain her happiness, and says "yes, I do! Satori-sama, I have come to tell you that the apron-"

"That the apron I got belonged to the shopkeeper, and that it contained a lot of negative energy on it?" The mind-reader's voice becomes dangerously sweet as she continues to frown while saying "I understand this much, but I fail to see the reason for your sudden interruption of my personal time of enjoyment."

Orin's eyes suddenly turn a hateful glare at the boy, but she then returns an eager look to Satori as she says "there's more to that. See, while you wear that you will feel very angry all the time, and being so angry will only make you do things out of hate and spite. Don't you see? If you remove it, you will be happy again! You will be the Satori-sama that I know and love, and not this murderous villain that that thing has turned you into!"

The cat girl doesn't begin to understand that her choice of words keep turning into fuel to a dark fire rising inside her dark mistress, who keeps glaring down to said cat.

"Come on Satori-sama, just remove it and you'll see how everything becomes better! Just like it was before! No more dark castles, no more killing, no more inducing fear, no more... um, Satori-sama?"

An ominous wind blows around the darkening satori youkai as she gathers energy to herself, yet speaks calmly as she asks "and what makes you think I want to go back to that, hmm?"

She alternates looks between the kasha and the human while saying "what makes either of you think I want to return to being a timid little bitch that pretends to live in peace while knowing life owes her and her sister much more than just a mere city and a smelly underground cave!"

She furiously points at herself and exclaims "I have earned this! I have earned the right to get whatever the hell I want in life; I just didn't know how to take it until I grew some balls and started to do what needed to be done! I am sorry Orin, but I LIKE this new me, and not you, and not HIM, not ANYONE is going to convince me to give this up!"

She shoots a deadly purple beam straight at the cat girl, but Orin jumps away at the very last second, saving herself from becoming part of the new large crater on the floor of the large room.

The noise attracts the attention of the other pets, and as they gather in the room the mind-reader starts flying while cackling manically. She looks down at her pets and darkly says "I don't give a fuck what you all think; I like this new me, and whether you like me now or not, you will have to adapt to me... or perish!"

The human boy takes two steps toward the flying girl and begins a pleading speech, however the mind-reader has had enough of him and blasts him with a weaker, yet effective purple beam that blows him against the throne and knocks him down with it, leaving him half conscious underneath the heavy chair.

Orin on the other hand looks furious and is about ready to attack, however she has to take flight and move around to avoid the more deadly beams aimed at her chest.

Satori shoots relentlessly as she growls and says "hold still so I can deal with you, you pissy little shit of a cat! You've been questioning me since the beginning and I am honestly sick and tired of your shit! It's time I gave you the spanking you DESERVE!"

Orin flies against the wall and avoids a blast to the head by mere inches. She sighs with relief at the same time she kicks herself off that wall and raises a spell card while rushing straight at her mistress. "Small Demon's Reviva-ARGH!"

She isn't sure exactly how or when, but she is now right in front of Satori at the back of the room, and said dark mistress is gripping her brutally hard by the neck while glaring at the redhead cat with a hateful glare.

The mind-reader snarls steam as she tightens the grip on Orin's neck, but then loosens the grip just enough let her breathe, and then smiles and says "you know what? Instead of killing you, I'll make you like me again. Yes... that is an even better idea than killing my beloved cat!"

The red third eye rises in front of the kasha's face and the iris begins to swirl in place. The redhead stops struggling, however her mind doesn't give in completely, and so with a hateful snarl Satori adds her new psychic attack to cause great pain while hoping to break that cat's spirit.

Orin cries, tries to beg, even manages to move her right arm just enough to sink a single claw on the mind-reader's arm though it's to no avail, and after a minute and a half of non-stop torture, the kasha still remains with her spirit intact, and her mistress' fury escalates.

"What the fuck is it with you!? Why do you resist me!? Must you be so fucking defiant, you stupid cat!?"

She roars and slams Orin on the ground so hard that the cat girl coughs all the air out of her own lungs, and then jumps on her belly, trapping her arms under her knees, and furiously says "fine then, if hypnosis won't work, some physical interaction will!"

Having recovered her voice and some motor skills, the kasha tries to kick her mistress off while asking "wha-? What are you going to-?"

Despair, fear, anxiety; all these feelings mix at once inside her little cat heart as she watches Satori rip her clothes off with those hidden claws of her.

Orin uses every ounce of her strength to try to free her arms from beneath Satori's knees and kick herself around to maybe roll the woman off, but since both of these hopeful acts fail her, she starts to cry "no, wait, Satori-sama please don't! DON'T!"

"SOMEBODY HOLD THIS BITCH DOWN!" commands the furious mind-reader as she struggles to keep the cat girl under control.

She snarls furiously when her pets all remain standing there, watching like fools, and says "fine! If you stupid creatures won't help me, then I'll do this myself!"

As she grabs a large rock from the piece of ceiling she broke, she sends powerful waves of hypnotic pain to all of her pets, making them all hold their heads in pain.

She then raises the rock above her head, Orin gasps, and then the mind-reader strikes the cat on the forehead with all her new might.

The impact leaves the poor kasha blinded for a second, dazed and moaning as tears flow out of her eyes.

