Tris POV

„What the hell is going on?" Christina says, looking around. Apparently this is highly unusual, because even the dauntless look freaked out. I spot Tori in the crowd and make my way over to her, telling Christina to follow. "Come on! I have to find out what's going on!"

We push through the crowd, slowly making our way over to her. "Tori!" I call, trying to get her attention. She turns around towards the sound of my voice.

"What's going on?"

"I'm not sure, but I think they're shutting the compound down." She shouts over the noise. "Apparently there's something wrong on the inside." Something wrong on the inside? Then realization hits me. It's either the loyal dauntless leadership reacting to the traitors or it's Erudite shutting down the compound to hunt Divergents.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Christina yells confused. I don't know what's going on yet, but I know that I have to get Zoe. I need her by my side, because only then I know that she's safe.

"I gotta go!" I say, turning to leave.

"Go? Go where?!" Christina shouts, grabbing my arm. I don't have time for this, so I say one word.


"I'm coming with you!"

We run down the hallways, heading to Shauna's apartment. I focus on nothing, but Zoe. When we finally reach Shauna's apartment the door is open and Shauna is standing in the doorway, watching the Dauntless running around.

"Shauna!" I stop in front of her, instinctively reaching out for Zoe, who's watching the scene in front of her with curious eyes.

"What's going on?" Shauna asks as she hands over Zoe. I press her tight against my body, shielding her from the world.

"I'm not sure." I say, taking a deep breath. "Do you know where Four is?" Shauna looks from me to Christina who's standing next to me, trying to get her breathing under control. Following her gaze I realize why she's hesitating. "It's alright." I tell Shauna. "She knows."

"I don't know where he is, but he's probably looking for you." I nod in agreement. I know he's looking for us.

"Maybe we should go to the dorms? Christina suggest, "It's the first place I'd look for you if I was him."

"Alright, let's go!" I rearrange Zoe in my arms and thank Shauna for taking care of Zoe before I turn to leave, Christina by my side.

When we reach the dorms I push the door open and walk inside without stopping. "Four?" I look around, but the dorm is empty. I sigh frustrated and sit down on my bed, placing Zoe in my lap. I press Zoe gently into my chest and hold on to her. What if it's really Erudite and they already got him?

"What now? Do we wait for him?" Thinking about it, I decide against waiting here. We could be wasting our time and I can't sit around and do nothing anyway.

"We don't know if he was here before." I answer. "He won't come back to look for us again."

"So, what do you suggest?"

"We go to the apartment. It's the only place I can think of right now." We get up and only seconds later we're out the door, heading to Tobias' apartment.

"Four!" I call for him as I walk inside. "Four!" I'm glad that I remembered to call him Four and not Tobias, but I doubt that he'd be mad about it, considering what's going on.

"Four!" I call again. Nothing.

Suddenly I hear footsteps. Somebody is coming. I push Zoe into Christina's arms and tell her to hide. Just in case it's not Tobias. She looks confused, but does as she's told and heads into the bedroom, taking Zoe with her.

I hide behind the door and wait for whoever's coming to step inside. The footsteps are coming closer and closer. Suddenly he or she stops, standing on the other side of the door. I stop breathing, my heartbeat ringing in my ears.

The person on the other side takes a step forward, revealing himself. The head of black hair is all I need to see to know it's not Tobias. I jump out of my hideout and push the intruder to the ground. He screams as we fall to the ground. We struggle for a few moments until I finally pin him down, sitting on top of him.

I look at him. Something about him looks oddly familiar. "What the hell?!" He screams while he's trying to get me off him.

"Who are you?" He stops struggling and looks up at me.

"I'm Uriah." Uriah? I think he's a dauntless born initiate. "I'm looking for my brother Zeke and Four."

Brother? I get off him and sit down on the floor. He sits up, brushing off the dust. "I'm really sorry…" I apologize. "I don't know what's going on and I thought you might be dangerous."

"It's fine. I don't know what's going on either. That's why I was looking for Zeke and Four." He smiles. "It's Tris right?"

I nod and hold out my hand for him to shake. Turning my attention to the bedroom door I get up and call out for Christina. "You can come out now!"

The bedroom door opens slowly and Christina steps out, holding Zoe in her arms. "Who is that?" Christina asks eyeing Uriah suspiciously.

"I'm Uriah." He introduces himself.


Uriah's gaze wanders to Zoe, but he doesn't say anything. I think by now the whole compound knows about the Stiff who got herself pregnant before choosing ceremony, but I don't really care anymore. I'm glad that I have Zoe and Tobias. They're my family.

"So, what do you want?" She asks Uriah, handing Zoe back to me. "I was looking for Four and my brother Zeke. I think they might know what's going on."

"Yeah, that's what we thought." I say, trying to explain what Christina and I are doing here. Christina nods, agreeing with me.

"I think I know where they are!" Uriah says suddenly. "They're not here and they're not at Zeke's, so they must be in the control room."

"Control room it is!" I say without hesitation. Kissing Zoe on the forehead I head for the door, knowing that Christina and Uriah will follow.

I look down the hallway before I step outside. It's empty. We walk down the hallways, the alarm still ringing. I walk faster with every step I take. I hope that Tobias is alright and I pray to god that all this is not about Erudite and Divergents.

The alarm stops abruptly, causing me to freeze midstep. I turn around to look at Christina and Uriah. What now? "Danger eliminated. Faction meeting in the dining hall." Says the voice coming out of the speakers.

"Dining hall?" Uriah asks looking at me. I'm not sure what to think of all this, but I don't think we have another option. We need to go to the dining hall and figure out what this is about. I just pray to god that it's not a trap.

"Let's go!" I say, nodding once. The voices get louder and louder with every step we take. I tighten my arms around Zoe and press her into my chest. Once we step into the dining hall we are greeted by very loud and confused looking dauntless.

I look around, trying to find Tobias. How the hell am I supposed to find him in this mess? Sighing I head right for the middle of the room, abandoning Christina and Uriah. He has to be somewhere.

"Tris!" I stop and turn into the direction the voice came from. Tobias! I look around frustrated. Where is he? "Four!"

"Tris!" He shouts back and suddenly he appears at the edge of the crowd, pushing his way through.

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