Once he thought he was in heaven; treated well by an angel disguised as a mischievous mind-reader, and given company and warmth by her other pets, which became friendly toward him fairly quick. Now he sits on the floor of a dark room.

He's full of cuts, bites on the arms, bruises everywhere, a swollen purple wrist that may be healing very slowly, he's is covered in feces, blood, and is surrounded by garbage.

The green-eyed human boy has been living in a real hell for the past week ever since Satori told everyone that he had, in fact, slept with her; and for this he has been punished severely.

The animals think he should be grateful that he's still alive, but the way he's starving, his facial hair keep growing, and his body slowly breaks down and keeps getting sick, he feels that being left alive is the worst punishment he could have received.

He tried to appeal to those animals he shared a cage with and told them the truth of how he, on that night, merely pleased her without going too far, however none of them believed him, saying that "it's human nature; a disgusting nature."

And so, Humi-chan lives on, dying a very slow and painful death in a very dark room hidden from sight inside Satori's dark castle.

He looks at the disgusting leftovers and dirty water left in bowls to his right and sighs, and then he makes a painful attempt to look at the ceiling.

After achieving his goal he suddenly starts to long for the better days when Satori would finally remove the uncomfortable facial hair with her soft hands and the gentle strokes of the shaving knife, or when she would feed him like a human being, not an animal, or when he could take a normal bath to remove the strong stench from his body.

Thinking of bodily smells reminds him of how horrible he smells at the moment, but as much as he wants to end that horrible stench of his, he is reminded of the fact that the other animals prohibit him from doing almost anything, including taking a bath.

He is suddenly reminded of the old days with Satori and how she kept telling him, in the beginning, that she would take care of him and his every need without any problems.

He chuckles softly at that, feeling a terrible sense of defeat at the irony of current events, and then looks at the disfiguring purple swelling on his left arm, and that's enough for him to let go.

His body flops to the floor after he gives up, and now he lies on a pool of dirt, sweat, blood, garbage and feces next to dirty scraps of food and sickly looking water.

Long after he loses consciousness a shadow appears, and soon his body is dragged away to who-knows-where.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Satori sits on the edge of her bed with a slouched back while twiddling her thumbs in front of her exposed bellybutton.

She sniffles hard as she looks toward her door, and then struggles to smile as she slowly turns her face toward her mirror.

She sees a very beautiful woman sitting on her bed with her perfect body semi-exposed. Her skin looks fair and her hair appears soft to the touch, but her face is twisted with sadness and pain, and the dark rings around her eyes keep turning darker each day.

Her bloodshot eyes look glazed from crying so much, and after another sniffle the mind-reader asks "is this what you wanted, Satori? Is this how you wanted things to be?"

When the image in the mirror fails to answer, the purple-haired girl jumps off her bed and furiously shouts "answer me!"

She storms toward the mirror and holds it by the sides, shakes it while yelling "WHY WON'T YOU ANSWER ME!?" and then she suddenly drops on her knees and starts to cry again.

She punches the floor once while crying "Orin!" and leaving a crater on the point of impact. She then punches the floor again and cries "Humi-chan!"

She stares at the crater with teary eyes, breathes in as she recovers her heart, then softly says "they left. They left me alone." She sobs loudly, and then asks "is this what I wanted? Is this what I really wanted!?"

She looks back at the mirror, then her reflection smiles sweetly, and calmly says "you know what you must do, Satori. It's really simple."

The dark mistress screams as she stands up and raises the mirror over her head, then roars as she throws it to the back corner of her room.

She stares at the now shattered mirror scattered all over the floor of her room and breathes hard through her mouth.

After catching enough of her breath, she places her hand on her chest and says "no! I have come too far to give up now! I've sacrificed too much to just back off! No! I will not stop! Not until the entire world suffers for making me and Koishi suffer for all those years!"

No reply comes to her. She takes a few hard breaths through her mouth, then turns around, not caring whether or not her gorgeous body looks desirable or not, and makes her way out the room, banging the door shut behind herself.

Humi-chan wakes up. He's on a clean and comfortable bed; he's been washed clean, yet his facial hair is still there and his body still feels sickly.

