Hey is a one shots story about FIFA. Today played Australia and Netherlands. So here it is how team core tech reacted.


Everyone gathered in front of the TV. Dax was sitting on the couch with a bag full with pop corn next to him was sitting Beyal and then Jinja. Chase was sitting on a chair and Bren on the ground. "We are so gonna win you" said Jinja with a smirk on her face. "Don't be so sure princess" said Dax with his mouth full. " I don't get why you have to fight about this game my friends" said Beyal who was a little afraid. "Don't worry Beyal, I'm not gonna hurt him…bad" she said and then laughed. "So Beyal who do you support in this match?" asked Dax staring at him with a warning look. "Yeah, Beyal" said Jinja with the same warning look. "Umm… I don't know guys" said Beyal feeling uncomfortable. "Do I have to choose?" he asked. " What? You mean you don't like the Netherlands?" said Jinja making a sad face. "No no! I really like the Netherlands and I support them" when he finished his sentence Beyal looked at them with wide eyes. "HA I knew it" said Jinja and then she gave a kiss on Beyal's cheek "Thank you Beyal" she whispered and then he blushed he went redder than a tomato. "So,what about you Chase?" said Dax "You know that I will only support USA" said Chase. "Damn it" he said but then looked to Bren "What about you glasses?" "I chose to support Australia for this game" he said taking the remote and turning the TV on. But then when the game was about to start they heard a knock on the door. "who is it?" asked Jinja. "Did you invite someone Beyal?" said Dax but then started laughing. Then Chase opened the door and they saw strike squad holding bags with chips and pop corns. "What the…" said Bren. "We came to watch the game with you! Can we come insinde?" Tango asked. "Umm…of course" he said. " Who do you support?" Dax imendiatly asked. "AUSTRALIA" they all said. "What?" said Jinja but then she was cut by the start of the game. I'm ssooo excited said Jinja" with a wide smile.

After the first part of the game:

"We're gonna win" said Dax. "No way we are gonna kick your butt" Jinja said and she was also held by Beyal so she couldn't hit Dax." ENOUGH" Chase yelled they were standing still with wide eyes. "You are gonna stop arguing and watch this match ? They all nodded speechless.

After the end of the game:

Strike squad was looking on the floor with dissapointied looks. "Dax was looking in the TV with wide eyes and Bren was playing with his tablet quietly in the other hand Jinja and Beyal were super happy and they hugging and screaming because in the end they won and all the other people there were not with them.

"I told you we were gonna win" said Jinja at Dax.

"Yeah yeah" said Dax.

"But you did really good" said Jinja.

"what?" said Dax.

"Beyal told me to say that so shut up" she said and then walked away.