Author Note: A cooperative fic with Takagi Akito! The first threesome story in the LB! Archives. Rating's going to change into M when lemon scenes are added in the future (heck, what does lemon have to do with sex?).

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It was another ordinary morning when I open my eyes wide. As usual, I can listen to the birds chirping outside, the sound of the ticking clock, and the loudest of all, Masato's snore from above my bed. To some people, being greeted by such boisterous snuffle is totally annoying, but this is my typical morning in High School and I've grown accustomed to it.


Ugh… right…turns out there is an irregularity this morning after all. Just now, there's a force from my chest, reminding me that it had been a week since Rin had broken up with me.

It was quite sudden, she came to my room, kicking Masato out along with his equipment, and proclaimed:

"Riki, I'm sorry, but I love Komari-chan more that you!"

She turns away from me and runs off, leaving me to cry on my own.

I sighed as I rested my forehead on the palm of my hand. For some reason, I was feeling melancholic. It was like, a calm before the storm.

And here comes the storm, along with thunder and wind! Watch out!


Masato was flying. I immediately jumped to the side, avoiding him by a strand of hair.

A few meters away, stood Kengo, holding his shinai with both of his hand. Wait, when did he come? Wait, I'm already at class?! How long was I spacing out? Scary!

"Hey, what's going on?!" I shouted at the two.

"Can't you see that we're fighting?" Kengo answered me.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU! MY ANGER HAS REACHED IT'S ECSTASY!" Masato said in a loud voice.

"Did he just say ecstasy? What an idiot." I froze the moment I heard that voice.

It was Rin's voice. I quickly shoot from my seat and went to the backdoor.

"Riki! Huh? Wai-"

I run out. I run as fast as I can. It has always been like this.

I couldn't face her. I couldn't look at her face. It sends shiver down my spine... I just… can't see my childhood friend in her face anymore.

I continued to rush my feet with my eyes closed tightly, until I slammed into someone in the shoulder.

"Ah?!" A feminine voice cried out.

I stopped, and looked back.

There, laying on the floor was the Disciplinary Committee chief.

"Ah, Futaki-san, are you alright?" I asked worriedly. I gave my hand to her, but she just glared at it.

She gets up on herself, and said sternly. "Naoe Riki, you had caused a lot of trouble lately, by running wildly in the corridor. Are you blind? Don't you see those posters saying 'RUN AND GOT YOURSELF KILLED'?"

Wait, wait, wait, what kind of poster is that?!

She sighed. She glared at me once again and said:

"Follow me."

My reply was a simple one. "Eh?"

"I said follow me!" she forcefully taken my hands into hers and dragged me into the Disciplinary Committee Room.

I was killed that day. Well, mentally.

Futaki-san is so heartless. She asked me to write a formal apology, seven hundred, and seventy-seven of them!

Then she took me to the principal room only to receive an earful from the principal.

Then, she asked me to strip. I'm serious.

I, of course, refused. So she had me clean the entire classroom instead.

The good thing is, I'm not alone. Standing behind me, holding a broom is Haruka-san.

It seems like she had caused another trouble. When I asked what it was, she just said that it was the usual thing.

I sighed. First I'm feeling melancholic. Now I'm just tired.

"Yahaha, Riki-kun! Don't feel so down! It's fun isn't it?"

I glanced at her once. "What is?"

"Cleaning the classroom." She answered merrily.

"I guess..." I answered weakly.

Silence becomes our guest after that.

The silence lasts for a long time.

Then, out of nowhere, came a voice:

"Are you guys done yet?"

It was Futaki-san's voice.

"We're almost done, onee-chan!" Haruka-san answered.

I look at Futaki-san's face. It had a gentle expression.

I also noticed that, her face is quite beautifu-

Hey, wait! What am I thinking? I blushed, and cast my eyes away from her.

She, however, managed to look at me at the same time.

"Is there something wrong, Naoe?" She asked me directly.

I'm getting paralyzed for a few second, then faked a laugh,

"N-no, it's nothing!" She, of course, had seen through me.

"If you had something to say, then say it already. I don't like games." Futaki-san said coolly.

I hesitated for a moment, and then choose to lie.

"U-um, it's very hot today! So hot that my face feels like burning!" I lied unconvincingly.

"Is that so?" Her words were as cold as ice.

We stare at each other eyes.

We stared and stared and stared until Haruka-san broke the ice by shouting. "I'm done! Let's grab some dinner! Yahaha~, I'm quite hungry!"

Thank God. Haruka-san, you saved my life.

