You Are SO Infuriating! Chapter 7
By OtakuChild
DISCLAIMER: I like pie.
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Chapter 7: United

Bakura and Yami walked hand in hand into the living room to find Joey dragging an unconcious Kaiba to the couch and Tea standing in the kitchen entryway, holding a frying pan, a maniacal look in her eyes. Ryou was hiding in a rather large cupboard in the kitchen itself.
Bakura and Yami sweatdropped.
Mokuba ran over to Tea and bit her on the leg, hard.
Tea let out a wild yeowl and started to chase after Mokuba, who, being rather small, speedy and agile, had the upper hand. Tea launched herself at Mokuba but was grabbed by both Bakura and Tristan.
Bakura hoisted her over his shoulder and headed toward the bathroom. Tea continued ranting and screaming. The door shut and muffled Tea. There was a splash, and the sound of a toilet flushing. Bakura walked out calmly. Tea followed, hair sopping wet. Bakura turned and walked into the kitchen.
"You can come out now, little one."
Ryou slowly emerged from the cupboard, rather shaky and paler than his normal compexion. He righted himself, and checked the food. He poked his head into the living room, where Joey had successfully revived Kaiba.
"D-d-d-dinner's r-r-read-d-dy," he stammered.
They made their way to the dining room, where the table was already set, and Ryou and Yugi carried in the platters of food. Tea and Ryou had gone all out. There was the turkey, cranberry sauce, creamed peas, dinner rolls, mashed potatoes, salad and the appropriate toppings, fruit salad, stuffing, and Martinelli's(1). A bowl already on the table held fresh fruit, and a bowl on the opposite end held more fruit. Kaiba had gone all out, setting name cards at the tables, and putting out the finest china dishes and crystal glasses. The silverware was silver-plated.
"Wow," said Yami. The whole thing looked dazzling. He felt a grumble in his stomach. His eyes widened and he clenched his teeth, hoping nobody had heard it.
"Geez, starving are you?"
Yami turned to find Bakura behind him, with an evil grin on his face. He put his arms around the pharoh's waist.
"I bet I could eat more than you," he murmured into Yami's ear. He quietly nuzzled his tanned cheek.
"You can not." Yami's answer had a challenging ring to it.
"You wanna bet?" He took a step back and looked into Yami's dark eyes.
"You're on." Yami got an evil grin not unlike the grin of a certain Malik Ishtar gets before going on a cleaning spree.
They took their places at the table. Kaiba was at the head, and Mokuba at the foot. On the left side sat Tea, Tristan, Mai, and Joey. Across from them sat Ryou, Yami, Bakura, and Yugi. Everyone started dishing up, eating and chatting. Everything went smoothly, except for the few glares passed between Tea and Kaiba, and Tea and Bakura, although that was one-sided on Tea's part, because Bakura was paying far more attention to who was sitting on his left.
Both dark spirits were scarfing down food like they hadn't eaten in millenia. They kept eyeing each other, trying to pass the other up. Yami paused for a moment.
"Done so soon, pharoh?" Bakura taunted.
"You wish," said Yami. "I will beat you, I can eat tons more than you!"
"You cannot," said Bakura. "I'm bigger than you!"
"My metabolism is faster."
"Well...then...I'm just going to keep eating!" Bakura reloaded his plate, and Yami did the same.
They continued to scarf down their food.
Joey was watching all this with utter fascination.
Mai stopped eating and looked at Joey. She let out a sigh.
"I suppose you would look up to someone who eats more than you," she drawled.
Joey glared at Mai. "And just what is that supposed to mean?"
"It means nothing." Mai stabbed at a piece of turkey with her fork. She was about to eat it when something warm and wet hit her cheek.
It was mashed potato.
She turned to glare at Joey, who was engulfed in laughter. He stopped dead when a spoonful of creamed peas careened with his ear.
His eyes widened. By that time there was dead silence in the room, and everyone was staring, including the yamis.
Joey threw a piece of turkey at her.
"FOOD FIGHT!" Tristan yelled. He threw a grape at Yugi.
"Hey!" Yugi laughed and threw a kiwi slice, which nailed Kaiba.
Soon everyone except the two yamis were flinging food at each other. Miraculously, none landed on Bakura or Yami. Yami was quietly watching, amused by the whole thing, but Bakura...
Everyone stopped, forks in midair, to look at Ryou's darker half.
"Yami and me are having a little eating contest, and the way things are going, they'll be no leftovers, so..." He pasted a sweet smile on his face, one that would look cute on Ryou or Yugi, but looked very creepy on him.
"...If you aren't going to eat the food, then can we have it?"
It was Joey who broke the silence.
"YEA! Let's all have an eating contest!"
"RIGHT!" Everyone stopped flinging food and resumed eating food.