He hopes Satori has come to her senses and that she is going to fix him up, but when he sees Okuu and Koishi looking at him from one end of the room he's in, he realizes what happened and his hope crashes right in front of his face.

Koishi smiles sadly and shakes her head, then says "I am sorry; we didn't mean to deceive you. We just thought that you would feel better after getting cleaned up."

Okuu and Petal approach him with a plate of food, and the former asks "want good food? It's not hot, but it will taste better than those leftovers."

The boy looks up at her, grabs a piece of bread, and as he eats he feels it tastes bitter before it turns to sand in his mouth, however he is famished and continues to eat it.

The very second he is done he holds his stomach in pain and groans. The grey-green haired girl sighs sadly and says "it seems that... without medicine, you are still going to..."

The boy sighs after the pain leaves him. He then turns so that he's looking at Koishi, and in a low and sad tone he says "the quicker... the better. This bloody body hurts; my heart hurts. I don't want to wake up; I want it all to end."

Koishi sighs again, nods, then says "I am sorry you had to live your last days like this... Mister ..."

The green-eyed boy smiles, flops back into bed, then says "my real name. Thank you for your sympathy, Miss Koishi; it makes me feel a certain warmth in my heart. I missed this feeling."

He waits for a moment and then asks "what about Lady Satori?"

The girl flinches, gulps, then says "Okuu, Petal, help him shave. That facial hair is very bothersome to him, and I'm sure after being unconscious for three days must have made them twice as uncomfortable-"

"I need to know" insists the boy with a raspy whisper.

The satori youkai sighs, looks down at her feet, then says "she's going to try and take over the world above. She only needs to break the spirit of the small resistance in the city before she makes her move."

The boy chuckles softly, sighs, and then says "then perhaps... there is one last thing I should do."

Meanwhile, at the outskirts of the Ancient City, a small group composed of Yamame, Yuugi and two female oni, welcome Parsee back home as well as another guest they all know well.

Reimu Hakurei, who has long dark brown hair adorned with a red ribbon and a tube on each side, and wears a white and red shrine maiden outfit with detached sleeves, descends besides the jealousy youkai with a most displeased look on her face; though it quickly changes when she takes a good look around.

The oni, particularly Yuugi, look injured and tired, the dark rings on Yamame's eyes are a good indication of someone who hasn't slept well at all, and the city itself looks dark, depressing and even more desolate than before.

The shrine maiden looks to the green-eyed blonde and says "boy you weren't kidding. It's a real mess down here."

Parsee's eyes glow a bit as she grumbles angrily, and then says "why else do you think I camped out in front of your precious donation box!? I told you it was an emergency!"

"Or else we would have handled it by now," finishes Yamame with a soft and tired voice. "Please, we don't know what else to do! Satori has killed some of her own pets, she's thrashed all those that attempted to take her down, and even humiliated the kasha she loved so much... just like she did to m...e."

Her voice disappears, so Yuugi takes over. "We are prepared to pay whatever you want, just help us out Hakurei Maiden!"

They all flinch when they see the yen symbol in Reimu's eyes and the huge smile she makes while probably daydreaming about all the money she'll get.

The blonde oni waits a little bit, and just as she decides to speak, the shrine maiden exclaims "I'll do it! Now tell me where she is so I can deal with her quickly."

"Whoa there," warns Yuugi with raised hands. "Hold your horses Missy. That's what got us all into deep shit. That satori has gained serious power upgrades, and the bitch refuses to use spell cards."

One of the smaller female oni, one with light red skin, black hair and a single small horn on the crown of her head, grabs the human girl's hand surprisingly gently and says "first, you need to listen to the intelligence we have gathered. We'll point the way afterward."

The human girl nods, and soon she's inside the seemingly abandoned building where the many hero-wannabes that haven't died are still recovering, including one pissed off Kisume.

Yamame stands her facing a corner of the building, and when she looks up she sees Orin in her cat form curled up into a ball and seemingly asleep on a cluster of silky spider web.

"What's this?" asks the shrine maiden. "Why did you bring me to her? She's not gonna start telling a depressing tale, right?"

The cat lifts her head, suddenly jumps off the spider web and lands in her human form right in front of the human's face.