I brushed my sweaty forehead with the back of my right hand. My left hand, holding a mop, had relaxed at Haruka-san proclamation of dinner.

The three of us went to the storage room to return the cleaning equipment. It was cramped with small entrance door; we know that the three of us must enter one-by one to go inside. So we do that and quickly get our job done cause it's already dusk.

Soon as we come out of the storage, Haruka-san stretched her body as she expressed her exhaustion. "Ah, I'm really tiiired! I'm out of Mana Points!"

"Haaah... Me too…" I agreed. It was tiring for me since I did all the cleaning right after I wrote those punishments! I am not normal if I am not!

"So let's have dinner! Nee-chan, you're in right?"

Suddenly, I feel a pair of eyes fell upon me, a pair of golden orbs, glaring at me sharply, "…If it's only the two of us, yes."


"Eh? What? You mean we…"

"—Of course I was talking about my sister, baka!"

Urk! My heart! It was hurt! She cut me even though I misunderstood there! Haha, it's Futaki-san after all. She's nothing like her sister who's always cheerful and easy-going.

That very sister put her hand on her chin, thinking about something before she stepped closer to the Disciplinary Committee chief and patted her shoulders. "Now, now nee-chan! Why don't we have dinner with Riki as well? You've never had one with a boy, right?"

"W—What? R—Ridiculous! I am the chief of the Disciplinary Committee! It is shameless to have dinner with him!"

"Come on~. You won't mind, will you Riki?"

I shook my head thoughtfully. "Of course not! The merrier the better!"

It took a moment for Futaki-san to finally let out a sigh and gave us a nod. Is having dinner with me really that hard for her?

"Hahaha…" I laughed without humor.

"Let's just go to the cafeteria," I suggested.

"Ou! Ou! Cafeteria!" Haruka-san yelled cheerfully, throwing her hand in the air to express her joy. However, her lively face suddenly sulked when she stopped walking and turned to me. "Ah… right. You're here with Rin now. I almost forgot…"

So that's the cause.

"Not anymore," I smiled, much to Haruka-san's dismay. "We broke up this last week."

"EEHHHHH?!" she yelled, again. "What happened?!"

"Long story. Haha," I scratched the back of my head as I answered her question, which yet again brought me up the nostalgic feeling of heartbreak.

The twins are gazing at me sincerely. Despite their different personalities, they had an exact expression on their face now. Well Futaki-san's still looking cold though.

"Sorry to hear that, Riki… Are you alright?"

"It's okay! I'm okay now! It's been a week after all!"

"Well, good thing is, we no longer have to worry about having dinner together! Yahaha~"

"That's somehow desperating…" I commented.

So the three of us make our way to the cafeteria to have a quick dinner.

On the way there, the two sisters keep on chatting non-stop, all I could do is watch in silence.

Hmm, I wonder… Did their parents do it threesom-

W-why am I thinking such indecent thing?!

Haruka-san noticed my beet red face and asked, "Hmm, Riki-kun what's wrong?"

I cast my face away from her and said. "Ahaha, it's nothing! I'm just wondering what I should order later."

"Eh, really? Hmm, I heard they had something special on the menu today." Haruka-san muttered to herself.

"Something special?" Her statement raised Futaki-san's interest.

"W-well, you see. When I was passing by this morning, I saw one of the cafeteria ladies coming in carrying a bag of buns." Haruka-san said.

"Hmm, I see." Futaki-san muttered mysteriously.

"Do you knows anything about it, Futaki-san?" I asked, because curiosity is killing me.

"…Today, it seems like we are going to have that." Another mysterious response.

"What is that?" Both me and Haruka-san asked.

"It's a secret." She said so while smiling.

Eager to find out the secret, we fasten our pace and arrived at the cafeteria faster than expected.

There, written in bold words, is a banner saying, 'Today's special is hamburger!'

Ah, I see. So that's what the bun is for!

We went inside. Looks like we're quite early. The three of us went to the cafeteria lady and asked for dinner.

"One omelette, please!" Haruka-san said happily.

"We run out of omelette! Sorry!" The cafeteria lady said.

"Pork cutlet?"

"Run out of it."

"Curry bread?"

"Ran out of it."


"We never serve those."

"So what's available?" I stopped the two from arguing any longer.


Haruka-san sighed. "One hamburger please…"

After we get our foods, we went to look for a table. After we find some free ones, we sit and started eating.

"Hmm?" I let my voice out.

Across of me, Futaki-san is applying ketchup into her hamburger. A lot of them.

"Um, Futaki-san?" I called her name.