Everyone was full, the table was cleared, the dishes washed, and food fight damage cleaned up. The eating contest that occured after the food fight showed no clear winner, but as for Yami and Bakura...
"Oooooarrrgh..." Bakura grimaced.
"You said it," Yami murmured.
"I still won," said Bakura.
"No you didn't!" Yami retroted.
"There is only one way to settle this..." Bakura stated.
They looked at each other.
"PIE!" They both yelled.
They went to get up, and found they couldn't move, and flopped back down on the couch. Kaiba entered the living room.
"Here, you two will probably need this," he said, and dropped a package of antacid tablets on the table.
They went to grab the package, but once again collapsed on the couch. Yami absently put his head on Bakura's chest. Bakura stroked his hair. They stayed like that for awhile, each silently loving and enjoying the other.
It was much later when everyone went to bed, each in their own seprerate room(it is a mansion, after all), and Yami looked out his window. He didn't bother to turn on the lights. He was so entranced in thought he didn't hear the door open, or Bakura enter.
"Yami? I knocked, but you didn't answer."
Yami turned to face Bakura. "I...I guess I didn't hear you. I'm sorry."
Bakura wrapped Yami in a warm embrace. "Is there something wrong?"
Yami's stomach lurched.
"I'm not sure."
Bakura led them to the bed, and sat down. He pulled Yami into his lap. "Wanna talk?"
"I guess."
"What is wrong?" Bakura massaged Yami's shoulders.
"Well...ummm...uh...Where do we go from here?"
Bakura arched an eyebrow.
Yami panicked. "I mean, what do we do? How? I've...I've-" he stopped.
"You've what?" Bakura was starting to worry.
"I don't know...what to do." Yami felt lousy.
"You mean...that you've never had a relationship?" Bakura shifted his weight.
"No." Yami let out a sigh.
"Know what?"
"I haven't really, either. There were others, you know that(2), but I never really loved them. I've never been in love before, Yami, never." He nuzzled Yami's neck affectionatley.
"You've never felt that way?" Yami looked up at him with a gaze that looked more like Yugi's innocence than Yami's determination.
"No. You were the one, Yami, you are the one, the one I love. You're the only one that makes me feel this way. You know what that means?"
"What does it mean?"
"It means," Bakura leaned closer to Yami, "That we're soulmates."
"You think so?" Yami wrapped his arms around Bakura's neck.
"I know so." Bakura kissed him softly.
"I love you, Bakura."
"I love you too, Yami."
"Where do we go from here?" Yami snuggled against Bakura's chest.
"Wherever it goes by itself, love. One day at a time. We just love each other. Let's get some sleep."
Bakura tucked Yami into the covers, and he crawled in. They fell asleep in each other's arms.


(1)Martinelli's is sparkling apple cider that comes in green wine bottles. Yummy!
(2)I figured since they knew each other in Egypt, that Yami would know a bit about Bakura's past.
Finished! Yay! Although, like all my fics, I am sad to see this one end. Thanks to everyone who read and reviewed, you guys are great!! I'm glad you like my fics! I'll be finishing "Quit It!" and then starting the Joey/Mai fic. I didn't forget! So...see you around !