Her eyes look bloodshot, she hasn't bothered to fix the huge tear on the top of her dress, and she speaks in a voice that's void of life.

"So, they actually convinced you to come? I am impressed; you normally don't give a fuck about others."

Reimu is visibly pissed off by that attitude talk and Yamame and Parsee each hold an arm of the surprisingly strong human to hold her back while said girl shouts "what the hell is your damned problem, cat!? Grr! Let me kick her ass; just a bit!"

The blonde spider struggles with Reimu's strength while shouting "no, Miss Hakurei, she's just depressed!"

Parsee also struggles a great deal while shouting "what the hell is your problem girl!? We already told you what her mistress did to her! Take it easy on the kitty!"

The assassin shrine maiden eventually calms down, but continues to fume while asking "why did you bring me to her? What's this 'intelligence' you were talking about!?"

"First of all... Miss Reimu." The kasha speaks as if nothing has happened and seems to have no life in her tone of voice. "Sa... that evil bitch has this black bow she had made from the black apron that used to belong to that girl that runs the sweets shop."

Reimu snaps her fingers and exclaims "Mamiko? You mean someone actually got possessed by one of those things!? Jeez, that girl really needs to learn to keep those dangerous clothes out of reach!"

The kasha nods, and continues "I learned that is not an actual possession; that is just makes the one who wears it feel enraged, and eventually said person does..."

She hesitates for a moment and suppresses a whimper, then continues "does what common decency would prevent them from doing. Take that woman from the palace for example. She would have never done any... any of this if she wasn't wearing that thing that's now a bow."

The human girl is starting to show concern, but the seemingly emotionless cat girl continues. "As to how to defeat her, it is impossible without forcing her into a Spell Card duel; however this is useless. The second she sees you with one, she hypnotizes you and beats the living hell out of your ass and... then some..."

Again, the shrine maiden tries to speak, but the kasha cuts her off. "So there you have it. For us it has been impossible, but seeing as this is you, you'll probably have no trouble getting Sat... the whore into a Spell Card duel. Just remember to take that fucking bow off of her head when you beat her stupid ass."

Orin is about to turn around and go back to sleep when Reimu holds her by the shoulders and looks at her in the eyes.

She gives the cat girl a very straight look and asks "what did she do to you, Kaenbyou? What sort of humiliating act did she pull on you for you to speak of her with such hatred?"

"It was nothing," blandly says the cat, but Reimu won't have it and speaks with a stricter tone. "She raped you, is that it? Is that why you hate her so much?"

Orin finds herself trapped. She can't escape the surprisingly strong grip of the shrine maiden, and she can't find the strength to lie about what happened.

She looks into those brown eyes and her own start to glimmer as tears well all around them, and then all of a sudden she's bawling and hiding her face on Reimu's shoulder while screaming "I begged her! I begged her to stop, but she didn't! In front of everyone! She forced... I loved her! She betrayed... My Satori!"

The rest of her words are intelligible as she chokes on her own sobs and tears, but she keeps trying to speak either way.

To everyone's surprise Reimu soothes Orin with soft coos and purrs while rubbing her back, and then speaks soft words of comfort just for her.

When the human notices all the estranged eyes aimed at them, she raises an eyebrow and says "it's part of the vague description of my job. I am to maintain balance for both youkai and humans alike."

She then remains where she is while rubbing the crying girl's back, comforting her broken spirit out of the kindness she refuses to reveal to others.

Later that day Satori arrives to her throne room and looks around with tired eyes. Empty.

There is nothing there but her throne, and seeing it so empty gives her heart a really strong tug, and yet she displays anger as she approaches the large seat.

She sits on it, crosses her legs without caring for the unladylike display of her seam, rests her right elbow on the armrest, then her head on her fist, and then darkly calls "Lilibelle!? Alumari! Co-co, Lei-lei, Amura! ...Anyone!?"

The pain she feels when she gets no answer turns to boiling fury and she suddenly jumps off the throne and shouts "anyone!? Where the hell are you!? Okuu, Petal, Rubbry, Koishi, Humi-"

She stops before calling the human, snarls to try and hide a sob, then whispers "Orin, where did you go?"

