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Hidden Angel of the Unknown

Chapter 1 (Calm before the storm)

Percy was walking to the beach for some fresh air after a long war with the giants. He expected his life to be great afterward but he didn't know that another big event is waiting for him in the near future. The winds blow his messy black hair, covering his eyes. He stood there, lost in his own thoughts, without noticing a secret admirer.

A conch horn blown from the distance brings Percy back to reality. Percy knew that the Hunters were visiting Camp Half-Blood again. Every campers was excited to see the hunters-not because of beings their friends- but excited to participate in capture the flag tonight. The Hunters lead by lieutenant Thalia Grace, settled on the Artemis table. Phoebe and Atalanta were busy glaring at the boys who purposely flirting with members of the Hunter. Meanwhile, the Stoll brothers were busy pranking some hunters which glued them to their seats. Other hunters were shooting the Stoll brothers while the two pranksters runaway screaming their heads off.

"Hi, Perce. I miss you! Where is Annabeth?" Thalia asked while she ran to hug Percy.

"I miss you too, pinecone face. Annabeth is busy fixing and redesigning the original Greece. Where is Artemis?"

"Percy, why did you care where Artemis is? Never-mind, she said that she will explore areas outside Camp to see if there are remaining monsters left from our encounter as we come to camp. Also, she will scan the wood for our strategy for the Capture-the- Flag game tonight. Prepare to lose, Kelp Head!" She replied as she walked toward the Hunters.

Percy walked quietly to Poseidon table and Chiron stomped his hooves for attention.

"Campers, as you can see, the Hunters are here in our camp. Treat them with respect and care. Hunters, please make yourselves comfortable. You know what is coming next, right? There will be a Capture-the-flag game tonight after dinner. All magic weapons allowed and there will be no maiming or killing, understand? Anyone break the rule will result in a long lecture with Mr. D and will be spending 1 week without food and water in the attic in the Big house. Am i clear?" There are series of cheering and screaming for the game. Dinner started as usual and the nymphs flew around serving food for campers and hunters. Percy got up and walk to the fire to sacrifice some foods for the gods.

"To dad, Hestia, and Artemis." The flames quickly engulfed the food into flames and the smell of delicious food filled the air.

Thank you, Perseus. Percy heard the voice in his head and he replied, "Your welcome, Hestia, Thanks for everything." Percy quickly ate his dinner and prepares for the game. He got to protect the flag near the creek while the Hermes and Ares Cabins were to capture the flags. The rest of the Cabins have the duty to hold off intruders. Apollo cabins were positioned on trees because there are good with long range weapon such as bows and arrows to attack the hunters from the trees.

"Begin!" yelled Chiron. The Ares Cabin charged the hunters while the Hermes kids sneak to the creek for the hunters' flag. Thalia was busy electrocuting campers who are crazy enough to cross the creek. Phoebe and Diana were the first hunters to break through the campers defenses and they knocked out most campers with their hunters' knife. Soon, both hunters were near the blue flag of the campers. As they advanced the flag, water erupted around them forming a huge water serpent. Arrows by arrows, they shoot the water serpent but only to find that it went through the monster harmlessly.

"Give up? Why don't the hunters give campers some chance to win this game? 52 wins in a row isn't enough for you guys?" Percy asked from behind a tree.

"Your campers are born to lose, boy! Don't YOU DARE to insult our pride! You boys are always too proud of yourselves. Stubborn are your main characters! Come out and fight us yourself, or are you a coward only to hide behind your water monster butt?" Phoebe sneered.

"Ok, let's fight and see if you can prove your words. Nico, take Diana while i deal with Phoebe!" Suddenly, skeleton hands shots up from the ground and form skeletal soldiers around Diana. Nico stepped out of the shadow and engaged with Diana. Percy-on the other hand- was attacking Phoebe with Riptide and Phoebe blocked his blow with her hunter knife. Percy, who mastered swordsmanship, easily unarmed Phoebe. Phoebe challenged him with a hand to hand combat. Percy capped back his sword to a pen and put it back in his pocket.