Satori knows she only has a few seconds to act, so she kneels besides her beloved cat girl, lifts her skirt and thrusts her hand underneath it.

Orin gasps and bends her body, tries to desperately push the satori away while gasping and moaning "pleahs... let... meh... no... stop!"

The mind-reader's voice becomes vicious, the animals stop screaming after the hypnotic attack is removed, and now they all watch the humiliation of the crying kasha.

As this happens Satori desperately says "yes, that's it! That's it Orin! Give in! You will love me again; it will be better than before! You just have to love me! Love me, dammit! Love me, Kaenbyou!"

"SATORI, STOP!" Humi grabs the mind-reader under her arms and pulls her away from the cat girl, and struggles while saying "what do you think you are doing Satori!? Stop it! Calm down, please!"

Satori thrashes furiously while screaming "let me go! God damn you, Humi-chan let me go right now! She's almost mine! SHE'S ALMOST MINE AGAIN!"

She stops struggling long enough to see that Orin took the chance to run away, and has clearly left the room by now. This infuriates her so much that the pulls her left arm free by breaking the boy's left wrist, by just making a jerking movement with her shoulder.

She turns around to face the screaming human, then punches him hard on the face, sending him flying against a wall. She then proceeds to shoot him on the stomach with two purple hearts.

The boy, surprisingly enough; and to Satori's hidden relief; survives the onslaught, however she is furious at him for taking Orin away from her; or at least that is how she sees it.

She decides to scream at him to vent the rest of her rage off. "You fucking idiot! Who the hell do you think you are, huh!? How dare you get between me and my Orin! She's GONE now thanks to you! She's gone and she's never coming back!"

She storms over to him, threatens to kick his groin but stops after taking many breaths, then angrily says "who the hell do you think you are, huh!? What gives you the right to do that!? Just because I let you sleep with me once doesn't mean shit! You are a mere pet! A lowly PET! You belong in a cage and nowhere else!"

She gives him a light kick on the thigh and looks around at the surprised reactions of her many other pets, and smiles darkly. "Oh, so you never told them. What a good and obedient boy you are. Well, since you were so obedient towards that request, I supposed I can... let you live."

Her voice turns dark and sweet as she bends closer to him, and with a dark and cold smile on her face she says "enjoy the rest of your life you lowly garbage. It seems you are just about to start living the way you were meant to live. Like the lowly garbage worm that you are. I hate you Humi-chan. I hate you so much."

She stands, scoffs, makes her way to the door, and makes her way through it with haste.

As she closes it the human boy can see a small twinkle that falls from the girl's cheek just before the door closes.

He wants to go to her; he wants to comfort her and also to be forgiven, but he soon realizes that that is the least of his worries.

The lion, jaguars, parrots, bear, cryptids; every single one of Satori's pets that are still living in the mansion are all gathering around his injured body.

They all look sickened and angrily at him, and all the human boy can do at the time is mentally pray for a quick death.

Koishi hugs herself. She is now free of the casts that kept her body safe while it healed, and yet instead of being happy, she is saddened to tears as she looks to Okuu and Petal.

"So they both failed, huh? They both tried, but in the end they failed and paid such horrible consequences."

She sobs softly and then says "what have I done?" She sobs again, rubs her face against her sleeve, and says "I asked too much of them. Okuu, Petal, I am sorry for putting you in danger. I am sorry for asking so much from both of you as well."

The young youkai bird quickly hugs Koishi and says "no sorry! Koishi-ishi-shama-love wants Satori-shama-love back! WE get her back. Together and see. It will can do!"

Okuu sighs and rubs her own head, then says "it's alright Koishi-sama, spying is easy for us... but what can we do now? We have looked for days but can't find Orin anywhere, and I can't get close enough to Humi-chan without attracting attention to him."

Koishi sighs, thinks for a moment, then says "we're going to need outside help."

Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, inside a seeming abandoned building full of giant spider webs; where several injured would-be heroes are being brought over to be nursed along with countless others; Orin is curled up into a ball while in her cat form on a webbed corner of the ceiling.

She opens her eye and sees these two new 'heroes' were none other than Kisume herself and another oni.

She curls up again and sinks her nose between her paws in front of her chest in an attempt to ease the terrible pain she feels in her little heart.

Yamame, who has black lines under her sleepy eyes, sighs then says "no matter what I say she still won't recover."

Yuugi is using crutches to stand besides the spider girl. She looks up at the wounded kasha and says "can you blame her? Just remember how you felt when Satori did that to you."

The blonde girl looks away, and then quickly changes the subject. "D-did Parsee return with help yet?"

The oni shakes her head, and in a sad tone she says "if that lazy shrine maiden doesn't come to help, I'm afraid we're going to have to mount a full-scale assault of our own. No more of this lone hero crap! We need to work together! Otherwise we will all fall, and then what?"

Yamame sighs and looks down to the floor and says "I don't know, but if this keeps going as it is, what little hope we have will be absorbed by Satori... and then everything down here will be truly lost."

To be concluded...

Characters, spell cards and scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Petal, Humi-chan, Lucia and Mamiko, plus all the extra pets, were created by Willie G.R.

JUN 23 2014

Written by

Willie G.R.