The mind-reader suddenly screams, then kicks her throne aside. She then proceeds to shoot it with purple beams until only ashes remain of it, then screams to the ceiling "fiiiiine! I don't need anyone! I'll just force those fucking oni to like me! THEY'LL BE BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU!"

The front door shuts, and Satori turns her furiously hurt glare toward it. Humi-chan stands in front of said door with a subtle smile on his still-slightly hairy face.

He notices her grimace and says "yeah, I know, I look bloody terrible; but believe me, if Okuu hadn't saved me and Koishi hadn't cleaned me, I would look worst. A shame I can't shave myself the way you used to shave me, Lady Satori."

"What do you want?" asks the dark mistress with a hint of sadness in her dark tone.

The boy walks closer and closer while saying "I just want to beg of you again, Lady Satori, to remove that bow from your head. It's turning you into a hateful nutter, and I for one would like to see you; the real you; one last time."

The woman stands in place as he gets closer. She shakes her head as she looks down to the floor, and in her old and sweet tone, sounding as though in great pain, she says "I can't. I just can't! I... if I do I'll just back away from everything I have done. I deserve it all! After what this life did to me and my sister, I am entitled to whatever the hell I want! I am not giving up the only chance I have to do that."

The human boy now stands right in front of her and says "then..." he sighs "I'll remove it from you."

"You will try," threatens Satori in a dark and cold undertone.

He smiles soothingly at her, and then says "before I do, there is one thing I want you to know. That... incomplete truth you told the others, about me and you sleeping together, turned my life into real hell... Lady Satori."

He closes his eyes and starts thinking solely of the long and torturous days he had ever since she said that. Animals biting him and shaking him around, the terrible pain on his wrist that never healed, sleeping in scat, blood, sweat, dirt and garbage, eating rotting, half-eaten food, drinking dirty, sickly and dark water out of desperation, and wishing to die when falling asleep just to wake up once again in the cold embrace of true hell.

Satori frowns frighteningly, however the tears she sheds betray her look, and before long she speak with a cracking, cold voice. "You deserved that. You took my Orin from me."

He sighs and shakes his head, remembers the timid yet mischievous Satori that took him in, then he lunges to her and aims to grab her bow with his right hand.

Though she grips his horribly swollen left arm, she holds back from crushing him while shouting "no! Stop this you fool! I... I'll kill you..."

They keep struggling; she fails to notice how she's crushing his left arm and how he's not even flinching from the pain. "Damn it, Humi-chan, stop this now! STOP! STOP IT HUMI-CHAN! ...Damn you Alastair, STOP IT!"

The boy stops the struggle and smiles at the confused girl. He starts to cry tears of joy and smiles excitedly as he says "you... you said my name. Lady Satori said my name! My real name!"

Satori snaps out of her confusion, crushes his right hand, then chops his neck with enough force to make it crack loudly.

Alastair falls to the floor with that smile on his face and those tears under his eyes, and bounces twice; his head flopping around; and then nothing. He remains as he is, forever gazing toward the dark mistress that stares down at him.

As she breathes in through her mouth, she slowly realizes that a few of her pets (which is still a considerable number), have gathered in the room.

She stares back at them with concern and surprise, but she then slowly composes and smiles very sweetly, and then, after patting her bare hips she says "well, finally. I've been calling for you."

A parrot begins to squawk loudly, a dog howls, a youkai cat starts to cry, and the rest of the animal express both sadness and fear.

Satori looks confused, tries to widen her smile, then says "what; what is it? Re-relax you guys. He'll wake up... in an hour or two."

She chuckles with so much doubt; said chuckle makes everyone feel very uneasy. She keeps glancing down at the human body at her feet and the realization slowly sinks in, and then she looks up and glowers. "YOU!?"

She begins to show signs of fear and takes steps back while frightfully asking "wh-what are you doing here!? W-we-we-I haven't done anything wrong!"

Reimu has entered through a secret opening on the ceiling of the throne room, and by the look on her face she is most displeased with the mind-reader.

Satori snarls, charges her hands with pure dark energy, and furiously says "fine, have it your fucking way, shrine maiden! If it's a fight you want, I will gladly oblige!"