"Okay, Phoebe. Why don't you relax? It's just a game, right? Chill out! Don't take it too serious and-"

"Shut up and fight!" Phoebe spat on his face and charged.

"You should listen to other people too. Just hearing that some men are bad and boastful didn't means that all of them are that kind. Take your time-"his words were cut short as Phoebe kicked him in the face and he flew and crash to the nearest tree.

"You really are a seaweed brain, Fight like Sh*t, ruin your reputation as Savior of Olympus!" Phoebe smirked and she continued to attack Percy who proceeded in getting up. Percy took the advantage to kick her leg which made her lose her footing and stumbled. Percy uncapped Riptide and used the hilt to knock her cold.

"Nico, Are you finished with Diana?" Percy turned around just in time to see Nico knocked out Diana.

"Oomph! This girl is tougher than i expected and it takes." A mini lightning bolt cut him short and knocked him cold.

"Don't underestimate the Hunters of Artemis, Death Breath." Thalia smirked. "Feel some little shocking from the daughter of Zeus. Oh, I forgot Seaweed Brain is here. Give the flag to me or feel my wrath. Come on, Perce, don't have to fight just give me the flag, cousin."

"Since, when you get some ego from Lord Zeus, lightning bug? You don't have to bring his long speech, Thals." Percy teased to mess with Thalia. Thalia was getting mad by then and electricity sparkled around her. She raised her hand and summoned a lightning toward Percy. He ducked just in time to raise a water serpent against Thalia. He stayed behind the tree while the water Serpent attacked Thalia. She can only destroy the water monster temporary. It quickly reformed and Thalia energy was waning. A cheer was heard from the other side of the forest. Jason has captured the Hunters' flag.

"Hey, Perce. You win! Next time, expect to lose. You are lucky."

"Stop being a badass, Sparky."

"What did you just called me?" Thalia questioned, obviously pissed off.


"Nothing? Well..., how about this?" A spark hit Percy directly in the chest.

"Ow! Ow! Why did you do that? It's hurt! You need an anger management skill, Thals."

"Shut up, Kelp-for-brains." She stomped off toward the big house.

Percy followed her and sat down at the Poseidon table. Chiron declared, "The winners are the Campers! Campers go to your own cabins and Hunters go to your own cabin. Take some rest for tomorrow activities. Dismiss!" Campers and Hunters scattered to their own cabins. Percy said good night to Chiron and went to his cabin. His cabin has smell of the sea and it is quite refreshing. A fountain lay in the center of the cabin for Irish messages.

Irish message, thought Percy, why didn't i think of that before to contact Annabeth.

" oh, Fleecy, Do me a solid; Show me Annabeth Chase, Original Greece."

The mist shimmered and showed Annabeth sitting with a blonde boy talking to each other under the night sky. She was lost in the conversation to notice the Irish Message.

"Annabeth? How are you?" Percy asked, obviously uneasy seeing the blonde boy near Annabeth

"Uh, Percy, I'm fine. Just tired working on the construction. Percy, er..., this is David, Son of Apollo. He was taking a vacation in Greece and we meet. David, this is Percy Jackson." The two boys nodded to acknowledge that information.

"David? Can you leave for a bit? I need to talk with Percy with one thing."

"Okay! Bye Percy!" David said before he stood up and walked away.

"Percy, i want to tell you one thing. Promise me that you will not do anything stupid after i tell you this."

Percy nodded.

"Percy, I think we need to break up." Silence...

"Percy? Are you okay?" Percy nodded. Annabeth has expected Percy to protest and angry at her for cheating him but now he is calm.

"I'm okay, Annabeth. At least we can still be friends, right?" Annabeth was surprised how he was eager to accept the truth that she breaks up with him.

"We can still be friends." Percy squat his hands through the mist." Darkness...

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