"What is it, Naoe?" She asked back.

"Weren't you applying too much ketchup into your hamburger…?" I asked her.

"It's my hamburger. Not yours."

Ugh, a sharp response!

I watched her for a minute or so, then said softly. "Futaki-san loves ketchup, huh?"

Futaki-san paused for a moment. Then she actually blushed as red as the ketchup she is holding.

"W-why would you care! Eat your food silently, please!" She told me angrily.

"Ahaha… sorry." I laughed a little.

"Ah, nee-chan! What did you put on your hamburger?" Haruka-san asked.

"Hmm? I put ketchup and carrot pickles." Futaki-san answered.

"Whoa, that's sounds delicious. Can I have some?" she asked her sister.


Futaki-san take out a jar filled with pickles out of her pocket (wait, what?), and handed it to her sister.

Haruka-san take a few of them out of the jar and put them inside her hamburger.

Then she eats it.

"Whoa! This is super-duper delicious! No, this is duper-duper delicious!" she said rather loudly.

I looked at the jar, and asked Futaki-san if I can have some.

"No way. Nope. Never."

AHHH! Triple rejection!

"Now, now, onee-chan, don't be so stingy to Riki-kun. Here, give me your hamburger!"

Haruka-san asked for my hamburger. I gave it to her. She added some carrot pickles inside it.

"H-Haruka!" Futaki-san called out. However, it's too late. She already applied them on my hamburger.

"But… I made it with my own hands…" For some reason, Futaki-san was blushing while looking at the pickled carrot.

"Is there something wrong, Futaki-san?" I asked her worriedly.

"B-baka. Nothing's wrong." She answered angrily.


She raised herself from her seat. Still holding her hamburger and said this. "I need to go to the Disciplinary Committee Office. Now, if you excuse me," Futaki-san said, leaving Haruka-san and me at the table. In the distance, I could see her figure shrunk. Little by little, until her body is out of sight.

It's pretty dark now; I can see the lamps at the park. They began to turn on, one by one.

Looking at the dull sky through the window makes me just think about Rin. We saw the star so often, together with Komari-san as well. Chatting, eating snacks… smiling…

Why, Rin? Why did you break me up? Am I really not worthy enough for you?

...Well, maybe Rin really is a lesbian. She said that she loves Komari-san after all...

"Riki," Haruka-san's voice pulled me back to reality.

"Y—Yes? I'm sorry. I was spacing out for a moment there… Haha."

"Are you thinking about Rin-chan?"

Uwah, she's sharp!

I nodded as I looked away, hiding my awful expression from her.

"I don't like seeing you like this, Riki…"

"I'm sorry. It's just…"


Haruka-san stretched her arm, uplifted my chin with her hand. Ah, now she can see my face, which is filled with sorrow and depression. This is certainly not the face I should show to her rosy face.

"Don't worry about Rin-chan anymore, okay?"

"I… c-cannot…"

"Yes, you can!" she stood up, putting her hands on my cheeks. "You're not alone Riki. I'll help you forget your sadness!"


"I'll just see you everyday! That should do, right?"

"That's what you've always been doing…"

"Eeh?! You're right! And you're still sad?"

I sighed. "Thanks Haruka-san. Really, I'm already alright!"

"No you's not!" she cleared her throat. "OK! I will make you a 'surprise' tomorrow! How was it?!"

You shouldn't have told me. It is not a surprise anymore is what I wanted to say, but…

"OK! I'll look forward to it!"

"YAY! Prepare yourself Riki! Cause this will be super-duper ultra hyper deliciously awesome!"

"Ou…" I sweat dropped. "Could you repeat it? It's too long."


After that, we finished our dinner and went back to our respective dorm.

"See you tomorrow, Riki-kun!" Haruka-san shouted.

"Yeah, see you." I answered.

I went to inside the boys' dorm and entered our (mine and Masato's) room.

"Oi, Riki!" Masato's here, as always.

"Hey, Masato. Did you do your homework?" I asked tiredly.

"Nope. Could I borrow yours?"

"No. Do it yourself for once, would you. I'm tired."

"Whoa, Riki… are you… Are you abandoning me?!" Masato shouted, his eyes are covered in tears.

"N-no, I'm not abandoning you. I'm just tired." I said hastily.

"Is that so? Okay then." he answered happily.

"Good night, Riki." Masato's voice told me softly.


I climbed, and then I lay on the bed. I close my eyes.

Wouldn't it be better... if I just forget about her? I asked myself.

...Forget about Rin...

With those thoughts, I fell asleep.