Reimu finds herself taking a dive toward Satori long before she can even take her talismans on hand, just to avoid a set of overpowered purple beams; however, she takes this opportunity and tries to strike the youkai's face with her gohei.

Satori smiles victoriously and prepares to hypnotize the girl, but she finds herself unable to do so, thanks to some form of magical seal around the shrine maiden, and rolls right at the very last possible moment.

She then stands up and uses her new hypnotic attack, causing the shrine maiden to yelp in pain and drop and roll on the unforgiving floor.

The mind-reader smiles that beautiful dark smile she's adopted as of late and makes her way toward her newest victim, thinking about what kind of punishment to bring upon that girl.

She bends over and grabs the girl by the hair to meet face to face, and with her sweet and dark tone she asks "aww, what's the matter little human? Can't take the pain drilled straight into your brain that goes right through your little protection? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Let me help you out by making you focus on another point of pain-AUGH!"

The evil mind-reader drops the human and drops on her back while clenching her third eye tight. It has a blue talisman stuck to it, and it keeps shocking the youkai girl.

Reimu takes a few deep breaths after standing and smiles before saying "man, the others were right. You are a complete bitch! They also warned me about your new gift, so I took the liberty of making a new set of talismans just for you. How do you like 'em?"

Satori groans and pants as she sits back up after getting used to the pain, yelps when she tries to touch the shocking talisman one last time, and then angrily says "what a... clever little bitch. You kept your mind distracted on your own pain so I couldn't catch up to your plan; but that won't save you."

Both girls' faces turn serious, and both take flight while keeping their eyes on each other.

The shrine maiden lifts a spell card and smiles, and the satori youkai roars as she charges forward while shooting those dangerous purple beams at the human girl's face and her spell card.

Reimu nimbly dodges those shots by seemingly dancing around in the air with precise movements, making her attacker furiously upgrade her attack so that the shrine maiden is literally dodging a rain of bullets; something said human girl does on a daily basis.

At that moment, Koishi and Okuu enter the large room while the two flying girls battle, and when the young Komeiji looks up, she feels hope filling her as she whispers "come on red and white; free my sister from that thing." She then notices the body of Alastair on the ground and sighs sadly "oh no."

Reimu finally reaches Satori, strikes her head with her gohei, slaps her face with the back of her hand, and finally flips and kicks her head down with the talon of her shoe, effectively knocking the mind-reader down to the ground.

She then lifts her spell card and declares "Dream Sign..." Satori's body seems to act on it's own, and in just a second she rolls onto a squatting position, and the next she is rocketing towards the human girl.

"Evil Bin- oh shit!" The shrine maiden finds herself rocketing away from the youkai's claws that have broken through the silky gloves, and mutters under her breath as she strains herself to twirl while moving in tight circles to avoid those deadly purple beams and those viciously sharp claws.

Satori finally lands a claw on her opponent's calf and chuckles when said girl screams out in pain, but her joy is cut short when the Hakurei Maiden frees herself by twirling toward her attacker, and then kicking the gorgeous bare back of the mind-reader, forcing her to belly-flop and face-plant into an imprint crater on the floor.

Reimu snarls after checking her bloodied wound, then takes another spell card and says "you're going to pay for that one, Komeiji! Holy Relic, Yin-..."

Once more the satori's body seems to act on its own and with a quick push of her own weak-looking arms she cannons herself upward, threatening to sink her head in Reimu's belly.

"Yang-WHOA!" The human girl dodges the attack at the last moment, groans with frustration, and then yells "hey, quit doing that! I'm trying to declare my Spell Cards!"

The mind-reader breathes hard, lifts her face; revealing it to be red from the impact, as well as her exposed belly and thighs; and angrily says "like hell I'll let you! How am I supposed to blast your head off with that stupid Spell Card Rule active?"

"Corpse Spirit, Vengeful Cannibal Spirit -Extreme Speed-." Both Reimu and Satori look down toward the bland voice of Orin as she casts a spell card right beneath them, and so the mind-reader smiles darkly as she says "my dear Orin has come to save me. I knew she loved me!"

She gasps with surprise when she realizes the red spiritual shards are surrounding her instead of the red and white, and in a rage she shouts "whoa, whoa, whoa! Orin, she's over there!"

The shards quickly move toward their target, a large bright ball of pure spiritual energy ignites right in the middle, and Satori screams as she is burned and repeatedly pricked, and then she falls back down to the ground on her back.

She arcs her back and rubs the lower part of her backside as though in great pain, then, after a while of wincing and groaning while rubbing herself, she looks toward the kasha with killing intent, but when she sees Orin still has her torn shirt; even though the cat girl has her back turned; she drowns in guilt and stops moving.

Though Rin remains with her back turned to her mistress, she speaks coldly and without emotion. "She's all yours Hakurei. Miss Komeiji," her voice breaks "don't come looking for me."

The desperate mind-reader suddenly wants to reach the cat girl and beg for forgiveness, but by the time she lifts her arm said kasha has turned into her cat form and has skillfully jumped out the nearest broken window.

Satori remains on the floor with her arm raised toward where her cat girl was, still trying to understand what has just happened.

Reimu watches her closely with a spell card ready. She observes how the youkai girl slowly reacts, starting with trembling, and then whimpering softly.

The elder Komeiji slowly stands, takes a good look at herself, starts to growl as her sorrow is turned into anger right inside her own heart, then she explodes with a deafening scream and a spread of purple beams.

Reimu quickly declares "Boundary, Duplex Danmaku Barrier!" and encases Satori's beams inside said barrier, turning them into non-lethal danmaku arrows that eventually return to her from behind.

Satori cries out in pain and falls to her knees when her own shots harm her, however she snarls furiously after the attack is done and shouts "Alright; FINE! You want to play with spell cards; then BE MY FUCKING GUEST! I'll beat you, then kill you painfully!"

She raises a spell card of her own and declares "Recollection, Terrifying Hypnotism!"

Nothing happens. She starts to whimper with every breath she takes as she grabs another spell card hidden under the small strap over her left breast, and declares "fine! This is a sexy card. It will do the job! Brain Sign, Brain Fingerprints!"

Nothing happens again. Satori's whimpers become soft moans and cries as she rummages all over herself and tosses spell cards all around, then finds one and shouts "Recollect... N-no, not that! No!"

Her voice begins to break down to whimpered cries as she keeps trying to declare one spell after another, but all fail her. She eventually snarls, looks up at Reimu with glowing lavender eyes, and roars "F-FINE! I didn't want to do this, but you give me no choice! Recollection... Um... De-Demon... no, that's not..."

She begins to hyperventilate while trying to declare "Reco-Recollection, Holy... um... I can't..." She drops on her knees and sobs, then asks "what is happening to me?"

That's when the mind-reader notices the shrine maiden hasn't shot a single bullet yet, and so she looks up, wondering what is the deal with that.

When Reimu notices Satori is looking at her, she scoffs and says "so this is why you didn't want to start a spell card battle. You can't use your own spells the way you are now."

Both girls eye each other; the human looking cold and defensive, and the youkai looking furious and scared; then Hakurei continues "not only are you emotionally compromised, your own heart doesn't recognize you; and why should it? You have become a real monster and a total nuisance that needs to be purged, Satori Komeiji."

The purple-haired seductress snarls, rips the broken gloves off of her hands, then threateningly shouts "stop talking you stupid bitch! You know nothing about me! I'm warning you!"

"The truth hurts, doesn't it?" asks the human girl, interrupting the dark beauty. "Still, if you think I'm the one that's wrong, you are welcome to come and try to take me down."

"No, wait, onee-chan, DON'T!" shouts the young Komeiji as she tries to run to her sister, though the other pets hold her in place.

Satori ignores Koishi's warnings and rushes straight toward the shrine maiden, aiming her claws straight to her face.

Reimu scoffs, and then unleashes an unbelievable amount of talismans and bullets. Those shots disappear at the first barrier, reappear at the second barrier from below the satori, then disappear when they reach the next borders, and then rain down at the last segment.

Satori thinks luck is on her side when she gets through the first barrier and sees the pattern at the first, but her right leg is caught at the very edge of the second barrier, stopping her a few inches from clawing the girl's face.

She screams in pain when her legs get burned by the talismans, yet thinks of pushing forward. She is bombarded by talismans and petal bullets from all over, and before she even realizes what has happened she is covered from head to toes with burning talismans that burn and shock her painfully.

She screams with agony; as she does she remembers everything she has done ever since putting that apron on herself; shame fills her senses, adding something more hurtful than the very pain she's feeling... and then she falls.

As she plummets to the solid ground below, the bow on her head betrays and abandons her when she has most need of its empowering rage.

Satori hears herself moan as she wakes up. She feels a bit of pain on her joints and her head as she opens her eyes, but now feels anxiety as her blurry vision slowly focuses on two shadows above herself.

The first shadow to focus into view is her worried sister, who softly says "look, her eyes look normal again." She then asks "Satori, how are you feeling?"

The eldest Komeiji moans and realizes the second shadow is Okuu, who seems beyond herself with worry, and so she moistens her dry lips and says "I'm ok. I am..."

She suddenly gets up and rolls away from the girls, panting hard and whimpering in fear while looking around, then exclaims "I'm sorry! Please, f-forgive me!"

Koishi sighs, and when she tries to speak her older sister suddenly yelps and drops on her knees, and she soon realizes what is happening.

Satori holds her head and starts to cry, then shouts "what have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE!?"

Her young sister tries to speak again, but again she starts shouting "everything we built; all that effort to live in peace with everyone! What have I done!?"

She looks around as though in despair and calls "Orin! Orin please come back! Please forgive-HAUGH!"

"Satori!" Reimu holds Koishi's shoulder from behind and sadly shakes her head, then softly says "not yet."

The purple-haired girl worms her body all over the floor as her mind is flooded with Alastair's last memories, as if they were being delivered freshly into her mind.

She sees what her lies caused him; the poisonous food and water, the long and painful days and nights, the loss of hope and will, and more painful to her, the despair he felt when he wanted to see her, the real Satori, one last time before everything turns dark.

She cries; cries like a wounded and lost child in a dark and endless forest. She crawls to the boy's body and bawls over his chest, clenching her barely-covered chest while doubling over as though in pain.

"Come back," she cries to him. "Come back to me! Please come back; forgive me! Let me try again." Her bloodshot eyes burn her as she looks toward his lifeless smiling face and starts to cry again.

She doubles over, apologizing repeatedly, then grabs her third eye and repeatedly slams it against her own chest before she grabs the top artery and pulls on it as though in despair.

Reimu releases Koishi and the girl rushes so fast toward her sister that she could have just easily outrun Aya, the speedy tengu reporter.

She grabs Satori's hands and pulls them away from the floating eyeball, then forces her to hug while shushing her and softly saying "that's it, let it all out onee-chan."

She strokes that soft purple hair while shushing her and softly saying "there, there. We know; it was that thing. It's ok. I don't hate you."

She prevents her sister from grabbing her third eye again and softly cries "don't. Satori, don't. It's not worth it. That pain will never leave that way. It only gets worst"

Satori finally gives up what little strength she has left and bawls into Koishi's shoulder. Before long, Okuu comes over and cries with them while wrapping them with her large wings, and shortly after Petal joins in, cheering through cries "Shatori-shama-love ish returned!"

What few pets remain finally decide to approach their crying masters to show their support, and all their mistress can do is cry out apologies through sudden scream with a cracked voice.

Koishi continues to comfort her sister until her crying eventually stops completely, but now the poor mind-reader feels as though she can't move a muscle.

Okuu easily carries her up, though out of said girl's request, she helps her to her feet, even though she wants to carry her mistress like a princess.

Satori finally faces Reimu, and though feeling ashamed she says "Hakurei, I am sorry I had you roped into all of this. I don't know why I just felt so... free. I did such terrible things and I can never take them back... So many lives lost, all because I wanted-"

"That's enough!" says Reimu in a strict tone, she then shows the black bow rolled in a talisman and says "it is not entirely your fault. This thing could turn even the sweetest and most inoffensive creature into a murderous monster. You are lucky it didn't fully claim your heart though, or you would have been lost forever."

The mind-reader looks surprised toward the shrine maiden before the latter continues "don't worry; I'll take this with me to my shrine, where I hope to find a way to seal it. You take it easy and rest." She nods thrice and adds "you'll need it."

As if on cue Satori suddenly collapses, and Okuu easily carries her bridal style before she flops to the ground. The bird girl seems happy with this turn of events.

The Hakurei Maiden stares coldly at the unconscious mind-reader, then, just as she's about to leave, Koishi puts her hand on her shoulder and asks "M-Miss Hakurei, what should we do now? What about the others?"

Reimu looks back with a smile and says "don't worry about them, I'll tell them everything is fine. They don't want to start anything with you, trust me. Still, keep a very close eye on your sister."

She looks with great pity, along with Koishi, toward the sleeping girl and says "that thing she tried to do with her third eye... she will try it again, I am sure. She did a lot of damage after all... and-"

"I know" darkly mumbles the grey-green haired girl. "I'll give him a proper burial. That should set her heart at ease... a little."

The shrine maiden bows her head slightly and says "I'll ask Ail and Rika to come over as much as possible. They got a really good relation with her after all. I'm sure they can help you all through this."

With that, the girls nod to each other, and Reimu Hakurei takes off, closing the secret door she used to enter as soon as she is out.

It doesn't take the human long to reach the awaiting group of youkai who are anxious for news.

As soon as she approaches them Yamame asks "wh-what happened? Did you changer her back? Did you kill her? Did you...?" she gulps and finishes "sealed her?"

Reimu smiles and shakes her head, then says "please, don't go near the place for a while. That girl has a lot of guilt to deal with already, and she's got a lot of thinking to do as well."

Yuugi sighs with relief, holds her healed abdomen, though winces a bit, and says "I better keep away then. I still want payback for this."

"You'll get it," casually says the red and white as she looks back to the palace. "She'll want all your forgiveness so that guilt will leave her heart; and something tells me she'll do anything for it."

Parsee mutters under her breath as the large blonde oni offers a very large bag of money for Reimu, who stares at it long and hard.

She then grabs a smaller bag from her own pockets, says "fill this one up." then the surprised oni asks "what? Seriously? Why w-"

Reimu grins, sighs, then says "I can change my mind if you want."

Yuugi quiets down and quickly fills the smaller bag, emptying barely one fourth of the larger bag within, then the shrine maiden swings the small one around her hands and says "thank you."

She pockets it and starts to fly, then says "you'll need the rest to repair the damages done around here. Oh, and if anyone asks, you beat me in a game or something for the money..."

She's gone. The youkai all stare at each other with surprise, but then they just shrug it all off and make their ways home.

It is true that some lives were damaged beyond repair thanks to the freed evil that festered in Satori's heart, but as Yamame said to the others before heading home "you either luck in the past, or move on and grow stronger."

Those simple words rekindle the hope they all thought was lost.

For seven long years; which should be nothing for a youkai; Satori struggles greatly to get back to her old life. An impossible task; so she has finally settled for this new life she has made for herself under the influence of the dark apron turned bow.

It's not all that bad. Most of her pets returned, some bringing new pets for her to share her love with, and now she is more cautious about what she feels, and constantly shares her inner thoughts with Koishi, Okuu, or her best chatting partner after Orin, Petal.

Finally, after such a long time of guilt and inner struggles (as well as some physical pain for forgiveness), Satori Komeiji has decided to try going outside; after all, some sun and fresh air should do her good.

It is at the Human Village where the last bit of her depression leaves her as she watches the humans and many human friendly youkai live their lives in peace.

Memories of Alastair return to her, and yet she no longer feels that maddening pain she felt for him before. She thinks fondly of him and keeps remembering how happy he was on his last moments when she called him by his real name.

She takes a deep breath of fresh air to renew her chest, and just as she and Koishi are to return home, she notices something on one of the ceilings of the many small houses.

Her eyes widen, a smile tries, and yet fails to grace her face, and hope fills her as she approaches the source of her elation with a soft run.

She blinks once, takes a deep soft breath, and then hesitantly calls "Orin?"

Evil Komeiji: The End.

Next Stage: "Up and above"

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Petal, Alastair (a.k.a. Humi-chan) and Ail; and extras, were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

JUN 27 2014

Written By

Willie G.R.


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